Thursday, 31 August 2017

Quotes To Inspire- series re-launch

'Sharing Quotes is a well known way to share inspiration'~ Jaz McKenzie

Sharing quotes has become extremely popular across all social networks. Bearing this in mind we will be re-launching the series ‘Be Braap~Be Inspired,’ under the simple title, 'Quotes To Inspire.'

I ran the original series a few years ago on a simple principle, taking a well or little known saying and expanding the theme. Most of the time I prefer to work with a positive expression however negative is needed occasionally to counter-balance as nothing can be entirely positive; and sometimes understanding a negative opens the way forwards. Note, I said ‘understanding’ and not ‘focusing’ on negatives.

Positive sayings give us a straightforward message and occasionally expressions can be a little quirky which really encourage us to think hard. Some expressions we know really well so it is good to see them in a new light as re-visiting the familiar may create greater impact. Different expressions will affect us during specific periods in our lives and if something you read really speaks to you that is the time to act on it.

Both positives and negatives can help us identify characteristics in ourselves that need a little love and attention. If you feel an emotional stirring when focusing on something, stop and follow your feelings then and there. This allows you to open your mind and seek solutions.

Sometimes our greatest inspiration and guidance comes from others, even when taking our inner selves into consideration; internally we mull over new ideas and these inspire our own thoughts and actions. Speech and communication are essential aids to daily living as positive words so often provide the boost we need that gives us an incentive to aspire to new and greater things. So let’s continue to share words of wisdom and encourage one another to push on through!

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