Sunday, 17 January 2016

Be Braap~Be Inspired Quote from Tony Bennett

'Life teaches you how to live it if you live long enough.' ~Tony Bennett

This is a very intriguing quote and as life progresses I'm discovering the truths in it. I guess it's a spin on the more familiar saying, 'Older and wiser,' however this quote of Tony's says a whole heap more!

Ironically I heard him say this during the documentary about Amy Winehouse's life, and sadly Amy became caught up in the darker side of the business, failing to reach old age. I was quite upset when Amy told her friend that her award ceremony just wasn't as good without the drugs. With time, life does teach us many home truths, points out our mistakes and the reasons for them. If we are smart we switch to higher vibrations that prove more satisfying and can provide inner satisfaction that negates the need for different dependencies including the need for drugs. Life can only speak to us if we are prepared to listen and to make changes. We need to self love and in order to do that, to forgive ourselves and others as guilt stops progress. 

When you are young you want to grow up- when you get older, you feel younger and, if like me, start wishing you could skip some Birthdays and deny the years! Point is, attitude of mind and noticing the positives in your life helps show how we can make the most of ourselves. When you are open minded the ways to advance and use your talents become clear.

Allow time to be your teacher and if things don't work as expected be ready to learn the lesson. Everything in its time is one of the greatest lessons I have learnt- you can't hurry love and you can't hurry any other good thing either!

Jaz McKenzie

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