Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year- those three little words that fly around the world on the stroke of midnight once a year- and for a few days either side! We embrace huge hopes at the beginning of the year whilst having absolutely no idea as to what will materialise. 2016 was very challenging and upsetting with political changes creating worldly turmoil, natural disasters leaving destruction in their wake and, unusually, the loss of so many much loved celebrities; making the world a very different place for individuals and especially those who love popular music. 2017 will probably be equally challenging but let’s hope it takes a different turn and will be a year to embrace despite the current reservations harboured by many.

Ultimately each year will vary due to individual expectations and achievements combined with natural occurrences and world events. Whilst we must be concerned with other people’s plight and the horrors that have arisen, particularly in relation to hatred and poverty, we still have to pay attention to ourselves. It’s a well-known fact that we need to care for ourselves before we can look out for others. Obviously when disasters occur help is needed therefore we need to be compassionate and spend time in prayer, make donations and do anything else within our power. The same applies to all causes or situations that touch our hearts, but the more we grow the more we have to offer.

My experience found 2016 to be a year of great learning curves that ended extremely well as I finally moved into my new home which in itself was highly rewarding. 2016 provided valuable lessons building on the previous 3 years which has helped re-mould certain personal characteristics. I have a much deeper understanding of patience and timing, realising that we can easily apply expectations where we should simply be stating our dreams and leaving the rest to the universe- whilst going about our daily business. Must add, I haven’t actually conquered the ability to be patient however I can look at situations with a deeper appreciation for the way they unfold. Also, if we were given everything we want on demand we would be spoilt and unappreciative; we may also not be ready and could end up worse off!

The New Year tends to be the time when we look at the past and plan for the future, but let’s not forget the present. Ultimately living in the moment is very important and we need to grasp the full meaning and feeling of this rather than paying lip service to such a statement. Enjoy as many moments as you can, relishing the fun and excitement of life, building up your memory bank. During times when we're facing upsets, pain or fear, we need to grasp that life is always a matter of moments. 

We can help ourselves to cope better by recalling our good memories for little bursts of happiness to support us through the bad times and build up our endurance. Working through these difficult moments is easy to say and yet may feel impossible when faced with sudden loss or other major upheavals. So often we are faced with the unexpected, but sometimes even when we know huge life changes are on the cards it’s difficult to accept when that time comes. 

People are creatures of habit on the whole, often finding change difficult, so it is good to regularly challenge yourself even in small ways by stepping into the ‘uncomfortable zone.’ I think a good resolution for 2017 is to make more of yourself; grow in thought, ability and expand in as many ways as possible. I say this because it is hard to make the best of yourself- in fact, it’s impossible! People are works in progress and if you don’t wish to be a work in stagnation or decline, push those boundaries and most importantly, have fun doing so.

Jaz McKenzie~ TheWord Magician  Email: itsbraap@live.co.uk

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