Saturday, 14 January 2017

U.D.E- hitting the DADARAS Studio in Bristol!

Norris B, Macky and Jaz
Macky Mcpherson, Leah Williams and myself recently went on a trip to Bristol representing Urban Delight Entertainment. There were three main purposes:

  • To listen to Norris B's album pre-release
  • Meet producer Uri Green and other members of the Yam & Banana record label at Dadaras Studio
  • Speak about U.D.E's the operation with a view to Uri Green joining Team Urban Delight
We had a fantastic and fruitful time once we conquered the traffic pile up on the M4- luckily it didn't come to a halt so we arrived at our destination in daylight! I have to say that it's always a joy seeing Norris who has such a broad smile permanently plastered across his face. You just have to feel good!

Macky with Uri - Yam & Banana single
Dadaras studio has a really good vibe about it and clearly is first and foremost a place where good music is generated. Just a nothing fancy, down to business atmosphere in which music can easily be created.

Shortly after arriving and taking a quick peep in the sound boothe, once we were settled Macky went into detail regarding Urban Delight Entertainment's ethos and operation. I have to say that the business is based on a solid platform and Macky is very astute when it comes to identifying artists' needs and providing a full service that will help artists achieve their potential. U.D.E. also enters into partnerships that are designed to help associated businesses to expand.
Macky, Jaz, Leah & Simba
On to the music. Norris's album is quite a gem and I was surprised to hear just how versatile he is. I will review the album on a different occasion however will say that Uri has done a wonderful job with the production; and the musicians who contributed to the album have definitely been a great asset, helping Norris to create a top quality product- another tick on the dream list!

As yet the album title has not been confirmed and is currently open to discussion. Art work is ready to go and we're in the final throes of preparation and selecting release dates. Macky will continue to visit Bristol and explore further how the businesses can work together and benefit one another.

I must say, it is very interesting following the development of U.D.E. and we have far more to bring you throughout 2017 and beyond.

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