Thursday, 31 March 2016

Take That - Rule The World + Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards~ Never Give Up!

There are not that many of us who want to rule the world- just a few guys with big ideals and big egos! What we should be wanting is to rule our own worlds, the one that is within our reach- beautifully expressed here by Take That. When we find our lives working out well we are able to embrace the feeling of ruling the world. It is the intangible feeling of joyous emotions that empower us and enable us to create our futures.

This is not something we can do alone as life is a matter of connections and we feed off one another to some extent. Intent is a large part of success  and I believe that ultimately we are all connected, allowing our intentions a framework in which to develop, of course the best the best connections are based on love.We have partners and families supporting our endeavours- unless the yellow eyed monster hits and we need to inspire ourselves! Having just seen the film about Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards this rings true. Eddie's father was not happy with Eddie's actions, which is perfectly understandable when you consider the families everyday situation. Whatever happened to Eddie did not deter him from his dream of taking part in the Olympics. When he hit an obstacle his subconscious mind kept working until it provided a solution.

One thing that comes across from this straightforward story is the true extent of the saying, 'never give up!' If you need inspiration to stay on course, this is the film for you. Eddie takes determination to the limit both physically and mentally, believing in his dream against all the odds. He truly is a supreme example of internal motivation and the will to succeed. Eddie ruled his world and has gone down in history books for his efforts. Maybe our dreams are not quite as dramatic however they may be equally powerful. Dreams can be anything from being part of a loving family to making a major scientific discovery. It really doesn't matter what those dreams are- 'Believe in yourself and rule your world'- the rewards are unequalled.

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

SERIES: Flying With Mozez~ If from love we are fallen...

‘If from love we are fallen, then by love we will be saved.’- ‘Planets’ from the album, ‘Wings’

This encouraging line comes from the song, ‘Planets, ‘- available on Mozez latest album, ‘Wings.’ (Numen Records.) It is a line full of hope that requires the sentiment of courage in order that we hold on to love and believe in the face of loneliness or desperation. Many of us might regard ourselves as falling 'from' love, as a result of wrong choices, which may prove to be a very necessary learning curve that we need to experience in order to gain more from life in the long run. Sometimes we fall 'in' love with the wrong person for us, possibly at the right time but not for a lifetime!

How often in life does the very thing that messed us up ultimately serve us? When you look at the song lyric it actual presents a very open statement with no conditions attached. It doesn’t say, ‘if from love we are fallen, then ultimately we will find someone to love us.’ What it does is allow us to consider the essence of the solution offered, which is pure love, and consider how we managed to fall from love in the first place- on so many occasions we may sabotage and alienate ourselves.

Is a fall from love a fall from grace? Sometimes we make that assumptions from our human perspective rather than considering the divine perspective. Our souls, spirits or higher self loves us infinitely however as humans we relate to the world in which we find ourselves through its conditioning and expectations- all generated from the collective human persona. Very often we fail to pay attention to ourselves- our wants and needs, especially if we have a giving nature, which is one of the reasons we need to re-learn how to love ourselves. We must seek our own approval and be comfortable with ourselves. Once we do so, we no longer seek external love to fill a void, rather, when we find external love it enhances the person we have become.

To fall from love suggests a love that we have been clinging tightly to, possibly for the wrong reasons. We can fall from love within a poor relationship, ie: a relationship which may be bad for us. We can fall from love because our expectations are unrealistic- we may be in love with an image we desire and not the person themself. This invariably puts too much strain on the relationship.What we think of as love could be redefind as ‘familiarity’ or ‘security.’ If we lose this type of love we are not really losing love at all and we can be saved by real love if we are open to it. When this happens we will recognize the difference. Being open to change and recognising familiar patterns is essential if wishing to create a different type of relationship.

Sometimes people lose not only love but the life they’ve been accustomed too through an avenue such as divorce, job loss or even death of a partner. They may well be despairing and feel as if they no longer deserve love. Once again we are applying a human understanding of love to the situation. We are ‘enough’ as we are but it takes a great deal to realise that at times and to discover our inner resourcefulness. There is often a degree of shame attached to our perceptions of ‘failure’ and this can loom so large it over-rules the reality of a situation. The reality is that our so called failures often occur to enable growth. Sometimes we come to love ourselves during these difficult times because we suddenly become our main focus and start looking after our needs ourselves.

There is another expression that comes to mind - ‘Love will save the day.’ To go through life feeling constantly loved and appreciated is probably unusual. Most of us experience different forms of heartache and levels of appreciation, some leaving us feeling broken. It is these very experiences that make us stronger and enable us to empathise with one another. Sometimes the love we are shown during our down times is the very love that elevates us to a better level.

One of the key factors about love is its ability to expand, encompassing many people and myriad situations. Love will always be- and our belief in the power of love needs to remain strong if we are to make significant changes to our lives as individuals and our world as a whole.

Coming next- Mozez speaks about Reggae music in the UK and Europe

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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Special Days and Holidays!- The good, the bad...

We all benefit from times of renewal and refreshment; in fact, taking time out from life in one way or another is a necessity otherwise we will burn out. All religions have celebrated days that are key to their belief systems. Many years ago I would have been in church on Easter Sunday morning celebrating the very core of my religious beliefs and although I no longer hold these beliefs I fully respect those who do.

Life is all about our individual journey which starts for the majority of people within our families. We identify with family values and beliefs, the special days and holidays contributing strongly to the positive side of family life. These are the days we truly celebrate and we usually enjoy our time together: most of us adopting this way of being until we mature to a point where we start questioning our beliefs and characteristics- often identifying our core personality traits. We want to know who we are and what our life purpose is so question different aspects of life- science, religion, politics etc. We often consider our career choices and look at the things we enjoy and dislike. Sometimes people have very strongly held fundamental beliefs and they feel no need to question them and may believe that they themselves are pretty much perfect- the rest of us probably can see areas for improvement!

Easter in particular is a time for new beginnings and we can take this opportunity to be forgiving and embrace the best in one another. Upholding the good in other people is empowering and really generates a feel-good vibe. The whole religious aspect of Easter is based around God's forgiveness however we are all aware that there are sometimes things in life that are really hard for us to forgive. Trying to understand one another is a step towards healing whether it is reciprocated or not. Holidays can be sad times for some people simply because life is no longer what it was. The fun family times we previously experienced are gone forever and we feel a long way from the joy we should be feeling. We must remember that we have choices and one of those choices is to think about better things that do not upset us. It is difficult but we ultimately need to keep bringing ourselves back to a better place. Obviously when we find ourselves in upsetting situations we need space to work through our feelings- putting a lid on them is no help at all as they will rise like a lump of dough and overwhelm us. When faced with challenging days such as Easter or any other celebration it might be good to do something completely different from the usual routine- stay with a friends, go out of town or possibly try a more reflective yet positive way to survive the day. It really is a personal choice - the important thing being to take a pro-active approach rather than being overwhelmed by emotion. The ability to channel our emotions is preferable to allowing bitterness and resentment to dominate and allows us to handle ourselves better.

Special days enable us to focus on the good and treat one another with consideration, the aim being an enjoyable, shared experience. Usually we indulge ourselves with special foods, presents, flowers - shops are currently awash with Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. It's a day of fun and excitement for children who are busy before the event making cards and decorations for their families. Celebrations are very much a part of our lives and usually encompass a holiday period. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, if you have time off over the Easter period enjoy it! Of course, we don't need celebrations to celebrate life. The best way to live is to make the most of each moment- not easy, but if we work towards this we will become more mindful and will definitely enjoy life far more. Have a blessed day.

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Sometimes it's hard to be positive!

I'm generally a positive person however during the last two weeks I managed to generate an internal feeling of desperation with a tinge of fear. Why? Because I'm now in the position of joining the London wide property search- NIGHTMARE! The thing is, I haven't been doing it very long but already it's been a rough/smooth ride. Initially I found somewhere which literally appeared like a dream- problem was, instead of following my gut instinct- which I always preach, I started listening to and evaluating advice- Big Mistake! Or was it? Either way, that property is not available today however it could re-appear as property sometimes does.

I think my mistake was in 'allowing' the wrong thing. I acknowledged the wrong set of feelings which immediately grew and grew- yes, Jack and the Beanstalk is there to remind us that enormous things happen when small seeds are planted! The flow of happy, positive feelings I was enjoying were stemmed by a tide of anxiety once I realised how hard it is to offer at the right price. So how have I managed to escape from these feelings? Fortunately I have been working consistently on returning to a happy state and this is gradually being absorbed by my mind. Therefore, after two weeks my mind shouted STOP- I've had enough of this. You are constantly worrying and unhappy with it- what's better- a pile of bricks and mortar or inner peace? Really, that's not even a choice is it! So, I have regained my flow and am just mentally focusing on finding the home I'll love in the right location at the right price- simple yes? Baring in mind that nothing's perfect and everything is for a time I'm quite happy with this plan. Yes I want a home I love and can put my stamp on but the bigger plan is to be busy developing my dreams and these are far more important than, 'making an investment' in the traditional sense. Of course I will continue viewing properties but from an unemotional place and who knows what will happen in the housing market? Timing is so important in life.

Now that I've regained my perspective the right place will appear and everything will go relatively smoothly meeting expectation. Everything really is a matter of perspective and I believe we create our lives- here's a great idea: let's say NO to manufactured stress and Yes to mind control!

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Monday, 14 March 2016

Caught up in the rat race~ Poem by Jaz McKenzie

I'm currently engaged in the pretty thankless tasks of flat hunting which becomes more and more difficult  as prices are artificially inflated within the current sellers' market. I'm trying to be chilled but thought I'd write a quick poem giving an overview of the situation based on Saturday's experience. Actually, I did put an offer in on an extremely nice property so we will wait and see! 

Caught UP in the rat-race,
Trying once again to get my foot on the property ladder
Simply to secure a more secure future
With the cost of renting spiralling in the current economic climate
The cost of bricks and mortar has gone through the roof
Whilst prospective buyers queue outside the door
Desperate to view a dingy apartment six floors up
Up the stairs that is, no lift, boxroom described as a bedroom
JOKES- on us, buying into this money-making racquet
Paying the carefully manipulated price of ownership
And why? Because we’re honest citizens who haven’t played the system
Obediently working hard and paying our taxes- For What?
Some questions are best unanswered
And what will be, will be: so keep living the dream!

Jaz McKenzie

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Flying With Mozez- His visions and Astral Travel! (series)

I was surprised to learn that Mozez has frequent visions and out of body experiences, a subject of great interest, so I asked him to describe how and when this comes about.

Mozez- internationally renowned singer and creator of Numen Records- follow our series, 'Flying With Mozez.'

'For me there’s no actual format to it. I’ve realised that there are two different types of experiences that I have. There are times when I can actually hear, like a voice telling me about whatever I’m seeing, and I know this sounds strange but it’s an interpretation of my vision. There are other times when there’s just complete silence. When there’s complete silence, the images are generally black and white- I’ll close my eyes and then I’ll see like- people living, just normally, and I will see them clearly. The other day I saw a woman and I knew I was in New York. I could see the ground and it seemed as if the dew had just fallen and in my head it was seven A.M.  going on eight. From where I was I could see the light flickering from the water that hit the road and little yellow and red things flickering at me. The rest was black and white, just these little lights flickering through. The woman was dressed in a polka dot dress and she had two dogs with her. I could see her from the back and she was walking and turned round another corner. I could hear someone saying to me, ‘you need to go and talk to those dogs.’ Strange- strange you know, but I didn’t. Basically I sat there saying why am I seeing these images? Why am I seeing these various different things?

There are tons and tons of these experiences and I've written many of them down. Sometimes I see myself on a train travelling somewhere. Sometimes I see people from all different walks of life. I’ll tell you a strange thing:

About six or so months ago I was lying there and I heard someone say to me, ‘You left a car at Liverpool Street.’ I don’t have a car you know, and I said to myself, ‘what kind of car?’ Then when I closed my eyes I could see an old white car, I thought it was a Mercedes and it was parked beside the road. I said to myself, ‘why am I seeing this car?’ And in the dream it said, ‘Go to Spitalfield Market.’ So I was telling Mari (Mozez partner) and she said, ‘ you’ve got to go to Spitalfield Market.’ I didn’t even know there was a Spitalfield Market at Liverpool Street- I really didn’t know. So I went on the internet to look for it and found it, so I said alright. I really was reluctant to do this but Mari said, ‘let’s go.’  So we went down to the market and we were walking around and right in the centre of Spitalfield Market was this old, white Mercedes parked right in front of a shop with two manikins in the car seats. When I looked it was the same identical thing I saw in my dreams, so I went in the shop and I said to the guy, ‘how long has this car been here?’ He said, ‘Why are you asking me that? This is an extremely old car and it was owned by someone- I forget who, way way back, we’re talking about a long time: when the market was being done they decided to put the car there. All these little things, I don’t know the importance of, but again in Liverpool Street I remember seeing this lady about two weeks before it was mentioned in the news- a story about a Roman lady buried under Liverpool Street Station. I was there lying on my bed and this woman came, talking to me. I forget what she was saying but I know that this woman was saying something to me. I was telling Mari that I know that I was in the market because I was seeing the surroundings and I’m saying, ‘why am I seeing this?’ Two weeks after we were watching this programme and Mari was saying, ‘That’s the woman, that’s the same woman because I remember telling her the identical thing I saw and Mari was saying it’s a spirit basically. So I realised that what I’m seeing has different elements: some of them are spiritual beings basically and I know that some of them have passed on. I know that and at times I get a whole different spectrum and I know that sometimes someone up there is trying to tell me something. I have lots and lots of different incidents and I will definitely share some more.'

A verbatim record of Mozez description of a couple of instances. Mozez says that these things often occur when he is sitting or lying in a dark room and that he doesn't necessarily have an interpretation of the incidents. The whole subject of astral travel is fascinating and personally I have only ever had one experience many years ago which I can still recall briefly. If you have had one yourself and wish to share, please use the comments below or email to:

Next time we will be considering a line from Mozez track, 'Planets- 'If from love we are fallen, then by love we will be saved.'

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Monday, 7 March 2016

Chase Morton Vs J Sealy: Battle Performance - The Voice UK 2016 - BBC One

The Voice UK has been running for a few weeks and here we have my favourite battle. I love both these guys voices and in fact we were playing J Sealy on Buffaloo Radio, The Chill Out Zone, last year.

I am loving Boy George on the show who is both flamboyant and entertaining: most refreshing to the point whereby I don't miss Tom Jones at all. Have to say Paloma Faith can be quite trying at times however Kylie was very childish especially where the young guys were concerned and definitely a bit much too! The judges tend to become very excitable at times which is a good thing as is the humour which has been consistently good this year- on top form! Will I Am is the same as ever and likes to leave his choices to the last minute so no surprise there. I do miss Rita Ora who is very sound and did a great job last year before moving to the XFactor.

I really don't have a favourite contestant- well possibly the unique rocker with the long blonde hair... and there are definitely some interesting voices so it will be good to see how the competition develops. I really enjoy seeing artists being stretched beyond their comfort zones as this so often brings out the best in them. Next week the serious cut backs begin leaving a handful of artists to perform in the live shows. Luckily it doesn't last anywhere near as long as the XFactor so stays fresher overall!

Jaz Mckenzie