Saturday, 12 July 2014

Michael Jackson - Heal The World~IB~ twinned with the 'Journey To Justice’ Campaign

1~What have we done to create today's world over the centuries?
2~Why have we created such an unbalanced society- the divide between rich and the poor is as many light years apart as the sun is from the earth?
3~Are we able to right these wrongs?
4~Who is going to take action and do something about it?
5~When is it going to Happen?

Change through action and education

Heal The World is one of the most amazing songs ever written. It impacted globally upon people's social conscience; such clear, simple lyrics- even the title hits the nail on the head! This world needs healing and it's not a question of restoration. Earth is not a little bit shabby; basically our world is literally sick with disease, starvation, brutality, greed and above all, the need for POWER.

Social injustice is a tough pill to swallow and it's true flavour hangs around permanently. A good dose of mouth wash ie: occasional protests will not obliterate the problems however they do help to highlight specific issues from time to time, which may result with people in high places occasionally feeling threatened or being prompted into action.
Childhood deprivation is not just a poverty issue

From time to time the man in the street has become a powerful spokesperson or even a world leader in the battle for social justice. I prefer to steer away from the word fight, the weapons in this type of battle need to be education, understanding and declarations of truth, all delivered within a peace oriented framework. On practical levels the weapons are good advice, food, clean water, appropriate clothing, shelter and above all delivered with generosity of spirit and a loving, caring attitude. Heal The World is remarkable because it clearly comes from this very genuine place. The songs emanates calm whilst showing numerous wrongs and addressing them in a purposeful manner. It is a very hard song to ignore as its vibration reaching directly into good people's hearts.
Mother Teresa - change through compassion and peace

The Journey To Justice Campaign is similarly seeking to reach into people's heart through emotion twinned with education. ~IB~ will be exploring aspects of the launch further and discovering why people have been drawn to support this unique 'project' designed to improve lives.

In an ideal society we are taught the principles of justice from the day we are born and those at the top of society are expected to understand right from wrong however, 'sugar coated' corruption seeps in under different guises leaving the rulers with the impression that they are doing their best or that they are in the right making them more valuable to society than the 'scroungers.' Obviously , as 'contributor's this is true however there is a great deal to be said for the humble and also our 'birth right' does determine our initial position within society. The strong will always rise and find a means to self educate, often elevating their status to a position where they are able to compete.So let's try some inverted thinking: were these opposites to exchange places might this increase the leader's understanding of  'conditioned mentality,' frequently experienced by people at the bottom of the food chain?

Michael Jackson- Messages to instigate change through music

We could improve our understanding of many situations and issues if we practice a little reversed perspective ourselves and this is far preferable to being judgemental. Personal circumstance affects our thinking, beliefs, conceptions and shapes the way we live. Yes, there are always choices to make for every individual which brings us back to the whole subject of social justice.

What are you thinking? Does the in-balance of life as a whole concern you or are you primarily concerned with number one-'I'm OK mate!' Personally I think it's time to consider what we can do individually and collectively to Heal The World. We do need to join organisations and work together for change but let's not forget that so often the little things count. Every genuinely well meant thought and action is a real contribution. If you have very little you can still spread a smile- smiles are infectious. It's a bit like the Gaia Theory.. butterflies flapping their wings in one part of the world can cause a tsunami in another. Let's make our tsunami one of love, understanding and social change.

Jaz McKenzie

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