Thursday, 15 October 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK 37- Loving Vacations!


Its many years since I last went on vacation, to the extent that I had actually forgotten how much fun holidays can be! Life can become very ‘same old’ even when we vary our routines and until we do something radically different we can inadvertently train ourselves to be accepting of a lack of excitement- self preservation is a great thing!

Life isn’t necessarily dull however when we are constantly busy it may be that we are striving towards something specific at the exclusion of other things. Most of us enjoy many exciting and fulfilling experiences however these cannot be compared with the types of experiences a designated vacation can offer. The main aim of a vacation is to dedicate time to ourselves and focus on the things we enjoy, leaving daily toil behind. As I have been constantly online for years I am thrilled to have abstained from internet access for a couple of weeks! In fact, it’s not until I returned that I realised quite how intrusive the internet has become- especially Facebook - daaaaam, now it even pops up before I enter my pin code in the phone! 

Vacation puts you back in touch with aspects of life that may have become marginalised. Noise- gee whiz- do you realise how noisy London is? Barbados is ruled by the sound of crickets at night and relatively quiet by day- the constant sound of sirens thankfully is not present which I hadn't realised until I walked the streets of London once again where noise really is an onslaught. In fact it took a few days to become oblivious to the constant ‘disharmony of sounds’ upon my return.

Holidays are very often family highlights. A quick note here- business people need to switch off from business and pay attention to their family whilst on vacation as this is the one time family expect to come first! Yes it can be challenging trying to please everyone but that’s just a part of life- nurturing an attitude of give and take is part of caring and sharing- best learnt from a young age. This is why it’s good to research your intended destination before booking so that everyone’s needs’ will be catered for.

New experiences definitely enrich the quality of our lives and having the opportunity to relax fully and unwind is priceless- well, the holiday wasn’t priceless but definitely worth every penny! Pirate ships and Catamarans are definitely my cup of tea- think I fancy a yacht next, and hot sunshine along with sandy beaches are just the ticket. Not everyone wants a relaxing time but we definitely benefit from change. There are many active vacations to suit various hobbies and aspirations. Whatever you do the key is to absorb new experiences and enjoy them to the fullest.

We just have to be thankful for whatever life presents and when you are presented with fantastic opportunities, especially an exciting vacation- take them! Time now to start working towards the next one- or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win one instead!

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