Monday, 7 July 2014

Have Questions~ Have Answers?? #20- What makes the world go round?

Interesting- what makes the world go round? One well known, popular song says 'money makes the world go round' and of course confusion reigned when wall street crashed- the world monetary systems are key to commerce whereas once upon a time we bartered to survive. With such challenging times where poverty is rife we are still prone to barter but usually in the form of a skills exchange so that all parties benefit whilst their money stays in the bank!

What actually makes the world go round of course are vibrations as everything in the universe vibrates, but besides the world literally spinning on its axis, we fill the universe with our vibrations emanating both consciously and subconsciously according to our moods, thoughts and feelings. If we live in peace and harmony I guess we would be in for a smoother ride.

Your world will improve when you learn to walk on the bright side of life as, with time, the little things start to annoy you less and less. I had a text message this week that could have been seen as upsetting; instead, I read it, had a quick think, replied and have taken no further action. Sometimes there is no point taking issue especially when the subject has long passed its sell by date!

Being in touch with your feelings and able to make considered responses will help your world to go round and not judder to a halt. If we lash out in anger and fail to think a situation through there are likely to be undesirable consequences and it may take a while to get back on track. Having been through some serious stress the last few years and felt deep anger and resentment, I am so thankful that I've let it all go and been able to forgive where necessary and move on. Only then can you sit back and live the life you deserve.

Teamwork always makes the world go round. When a team is united in their aim and work as a whole for the good of all only good can come from it. Most teams do need a leader but there are many other elements that they require too and all have an equally important purpose to serve! Good relationships and family life are important type of teamwork too and we need to be looking out for one another instead of being selfish.

Music makes the world go round, music and the arts reveal the power of self expression. For the non-artistic, they can gain from attending exhibitions, listening to the radio and so forth which can benefit their quality of life from simple things like relaxation to dealing with emotions.

My advice: do your best to ensure that your world goes round nice and cool and easy- but whatever you do, don't get in a spin!

Jaz McKenzie

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