Sunday, 17 August 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers? #22- How can you sell a dream?

Having dreams is all well and good, in fact, it's positively healthy as our dreams inspire us to make more of our lives, but how can we sell these dreams to others?

Of course, this will depend upon your dream however most dreams need help from other people if we are to achieve. Whereas the idea of living alone on a tropical island might sound tempting at times, there are very few uninhabited tropical islands and even then you need a few millions to buy once, so you're going to have to raise the money somehow!

Getting people to buy into your dreams is an art taking persistence and skill. First of all you need to believe in your dream. Where there is no belief how can opportunity come knocking on your door? Lack of belief generates negative energy and with negative meaning NO, there is no way forwards! You have a dream- what stops you believing in it? Identify and keep breaking it back down until you discover something that is achievable. This is your base line. Do the achievable thing and look for the next. Straight away you are on an upwards path and have something to get excited about.

You see, excitement is key. Excitement creates a strong vibration which sweeps other people along and into your world. Just look at Macky McPherson who founded Urban Delight Entertainment. Macky has  a whole set of beliefs and started working on them, drawing others in and now reaching a point where he has a team of artists who will be touring Ghana in October- How phenomenal is that? But it didn't just happen; Macky decided what he wanted and set to work creating and expanding every opportunity. Keeping an open mind is often key as quite often we don't know where things will come from. I have been blessed to achieve many things, often without realising it and look backwards thinking WOW, never thought I'd do that!

Knowing and focusing are key. You cannot reach your destination if you don't have a clue where you're going! Sometimes all we need is the destination and the belief/desire, finding that once we start taking baby steps the dots will join themselves. Your confidence will also build with progress. Once you start on your way you will have a real dream to sell that others can buy into. How many times have you bought something you don't need just because the sales assistant was very persuasive? These persuasive sales assistants have one great skill- to speak passionately  about their products and your dream is your product. You need passion and to know all about that product so you can speak with confidence. If your vision needs clarity, pray about it. Ask yourself what's lacking and ask friends if they have ideas that can feed into your vision. That's what a good friend's are for but sometimes they simply don't understand your dreams or think they won't work. Here we consider how many times the greatest inventors have been ridiculed yet they believed in themselves and persisted against the odds.

Never let a lack of finance stop you. If the dream is right the finance will follow and other alternatives may appear along the way.

If you believe it~GO FOR IT! Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you when times get tough as they will help to keep your spirit strong. Life is not easy and often we are strongest at our weakest when there is nothing to lose, so sort your dreams out now and the work begins today!

Jaz McKenzie

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