Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK31 True Humility as characterised by Nesbeth

It has become very commonplace these days to describe people as humble. We hear this term often but what does it actually mean? I think the term humble tends to be applied to people who go about their work quietly without blowing their own trumpet which is a worthy description, but for the first time in a long time I have come across someone who takes humility to a far greater depth that many of us might aspire to but haven’t achieved. I will mention my sister and her husband who have worked with refugees for years, undertake prison visiting and never turn anyone away from their door even when they are totally exhausted. Today, I am focusing on Internationally renowned Reggae Artist Nesbeth, currently over in London from Jamaica.

I met Nesbeth for the first time over a week ago at the event, ‘Andrew Sloley and Friends.’ Having seen Nesbeth’s poster around Facebook I introduced myself and was instantly surprised when he asked Eccentrik, his manager, to photograph us. After chatting for a few minutes Nesbeth agreed to an INTERVIEW (Includes contact info) which went ahead last Thursday. As I no longer present The Chill Out Zone on Buffaloo Radio Nesbeth agreed to a written interview and the pair happily travelled for an hour and a half to get to Wandsworth followed by a long journey to their next engagement- on top of that they dropped me home which was a lovely gesture that I certainly hadn’t expected; and fits the theme, ‘ humility.’

I discovered during the interview that Nesbeth is a very quiet, deep thinking person. I cannot put into words the way he made me feel during the conversation although I know Eccentrik understands as she became his manager following her interview with him in Jamaica. The only way to put it is that Nesbeth emits a vibration of true humility through his concern for mankind, extending way beyond his native Jamaica. Nesbeth’s mission in life is ultimately to help others improve their lives and he uses music as the tool to tend his workshop. Having helped countless individuals over the years and organised a festival to inspire isolated communities, Nesbeth is currently setting up the Nesbeth Foundation to ensure that help will be available consistently to the people who need it regardless of where in the world he is- travelling becoming more abundant as his popularity and public profile are rapidly expanding.

Nesbeth’s big dream is to take his music to the four corners of the earth and contained in his music are vibrant messages of hope combined with a deep understanding of social circumstance. I will be posting my review of his Victory EP shortly and suggest you check out Nesbeth on Youtube to get a real feel for this remarkable artist.

Humility is basically about keeping the ego in check and having genuine love for all people. Nesbeth is working from the heart; and is genuinely not interested in making heaps of money for himself, understanding that true riches do not lie in money but in the good that money can accomplish.
My dream for Nesbeth is that people will feel compelled to share his work and true universal vision, seeing the similarities between communities and aiming to make a difference.- It would be great to see the Hootananny packed this Thursday!

See Nesbeth Live this Thursday 27th August!!!

I hold Nesbeth and Eccentrik in high esteem, and pray that the ultimate dream for global peace will come to be- everything is possible.

Jaz McKenzie

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