Tuesday, 22 September 2020

SUMMERTIME by Clinton Rock Jones featuring Emiliyah

As we come to the end of Summer in what has proved the most unbelieve and life-changing year for the entire nation, I feel the need to share this fresh, new rendition of Summertime. I say fresh, but the reality is we are taken back in time by a somewhat bluesy/soulful interpretation of a well-loved classic.

Clinton Rock Jones is a world class guitarist who has reached a point where he choses to feature his guitar skills from a primary perspective, and, having worked extensively with highly talented vocalist Emilyiah, has chosen to feature her pure, agile voice on this single resulting in a recording of outstanding quality. 

Clinton has blown me away with his talents on several occasions in the past when playing live engagements and I'm pleased to see how he has carried the same feel across into his recording. Where Emiliyah is concerned, I found Summertime to be a real eye-opener, previously thinking of her as a talented Reggae artist. I clearly haven't paid enough attention to Emiliyah who has an outstanding vocal range! She brings undeniable passion and depth to Summertime, showcasing her vocal ability that takes you beyond the here and now. I really enjoyed this production which embodies the indescribable elements that carry you along with the music, leaving the here and now far behind.

As I post this blog, Clinton is Poland bound with Emiliyah and the MightyZ All Stars. They are embarking upon their latest tour. Once back, I am planning to bring you an interview with Clinton to find out more about this understated musician's journey and ambition, so there's something to look forward to!

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