Sunday, 25 September 2016

I AM THE SUN- Poem by Jaz McKenzie


I am the sun shining brightly in your orbit, life-giving light
I am the raindrops falling to earth, mingling with the dust and dirt
creating hope in barren land
I am the wind rousing you from sleep in the dead of night awakening your senses
and at first light, I am the dawn chorus setting a beautiful tone for a perfect day
I am the power, within... and without my power there is nothing
Everything is Everything
The life force flowing freely from whence it came
in constant evolution embracing imperfection within perfect harmony
I am the sun. You are the sun.
Light and life will forever vibrate hand in hand
Granting wisdom, knowledge and understanding of eternal truth.
Jaz McKenzie ©2016

A friend and I were speaking about enlightenment last week. It was dark and he challenged me: 'Jaz, can you see the sun?' I said no so he told me I'm not enlightened yet. Fact is, sometimes we are not really thinking beyond the obvious. I thought about it later and considered the teachings, for want of a better word, that I have been studying the last couple of years. The major thing I have learnt is that everything is related because everything is a vibration and we all ultimately come from one source. This is my take and I know many of you will not agree. What we do know is that we all have our version of the truth and we are all here celebrating or commiserating life on this planet.

I believe each of us has more power than we were born to believe and are capable of achieving great things. Whether these are outcomes to be noted by friends and family or worldwide achievements remains to be seen, but we were born to do something. I like the idea that I am the sun- therefore I shine eternally, brilliant thought!

Have to say the picture contains great memories of zooming across East Anglian last month- wonderful summer memories to add to the vibe.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Long Time - Arrow

Play and listen time! This is a song that has such a joyful vibe it's just great to listen to as the summer is slowly ebbing away making way for Autumn, well that's what's happening here in the UK. Life is about enjoying yourself and just recently I find I keep starting the day with this old time party tune. Soca music is sooo good for lifting your spirits and makes a nice reprieve from daily tasks- especially if you've been stuck in front of the computer. This particular tune brings back memories for me and I will dedicate it to a family friend who recently passed on from this life.

Let's Jam Jam, have fun and maintain a joyful vibe so that we are constantly in a good place where we will be more inclined to make better decisions and treat people well. Arrow produce fantastic party music and that is something to give thanks for. Of course, there are many different types of music that lift our spirits, especially from hot countries such as those in the Caribbean, Latin America or even Spain- salsa, flamenco and all associated dances so there is no excuse to sit around feeling miserable. Party time or serious times, music always fits the bill. I'm sure my friend Norman is happily jamming elsewhere and maybe I'll add this to my final playlist!

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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Tonnero - Street Code (Official Music Video)

Tony Tonnero has been one of my Facebook friends for quite some time and I believe I shared one of Tony's songs on Its Braap a long way back. His latest recording 'Street Code,' is a proper Dancehall anthem designed to involve you in nurturing the belief that Better Must Come. I love everything about this up-lifting tune from its energy to Tony's all consuming message. The video accompanyiny his song is very interesting and I really hope this single takes Tony's career to a new level. As you can see, Tony has merchandised his project which is more of a campaign than simply a song.

Last year we saw huge success for artist Nesbeth Greg whose song ''My Dream' received international acclaim even receiving airplay on both BBC1 Xtra and Capital Xtra radio stations. If Tony manages to promote this track to the max I imagine it could impact the international music stage.
Interview with Nesbeth

Play, Join in and Share! Be your own inspiration and create your own destiny.

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Lazy Bones Don't Live Here! Quick poem for Sunday chilling ha haa!


From here to infinity and beyond
We got no time for lazy bones
Coz life's worth living when you've got it going on
And we're not up for entering dead beat zones
Dead beat's dead
Can't work for me
Coz I'm flying high and I'm flying free
Gotta go reach for infinity
Life's to be lived so live free!

You just can’t live life in doom n gloom
Down the same ole proverbial drain
Set your spirit on fire and release your song
Coz sun dries the hell outta rain
Open your eyes
Before time’s done
Attack each battle ‘til the war is won
Infinity watch out … here I come
Zooming up high in my plane!

Jaz McKenzie ©2016

A little fun and hope you're all enjoying a relaxed Sunday!

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