Sunday, 27 November 2016

Whatever you Believe you will Receive- But there's not necessarily a time scale!

We are currently living in a time during which the human race has acquired general knowledge of the law of attraction; secrets previously in the domain of the world's richest people and those who naturally stumbled into that way of thinking- leaving the majority of us to believe in 'The System.'

'The Secret,' as it has become known is simply an explanation of another natural law, the law of attraction, which is as fundamental as the law of gravity. From a human perspective the law of attraction is much harder to understand than the law of gravity. If you are standing on a ladder and let go of your paintbrush it will fall; apples drop from the tree; and we understand that gravity does not work in outer space- after all we have seen this on our TV's. A key point for consideration is that we walk down the road because of gravity and it doesn't matter whether we understand it or not, gravity happens.

The law of attraction is exactly the same. Whether we understand it or not the law of attraction is operating at all times. It is not selective, but programmed to tune into our thoughts and do their bidding. Once we realise this we do not need the proverbial genie to grant our wishes because we have the power to change our lives and our destiny. If on the other hand we choose to focus on our woes we will lead pretty miserable lives.

On paper this sounds great! We want it, we think about it long and hard and eventually it happens- right? Not exactly because nothing happens without action. If you sit in a room without any external contact you cannot survive, but if someone brings you food, drink etc you could lead an exceptionally quiet existence. Most of our dreams exceed the very basic levels of desire as we tend to want relationships, nice homes, good jobs, holidays and so forth. Some of these are within our means and others require a huge stretch of the imagination and leap of faith to acquire. We need to learn how to work with the law of attraction and maintain our faith in it. The more attention we give to something the more the universe will deliver. If you think of yourself as poor you are not very likely to become rich. If you don't have much money but place value on other aspects of life and be grateful, your circumstance may well change. This is why it's good to focus on what we enjoy.

One of the things I have learnt during my recent journey is that the universe can't be hurried. It has taken me three years before being granted the dream of my own home once again. Like many people, I found it more than challenging leaving a long term relationship and family home to start over. Life in one room was such a contrast and learning to live by myself and to work out who I am was incredibly difficult. There were many times during that period when I could have lost faith and become extremely depressed but that would have been a huge backwards step. Obviously there were many stumbling points and frustrations but that is where I had to practice changing my mood and thoughts. Extremely difficult but we have a choice within every moment and can usually find something to focus on that's a slight improvement. Music is therapy, talk can be too provided you move on from the misery! Sometimes just putting on the TV and making an effort to focus on a programme can help. As time went by I came to realise that you can get back on track quite quickly when you let go of anger, frustration and worry. Things really do have a way of sorting themselves.

My present move resulted in around a year of stress with 6 months dedicated to purchasing my new flat and there were struggles every inch of the way; new dilema's presenting themselves constantly including a last minute fuss by the vendor when I was due to collect the keys. The interesting part about all of this is that had life moved more quickly I would have remained in the renting sector, so patience and timing have proved to be blessings. I truly believe that universal timing is highly tuned to a frequency beyond our knowing. These two factors- patience and timing have been the core lessons I have learnt during the past three years. Allowing is the third and I'm still working on it!

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Monday, 14 November 2016

Gloria Gaynor -- I Will Survive [[ Official Video ]] HD

Gloria Gaynor's song, 'I Will Survive' strikes at the heart of our fears. When we have been in a relationship for an extended period it can be difficult to imagine our lives alone. The lyrics in this song are particularly powerful- As long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive! This is a highly spirited line that unleashes our inner power and embraces that well known phrase, 'love conquers all.'

How do we survive life's traumas? Usually by going through a grieving process during which our minds process the relationship- we can gauge where we are according to the thoughts that surface. Many break ups ride on the back of bad feeling and we may have to deal with a torrent of issues before we are able to face another relationship. So often people find strengths they did not know they possessed, or skills and capabilities that have been subdued as they were no longer exercised; this might include dealing with finance for example. Occasionally we gain new skills once we are single and need to sort out our lives ourselves. You might become better organised or even more sociable as your life-style changes.

Music is important in life and something we turn to equally in times of happiness or our worst moments. It helps us to express ourselves therefore has qualities that may be easier to relate to than in other art forms such as dance or paintings.

There are many excellent songs out there but 'I Will Survive,' is special. It has become an anthem that will stand through time immemorial. We have all had occasion to sing it. If you are in a vulnerable situation you can really draw strength from this song and hopefully re-kindle self belief. I think many of us have been thankful for the way it raises a bitter or sad spirit, awarding Gloria Gaynor notoriety as possibly the undisputed karaoke queeen!

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Saturday, 5 November 2016

African Fashion & Culture Extravaganza 2016- Photo Blog

I loved this event and really wish to share the latest fashion that reaches our shores from the Hebrew/African community in Israel. Featured designers have chosen to build upon their heritage and culture as opposed to incorporating Western fashion ideas into their garments. The outfits are stunning and one noticeable difference in the public presentation is the lack of accessories and high heels! Models undertaking the African 'Lioness Walk' do so far more naturally, exchanging inner pride for the commercial swag of our more familiar 'Catwalks.'

With designer Irit Gordon
Late October, award winning designers Irit Gordon and Heletiyah Mercer recently flew to London from Israel along with fellow designers Zahaveya, Autura and Sureyah. It is evident that these gifted young people have transformed African fashion into a product that, in my view, is internationally appealing.

Simply stylish in beautiful turquoise

All of the collections are founded on traditional African fabrics to suit purpose, and cultural traits are combined with exciting forward looking concepts creating everyday designs and special occasion wear. Menswear is generally slick and frequently embellished with quality details. Women's wear is far more flambouyant and colourful.

I have to say that it was very refreshing to see both designers and everyday people modelling the clothing as opposed to specially chosen models. This fitted in well with the ethical style of the whole event, the aim of which was to share fashion and educate people in the Afro-Israeli community's holistic approach to life; We watched a video outlining the importance of African hair and the progression of natural hair designs from slavery, following through with popular afro's and leading on to intricate plaits and designs. We were also informed about the need for natural fabric underwear- yes I get it but am not a convert!

Family Time!
Most cultures enjoy dressing mother and daughter alike however this is a great tradition within the Worldwide African community, especially at weddings when selected reams of material are used by the entire family, being styled individually. Above, we have a very feminine, modern look whereby mother and daughter have little half skirts adding a cute touch to their outfits. Once again the material is simply gorgeous.

Now it's the guys turn to strike a pose! First up we have the mature men who come with flair and experience-
Sheer Elegance!

Sports Outfit- intricately grand
This particular sports outfit is definitely best displayed by the more robust model, enabling us to appreciate the complexity of the design.

As beautiful as a butterfly! This dress has great appeal- a beautifully detailed bodice and very full skirt displaying an eye-catching geometric design set against a soft russet shade. Definitely adore this garment and one for the wardrobe.

Cheeky angel!
We were informed that white is a very popular colour and, as in the West, it is often used for special occasions. Whereas the second design is more classically oriented, the top design receives kudo's for invetiveness- who would have expected a pop  out African woman on a trouser leg! Fabulous fabric and fashion concept.

With award winning designer Heletiyah Mercer 
We'll progress to a few more ladies wear designs, definitely elegant and stunningly beautiful. Some great occasion wear here and Irit looks amazing modelling here evening wear design, set to flatter tall, shapely women.


And to finish off with, some male detail which will appeal to many of my Facebook friends! When you are speaking status, Africa and Lions are a must. Here we have two outfits designed to make an absolute staement and create impact. Simple from the front, but once their backs are turned you know the models enjoyed harbouring that element of surprise!

I really hope you have enjoyed viewing these designs through my less than brilliant camera lens, and this occasion was definitely a great addition to the British Black History Month. In fact, the African Fashion Show and Cultural extravaganza was listed amongst the top 50 events to attend at Black History Month this year! I hope that the work of these talented designers will make its mark on the ethnic fashion scene and beyond. You can find more of the designers work here: Irit Gordon Designs

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