Thursday, 31 March 2016

Take That - Rule The World + Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards~ Never Give Up!

There are not that many of us who want to rule the world- just a few guys with big ideals and big egos! What we should be wanting is to rule our own worlds, the one that is within our reach- beautifully expressed here by Take That. When we find our lives working out well we are able to embrace the feeling of ruling the world. It is the intangible feeling of joyous emotions that empower us and enable us to create our futures.

This is not something we can do alone as life is a matter of connections and we feed off one another to some extent. Intent is a large part of success  and I believe that ultimately we are all connected, allowing our intentions a framework in which to develop, of course the best the best connections are based on love.We have partners and families supporting our endeavours- unless the yellow eyed monster hits and we need to inspire ourselves! Having just seen the film about Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards this rings true. Eddie's father was not happy with Eddie's actions, which is perfectly understandable when you consider the families everyday situation. Whatever happened to Eddie did not deter him from his dream of taking part in the Olympics. When he hit an obstacle his subconscious mind kept working until it provided a solution.

One thing that comes across from this straightforward story is the true extent of the saying, 'never give up!' If you need inspiration to stay on course, this is the film for you. Eddie takes determination to the limit both physically and mentally, believing in his dream against all the odds. He truly is a supreme example of internal motivation and the will to succeed. Eddie ruled his world and has gone down in history books for his efforts. Maybe our dreams are not quite as dramatic however they may be equally powerful. Dreams can be anything from being part of a loving family to making a major scientific discovery. It really doesn't matter what those dreams are- 'Believe in yourself and rule your world'- the rewards are unequalled.

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