Monday, 29 February 2016

Flying With Mozez~' Run River,' the Power Behind the Song!

I am almost lost for words when it comes to describing the impact Run River has on me. If you really want to tune in fully and find out why, try playing it in a quiet, dark room and see how the words speak to you. Run River is very open musically, being layered in a clever way generating a lively feel which feeds the superficial need for a great dance tune. However, the true beauty of the song is its deep spiritual vibration- the foundation in its purest form stemming from Negro Spirituals. Mozez has told me that not everyone is able to pick up on this, but as I said before it speaks to my soul in exactly the same way as the Negro Spirituals of old, flowing from the opening bars.

Run River is the embodiment of a spiritual journey, universal concepts set within infinity describing man’s constant quest to understand the purpose of self and his inbuilt need to strive, reaching to fulfil potential. As with Negro Spirituals, Run River starts from a point of maturity and need, acceptance of the truth and hope for the future. The desire to be in command of self: using internal power and faith to do so. Questioning and realisation run throughout with the song based around current living.

‘Maybe this is all I have maybe all I have is me...’ presents a very challenging opening line and hits the core of our reality spot on. My belief is that we are all about self and as infinite spirits actually only need to look inwards to find the answers, ‘Been to the waters and the waters been to me.’ Some people say we are God, ‘The Greatest Secret ofMankind,’ Dr Wayne Dyer.’ and part of a larger universal spirit. When we reach a high level of spiritual understanding and work as one with the universe, as Mozez says, life can start flowing like a river.

What is the first impression you get when someone says river? Rivers convey a host of images. The first is power- you cannot stop a river from flowing and it takes a great deal of work to make it flow in a new direction: so we can add the words focus and independence. A river will rise in a storm becoming more powerful- it doesn’t shrink from trouble, trouble empowers it. In times of drought a river could reduce to a trickle- likewise we need to nourish our souls so they continue moving towards their destinations. Like a river, we have hidden depths and both secrets and knowledge are stored in pockets of our mind waiting to be unearthed at the right time. We often view rivers as a source of freedom, after all, you can’t bottle them and if you bottle some of their water it fails to impact upon the river as a whole entity. This is an interesting concept if we consider spirituality as a whole entity too- the power of the universal spirit cannot be contained although there are individuals who fail to attend to their spiritual needs. Run River is about searching and finding; a two way process within our physical existence.  I think that usually most of us who have been passive reach a point where we start searching for the truth- our spirit will not remain quiet throughout our entire lives. As individuals we need to find freedom, whether by being a free spirit or operating within a denomination that has created its own way of being. True freedom lies within our joy, so whatever makes you joyful serves your spirit well.

The question this song poses to the listener is: ‘Have you awoken to your own spirituality, your truths or are you still living within the restraints society has placed upon you? Ask your spirit to enlighten you and the answers will appear. Like a river we were born to be free and that freedom is a truth calling out to be shared across humanity. Run River!

Coming next- Mozez the Visionary!

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