Sunday, 18 January 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful Wk 3- Inner Peace

I give thanks for Inner Peace

Life is a bowl of minestrone without any doubt. It can be amazing and we sail along; alternatively at times we feel as if we’re drowning in a pool of thick mud. Life is frequently so busy that it can be very hard to make time for our inner needs however, I am thankful to have learnt the value of allocating periods of time to nurture my own mental well being.

Inner peace is essential if we are to function well and the very word peace brings us a comforting feeling. When all is well it is easy to be joyful- but by the same token we can forget God if we are shallow and no longer perceive a need for His services. Alternatively, we can feel so badly about something that we convince ourselves we no longer qualify for His help. Ultimately we need the realisation that consistency is the answer and then our lives will flow better or at the very least, feel better.

When we are thankful for even the smallest things, this generates a spirit of appreciation and gratitude so universal law ensures that more good will enter our lives. If we always give thanks for inner peace we will have peace. Small things can include having just enough money- yesterday I popped an extra 50p in my pocket and used 49p which meant I didn’t need to return to the shop in the cold! Sometimes the greatest blessing in the world can be a few kind words at the right moment. Love, encouragement and concern elevate our spirit by making us feel valued.

This isn’t to say all worries will disappear. What will happen is that we grow in the knowledge that everything is taken care of and ultimately will be alright. There are horrors happening constantly around the world- terrorist shootings in France, Massacres in Nigeria and starvation in many areas of the world but there is one rule that always applies, love will ultimately conquer. We cannot possibly understand why evil is allowed to reign except that the law of opposites also exists and we cannot pick and choose which laws suit us. Atrocities are a fact of life and we are always touched by them. We can pray, donate help or money but not cure. We can educate and take preventative steps. What we do need to remember is: If you wish to help others you need to help yourself. Love yourself and this will emanate outwards.

So how can we acquire peace of mind?  We can try thought displacement. Taking time each day to be still and talk about your worries leaving them in the care of God releases these worries and allows other more positive thoughts to enter your mind. What we frequently do, which is very unhelpful, is return to our worries, going over them again and again; constantly scrutinising the situation in the hope of finding a solution. This keeps the worries alive by feeding them energy. Consider how this differs from discussing a situation and making valid attempts to find a solution. Practical moves are necessary to progress in life as nothing can happen without action. Just think- if you pray for improved finances and a cheque pops through your door you still have to pick it up and bank it!

Peace of mind can be nurtured by creating focus in the correct way. The more you practice considering your life calmly and try to be proactive where possible the easy it becomes to cope. There will always be bad situations and good situations so we yo-yo around, but if you prioritise peace of mind and maintain the belief that you are calm and always cope well with every situation you will maintain a much greater level of stability.

Besides love, peace of mind is possible the best gift you can ever give yourself and one that will be beneficial to all the people around you.

Jaz McKenzie

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