Tuesday, 31 July 2012

'WHEN GOD CALLS LITTLE CHILDREN' Poem Posted for Nyasha by her Daddy Naptali

One of the hardest things for any of us is facing the loss of our closest family members and in some cases friends. Imagine the horror of discovering that the person you have been longing to see has been fatally injured. This is exactly what has happened to Naptali who recently lost his daughter Nyasha.

Thankfully most of us don’t know how we would ever deal with such a situation however the way Naptali is coping is amazing. I would like you to empathize and feel his pain whilst recognizing his incredible strength- which go hand in hand.

Naptali has recorded the Nyasha mix for his daughter (available on Soundcloud) and written a beautiful poem which will bring comfort to anyone who has suffered such an experience.

Naptali’s initial reaction:


Naptali's statement was shortly followed by posting this incredible anonymous poem which Naptali has taken and added his own verses to. What I love about this is the manner in which the poem questions the calling of children looking at God’s perspective rather than the standard perspective usually applied to this situation. ‘When God Calls Little Children’ is simply beautiful and clearly expresses great sadness, loss and a longing to be reunited. Once you have read it say a prayer for Nyasha & her Family.


When God calls little children
to dwell with him above,
We mortals sometime question
the wisdom of his love
For no heartache compares with
the death of one small child
Who does so much to make our world,
seem wonderful and mild
Perhaps God tires of calling
the aged to his fold,
So He picks a rosebud,
before he can grow old.
God knows how much we need them,
and so he takes but a few
To make the land of Heaven
more beautiful to view.
Believing this is difficult still
somehow we must try,
The saddest word mankind knows will always be "Goodbye."
So when a little child departs
we who are left behind
Must realize God loves children,
Angels are hard to find.

It's hard to know just what to say,
When one so young is taken away.
Far too soon she had to part,
Her memory forever engraved in our heart.

We only knew her for a short while,
But the life she led made us smile.
She was so beautiful and oh so rare,
Life as they say just isn't fair.

Those gone before her will watch her with care,
Till the day comes when we'll all join her there.

Know Nyasha is watching from heaven above,
And with each ray of sunshine, she's sending her love.

daddy love you baby

George Naptali Rose

A big thanks to Naptali for allowing us to share his situation & this poem with a wider audience... we trust that he will continue in divine strength and receive many blessings as the future unfolds.

R.I.P. Nyasha... Love & Joy now & forever.

Jaz McKenzie

Monday, 30 July 2012

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes from Real People #14


Why settle for ‘average’ when you can be PHENOMENAL? Why live in a chicken coop when you can fly like an eagle? You are the GATEKEEPER of your destiny. You choose what stays in your life. Shut the door to ‘ordinary’ and open your life to, EXTRAORDINARY! Choose inspiration and not expiration. Open the door to JEHOVAH. Allow Him to BRIGTHEN YOUR LIFE. YOU’RE SENSATIONAL!


Very inspiring quote here so go ahead and take charge of your life!!

BE BRAAP! Send us your favourite quotes or sayings with a few words... you can include a photo of yourself (optional) to: itsbraap@live.co.uk These can be your own quotes or famous sayings and we will include them in this section: 'Be Braap~ Be Inspired.' NOTE: you do not have to be a great writer, simply send YOUR quote with YOUR thoughts in 10 or more words as the aim is to inspire others!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Who Do You Think You Are? Live Life~Love Life WK 31

Sooo...Who do you think you are?

First things first~ do you know yourself well enough to answer this question or have you simply coasted through life without taking time to get to really get to grips with who you are? Even if you think you know yourself you might discover that your perception of self is very different from other people’s perception of you!

Why take time to find out more about ourselves?
For a very good reason- the better we know ourselves the easier it becomes to handle life because we have a more accurate idea of what will work for us and a greater understanding of how to approach life. By this I mean that we can predict how we are likely to react in certain situations, how we will handle different levels of responsibility and also how we can meet our needs.

What does it take to get to know yourself?
Getting to know yourself is not an easy process and requires 3 main commitments:
1) Patience
2) Honesty
3) Acceptance

Even though we have lived with ourselves all of our lives and may have a general understanding of how we function we will require patience if we really intend to discover the true ‘me.’ Some things about ourselves are very obvious- for instance, we know our basic likes and dislikes. These can be very straight forward, eg: we prefer hot weather to cold, carrots to cabbage. Other things might benefit from further investigation because the dislike is connected to a hidden agenda. Maybe our dislike of somebody is masking jealousy or we dislike a sport because we are afraid to have a go. Fear of failure is a clue to our areas of weakness and should be faced rather than hidden away. Conversely the things we really enjoy doing usually play to our strengths and once again we need to take time to fully establish those strengths. If you are good at sport, what makes you good at sport? Are you a great team player? Do you have good hand/eye co-ordination, do you react quickly? All of these skills can be applied to other areas of life and may be significant when changing career or choosing a new partner.

There is no point trying to get to know yourself and refusing to face up to facts. You will discover things about yourself that you really don’t like... no-one’s perfect ... however knowledge breeds opportunity and you can take time deciding how to go about addressing these issues. If you think that identifying your strengths and weaknesses is not one of your skills you can ask someone you trust to help you do this in a constructive manner. Sometimes we think we are better at things than we actually are and this may be because we don’t listen to criticism or simply over-estimate our abilities. Once we have identified our current limitations we can work towards extending them. This could be to do with our communication skills, the importance we place on others or practical tasks. The more honest you are the more you will like yourself in the long run and the more comfortable you will feel. You may need to face things that you wish to sweep under the carpet... don’t do that; face those issues, forgive yourself, deal with the things that can be dealt with and learn your lessons so that you can move on with your life. Hidden secrets are actually weights on our shoulder. They can be buried but only once they have been addressed!

We need to accept who we are, what can be changed and what can’t. How well do we fit into our own lifestyle? Sometimes people are living beyond their means and may need help to sort out their finances. Acceptance is the first step towards progress and also to inner peace!

Self discovery can be vey exciting. Did you discover things about yourself that you had forgotten? For example, I was very musical as a child and used to play guitar for many years. I have no idea why I stopped but it’s something I might wish to return to. When we discover or revisit the person we are we can unveil the person we were meant to be and set out on the journey of self-fulfilment. You will need to take a look at as many areas of your life as possible including your working and personal relationships. We often act differently in different circles and it is good to identify why!

The advantage of knowing who you are is that you can create an environment to suit you and make real changes. There are too many lost people in the world living from day to day without expectation. Try taking some time out to discover yourself and become your own best friend, you have absolutely nothing to lose and plenty to gain!!

Jaz McKenzie

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Friday, 27 July 2012

HOT news round up today- Dave Stewart (Eurthymics) sings with Gladesmore kids... EVERYBODY DREAMS!

Everybody Dreams... Dave Stewart coming through!!


Pupils at Gladesmore School are excited by the news that the newly mixed version of Everybody Dreams is now ready. Dave has really made good with his promise to the children and produced what has been described as a ‘Transatlantic Radio Mix!’

In addition, the children performed live on stage this Tuesday in Dave's show for the ‘2012 Hours Against Hate-Walk A Mile,’ campaign which is part of the Olympic programme of events. The show was live streamed via the internet, going out to the USA. As a result even more famous people are coming on board to endorse the song! Check out the link below to see the kids perform with a live band.

The Walk A Mile concept is to encourage people to actively learn about different cultures, religions, customs, disability and gender lifestyles to help eliminate the dreaded ‘ISM'S’ through increased understanding of one another. The thought behind it is... if you haven't walked a mile in my shoes you don't know the path I'm treading, hence we are pretty ignorant of one another on the whole. This is a project fronted by Dave Stewart and Secretary of state, Hilary Clinton. Clearly it fits hand in glove with the Gladesmore Community School project which, by its very title, is directed towards giving everybody a chance to live their dream.

ABOVE: Dave Stewart performs with Gladesmore Pupils.
Dave Stewart’s involvement came about because of his existing links with the borough of Hackney, having previously had his own recording studio in the area. This, combined with the young people’s belief in what they are aiming to achieve, clearly tugged at Dave’s heart strings and he got straight onto helping with the track so that it would be ready for the release date, putting aside other important projects.

Following 'Walk A Mile,' the kids also performed as part of the Haringey Olympic Torch ceremony to bring their dreams directly to the local community, many of whom will have heard the song for the first time. These kids are so fired with enthusiasm and are great spokes people for their own cause.

Quick Update: Tottenham Hotspurs FC are continuing with their support and providing more information about the progress of this project on their website~ which is great to see.

More merchandise has been ordered and due to the amount of interest in the project Wayne Marshall and others were involved with having an official website built to encourage public involvement... We anticipate that this will help to take Everybody Dreams to a new level!!

Here are the links to accompany this article:

Link to the Walk A Mile Show: http://new.livestream.com/2012walkamile/londonolympicinspireconcert
Link to 2012 Hours Against Racisicm Site:
Link to Channel 4 NEWS!!

Jaz McKenzie

Everybody Dreams iPad Music Video Shoot [With Sound]

~IB~ Would like you to get a real feel for this song & see what all the hype's about. These kids live in the Tottenham area and have had enough of the negative reputation that goes with it. They don't want people to have a 'bad taste in your mouth' when they say Tottenham... instead the  kids have worked hard to do their thing and make a change in the public perception... a little ripple in a large pond that has now gone transatlantic... next blog up in a few!!

Look at the happiness in their faces and feel the entire vibe of this video, as they sing to their pre-recorded track. This is how we want to see our young people... understanding that they have the power to change their futures and the joy & determination to do so. The question is... what can you do to help sustain this? Simple... share the news & get ready to download the single on 19th August. If you are in the UK you can take part in the flash mob Monday 6th August... so keep checking the site!

Demand Everybody Dreams from your fav DJ's & get armbands & merchandise... it's all coming your way!! Everybody Dreams so while yours are taking shape help the kids live theirs!!

Jaz McKenzie

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dream On - Aerosmith

Let's take a trip away from the kids of Gladesmore school telling us that 'Everybody Dreams' to the veterans of the rock world Aerosmith- who recorded this amazing song that is equally easy to relate to and comes from a completely different perspective and stage in life. Classic rock ballad style and extremely powerful; the music sweeps you along and Steve Tyler's distinctive vocals put the lyrics across in a way that really makes you think!

The lesson... Don't waste your life and don't waste your life dreaming either... get your act together and live the dream!! Watch out for more information about 'Everybody Dreams' coming tomorrow... major developments winging their way to you!!

Jaz McKenzie

Monday, 23 July 2012


Sharing the latest from RIDC!!

Bless up You Guys.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next RIDC event on Thursday August 2nd 2012 at Cottons. As usual we will have featured guest artists alongside audience participation and all kinds of musical madness going on “In ‘ah’ Reggae” style backed by the Supa Dupa RIDC BAND.

As it will be the 50th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence we will be celebrating the event by performing Jamaican Classics from artist's like Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Jacob Miller, Freddie Mc Gregor, Marcia Griffiths (I think you get the idea!)

the choice is yours!!!

If you have a friend who can sing, bring them along too! Come and share your musical vibes at Reggae In Da City. This months show (July 5th) was a complete blast, madness if you missed it! Reggae In Da City is the No1 open mic Reggae session in London if not the UK right now so make sure YOU are a feature at this very much entertaining show.
Anyway nuff love for now and we shall see you there.

Almighty Bless.
Peter & Don.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Are You Getting Your 5 A Day? Live Life~Love Life WK 30

Are You Getting Your 5 A Day!

A very popular plug in recent years, ever since the experts detected a link between the high consumption of fruit & vegetables leading to decreased chances of developing heart conditions. Hence the slogan- eat 5 a day- that has led to a huge and consistent marketing campaign.

I love the idea of 5 a day and as it has been so well publicized thought it would be a good starting point for an all round physical and mental health plan, so here’s the ~IB~ 5 a day healthy living plan... to be taken in any order!!

1/5= Spiritual Health~ We all need to give consideration to our spiritual well-being and this is generally easier for people who have committed to a religion than it is for atheists. Most people include time for prayer, some for Bible reading and meditation. If you are not inclined towards any of these you might like to reflect on the ways you can help others to build up a positive view of yourself (without being big headed!) Spiritual Health is strongly connected with the ‘one love’ view as it is good to focus on love~ genuine love is good for the soul. Maybe you could learn a few new spiritual habits to help advance yourself and this could included focus on prayer, regular Bible reading or meditation. Everything becomes easier with practice! If you do not have a God-centered approach, meditation can be focused on positive, pure thoughts and an increased determination to do good. If you are still searching to find the God you believe in you can make time to read and research until you find what you are looking for.

2/5= Intellectual Health~ We need to be intellectually stimulated otherwise our quality of life will suffer. When we seek intellectual stimulation in one area of our lives, often the rest of our lives will benefit. If you have been in the same job for a long time and don’t want to leave you could seek new training opportunities. Eventually you may decide upon a new career move.
There are many games on the market that have been designed to challenge us and are fun at the same time. Alternatively you could create a project of your own, join discussion groups, extend your reading to cover new subjects or tune into programmes that stimulate your thought processes. Maybe you could start your own blog!

3/5= Emotional Health~ Our emotional health is linked closely with our self perception and relationships. What makes you happy? What do you want to change? Maybe you need to socialize more to induce the feel-good factor. Sometimes we become too wrapped up in ourselves and this cripples our emotional health... or give too much of ourselves and have no ‘me time.’ We need to maintain good relationships with the people in our lives and let go of the things that we know are not good for us. Confidence has a lot to do with emotional health because when we lose it we can struggle with life. We need to recognize our emotions and when to give in to them and likewise when to say ‘enough’ to an emotion and replace it with positive thought.

4/5-= Physical Health~ The fitter you are the better you feel. This is not necessarily related to size but we all have an ideal weight and tend to feel at our best when we are on target, so eat well and definitely have the odd treat!
The benefits of exercise... and let’s not forget sex... have been proven over and again. Decide upon the type of exercise that suits you and try to follow the programme, whether it’s a weekly swim, daily walks or physical exercise at the gym or in your own home.
Relaxation is as important as exercise, both physical and mental so allow yourself time to unwind. Some exercise is conducive to relaxation. Ultimately, take time to chill!

5/5= Have Fun & Smile~ Very important!! Let go and laugh, find things to do everyday that you enjoy and smile... it’s your inner sunshine and makes those around you feel good too! What is life without fun? Don’t wait to find out!

This is not a difficult prescription to more effective living but it takes a little thought and determination to follow through. Work out what you do already and gradually add in the rest... bite size chunks! I am going to start with meditation because it’s been in the back of my mind for years... better look up the Live Life~Love Life article, ‘Facing the Cobra!!

Here’s to a happy, healthy life the 5 a day ~IB~ way!

Jaz McKenzie

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Jimmy Cliff - Wonderful World, Beautiful People

Let's get away from all the craziness we keep hearing about in the papers and experiencing first hand and remind ourselves that there are still more beautiful people in this world than bad spirits. Everyone wants to live and be free.. exactly right Jimmy. Big up all those who are working with the youth, the under privileged and everything else to try & make a change for the better. This is also why Everybody Dreams is so important.. youth trying to touch the hearts of youth. Keep positive and do your bit!!

Jaz McKenzie

Vibing Up The Swag ~Poem by Jaz McKenzie

LEFT: Outfit available at TOPSHOP

Vibing Up The Swag!

Scuse me a min while I vibe up my mental swag
Coz life’s so tough don’t wanna be a drag
And right now nothing much good is going on
So you gotta change the beat if you wanna change the song
Breathe some good vibes in & let the bad vibes out
You know staying on the up side’s what life is all about
No point complaining coz complaining won’t fix
Just get some new ingredients to stir in the mix
Put a smile on your face coz a frown won’t do nothing
Why waste your time crying when you could be laughing
A change in your fortune might be just a day way
So get your mental swag vibing to melt the blues away!

Jaz McKenzie 2012 ©

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Friday, 20 July 2012


Borough Commander Sandra Looby supporting 'Everybody Dreams'

~IB~ are thrilled to be the first people to present photo's of Haringey Police Borough Commander, Sandra Looby showing public support for Everybody Dreams- along with colleague, Chief Superintendent Dave Grant. They attended the the whole school march of around 1000 children to Tottenham Hotspurs Foorball Club this Tuesday to launch the single Everybody Dreams. The children stopped to lay a plaque for posterity at the now infamous Carpetright Tower that is symbolic for being burned during the rioting.

It is wonderful to see that these school kids have inspired such a vote of confidence in their determination to spread positivity throughout their local community and beyond. It can be seen as a step forwards that encourages mutual respect and appreciation between the police force and young people who are proud to be active members of society. Without being corny, these children are the future, they do not accept their situation and instead are actively trying to make changes and spread enlightenment~ reminding us that it is not where you come from that counts, it is where you see yourself going.

LEFT: Chief Superintendent Dave Grant
Marcus Galloway, promoter for Everybody Dreams is currently in talks with many different genres of society including the arts, sports, retail and more. It was his idea to involve the police. 'I thought it would be fundamental to the cause to get the police involved at an early stage. We are thrilled to have Haringey's Borough Commander on board however we are not stopping there, our ultimate goal is the Police Commissioner.'

Everybody Dreams is a charity single that will be available for download 19th August with proceeds being channeled into the local schools to improve the learning environment and stimulate children's interest in education. We must remember how important our environment is and it is true to say that Gladesmore schoolchildren have really been blessed by the vision their headteacher and staff hold for them.

~IB~ are also encouraging you to be ready for the Everybody Dreams 'FLASHMOB' which will be a record breaking attempt~ details currently unavailable however there is some information on the Everybody Dreams Facebook page... don't forget to check out the school website, link to the right of this page.

The Everybody Dreams 'snowball' is getting BIG with more new videos coming in constantly and creating a backlog so to speak!! We are still waiting to see whether the BBC will be using the song as an official tune for the Olympics... A thought... why not go to their facebook page or twitter and DEMAND IT!!

~IB~ understand the significance of this project and are blogging with a passion. We will still be bringing our usual selection of posts but at the same time encourage you to be a part of Everybody Dreams. With the project constantly evolving more great news will be coming your way so stay tuned!!

Jaz McKenzie

Thursday, 19 July 2012


~IB~ Following our summer passion 'EVERYBODY DREAMS'... with the Tottenham kids visit to Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club... a dream in itself for these children as you can imagine. You really get to hear the song on this video and will be singing along with very quickly... Be ready to download next month!

 Please WATCH & SHARE!!! Let's even up the score.. all the youth crime gets constant media coverage so let's spread the good news for a change. Think about the effort that has gone into this project compared to a senseless violent crime. DO YOUR PART BRAAPPERS... SHARE NOW!

Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tiny 9 Year Old Gymnast at the Level 7 State Championships (Jr A)

With the Olympics about to kick off very shortly it's a great opportunity to share this tiny talent from 3 years back. Lizzy Leduc was only 9 at the time. Watching her more recent floor exercise at the WOGA classic in 2011, Lizzy was still performing delightful challenging routines... yes, there was a distinct wobble on landing following a difficult combination of moves on the floor but still very impressive! Most available information about Lizzy shows that she is still achieving and has continued to progress ever upwards however does not appear to have done as well as we might have expected. In addition, Lizzy suffered from injury so missed the 2011 elite season.

It will be interesting to see whether Lizzy will be performing in the Olympics and if so, what she is capable of compared to other gymnasts... such a fast moving sport and even now the first name people usually think of is Olga Korbut... her performances at the time were more than breath taking, putting gymnastics to the forefront of the sporting world for a while. The fact that gymnasts are still able to create new moves is  pretty mind blowing and leads us to wonder... what are the limitations of the human body? I am sure we will see even more records broken this summer... exciting stuff even if you're not a sport-a-holic!!

Jaz McKenzie

Everybody Dreams Campaign Teaser Be ahead of the news... READ about tomorrow's march now!!

~IB~ told you in our last post that this project was set to snowball... SOOOO RIGHT!! During the past week things have been hotting up and we have been informed that 'Everybody Dreams' is going to be given a final re-mix by former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart... DJ's order your copy now!! But that is not all. If things go according to plan the school children may have the opportunity to perform on stage with Dave and possibly some more big names- did I hear Damian Marley mentioned?? let's wait & see... keep our fingers crossed for that one people! On the musical front Gareth Malone also wishes to become involved and the legendary Jimmy Cliff is now on video showing his support.

Tottenham Hotspurs has hotted up to the max, not only pledging support but helping take the project to the next level. Tomorrow the entire school is going to march to Tottenham's football ground where the official press conference will be held... beats the school hall where the meeting was originally scheduled!!

NOW WHAT CAN YOU DO? Help the kids live their dream...by...

1. LIKE this page~ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Everybody-Dreams/301257866615145

2. Save this logo~ and if you know somebody famous ask for their support. Enlarge, laminate & preferably video them with the sign. Post to the above page so it can be added to the website... or itsbraap@live.co.uk and we will forward it.

3. Check out the website~ link to the right of the page.

4. Start requesting the song & be ready to download on its release... 19th August 2012... it must make #1... or school's out forever!

Now you're in the know STAY TUNED to ~IB~ we'll keep you informed!!

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Living with a Living Loss. Live Life~Love Life WK 29

When we speak of loss we usually think of a person ‘passing on’ and have an accepted ‘route of passage’ involving traditional wakes or nine nights and funerals followed by burial, cremation and memorial services. Very often we have a grave that we can visit to pay respect to our loved ones as and when we feel. This does not alter our feelings of grieve but it provides a recognized procedure in response to the fact that death is the final farewell.

What happens by comparison when we suffer a living loss? You may have spent years trying to make a relationship work and the moment eventually comes when enough is enough and formal separation occurs. Alternatively your partner might just have had ‘enough’ and walked out the door... worse still if they have entered an alternative relationship. It might be that you are no longer able to see your children or your grandchildren when relationships go wrong. Whatever happens and regardless of how long it takes you will enter a new phase in your life and very often people do not know how to cope with their new found situation.

There will be so many emotions to deal with along the curve of change... which you can Google if you are unfamiliar with the process. Before you can really begin living with a living loss you need to identify the way you feel about events in the past. This is not the same as resurrecting every argument you ever had; it means having an understanding of what went wrong whilst being as non-judgemental as you can in order to understand your own actions and reactions. Whatever the outcome of a relationship we are always responsible for ourselves and need to know who we are before we can proceed to a more fulfilling life. One of the most common side effects of living loss is the loss of self confidence and self esteem. So often we are tempted to view a broken relationship as failure. If you perceive it as failure it will remain a failure. Instead, take the good forwards and learn from the rest so that you will avoid repeating the same mistakes.

To move forwards you need to take action. Usually the first action is to forgive. You might need to forgive other people, especially if you are being denied access to children/grandchildren. It is very likely that you will need to forgive your partner and definitely yourself. We are not perfect but we need to be kind to ourselves and others to prevent resentment. You might require some counselling or maybe you have done enough to last a lifetime... in which case a couple of self help books might help you strategize a little. Ask yourself some questions and write down the answers- here are some guidelines:
• Who are the most important people in your life- what can you do for them & visa versa?
• What are your immediate needs and concerns?
• Which direction do you want your life to take?
• What actions are required in the short and long term?

This will give you something to focus on and start working towards. The benefit of living loss is that you have a new freedom to be yourself; even if you have young children you need to seek out your personal identity. Loss of personal identity is another form of living loss that often occurs particularly for women or house fathers who are primarily focused on bringing up the family, or people who have been in a controlling relationship... they may become too self-sacrificing. If you separate later in life you can really use that opportunity to go on a journey of self exploration. You may be able to study, change jobs, learn new skills or take up a hobby- these are standard suggestions but this is your life and life is about evolving.
Finally I will mention negotiation. Whatever direction you are moving in, after a separation you will probably need to negotiate. If children are involved there should always be room for input from both parents and showing respect for the other parent is crucial. This is why it is important to have dealt with your feelings otherwise they might get in the way and cause more upsets instead of successful outcomes! We cannot negotiate successfully when angry or upset, so try thinking things through when you are in a calm state of mind and can come up with a ‘fair proposal.’

In summary, the steps to coping with a living loss are:
1. Accept and acknowledge that the loss has occurred
2. Identify your feelings... strengths and weaknesses... so that you can move forwards with confidence
3. Consider all aspects of your life and decide what you want- plan for the future
4. Forgive others and yourself
5. Negotiate the best possible outcomes

No-one is saying that this will be easy... it won't- but if you persevere you will come out the other side eventually, as a much stronger and happier person.

The most important lesson in life is to embrace change rather than fight it, so take the time to get to know yourself, work with yourself and take control of your life.

Jaz McKenzie

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Friday, 13 July 2012

Bounce 1 1 Younique's version of 'STUCK ON YOU'

Bounce 1 1
TO PLAY: Click on the BOUNCE 1.1 top left under the title and follow the link

Every so often we like to share music that has been posted in our Facebook Group or Page. This song was provided by Nessa St Louis and is by Bubbles Entertainment. Younique is a Canadian artist who has a very distinctive voice with a good range and an easy style which has a definite appeal. Your feedback is welcome!

Jaz McKenzie

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Thursday, 12 July 2012



Your head just aches...

Too much pain and too much sorrow
For one human being to take
And they call this life...
I call it strife...
When time and again we make a crucial mistake
Time wasted... pondering the how’s and why’s...
Why did we do what we did and get it so wrong?
Caught up in life’s underbelly
Swinging and slouched as we sway along...
Swaddled in the fabric of misery...
Doom and gloom creating our history
Whilst slowly the anger burns...

It will take some skilful twists and turns
To change the plot
Will power is on your side
If you belief in it
So do not allow emotional turmoil
To embroil your every move
Instead, straighten up your spine
And get into the upward groove
Where step by step you climb
From the depths of the well...
It’s harder to aim for heaven
Than fall into the clutches of hell

Jaz McKenzie

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

In The Midst of Life- There Is Death~Short Article

Sometimes you can go through life and hardly give a thought to death, however this is not the case for myself, family & friends. It seems that cancer is rife at the moment and very sadly my friend & I have both lost close family members to this disease in the past week. Even when it’s expected death is a shock and definitely has a sting.

The problem with death is that the average person cannot feel particularly joyful even with regards to viewing it as a transition to a new and better life, a religious point of view. When someone has had a long illness or serious accident we can comfort ourselves by acknowledging that they are no longer suffering terrible pain or the humiliation of no longer being able to care for themselves... but it doesn’t matter what line of reasoning we take... grief is grief.

Death on your doorstep is hard but with the amount of emigration these days the burden of guilt can be significantly increased when we are in different countries for the following reasons:
• We might not have been able to get the time to visit the person when we/they would have liked during their final days and might have missed the last goodbye.
• The expense of travelling can be phenomenal and sometimes people are unable to attend their family funerals.
• Distance means that we just can’t do everything we would like throughout the years as a whole and can look back with regret.
• The different cultures involved can have deep implications with regard to finance and the allocation of responsibility.

Whenever and however our friends & family pass away we can never be prepared; we can simply do our best to reassure others and cope with our own feelings. Keeping busy initially is good for most people as is taking the time to say a proper goodbye, however if you are denied that opportunity you still need to move forwards and find ways to cope. Experience has taught me that time is a healer however we never ‘get over’ the loss of those we have cared for, instead we become acclimatized and with time can tune more into the good memories.

The best we can ever do is to make the most of life and develop an awareness of how we treat other people. Practicing taming our anger, learning to be patient, forgiving others and most of all, doing our best at all times put us in the position of knowing that we did all we could. However we are affected when those around us pass on we should try to remember that ultimately love endures and it is love that bridges the gap between this world and the next. We need to live in peace and depart in peace whilst life goes on.

Jaz McKenzie

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Monday, 9 July 2012

PSALM 23~ A Psalm Of David... For my Son's 18th Birthday!

My youngest son, Simeon, is 18 years old today and believe it or not, this is his favourite song & fortunately the right version is here on Youtube. As you can tell, he's very interested in religion and has more Bibles than we know what to do with!!

18 is an interesting time in life and as we mentioned yesterday decisions facing the future need to be made. For now all is good with short term plans in place whilst looking for longer term career moves.
As parents his father and I are just thankful to have raised 2 good, upright young men with a purpose in their lives... job never done & things can change meanwhile we pray for continued blessings on them and those their lives touch. Happy Birthday Son.

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Power of Choice. Live Life~Love Life WK #28

One of the most powerful tools we have in life is choice. Choice is a gift given to the human race which sets us apart from others, our choices helping to define our personalities. A common phrase we often hear is, ‘if I were you...’ but you are not me and visa versa , therefore guidance is good but choice remains individual- we can suggest but we cannot force and society abhors those who force their will upon others ie: the bully.

Choice has become more important within all areas of society, especially with regard to children. Children are no longer forced to eat everything on their plate, they choose how to dress from a very young age and often choose their own bedtimes... we’re not saying choice is always advisable where children are concerned as there are occasions where they require guidance!! What children need is to be nurtured in a way that helps them learn how to make the choices that will help them live their lives to the full.

Choice changes everything.-fact? It is important to distinguish the importance of making choices and accrediting the right amount of time to them. Sometimes the choices we make are minor and the results relatively insignificant... there are times when you may as well toss a coin rather than take time to weigh up the pros and cons. Very often the importance of a decision will relate directly to your priorities... example being; it may not matter to you which cup you drink from or where you sit however if you choose your colleagues cup or sit in your Grandad’s favourite chair, there may well be repercussions! To some people choosing a mobile phone is a chore whilst others spend hours deciding... of course, there are people who just have to have the top of the range model and it’s not a question of choice! Where choices are not majorly important sometimes you can leave the decision up to others. Friendship is more important than always getting your own way, so allowing others to choose can strengthen friendships... I am not suggesting you become a doormat but by being fair, if you do feel strongly about something you are in a better position to fight your corner.

Important choices will affect our lives dramatically and lead us in different directions. There are many times during our lives when we have to make major decisions. Teenagers, having spent many years within the security of compulsory education whatever their views, face the terrifying prospect of choosing a career. They might have absolutely no idea what they wish to do and actually have very little knowledge about the true scope of available options. Much time is often wasted in further education whilst they find their feet. This does not mean that they have made bad choices, they have made limited choices and may have some great experiences along the way.

Life decisions really do change our lives. Where we study, where we live, who our friends are will affect future choices and outcomes. If you meet adventurous people you might go on holidays that you would never have considered. Likewise, if you are easily led you could make bad choices and take the wrong path in life- however people also have the choice to turn things around and learn from their mistakes.

Our choice of partner is vital to our future and often has an effect upon our personalities. The right partner helps us to grow and move forwards whereas the wrong partner can do the opposite. When it comes to having children our choice of partner is key and can make the difference between the type of family our children will experience and the way they view life; especially the value they will place on the importance of family, religion, money and their view of success.

Sometimes making wrong choices is as important as making right choices because the wrong choice can be a benchmark for the future and an essential learning curve. We determine the way in which we regard our choices whether we apply a positive or negative attitude towards them, which shapes our future. Right choices feed self belief and wrong choices challenge us to stretch our thinking and find solutions. Right choices take us a step nearer our goal and give us the feel good factor whereas wrong choices can teach us to look at life differently and help strengthen our character. When viewed in that way there are fewer wrong choices!

We learn from everything when our minds are open and this helps us to make better choices next time round. Even people who have been imprisoned for horrendous crimes have acknowledged how their experiences have benefitted both themselves and others in the future. Often they choose to actively help people who are in situations that they have already experienced- similarly people who do well in life choose to take their knowledge and share it so they can give others more choices in life.

A few points to consider when making choices:
• How important a choice is it?
• How will the outcome affect you?
• How will your choice impact on others?
• Is this a good time to make this choice?

The final important point is not to allow yourself to be pushed into making important choices. Remember that sometimes you can please yourself and sometimes you need to make choices on behalf of your family, friends or colleagues. Just do your best to make the best choices to move your life in the right direction and learn from your mistakes... life is about choice so choose wisely and enjoy it!

Jaz McKenzie

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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Everybody Dreams on BBC London News... WATCH THIS SNOWBALL ROLL!!

HOW FANTASTIC IS THIS? ~IB~ introduced our Braappers to 'Everybody Dreams'- a great project- last week and are thrilled to see its most recent event- the first official performance of the song to invited guests including the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, make the 6 O'Clock news.

The whole concept behind Everybody Dreams is inspirational and the project has had massive support throughout. Now the team from Gladesmore School are pulling out all the stops to drive this project forwards. Firstly they had the dream> next they produced the goods as in the song Everybody Dreams> now they are getting to grips with some serious promotional moves. Everyone I've met so far has just loved the song and now you have an opportunity to hear it and share Boris Johnson's experience by tuning into the music and getting to grips with the strength of feelings and pride that these young people share.

How sad is it when Kimarne says that if people see Tottenham on his CV it will affect his opportunity to get a job? This may well be the case and shows that these kids are realistic and have an understanding of the current political climate; promoting their roles to that of Ambassador's for Tottenham and Young People in the UK. The youth are frequently blamed for the riots but let us not forget that the rioters were not just youths but many frustrated members of society.

Moving on from what's past we'll consider the future. Everybody Dreams has mega support from celebrities within different musical and entertainment genres who will help to spread the word. Boris Johnson, during his visit to Gladesmore School, suggested that the BBC use Everybody Dreams as their theme song whilst covering the Olympics... a powerful and refreshing proposition... Infact, Boris was so taken with the song that he can even be heard singing it on this video.. hmmmm prefer the kids!!

~IB~ is highly supportive of this campaign and we are asking you to share the link and join Everybody Dreams!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Everybody-Dreams/301257866615145

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 6 July 2012

Chicago - Cell Block Tango (They Had It Coming!!!).flv

Tango with a twist!! Chicago is a great musical that converted to film beautifully. The timing in this imaginative piece is perfection and the way in which everyday life can actually get to us. No wonder we need to keep motivated and focused... and let's be true to ourselves and others or else!!

Jaz McKenzie

Voted Favourite Poem on poetry.com

I thought for a change we would do something different, so found a great poetry site where you can post your work if you would like it reviewed. I decided to share their all time top poem by a guy called JAMES BARNETT. It is the type of poem that most people can relate to, hence its popularity. The site is called poetry.com... easy to remember!


Why did you come back, if you didn't want to stay?
My feelings are real and not for you to play
Why do I still love you and still care a lot?
It's something I'm pondering; an interesting thought.

Don't tell me you miss me and want me to write
When most of the time you stay out of my sight
I want to be caring, understanding and nice.
In your absence - this relationship? - I'm questioning it twice!

I don't understand; why do I still care ?
When all I can feel is immense despair.
My feelings are waning and in time will be gone.
Then you'll probably be wondering where you went wrong.

James Barnett - April 2012

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Secret Millionaire!!

Have you ever watched the TV programme, 'The Secret Millionaire?' The concept is very interesting whereby the millionaire is usually put in dire accommodation in an equally dire area and left to go off to choose and investigate 3 projects that s/he will later present with a sizeable cheque. Naturally this is done through presenting a feasible cover story that enables the millionaire to find out a great deal about the people involved in the projects.

The programme reveals so much about the nature of people and how they struggle to help those around them, common examples being youth clubs or projects with the elderly. What is particularly noticeable is that every millionaire has something close to their heart and very often they end up revealing unsolved issues in their own lives.

Through the process of getting to know one another, it is quite striking that on many occasions whilst the millionaire is coughing up the money they very often receive as much emotionally as they are giving and leave the experience with a weight lifted from their shoulders. Tonight's programme was no exception. The millionaire had lost his father through illness and regretted being a difficult child, causing separation from his father who ultimately left him to his own devices. Whatever his father advised, he did the opposite and later in life found it hard coming to terms with the anguish he had caused. This was reflected when the cheques were awarded, the biggest cheque going to a man who had suffered 3 heart attacks and spent 20 years fund raising for the hospital that had treated him in order to give something back. Besides being able to buy a huge amount of equipment and cheer up patients and nurses alike, this man helped the millionaire to take a new look at the way he viewed his father. He enabled him to see how much he cared for his father in reality and helped him to move on to the next level of acceptance... not easy when it's too late for 'sorry Dad.' This emphasizes some important issues that we have touched on before:

1. We need to love and care for people whilst they are here with us in order to cope in a natural way without regret once they have left- whatever the reason for their departure.
2. People need people... no man is an island... who ever we are there is always something more to learn about others and ourselves.
3. Beware of judging others... you might be way off the mark especially if you have pre-conceived ideas.
4. When we give we so often receive in turn... not necessarily in the same currency!

It is very good to see a programme that crosses different divides emphasizing the way in which people can be affected by the plight of others. Whilst it is a fact that most of us don't even have a few hundred ££$$'s to spare, there are different ways in which we can help one another, so let's just be a little more aware of the things that we can do to make a difference!

Jaz McKenzie

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ... A VISUAL EXPERIENCE

If you would like an awesome experience, plug in the headphones & watch the notation in full colour thanks to the bar chart... just puts the music on a different level and becomes as exciting visually as it is musically.

My #1 all time musical experience was hearing this played in the Royal Albert Hall when the organ had just been refurbished and it was the first time it had been played in a very long time. The organist was rehearsing for a recital and it was awesome in the extreme... every single note rang through you... power beyond measure!!

Given that this is often regarded as the world's favourite piece of organ music it got me thinking... I wonder how Bach felt when he wrote it. Did he realize its potential or did he just feel excited to have written such a powerful piece. FACT: This piece of music has been attributed to Bach but not all scholars are in agreement and it has been challenged relatively recently since the 1980's, possibly because the score was unsigned.

What does the music say to you?  So far everything I have read is strictly technical relating to the physical composition of the piece yet it is so alive!! To me it speaks of excitement, being very playful
yet controlled... like a puppy racing around and sniffing everything- whilst on an extended lead to be hauled in when appropriate! The balance is perfect and brings to mind Stevie Wonder who referred to ebony and ivory living in perfect harmony on his keyboard; this goes a step further in that it is played out with a range of different sounds and variations being attributed equal importance. The volume of the piece is relatively consistent whilst rising and falling with the emphasis falling on the major chords ... maybe heaven lies within organ music rather than more than angels singing?

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happiness is your own creation! Live Life~Love Life WK 27

Happiness is YOUR OWN creation~ Whether you have considered it or not, we really are responsible for our own happiness.

Most of us experience some amazing times in our lives when we feel really happy and everything is going exceptionally well and these can create great memories. I remember being at a live rock concert in my teens and thinking, ‘heaven can’t be any better than this’... I know many of you won’t agree for a number of reasons!!... More scenarios- watching the sun rise over the sea at Beachy Head and singing round the campfire in the evening. These experiences were fun and just a part of growing up, however some people never have the joy of experiencing carefree times in their lives yet can still be happy. This is because happiness starts from within and we have the potential to learn how to do things that will make us happy.

The secret of happiness is that there is no secret! As with everything else it’s a question of attitude and practicing mind over matter. What makes you feel happy? Have a think~ it might be an idea to list your findings in two columns headed ‘free’ and ‘requires $$$/£££’s’!! That way you can take action to plan ways of achieving more good times at a glance. You will find that the free things can often be worked into your daily timetable, possibly taking a walk through the park at lunchtime or making time to visit your friends. Some things can be achieved when we find a way to work towards them. A simple example- some people enjoy reading so to buy a new book is a joy, failing that a trip to the library or joining a reading club could be helpful.

Friends are important and sometimes good friends personalities or attitudes will change because of their circumstances. Obviously there are times when we need to support our friends and help them to cope. In general, if you find you have too many negative people around this may bring you down. When in this position you can either address the problem with those concerned or go about changing your circle of friends. We all feel happier around positive people because they inspire us and do not allow us to wallow when we feel low.

Challenges are excellent because once you have achieved the task you will have a sense of satisfaction which creates a feeling of happiness. It might be that some of the things that will bring you happiness, a holiday for instance, are costly and you may need to put steps in place to achieve them.

If you are going through a low period in your life and have lost interest in most things, challenge yourself to go out and socialize. Getting out of the house may seem daunting if you are out of the habit however a good night out will probably lift your spirits and give you energy to start thinking about change. It is difficult to have improved output if there is no new input!

A couple of quick tips to improve your happiness:
1) Adjust the way you look at a situation. If something bad happens we tend to look negatively, but as our blog ‘Everybody Dreams’ showed us yesterday, there is usually an up side in every situation- we just have to find it and often it’s not immediately evident.
2) Start the day on a positive note and tell yourself that it will be a good day. Your mind will believe you!
3) Try and tackle the things you don’t like as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the rest of your time.
4) Make time to do things that make you happy everyday.
5) Try to stay motivated and create a balance in life, taking care to have some leisure time!
6) Enjoy the moment!

Happiness is in your hands so make an effort to create and hold onto it... and don’t forget to put a smile on your face, it always helps!

Jaz McKenzie

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