Monday, 26 October 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK 39- Thanks for good memories

It is so easy to automatically think of good memories and this really is a blessing. One of the greatest joys pertaining to memories is that they cost nothing to accumulate. We actually possess the ability to dedicate every good experience we have to memory although we rarely do so! I think one of the tricks is trying to see the extraordinary in an everyday situation and do this from time to time. I demonstrated this last week in regards to magpies who, incidentally, I am still seeing daily on an individual basis- Extraordinary! Having shared this blog I now have some additional memories associated with it because this is how the law of attraction works- put something in your aura and it snowballs.

Many radio show quizzes are memory related: ‘In which year was this song a hit?’ People ring in and invariably associate the music with a special memory or milestone in their lives. My boss finds it strange that I cannot remember which year I achieved my childcare qualification having spent two years studying for it- I said, ‘that’s not exactly interesting but I do remember seeing Lenny Kravitz at his show in Brixton, 2005! To be fair, I am not known for having an excellent memory: names, faces, places- I really do need to work at this!!! The good thing is that I’ve been like it all my life so lack of memory does not worry me. The times over the years my Mum has said- do you remember when we went to so & so- the answer’s almost always NO!

Another set of memories that are highly significant go under the banner, ‘first experiences.’ Most Mum’s remember their baby’s first steps- pass on that one LOL, but I will try to commit my Granddaughter’s steps to memory as they were taken recently- although having missed the actual event I witnessed her wobble in a rush across the living room floor for the first time a couple of weeks back. Nowadays if you’re quick you can catch your memories and add to your phone videos.

There are times in our lives when memories become really significant. Sharing stories with friends and having a good laugh is guaranteed to add to the joy of a social occasion and people frequently trot out the same old ones- embarrassing moments are probably at the top of the list! Our memories are so personal they literally become a part of us and really do form the backdrop to our lives. Of course, when we lose our loved ones whether through distance, separation, illness- worst of all death, those memories become even more poignant and may be a huge comfort. Everything associated with a memory becomes precious or even painful depending on the situation. We need to learn what to take with us and what to let go of for our emotional well-being. ‘Memories... of the way we were,’ is a particular beautiful song as is ‘Memories,’ from the musical, ‘Cats.’ The power of our memories cannot be measured and the way in which we view them is likely to colour the present- misty, water colour memories is a highly artistic description and almost matches my experience on the Catamaran because that will dim to a hazy holiday memory as time passes: right now it’s a pretty rich experience.

It’s a good idea to keep journals and that way you will discover all sorts of things you have forgotten about- of course, those teenage journals may prove embarrassing but that’s just part of life! Writing a journal requires discipline and I only achieved this once for a couple of years many years ago. If you do manage to write regularly you will be able to track your personal development which will prove interesting.

Well, let’s raise our glasses to happy memories and many more exciting and worthwhile experiences- Live life to the max and enjoy!

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