Sunday, 4 September 2016

Lazy Bones Don't Live Here! Quick poem for Sunday chilling ha haa!


From here to infinity and beyond
We got no time for lazy bones
Coz life's worth living when you've got it going on
And we're not up for entering dead beat zones
Dead beat's dead
Can't work for me
Coz I'm flying high and I'm flying free
Gotta go reach for infinity
Life's to be lived so live free!

You just can’t live life in doom n gloom
Down the same ole proverbial drain
Set your spirit on fire and release your song
Coz sun dries the hell outta rain
Open your eyes
Before time’s done
Attack each battle ‘til the war is won
Infinity watch out … here I come
Zooming up high in my plane!

Jaz McKenzie ©2016

A little fun and hope you're all enjoying a relaxed Sunday!

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