Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Peace & Unity~Hand in Hand!- Mark Cupidore & Friend!

This is the unexpected blog!!! Just saw this photo on Facebook and it's so WICKED- in a great sense that I abandoned the planned blog in it's favour.

There are times when a photo is more than a photo and more than 1000 words. You see, we often speak about peace, love and unity- words that trip so easily off the tongue. We also tend to go on about the evils in society- all the ism's with racism up the top of the list 9/10 times. 

Question- who is Mark Cupidore and who is his anonymous friend?

Clearly Mark Cupidore is wearing the turban as the Airforce uniform commands a title- but what is that title? The answer might surprise you!

Interestingly you will note that the body language reflects one another, both emanating personal confidence and respect, the bonds almost tangible.
So who is Mark Cupidore? Actually Mark is a very good Reggae singer whom I have chatted with on-line for a few years whilst following his music. Usually mark sports a casual look so I have to say how very smart you look Mr Cupidore! 

Finally- who is the man in uniform? I think Mark should have the last word-

chillin with the commanding general of the mexican airforce.. a very good friend with a blessed vibez raspect ...Cupid...

Jaz McKenzie

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