Monday, 12 December 2016

The Genius of XFactor- and Matt Terry singing One Day I'll Fly Away

The XFactor grabbed the world’s attention many years ago and whilst its popularity appears to wain at times, sufficient millions continue to follow this show every year, securing its future.

The XFactor has become an institution of hope for many would be pop stars and provides the best tuition and experience possible; fast tracking a potential career with regular input, feedback and encouragement from the best in the industry. Every year genuine talent appears to be overlooked and excellent singers quickly fall by the wayside. We know there are very strict rules, regulations and commitments contestants need to adhere to, therefore they may have difficult decisions to make before they undertake the full process- and of course, many people believe it is rigged!

What I find interesting is that the finals always have outstanding contestants regardless of their starting points, which can appear fairly average. I think this reinforces our understanding that if you want something badly enough and are committed to it, it will happen. The nurturing I have already mentioned, coupled with self-belief enables the judges to produce first class singers on a regular basis. The same applies to all types of talent shows, including Britain’s Got Talent, where there is less mentoring as the show runs for a shorter period. Sometimes we wonder what happened with contestants from this particular show. What we can learn is that our determination enables us to tap into our desires and train up our genius until we attain a level that others notice and may even envy- you just have to find the platform that suits you.

The XFactor is genius, whether you love it or hate it, successfully taking talent shows to a whole new level by entering the international league. Everyday people are eagerly accepted especially when they are chronic singers and can make us laugh or cringe. This is why the show is so appealing and partly why The Voice cannot compete. The length of the show enables us to get to know the contestants and really embrace their journeys. We have been given an app to download so can judge for ourselves- and we all know that the man in the street is an expert! Public opinion has forced the judges to keep contestants that they had just rejected, with the wild card allowing judges time to reflect upon their own decisions.

This year Nicole Scherzinger showed her brilliance with her choice of songs for Matt Terry- possibly a joint effort. Purple Rain was a pretty genius move this year as were the Bond movie hit song by Sam Smith and the use of, ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away.’ This song has spearheaded John Lewis’s Christmas advertising campaign which is undeniably one of the best advertisements ever. Once Matt’s songs started to roll you knew he had won despite awesome competition from Saara Aalto and 5 after Midnight.

I think there are many more years left in the Xfactor and the return of Sharon Osborne and Louis Welsh was a great game move. It will be interesting to see how ITV develop The Voice now they have taken over the rights for the show, after all, it’s time the XFactor benefits from some real competition.

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