Journey To Justice ~A poem by Jaz McKenzie

This coming Saturday sees the launch of brand new UK campaign, 'Journey To Justice.' For full information and additional links click here: Journey to Justice Launch

I believe that this campaign has the potential to make a huge impact upon the lives of many, many people worldwide provided we, as individuals, are prepared to get behind it and show support in as many ways as possible. Social injustice is a huge global problem and because of culture and tradition many people are trapped within different life situations which have resulted from social inequality. Women's rights alone is still a huge issue, child abuse has become very high profile- particularly sexual abuse, and because of Muslim extremists ordinary everyday Muslims have found themselves victimized; it is also worth mentioning that many elderly people are afraid to step outside their front doors for fear of being attacked. I decided to use the power of words in a very direct way to help put this message across clearly.


We all walk the long road to justice from the womb to the grave
But you may not think so!
What is justice- retribution through the penal system to right a wrong?
I would say emphatically, NO!
True justice is the space between parallel bars where the gymnast swings
Bars of equality and freedom
With the pathway of love unwinding ahead
Step by step by step
So you can walk tall, walk proud and hold high your head.
Cesar Chavez
Justice is the goal of freedom fighters seeking social change
An end to all slavery
Rife in modern cities, immigrants imprisoned in grand homes
Discrimination plain to see
Embedded throughout the strata’s of society
Inequality reigns
Government refusing to set its people free
Bedroom tax
Keeping the poor entrapped within their bounds of poverty
Rev Jesse Jackson
Knowledge and understanding will move mountains
United we stand
Awareness of our individual power and ability to change
Is in your hands
Our forefathers have beaten a path out in the fields
With sweat and blood
Time to pick up the baton and pick up the pace
In the name of love
Let justice flow so peace and equality can follow

There is an I in Justice and also a U!
Together we can make a difference
Together we can turn grey skies blue
The future is bright when we unite
Join the Journey To Justice
And speak for those who have no voice.

Jaz McKenzie © 2014

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