Sunday, 1 February 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful Wk 5- My Talents (ie: your talents!)


All of us are talented. By definition most of us perceive talents as relating to a set of fixed ideas- he’s a talented artist, she’s a talented singer or dancer and usually talent tends to be tied with a creative flair. Some people have a talent for business, which is also a recognised expression, however you wouldn’t say, ‘Sam’s a very talented nurse.’ You are more likely to say that Sam is very caring person so nursing was clearly a profession he is ideally suited to. At the same time, Sam clearly has a talent for caring and relating to people.

If we had no talent in any realm we would probably lack direction in life. Usually our talents lead to a definite career. Some people have an aura about them that leaves others feeling happy to be in their presence. This is true of my Son’s family- you feel good for hours after they leave; this in addition to their talents! Sharing positive energy is a gift in itself and something you can work on if it doesn’t come naturally; the age old saying, ‘a smile costs nothing’ is so true and a great practice as we really can light up other people’s lives.

What interests you? This is often a good starting point as desire creates a platform for learning new skills. I was speaking with my hairdresser who gave up an office based career to take up hairdressing despite having small children at the time. After 12 years in the business she is looking for a new interest and wishes to reduce her hairdressing to part time hours so she can start a different occupation. On a persona note, I co-manage a nursery having worked my way through different types of childcare including residential, daycare, nannying, child minding and even working in a psychiatric hospital teaching Mum’s with severe post natal depression to care for their babies. I have held various positions not associated with childcare including Evening Store Manager at M&S when I had zero retail experience previously, so you never know what you can do until you try.

The key is identifying skills. I managed to identify enough skills from my work in the psychiatric hospital that translated to M&S including working with people, giving instructions, stock ordering and many more. Always consider your strengths and apply them to your desires. You should have some idea as to why you want to do something- a strong feeling is a valid reason and desire for challenge/change. Today we are blessed with the internet and can research our desires very easily, so we can learn how to go about making them a reality.

I like to be thankful for my talents because talent is part of  individual make-up. Sometimes I will come across a poem I wrote a long time ago and wonder where it came from, in fact I have identified the need to expand my repertoire once again, pushing my talent; this is the year to publish my first book!

When we have talents ideally we should use them to assist others or bring joy and encouragement. It depends on the nature of your talent as to its best use. Musicians and the arts in general directly bring us joy. Music lifts the spirit as does the energy in dance. Lady Diania (Music Media Management promotions) used her talents by helping me this week through explaining how some social networking sites I have previously not used benefit business. 

Sharing knowledge is a good way to use talents as are helping your friends to decorate their homes, knitting blankets for charities, cooking a meal for a sick relative; all of these things are the reason we have been given talents. Talents are basically our daily bread and contribution to society- even if you don’t have a job you can use talents through voluntary work. 

I have spent many hours using my skills to help others and although I rarely received financial payment I have benefitted from a great use of free time, met many interesting people and added to my skill base- so if you your first response is, ‘why allow yourself to be taken advantage of,’ I will reply, ‘life is a learning experience and my knowledge and circles have been enriched.’ There are some lessons in life that cannot be taught, they have to be learned through experience so that when we need them we are ready. Nothing happens by accident – years ago I day-dreamed, seeing myself interviewing people; something I started to do years ago for Its Braap and now I present The Chill Out Zone with DJ Freestyle, an extension of skills arising through natural opportunity.

Always give thanks for your talents daily, list them, see what new directions you may be able to pursue; Life is pretty amazing and rewarding when you follow your own flow!

Jaz McKenzie

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