Friday, 6 February 2015

Love That Quote! - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Just love this quote and sometimes it's nice to use posters for a change. We can easily understand the message and it is easily transposed into a theme lyric that has been used in many songs- 'Never Give Up.' So let's stop and look at the poster. It has a sense of infinity about it- the simplistic use of colours is skilful and almost takes us beyond the horizon, Love the way the scene is punctuated by pyramids! The pyramids are important, giving a sense of order, strength, purpose and dependability- all qualities we need to find within ourselves if we are to make the most of our lives.

It is a good mental picture that we can store away and use as a focal point for meditation- would love to have it opposite me on the wall! I think it's just perfect for those moments life creeps up to overwhelm us and will help us to ground ourselves and look beyond our current situation towards a better outcome. A knot at the end of the rope, not a hangman's noose!

Jaz McKenzie

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