Monday, 23 January 2017

Emeterians - Just Money

Today I'm sharing one of my favourite bands-Emeterians on a subject that's close to nearly everyone's hearts, MONEY! So often people hold the belief that they'll be happy once they have more of it but sadly this is rarely the case. More money tends to be a novelty to begin with but unless you are used to large amounts of money it's easy to spend it quickly and return to square one. Money isn't the prize, it's an enabler. We can have so much more when we have money however what we really want isn't money or what it can buy, what we all crave for are love and happiness; the pure joy that comes with a life well lived.

Happiness can be found in the moment and if we have enough happy moments our outlook will change and prospects improves. Why? Because we attract from our current position so if we are miserable the happy people will stay away, after all, they don't want their bubbles burst! When we are happy we are far more likely to attract love, opportunities and all sorts of good things. Being thankful for what we have rather than desiring the things we cannot currently have, or worse still, complaining about things, helps lift our spirits and acts as a magnet for good.

Once you realise that money really isn't everything you will probably attract more of it and the lifestyle you desire will turn from dreams into reality. There is nothing wrong with having money, the fault often lies in our attitude towards it; resentment of those who are richer and appear to have it all. Also, the more we have the more things including experiences we want in life, so the average person rarely has enough at the outset to meet their desires.

So the key point is to focus on every good thing and appreciate it fully. The more happy moments you create, the better your future and eventually the money will come.

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