Thursday, 31 July 2014

eddy grant - gimme hope joanna~ IB~ Twinned with the Journey To Justice Campaign

Isn't it good to look at the success mankind has achieved in our life time? Some people, such as my friend Nazrana, who have first hand experience of demonstrating against the apartheid system in South Africa, always maintain hope. We all know that South Africa has experienced the freedom it sought to some extent... obviously many of the people still face trials and tribulations, prejudice etc as they do in so many countries around the world, but the most fundamental battle was won.


This song gives us hope, period. For that reason it is entitled to a place in our twinned Journey To Justice campaign songs. Soon ~IB~ will be speaking with people who are involved with this campaign and bringing you their views, their drive and desired outcomes.

They say where there's life there's hope but hope doesn't achieve on its own!! Hope has to be accompanied by a call to action and only then will we see results. Journey To Justice is calling you to action, so check the website link above and decide how to play your part.

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 27 July 2014

'Human Wrongs' Poem by Jaz McKenzie

Human Wrongs

How can we truly imagine your emotions?
The Pain, The Fear, The Cold
Stolen from hot, hot -hot countries
Living with tainted spirit
Still fighting back-instinct so strong
'I will survive.'

In this cold, cold-cold clime

Icy hearts trading through greed
Tables bending and bowing, banqueting
- even dogs get crumbs from the floor

Human Rights
Who gave any human the right to do this to another?

Jaz McKenzie © 2014

Having just worked on the Emancipation in Glasgow event this poem sprang to mind. I have kept it very short and to the point because no words will ever be sufficient.

If you would like your poetry featured on Its Braap send to: 

GLASGOW~ Host to a Celebration of Emancipation Day

Ever wish you were somewhere else? This coming week I wish I was in Glasgow- yes for the Commonwealth Games but also for this fantastic opportunity to discover a great deal of history relating to slavery and Emancipation day. Education is a great thing provided we accept history as history and put our efforts into working together to create understanding and unity rather than division and resentment. This programme is funded and provides opportunities for everyone to take part in workshops and celebrate together.

Drumming workshops

I find myself more and more involved with covering social justice projects (write Journey To Justice in search!) and it is great to come across this event which highlights one of the greatest victories society has ever known. Yes, there is still too much fear and racial hatred in society but this is an excellent way of providing people with a mix of education, fun and a chance to try out some new skills. 

Looking through photo's for this article brought tears to my eyes and I have avoided the most harrowing images.

Slaves- Glasgow shipping yards

Now let's move on to the details combined with a little history:

The Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme is a national celebration. Culture 2014 will showcase dance, theatre, music, visual arts, comedy and much more in the run up to and after the Commonwealth Games, with Festival 2014 transforming the Host City at Games time.  The Cultural Programme is a partnership between the Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee, Glasgow Life, and Creative Scotland through National Lottery funding.

Project lead: Glasgow Life in association with African Caribbean Cultures Glasgow
Join us for the inaugural Scottish celebration of Emancipation Day, celebrated annually across the Caribbean on August 1st. Make your way around locations in Glasgow’s Merchant City as we bring to life the story of the city’s role in Caribbean slavery using drama, dance and music.

'How did plantation slaves keep their spirits up when life was so bleak and harsh? They sang. And eventually singing became not just a way of keeping going emotionally but a way of passing on coded messages.' Speaking about Negro Spirituals

Find out why the Gallery of Modern Art would not exist but for the slave trade. Tread the path taken by wealthy Glasgow merchants on their return from the slave plantations. Hear about the abolitionist movement and the Glaswegians who supported emancipation.
Directed by Alan McKendrick, inspired by an original idea from   African Caribbean Cultures Glasgow and historian Stephen Mullen’s book It Wisnae Us.

'It Wisane Us ,written by former CRER Researcher Stephen Mullen, focuses on the buildings and streets of the Merchant City and highlights Glasgow's tangible links with slavery. For instance there are a range of streets in the city centre which pay tribute to the plantation colonies and the merchants who gained vast fortunes in trading with them, these streets include Buchanan Street, Virginia Street and Jamaica Street. In addition to this, the palladian magnificence of townhouses such as the Cunningham Mansion, now the Gallery of Modern Art, built by one of the wealthiest 'tobacco lords' demonstrate better than any historical work the huge profits Glasgow made through the colonial trade.'

If you are unable to attend but would like to find out more about the slave trade in Scotland here is a valuable site link National Library of Scotland

‘The role played by Scots in the slave trade and in its abolition has only recently been recognised. We hold both printed and manuscript resources recording Scotland’s links with slavery.

Wed 30 July, Thurs 31 July, Fri 1 August
 by calling 0141 353 8000, ONLINE HERE  or in person at the City Halls Box Office.

Graham Campbell - Joint Coordinator
African Caribbean Cultures Glasgow LLP
(Partnership No SO304789)
Aspire Centre
135 Wellington Street
Glasgow G2 2XD
Tel: 07855 303604 

Sooo Hot~Can't Stop!! Ashanti Lounge Live on Fire!!

Morning after the night before- big respect to Macky McPherson huge night massive artists, love the Emeterians Vocal Trio & Zeena Banks, Now it's time to start my day.

~ Mark Galloway – PR for ‘Everybody Dreams’ Campaign; ‘Value Life’ Campaign; ‘Journey To Justice.’ Highly successful DJ.

When Mark Galloway (Facebook) came along to the Ashanti Lounge Live event yesterday for an evening of Urban Delight Entertainment he expected, in his own mind, to see some reasonably good artists perform. Its Braap has been plugging the quality and professionalism of Urban Delight artists for the past few months, as Mark reminded me, but the problem is that people don’t quite believe it- they actually think you’re exaggerating. After all, with the exception of major labels who can conceive so many top quality artists playing at the same event?

Major Reggae promoter Diania Elliott Tomlin Perkins (Facebook) of Music Media Management, was equally amazed when she came along to last month’s event- Diania has been following Urban Delight Entertainments moves ever since. For those not in the know, Diania promotes some of the top names in the industry including award winning British based artist Savana; just a taster and we hope to bring you more information about Diania’s work and promotions in the future.

One of the major problems for managers and promoters can be the self-centred attitude of their artists. Macky Mcpherson has taken a stand and employs a positive approach. Urban Delight artists are respected for their individuality and accredited as equals in every team members’ eyes. This philosophy creates a productive environment creating a sense of unity amongst the team which is undeniable.
As always, the artists who performed last night really shone. I have previously blogged Shishco Bob, 13K, Nahum, Tubby Boy UK and Zeena Banks all of whom deliver to the max vocally and performance-wise; as predicted all met with my expectation.

Zeena with Mark

The first ‘new’Urban Delight performance was given by Alvin Henry, who opened the evening and to put it simply, all Alvin had to do was open his mouth and sing! I’m not even going to attempt to describe Alvin’s voice- a pointless exercise, suffice it to say his Reggae vibes are currently flowing to the world via Mr Stylee of internet radio - 5 Plays in one night Mr Stylee, WOW MASSIVE!!!

The second thrill of the night was hearing Emeterians, Spain’s premier vocal trio, perform live. I love these guys, so humble and unassuming back stage, allowing the power of their messages to explode through their performance. As Mark remarked later, their harmonies are exceptional. I love the timbre of each member's voice all being extremely soulful. Emeterians are unusual in that there is no assigned lead vocalist, they all take turns at lead and harmonies.  Besides playing songs from their existing catalogue, we were treated to ‘Sweet Home Mama Africa,’ cover Reggae version of Sweet Home Alabama that has been adapted for Urban Delight’s up and coming tour of Ghana- have to say it sounded fantastic- Urban Delight Entertainment has plans for this song so best keep them under wraps for now!

How do we define exceptional artists? One of the ways was clearly demonstrated at the end of the evening. Emeterians simply played an instrumental track and told all the artists to jump on it! Shishco Bob was first to grab the mic and did his song dancehall style, Tubby Boy UK hit the beat with his Old School Rap- speechless! It’s fair to say that everyone rose to the challenge but Queen of Freestyle had to be awarded to Zeena Banks- a whole song came rolling out of nowhere as she performed in her usual fierce manner- definitely the Warrior Goddess of Music. No wonder she has performed alongside Beenie Man and is booked to appear this year with Mikey Spice!

Zeena with Mark

Just for a change I’m going to set you some homework to better your musical education and help spread the word!!!
  •      Go and join Urban Delight Entertainment (Facebook) and check out the artists.
  •          Come along to the next Ashanti Lounge Live event (Facebook)
  •      Join Its Braap Facebook Comment  & Share Share Share!!

To find out more detailed information of previous performances, music videos and music reviews including Emeterians, 'Power of Unity' please use the search box opposite.

Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Peace & Unity~Hand in Hand!- Mark Cupidore & Friend!

This is the unexpected blog!!! Just saw this photo on Facebook and it's so WICKED- in a great sense that I abandoned the planned blog in it's favour.

There are times when a photo is more than a photo and more than 1000 words. You see, we often speak about peace, love and unity- words that trip so easily off the tongue. We also tend to go on about the evils in society- all the ism's with racism up the top of the list 9/10 times. 

Question- who is Mark Cupidore and who is his anonymous friend?

Clearly Mark Cupidore is wearing the turban as the Airforce uniform commands a title- but what is that title? The answer might surprise you!

Interestingly you will note that the body language reflects one another, both emanating personal confidence and respect, the bonds almost tangible.
So who is Mark Cupidore? Actually Mark is a very good Reggae singer whom I have chatted with on-line for a few years whilst following his music. Usually mark sports a casual look so I have to say how very smart you look Mr Cupidore! 

Finally- who is the man in uniform? I think Mark should have the last word-

chillin with the commanding general of the mexican airforce.. a very good friend with a blessed vibez raspect ...Cupid...

Jaz McKenzie

Thursday, 17 July 2014

'The One Who Called You Abba'~ Poem by Nazrana Mulla + Free Palestine Demonstration Details

I was very surprised to see this beautiful, well written poem as I had no idea Nazrana wrote poetry! It's a clever piece of work, touching you deep inside as the Father/Child relationship is delicately described, reflecting the bonds along with the beauty and innocence of the child. The shock factor is great, emphasizing both bewilderment and disbelief as the Father is not only facing the loss of his daughter but holding her lifeless body in his arms.

The One Who Called You Abba

I see your vacant eyes ... As if stillness will make sense of the pain exploding in your heart.
I know your heart filled with joy when she entered the room, she walked with the lightness of an angel and had a carefree bounce of innocence. 

I know your heart skipped a beat whenever she turned and smiled at you and called you Abba. 

I know your heart soared with pride when she asked you to put her on your shoulders. 

The curl of her hair, the rosy perfection of her cheeks, the depth of life's beauty and perfection reflected in her eyes ...

How can you make sense of the wrenching pain within you as you look down and hold the lifeless body of your daughter ... The one who called you Abba.

Nazrana Mulla

Nazrana is South African and always walks with hope in heart and the belief that we make a difference and as a result will experience change.

'As a teenager and young adult in the 1990's I marched for Palestine's freedom, I joined the masses in the streets of Johannesburg in the early 2000's hopeful for a change ... I marched with tens of thousands in Hyde Park desperate to stop the war in Iraq ...

It saddens me that after all these years I will be marching with my children aged 7 and 4 ... the freedom of the Palestinians seems elusive ... but I have hope that my children will see the wonders of humanity unfolding for Palestine as I did when Nelson Mandela walked out of prison and made a change for South Africa... I am hopeful ... Join us on Saturday' .. Nazrana

This is another aspect of seeking justice and a practical way people can join in to fight for other people's rights.

Jaz McKenzie

Monday, 14 July 2014

Shaquon's Dream Becomes A Reality- A Karen Miles Special!!

Shaquon’s Holiday of a Lifetime
Shaquon at home in Barbados

What does it take to make your dream come true? Well, there are many different answers but supposing you are confined to a wheelchair with an illness that realistically makes it hard for you to compete in the commercial world? Particularly as you need to truly value yourself and then identify any talents that you can use and find ways to capitalize on them. Sometimes our dreams may occasionally be answered in the most surprising way as Shaquon discovered. When Karen Miles met him in Barbados last summer Shaquon hadn't the slightest idea that she would prove to be his living Angel!
Karen Miles - Shaquon's super hero!
This is not a fairy story although it must have seemed pretty unreal to Shaquon and certainly seems like one-‘Bajan boy with Spina Bifida flies to London with Love.’ Not what you would call an everyday occurrence and it has taken Karen a year’s worth of dedication and organisation to raise thousands of pounds in order to meet her promise, along the lines of; ‘What’s your biggest dream Shaqoun?’~ ‘To visit London and see the sights,’~ ‘I will make it happen by this time next year, you will visit London.’

Time To Shine- Smiles
Karen has been fortunate in having a solid team around her- people who were infected by her enthusiasm and shared the vision, wanting to make a difference to the life of one individual. Along these lines, my involvement, however small, arose as a part of Team Urban Delight Entertainment- founded by Macky McPherson who has taken part in many charity events which have touched his heart and in addition has organised some of his own. Macky worked with Karen to help organise a fantastic fund raiser. Urban Delight artists performed throughout the evening bringing a mix of musical styles to an appreciative audience. 
Rapper- Saint Paul laying it down
Urban Delight artists showed their distinctive styles and owned the stage even during the occasional technical hitch- you know the type that grace many an event!

Macky was busy rolling out tunes, revealing his skills a first class DJ- catch him Thursday evenings at the Ashanti Lounge- we like it like that Macky! In fact, this coming Thursday we have our monthly Ashanti Lounge Live event where Urban Delight artists will be performing.
Ting N Ting Caterer- downing a well deserved glass
Besides musical entertainment, Karen arranged for award winning caterers, Ting N Ting ( Abbey Mills, Merton) to lay on some excellent Caribbean cuisine providing a choice of curry goat or jerk chicken. Congrats as the curry goat was incredibly tasty and tender- BIG UP for that. I’m sure the jerk chicken was just as good – some like it hot and some do not!!
Up for auction!
No charity event is complete without a raffle and in this case there were so many prizes I even won one- now empty of wine and chocolates, that wicker basket’s going to come in handy for my Granddaughter’s baby toys! On top of the fabulous raffle prizes Karen held a ‘sealed bids’ auction with some seriously good items including an AFC shirt signed by Jack Turner and boxing gloves signed by Amir Khan. Another incredible achievement!

Prior to this event Karen had already raised over £7000 pounds and has since been invited to attend the Barbados High Commission. This Saturday is the icing on the cake when we will meet Shaquon right here in the UK. I cannot imagine how hard Karen & friends/family have worked but no reward will be as great as the joy in Shaquon's face now that his dream has come true.
Together we achieve!

Final thought: We have recently been sharing the Journey To Justice Campaign which is about over coming social injustice. Whilst Karen's campaign is not dealing with injustice, Karen is spreading love and doing her part to help someone less fortunate than herself. This is a brilliant example of 'the power of one' which we can all take to heart and learn from. Again, a good strong team tapping into the generosity of others has achieved the desired result. Congratulations Karen~ You are BRAAP!

Everyday I'm Hustling!
To follow Shaquon's journey link Karen Miles on Facebook.

Jaz McKenzie

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Football From A Different Angle!!

For the past few weeks football has dominated the world. The World Cup is drawing to a close as I type so this is a good time to think about the non sport aspects of the game. Football unites and football divides- it just depends whether your team is winning or losing- speaking of which, I heard that the drink 7 up has been banned in Brazil!!!

Enjoying football with a bottle or more of beer has been a standard pastime  for many years,crossing the rich/poor divide and such universal adoration of the sport has led to it becoming known as the beautiful game. I was however slightly surprised to see it given a mention in a book of First World War poetry. I believe football was important to the soldiers as a way of staying in touch with reality and whilst winning is the aim of football, the act of getting home safely was as important to the average soldier as winning the war. Memories of family life and every day activities gave hope to the soldiers who were dug into their trenches and experiencing the horrors that nobody on this earth should have to experience.

The following poem, 'Breakfast,' by  Wilfred Gibson (link) provides a first hand insight regarding life in the battle fields. It is just so human, everyday happenings from life a focus in the midst of war. This description is so full of life, in the midst of death, and charged with character. It also shows how strong our survival instincts are, especially the desire to continue hoping in the face of death.
Wilfred Gibson


We ate our breakfast lying on our backs,
Because the shells were screeching overhead.
I bet a rasher to a loaf of bread
That Hull United would beat Halifax
When Jimmy Stainthorp played full-back instead
Of Billy Bradford. Ginger raised his head
And cursed, and took the bet; and dropt back dead.
We ate our breakfast lying on our backs,
Because the shells were screeching overhead.

NB:' Dropt' is the original spelling

I find it interesting that Wilfred steers clear of emotion yet the emotion is present through its absence. Here's Wilfred eating his breakfast in the middle of the war, witnesses a domestic discussion in the middle of which his friend's mistake costs him his life which is almost dismissed because the soldiers over-riding need is self preservation in the return to protocol. The fact that Wilfred wrote the poem shows us how deeply the loss of his friend Ginger really affected him. I think this poem shows us the true meaning of 'less is more.' A thousand words couldn't bring more depth or understanding than these short lines.

And to summarise, Germany lost the World War but just won the World Cup!

Jaz McKenzie

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Michael Jackson - Heal The World~IB~ twinned with the 'Journey To Justice’ Campaign

1~What have we done to create today's world over the centuries?
2~Why have we created such an unbalanced society- the divide between rich and the poor is as many light years apart as the sun is from the earth?
3~Are we able to right these wrongs?
4~Who is going to take action and do something about it?
5~When is it going to Happen?

Change through action and education

Heal The World is one of the most amazing songs ever written. It impacted globally upon people's social conscience; such clear, simple lyrics- even the title hits the nail on the head! This world needs healing and it's not a question of restoration. Earth is not a little bit shabby; basically our world is literally sick with disease, starvation, brutality, greed and above all, the need for POWER.

Social injustice is a tough pill to swallow and it's true flavour hangs around permanently. A good dose of mouth wash ie: occasional protests will not obliterate the problems however they do help to highlight specific issues from time to time, which may result with people in high places occasionally feeling threatened or being prompted into action.
Childhood deprivation is not just a poverty issue

From time to time the man in the street has become a powerful spokesperson or even a world leader in the battle for social justice. I prefer to steer away from the word fight, the weapons in this type of battle need to be education, understanding and declarations of truth, all delivered within a peace oriented framework. On practical levels the weapons are good advice, food, clean water, appropriate clothing, shelter and above all delivered with generosity of spirit and a loving, caring attitude. Heal The World is remarkable because it clearly comes from this very genuine place. The songs emanates calm whilst showing numerous wrongs and addressing them in a purposeful manner. It is a very hard song to ignore as its vibration reaching directly into good people's hearts.
Mother Teresa - change through compassion and peace

The Journey To Justice Campaign is similarly seeking to reach into people's heart through emotion twinned with education. ~IB~ will be exploring aspects of the launch further and discovering why people have been drawn to support this unique 'project' designed to improve lives.

In an ideal society we are taught the principles of justice from the day we are born and those at the top of society are expected to understand right from wrong however, 'sugar coated' corruption seeps in under different guises leaving the rulers with the impression that they are doing their best or that they are in the right making them more valuable to society than the 'scroungers.' Obviously , as 'contributor's this is true however there is a great deal to be said for the humble and also our 'birth right' does determine our initial position within society. The strong will always rise and find a means to self educate, often elevating their status to a position where they are able to compete.So let's try some inverted thinking: were these opposites to exchange places might this increase the leader's understanding of  'conditioned mentality,' frequently experienced by people at the bottom of the food chain?

Michael Jackson- Messages to instigate change through music

We could improve our understanding of many situations and issues if we practice a little reversed perspective ourselves and this is far preferable to being judgemental. Personal circumstance affects our thinking, beliefs, conceptions and shapes the way we live. Yes, there are always choices to make for every individual which brings us back to the whole subject of social justice.

What are you thinking? Does the in-balance of life as a whole concern you or are you primarily concerned with number one-'I'm OK mate!' Personally I think it's time to consider what we can do individually and collectively to Heal The World. We do need to join organisations and work together for change but let's not forget that so often the little things count. Every genuinely well meant thought and action is a real contribution. If you have very little you can still spread a smile- smiles are infectious. It's a bit like the Gaia Theory.. butterflies flapping their wings in one part of the world can cause a tsunami in another. Let's make our tsunami one of love, understanding and social change.

Jaz McKenzie

Monday, 7 July 2014

Have Questions~ Have Answers?? #20- What makes the world go round?

Interesting- what makes the world go round? One well known, popular song says 'money makes the world go round' and of course confusion reigned when wall street crashed- the world monetary systems are key to commerce whereas once upon a time we bartered to survive. With such challenging times where poverty is rife we are still prone to barter but usually in the form of a skills exchange so that all parties benefit whilst their money stays in the bank!

What actually makes the world go round of course are vibrations as everything in the universe vibrates, but besides the world literally spinning on its axis, we fill the universe with our vibrations emanating both consciously and subconsciously according to our moods, thoughts and feelings. If we live in peace and harmony I guess we would be in for a smoother ride.

Your world will improve when you learn to walk on the bright side of life as, with time, the little things start to annoy you less and less. I had a text message this week that could have been seen as upsetting; instead, I read it, had a quick think, replied and have taken no further action. Sometimes there is no point taking issue especially when the subject has long passed its sell by date!

Being in touch with your feelings and able to make considered responses will help your world to go round and not judder to a halt. If we lash out in anger and fail to think a situation through there are likely to be undesirable consequences and it may take a while to get back on track. Having been through some serious stress the last few years and felt deep anger and resentment, I am so thankful that I've let it all go and been able to forgive where necessary and move on. Only then can you sit back and live the life you deserve.

Teamwork always makes the world go round. When a team is united in their aim and work as a whole for the good of all only good can come from it. Most teams do need a leader but there are many other elements that they require too and all have an equally important purpose to serve! Good relationships and family life are important type of teamwork too and we need to be looking out for one another instead of being selfish.

Music makes the world go round, music and the arts reveal the power of self expression. For the non-artistic, they can gain from attending exhibitions, listening to the radio and so forth which can benefit their quality of life from simple things like relaxation to dealing with emotions.

My advice: do your best to ensure that your world goes round nice and cool and easy- but whatever you do, don't get in a spin!

Jaz McKenzie

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Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes from Real People!!

'The way you get to know yourself is by the expressions on other people's faces, because that's the only thing that you can see, unless you carry a mirror about.'~ Gil Scott-Heron

Having discovered Gil Scott-Heron's great poem, 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised', I thought it would be good to look at a few more gems of his wisdom. The above quote is a very clear directive and pretty obvious, but how many times are we so consumed by our thoughts and words that we fail to read other people's facial expressions? 

Sometimes people can chat away whilst the listener is bored stiff and probably thinking about something completely different! If you want to know what people are thinking you need to observe their facial expressions and body language and through this you will discover far more about yourself.

If you have a favourite quote to share please send to:

Jaz McKenzie

Thursday, 3 July 2014

~IB~ Introducing Dreama & his cover version - ALL OF ME

Do not underestimate Jamaican artist Dreama who has brought us this beautiful Reggae cover of John Legend’s recent hit, ‘All Of Me,’ doing justice to John’s wonderful and lyrically clever song.  This popular Reggae style however is not a typical reflection of Dreama’s own musical style. A lively artist who, aged 17 and performing under his real name Jay McKay, attracted legendary producer Dave Kelly’s attention, maximising the opportunities he was given; collaborating with world renowned artists including Dancehall icon Beenie Man, with whom he had a hit with, 'Dick.'

Dreama's versatility is apparent having collaborated with Hip Hop artist Foxy Brown on a few tracks and both Foxy Brown plus Baby Cham on a track called, ‘Party Hard’ which appeared on a soundtrack for the movie ‘Blue Crush.’ Despite some initial success Dreama has decided to push his own identity hence the change of name to reflect his dreams for a successful career.

Currently Dreama is working with several highly rated producers to expand his own brand of  music and gain credit as a solo artist. Dreama is focused on building his name and fan base, currently experiencing renewed success particularly with his single ‘You Alone.’ To hear more of Dreama check out his Mixtape Idol where you will experience his versatility of style.  Dreama's Mixtape; 'IDOL' and for up to date info link his facebook! Dreama Facebook

Jaz McKenzie

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Revolution 2.0 #Rev2point0 ~IB~ Baby-Journey To Justice

Revolution 2.0 ‘The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised’

I explained in my previous blog that the Journey To Justice Launch was phenomenal and I felt it insufficient to roll everything off in one little piece of writing. When it comes to Justice ~IB~ HAS to do it Justice, which you will understand when you play this powerful video- The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 2.0- if this does not hit you in the gut check your pulse to see whether you’re still alive! This film was presented by Gary Flavell who is the editor for Exposure youth Media who created this modern day work of art.

You can feel the power of this revolutionary vibration, a re-working of Gil Scott-Heron’s poem, ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ which was recorded in 1970 on his album ‘Small Talk at 125th and Lennox,’ Gil's original version was recited to the accompaniment of African drums.  Gil was an outstanding poet and this particular work was for Black Pride, speaking about the revolution of blacks in white America. Gil's commentary was about everyday living and the insidious ways white supremacy affected society. The expectation Gil portrayed was that ‘Black people will be on the streets looking for a brighter day,’ finishing with the line ‘The revolution will be live!’   Gil Scott Heron,'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'

oday the poem has been re-worked presenting as a short film. Musically Revolution 2.0 is reaching out to the core of younger people who need to be involved, sourced from the current trend for electronic beats. ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ strips the norms of society and our twisted values to the core.  Gil's poem has been adapted, orated as genuine London rap reflecting society as we know it; with references taken from today’s news, yet it remains very close to the original lyrical content- kudos for a skilful piece of work. I love the references to lady Gaga,  One Direction, Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton. modern news stations and    –  ‘the revolution will not be finger licking good,’ a phrase we instantly relate to that means nothing to some of the world’s poor- an awareness that we need to maintain whilst looking at the problems facing different sectors of our society.

This is actually an on-going revolution and with the number of problems affecting the majority of our multi /cross racial communities,  let the truth be told- ‘The revolution will not start after 30 seconds...’ 

There are so many current references throughout the video both lyrically and visually that you really need to watch it several times just to scratch the surface. I really appreciate the fact that this poem has been chosen as it is filled with passion for the injustice experienced by so many. This line shows you how a black revolution can be taken in true spirit and applied to the masses- ‘Because the 99% will be out on the street looking for a brighter day.’

I would urge you to join this revolution that started as an undercurrent in society led by those who wish to make a difference- but it still needs support from the streets. Obama became president because he reached to the people and they happily contributed anything from a dollar up, so let's remember that. You can check out the Journey To Justice Website and see if there are other ways that you can help to make a difference and join the fight for all our rights. 

Jaz McKenzie