Sunday, 7 August 2016

MAMADOU - Dembe- Brill song + more info!

It's funny how people suddenly come directly into our presence. Mamadou Diop has been a friend of mine on Facebook for a very long time and I have seen and commented on his posts. Mamadou is a tremendously talented musician who has inspired many, many people through sharing not just music but aspects of African culture, especially drumming. Mamadou is fluent in English however this song is in his native tongue and although I am unable to understand the lyrics I can feel the power exuding from such an exciting delivery.

Mamadou has won multiple awards and recently won a humanitarian award in Boston. He is clearly a brilliant man and a clear thinker- Mamadou posts great insights into life on his Facebook Page, some of which I will share on The Word Magician..  

The band has just been touring in Bethlehem and is now up for the Musikfest 2016- I am excited about the different facets of Mamadou's career so we will be finding out far more about this dynamic yet humble person- I really want to know more about his story and inner motivation!

'MAMADOU is not just a name, anymore. It become a concept of peace, love, positivity, harmony and team work.We didn't change,we just woke up.We needed something to improve our shields.Negativity is a terrible disease. They are very hard to get rid of and can destroy someone's Happiness who listen to them,they are always behind talking with negative thinking and destroying happiness. Every times you tempt to fight fire with fire,remember that the fire fighter usually uses water against fire .More and more we are waking-up now and it is making a great and big difference! Just let the band share its light with others through their music and focus in love and peace....'

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  1. Thank you for all your support and friendship,I really appreciated it..Wish to meet one day soon,and to express my gratitude to you..

  2. I like All organic and natural music with high energy,the hypnotic fusion of rhythm and African traditional music,a single infectious pulse laced with hypnotic cycles of instrumental freedom and crossing,the style of the driving polyrhythms of Wolof drumming. I like the one who speaks the truth , the one who makes a difference in this world and the one who opens eyes. Real music has to be:educational,give advice, support the mind, be sentimental ,emotional and theraputic. Music=Universal language of communication and has to be used to lift up peoples' Mind, Soul , Spirit and bring sense into their lives.