Monday, 2 May 2016

SERIES: Flying With Mozez~ Your Brother is You! Deep insight inspired by 'The Absolute.'

Lyrics from The Absolute:
‘The greatest is not to love your brother but knowing your brother is you.’ ~ Mozez 

Mozez' albums are designed to be listened to over and again; his lyrics containing so much food for thought. Take today's line for instance, a deep and intelligent spin on the old adage, ‘love your neighbour as yourself.’

‘No man is an island,’ – a great starting point when we choose to consider where we fit into our society and the universe as a whole- who are we and how are we connected to one another? Relationships are usually highly complex and it can be difficult to really grasp that ultimately we are all connected. In ‘The Absolute,’ Mozez takes that extension to its natural conclusion- we all come from one source and are different parts of the whole therefore we become one another. This doesn’t mean that we are identical- we should embrace our individuality, but by extending this knowledge it's clear that we need true empathy for one another and should try to understand what other people are facing in life.

As human beings we experience so many emotions and situations during our lifetimes and it is the process of life itself that teaches us how to deal with everything to become more complete beings. I am my brother because I laugh, I cry, I experience pain and sorrow, I have good and bad relationships, sometimes I test myself, other times I am tested and so on. How I react is up to me- inside each of us we have choices and as a result, react in different ways. What we choose to do may be a result of nature or nurture but it really does not matter how we make decisions; the fact is that we make them and our reasoning will be comprehensible to some people and totally incomprehensible to others. 

If we think about the very popular film Eddy the Eagle, Eddy’s decisions were pretty incomprehensible to most of us although we do understand the, ‘never give up’ philosophy in theory- Go Eddy Go! But what if my brother wants to be an Olympian, has talent but is too scared to test himself to the limit? That does not make him less of a person, it makes him the same as me. How come? Because, there isn’t a single person on the planet who hasn’t known fear. Fear is something we all experience and something we can strive to overcome; or find alternative ways to live with. As none of us are perfect we are all equal to our brother, also we do not necessarly know where other people’s strengths lie. Quiet, unassuming people may well have amazing qualities that are not immediately apparent whereas others who are successful are usually successful at hiding their insecurities too. Unfortunately differences often feed fear and may give rise to ill feelings where people despise the ‘opposite’ of themselves- the great haves and have-nots divide is one example.

You are your brother, or at the very least you could have been your brother, however you were born into a different family, culture, province and this has dictated a certain percentage of who you are. People born into identical situations can be very different from one another too thanks to the choices they make, but we don’t know the reason for those choices, so remaining impartial and trying not to judge is crucial- unless we would like everyone to judge us! There is no point thinking, ‘if I were you...’ however we can make helpful suggestions. It is great when people follow our advice, but how we react when they don't will depend on our individual make up. You might be offended or you may genuinely not be concerned- after all, most of us make our own decisions after weighing up advice, otherwise we would clearly lack the ability to think for ourselves.

I agree with Mozez that we are our brother as I believe that we all come from spirit and will ultimately return to spirit, so developing humility and mutual understanding helps each of us in our spiritual and earthly journey, and is ultimately a bid for true equality.

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