Sunday, 16 August 2015

Give Thanks~ Feel Joyful WK30- Freedom of Thought


Here in the UK and many other countries we are given freedom of speech. Personally I don’t think we’re as free to speak as we might imagine. For example, in many jobs- not necessarily high profile positions, you simply cannot go around talking off the top of your head. People have been known to get carried away and make politically incorrect statements or even come out with slanderous comments, putting an end to a promising or established career. We really do have to think before we speak even on an everyday level so that we can work with other people and generally maintain an harmonious life.

We have freedom to think what we like and the only person who censors thoughts is the thinker! Hopefully most of our thoughts are universally acceptable- scary thought LOL! Whatever may be perceived as wrongful thinking, often stated as such within religious or moral contexts, will sometimes occur and it is up to the thinker to accept or reject their thoughts. The reason I say this is because we all experience unwelcome, random thoughts or images that enter our minds and occasionally they can shock us.

Brain training is very important if we wish to take control of our minds. We do well to keep enjoyable thoughts lingering for a while because they create great sensations and feelings of happiness which attract more of the same. Our minds are basically magnets and draw similar, not opposite, energies towards us.  If we want more good feelings we may choose to try and make positive changes to our thinking. This is a very challenging and rewarding step to take and gradually improves the quality of our lives. Happiness is preferable!

I have made it a mission to expand my positive and pleasurable thinking. In fact, I am undertaking the role of, ‘thought assassin.’ By giving this practise of over-riding disturbing, unsettling or clearly ‘wrong’ thoughts a name, I believe I have discovered a way to increases the profile of thought control. I want to blast out the bad and make space for the good.

Let’s look at what occurs when there is an outpouring of negative thinking. When someone around you is constantly miserable or complaining it becomes very wearing as these type of people invariably drain energy from others. Complaining about other people is even worse than complaining about general situations because friends or colleagues are invariably drawn in and may feel pressurised to take sides- sometimes without realising how they are being monopolised. This is a very derisive situation that can ruin friendships and leave uninvolved people feeling highly uncomfortable. Joining in with these kinds of conversations is easy to do if you have not thought this through, are not self confident or long to make friends. You may need to think of some tactics to steer clear of these situations without offending people. One of the easiest things is to physically stay out of the way when you don’t like what you are hearing and if your find yourself directly involved do not offer opinions or judgements. Remember, there are two or more sides to every story.

Let’s embrace our wonderful thoughts! I have just stuck a flyer to the front of this laptop that was given to me by Reggae artist Nesbeth. Before I open it ready to work I see Nesbeth chillaxing and can imagine myself relaxing in the Caribbean which helps to put my mind in neutral ready to focus on the task in hand. Along with bringing to mind Nesbeth’s welcoming, friendly and humble manner, the additional benefit is that the picture has cheered up my laptop and makes me smile. Are there items in your surroundings which make you feel happy, peaceful, excited or joyful? Have you had any recent great experiences? If you are having trouble thinking great thoughts you can turn to these and feel the vibe. I really would urge you to take control of your mind and make it a fertile place for happiness.

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