Sunday, 22 February 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK8- Give thanks for Music


Hear the wind rustling through the trees; a peaceful yet stirring sound. Chatter, laughter, angry shouts, car horns blasting and the relentless sounds of a busy life- yet there is no ‘music’, only a cacophony of noises available to tune into.

It really is good to think about the importance of music and song rather than just taking it for granted. Music must have entered our world very early on as we have a natural inclination towards rhythm, sounds and experimentation which, combined with our ability to interpret and desire to make sense of our world, would have quickly led to recognisable music.

Music is phenomenal and the fact that it is continually developing, pretty mind blowing. We have experienced the introduction of electronic music which has enabled so many people to become involved in the production of song. People who cannot play an instrument are now able to create their own tunes from beginning to end and share their work on the internet. For me, nothing beats live instrumentals, and the power of the traditional organ stands alone in my book! To play in an orchestra contributing to an incredible piece of music, or singing in a choir give a real identity and sense of purpose to you as an individual- helping to create a wonderful whole. The concert hall is still a place of huge positive vibrations celebrating a unified love of music and the richness contained within every note.

There are so many musical genres and nowadays we have a whole cross-over musical culture with even the most stand alone genre, Opera, being drawn into Pop, Reggae and beyond. Classical/Pop, Reggae/Rock are both good examples of the cross-over music that we have become very accustomed to; likewise the switch within songs from one genre to another.

But what about the purpose of music? Biblically it has always been used for praise and ‘lamentation,’ so let’s consider musical impact in daily living.

Music has always been associated with cultural and religious identity from open expressions of rebellion- very common in Rap and general Pop music, to associations with love, peace and meditation. Love of music regardless of genre is a universal denominator with music often being referred to as the universal language; beyond this life we hear of angelic realms playing harps and singing heavenly music; the truth is that we are all affected by music and its multiple vibrations.

As humans, we need to express ourselves. Some do it directly through using their artistic talents whilst others of us tune into those talents, mentally zoning in and twinning other people’s expression with our own needs. There are times in our lives when we claim a song or piece of music for ourselves because it has imprinted into our lives via memories. These associations can be good or bad; relating to love, pain and sometimes a whole period of our lives we would prefer to forget. It is good to identify the emotions roused by music and in some instances you can use these tunes as a prompt that you require self healing. If a song makes you feel happy that’s wonderful- these are the tunes to play when you feel low, anxious or experiencing situations where you need to lift your spirits. If on the other hand, certain songs cause you to feel highly emotional, angry, upset or full of regrets, take this as an indicator that there are still unresolved issues in your life that need re-visiting until you have reached acceptance and developed a sense of peace.

Our lives really are wrapped in music and it definitely has significant impact- I imagine we all have a musical timeline to refer back to if we so choose! Music is a must. When it comes to riches one of the greatest vaults in the world is our musical heritage, an open vault that we can dip into any time we choose and reap the benefits.

Jaz McKenzie

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