Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Shirley & Co - Shame Shame Shame- Dance & be Happy!

In life you just have to put your dancing shoes on! To me, this song is the beat of life- it flows, bops and weaves like a never ending stream but always on the upbeat. Our higher selves are tuned into the upbeat all the time and if you want to be in sync, put on your dancing shoes- or kick off your shoes and have a crazy dance in the living room. Music just has that feel-good vibe and this song, like many songs from the same era, has an indefinable quality that resounds happiness through our bodies and soul. Girl put your records ON as Corinne Bailey Ray once sang- it's the antidote to those down days and 'The Drug with no Side-effects,' as Macky McPherson always says!
Living The Dream Interview- with Macky

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