Sunday, 20 September 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK 35- Inspiring Words!

Most of us just love a good quote! In fact, there’s a quote for every occasion and if you look at Facebook pages, Twitter or any other form of social media you will find these sites littered with them. You can also buy books of quotes- very popular and they are frequently used in calendars. Quotes can be very personal and some people who are naturally inspiring can easily make up their own sayings whilst others take joy in sharing well loved quotes.

But what is it about these inspirational words that we love so much? The answer is easy, they speak to us on a high level and we can identify directly with them. Quotes are reassuring and link humanity- why? Because someone- the author of the quote, has walked this road before. I think this is why we are so keen to adopt other people’s words. Whether speaking about Einstein, Louise Hay or even Bob Marley, each has created a legacy of quotations from which we derive wisdom in various forms. New quotes find their way into the books, usually provided by our icons. Whether words inspire or comfort us they are filling a need, and to comfort is to inspire. Think about it a minute- if you are really upset about something, comforting words inspire us to keep going until we work through a situation. This is definitely the case when we suffer any form of loss.

Quotes are very clever forms of wordplay and definitely magic in their own way. The author has summed up a situation or theory in a few carefully chosen words which can be regarded as extremely powerful and this is definitely a great skill. Quotes can be derived from various sources: songs and speeches are high on the list, and music helps drum a quote into our memories. Over the years some quotes have become so well known they are embedded in everyday conversation eg: many hands make light work!

Inspirational quotes are helpful aids to assessing situations and putting life in perspective. If you have tried something many times and feel like giving up, the words ‘Never give up’ come at you from many different angles. The great teachers of the world always tell us to keep on going and what’s more, often set themselves seemingly impossible targets. Richard Branson’s book, ‘Screw it, Let’s do it,’ gives the most amazing examples of vision and working towards the vision- I believe we fare best in life when we know what we want. Be persistent and resistant is another great phrase that spurs us on- add consistant if you want a full hand!

The Bible is obviously one of the most quoted books in the world and contains many truly great messages. My favourite is, ‘Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself.’ Very true, especially as we don’t know if we’ll be here tomorrow! The Don’t worry theme has been popularised by Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds-‘this is my message to you, don’t worry about a thing.’ The message is simple however the human brain is well practiced with worry. We tend to nurture it from a young age due to another key word- expectation! When reality and expectation do not match, worry sometimes prevails.

Inspirational sayings can help keep us strong. If repeated regularly they can become mantras or affirmations. Our minds will always be working on something so inspiration beats negativity every time and helps us to build better lives. Inspirational saying can make a huge difference to our lives and help us alter our moods. Words are power and inspiration, phenomenal!

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