Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Battle Creek Hackney~ East Indie Company Promo

Have to share this behind the scenes video with you having recently spent a truly FUNtastic day with the cast and crew of Battle Creek Hackney ~ No I'm not repeating myself with a full role call so follow the link & read all about it! Martial arts fans stay tuned!

This is going to be a great little movie and I am looking forward to seeing the full cast in action upon its release, so PLAY, ENJOY & SHARE!!! Great job Eric Schachter.

Director Azeem Mustafa with action from Fiz M Bomb (Middle) & Paul Van Beaumont

Jaz McKenzie

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful Week 26- Teamwork


‘No man is an island,’ one of my favourite quotes and once given as a definition of communication by a fellow student during our management unit. The tutor disregarded this attempt to define communication preferring traditional phrases however I saw this as inspired, going to the crux of the matter. We were born into a pack as part of the human race and are not designed for total self-sufficiency. Yes if you live alone on an island your time would be taken up with survival but the real world is highly complex, utilizing multiple talents and skills across entire spans of mental and physical ability.

I went to my niece’s wedding on Friday, a wonderful event and thinking about it, without a team this could not have happened. So many people played a part- those behind each aspect of organisation and actualisation including venues to participants: enter the Reverend whose role was vital! A team of staff prepared and served the food, another team- a band of musicians played music for the barn dance and so on.

Teams have different foundations being formed for their own unique purpose. Weddings are typical of a ‘cross-over team,’ being directed by a team of family and friends that rely on external teams to complete the project. Many teams operate in this way accessing the skills required to achieve the best result.

Returning to marriage, a new ‘team’ of two has been ordained to steer its way through life and these mini teams are the basis of family life and society. Whether married or not, once created, personal alliances face many decisions that start shaping the way for future generations. A happy, committed team of two will spread its influence far and wide from school fetes into their working life and beyond. There are many huge influential teams that literally shape the world we live in from parliaments to charities.

Have you ever thought about how many teams you are involved with?
There are different types of teams. If you’re on Facebook or other internet websites you may become a part of many online teams. Social commentators do influence society creating ‘trends.’ A strange way to think about teams but true! Whose teams do you want to be associated with? We hear a great deal about people blocking others on the net; a common practice which arises from disagreements or strong differences of opinions. Personally, I support posts in-line with my thinking as I am on ‘Team Positive.’

The same theory works in daily life. People can choose which conversations they wish to engage in and when to walk away. It’s easy to become part of a team that spread negative opinions and possibly run other people down- be they colleagues or your ex best friend! Looking for the good in situations and people helps strengthen a team and will encourage productive results.

How do you contribute to the teams you’re involved with?
This leads on nicely to team ethics. Teams should have common goals and the type of goals will affect how a team operates. Sporting teams have very clear goals- to constantly improve performance and win the gold! Sporting teams incorporate coaches, physio’s, psychologists, staff at venues, sponsor’s camera crews, supporters and more. Other teams involved in the venture have different goals suited to their business, or beliefs, however all involved are rooting for the sporting team to win, this outcome impacting on them in a positive way. 

Compare this scenario to a group of friends. Friendships are a different type of team work evolving around common aims of individual needs and support. Friends ensure Birthday’s don’t go unnoticed, that people receive assistance in times of needs, they share fun experiences and keep morale high- basically creating a good quality of life.

Having briefly considered teams, maybe now is a great opportunity to look at the teams in your life and evaluate which teams work for you, how you are contributing and whether there are any changes you could make to improve your team experiences.

Jaz McKenzie
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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Give Thanks ~Feel Joyful WK 25- Appreciating Achievements


Achievement stands for growth and development- it says, ‘I have ARRIVED at my destination, reached a new milestone and have reason to be proud.’ Achievement is highly rated in society. The modern world buzzes with celebrations of achievement as well loved annual awards roll around- everything from the Queen’s New Year Honours list to product of the year, Olympic medals and many other sporting awards. Business awards and an entire host of Media awards are there for the determined, often elevating celebrities to an even higher status. We have awards that recognize different types of achievement including bravery awards given to members of the armed services or even members of the public in fact, a special programme is dedicated to brave children; we can recommend someone for their outstanding achievements within our own community. Each and every award is equally valid however they all share one thing in common- they result from external opinion whether selected by professionals or a public vote.

I was very pleased to have met highly inspirational speaker and business women Jessica Huie MBE and also Jenny Garrett, Women’s Coach of the Year 2014 at ‘Generation Success.’ People like this show you that success is within your grasp if your reach out for it which means committing to hard work!

So now we come to your life. 
  • Who will reward you for your achievements? 
  • How do you even know what you have achieved? 

We don’t give ourselves medals very often except maybe at sporting days or similar but we do give certificates. There are swimming certificates, maths certificates, conduct certificates all of which are designed to encourage the recipient to appreciate their achievement and inspire them to continue advancing in that field. But how do you get a certificate in the first place and what type of reward would you appreciate? Usually you need to set and work towards goals, monitoring as you go- an important lesson to apply when wishing to achieve.

If you work without targets, whether it’s losing weight or building a business, you have no way of telling how far you have come or when it is time to re-evaluate: when monitored you can see actual growth. Rewards for achievements can take any form you like- you might prefer to pay a babysitter and have a great night out! The journey counts: strength, wisdom, self-control and knowledge are tested and expand during that journey. Also, achievement works best twinned with focus. The maths are simple: total focus = the fastest route to success.

Why is achievement so important? Why can’t we just coast through life remaining as we are? Actually, it’s very rarely that our brain will allow this. We have a built in stagnancy detector and when activated it flags up the word ‘BORED.’ Our minds need caring for as much as our bodies and we become restless and disoriented in life when ignoring our intellectual needs. Intellectual needs can be met through physical challenges depending on which part of the brain we are exercising. The sprinter whilst improving his running skills uses his brain to assess, calculate and draw upon his innermost resources, those of power and determination- the legs just can’t move any faster unless mental applications are also exercised.

Now decide what you wish to achieve in the different spheres of your life. Maybe you already excel intellectually so it might be time to step out of the box and take up a new hobby- kick boxing maybe (inspired by Battle Creek Hackney!)

There are various things that drive humans towards their optimum performance. The high 5 in my recipe are Love, Joy, Passion, Dedication and Success. These five qualities all stand for something different and when working in harmony ensure achievement in any given area of your life.

Jaz McKenzie
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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Let Battle Creek Hackney Commence- it's all in an urban day's filming!

Battle Creek Hackney~ Overview

'Live in Action'- Paul and Ansko with Rebecca behind

What a fabulous day, joining the crew and cast whilst they shot the latest scenes for ‘Battle Creek Hackney,’- East London’s first ever no-budget martial arts production! It was enlivening to say the least; exactly what I would expect from a company called, ‘Bebop films’- involving some bopping, weaving and diving under the hot sun and skilful direction of Filmmaker Azeem Mustafa.

Battle Creek Hackney originally sounded like an urbanized cowboy movie to me and when I mentioned this to Azeem he commented that it could be construed as such in a minor way. However, without a horse or motorbike (London equivalent) in site, I guess we are referring to the territorial aspect and instead of ‘guns a blazing’ there were myriad punches and kicks between Ronin, played by Paul Van Beaumont, and the somewhat vicious girly street gang whom I am referring to as ‘Hackney Zenanites,’- Ansko Pitkanen, Lobna Futers, both experienced in martial arts, acting alongside Rebecca Tate Oswald Mulholland who was making her screen debut.

Discussing moves including Lobna to the left

I am referring to the actresses as ’Hackney Zenanites,' due to Zeena the Warrior Princess springing to mind when watching the action, however this might offend Cat Woman! Some excellent chops and blows all round and how Lobna marshalled her arts in a pair of high heels I cannot imagine, however the dreaded drain gripped one heel with a vengeance giving her a swollen ankle- naturally the show went on.

Azeem’s directing style is very interesting. He encourages his actors to use their combat expertise to devise the fight sequences, keeping a watchful eye and drawing them back to the plot which remained at the forefront of his mind. This way Azeem capitalised on their talents and kept the sequences en-point.

Craige taking stills and Fiz- best not enquire!

I have to say, it was a very energetic day! Paul brought along a pair of handcuffs to add a twist and these were incorporated into a scene where the ‘Hackney Zenanites’ tricked and trapped him so that Paul was effectively handicapped by handcuffs- but Kung Fu-ed his way out of the situation regardless- very entertaining.

Take 5- Eric left with director Azeem

Azeem’s colleagues Eric Schachter (responsible for behind the scene footage)  and Craige Middleburgh were also in attendance. Additional assistance was given by  Fiz M Bomb, who, having over 20 years experience in martial arts, took part in a screen fight with Paul to round off the day’s filming.

Battle Creek Hackney is clearly an interesting urban film and as I am only commenting on today’s proceedings, with today's cast, go add yourself to Battle CreekHackney’s Facebook page and all will eventually be revealed.
Ready, steady, flash~ Catching a team vibes

Footnote: It is so good to witness a team who work in harmony and just get on with the job in hand- not an ego in sight which is somewhat rare in this field!

Jaz McKenzie

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Friday, 17 July 2015

JAEL WIAFE #KeepOnBelieving

Great song here by Jael Wiafe. Yes, we have heard so many inspirational songs about believing in ourselves but guess what? It's such a great message I hope we'll hear many more.

I must say, life has been so busy and personally I can feel the distance I'm now covering. Life is taking me to great places with great people because I already expect it to. Expectation and faith should marry up in which case we achieve our desired outcomes. Say it again- I believe in myself. Thanks Jael and wishing you all an exceptional weekend~ Jaz

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Dedication- a Jaz McKenzie Poem


My poor, dry eyes are suffering -while-
The computer keeps on buffering -but-
I want this qualification- so-
I'll stay right at my station-perched-
Here on this seat- with-
Folders around my feet-it's-
Coming along just fine-soon-
The certificate will be mine-

No time to say much about this poem!!!!!!!

Jaz McKenzie © 2015

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!!

Have you noticed how everything happens at once? We have had fantastically hot days here in the UK & a tremendous thunderstorm to follow! Fortunately I love the heat and it's a real blessing to feel the power of the sunshine. Even today we had some sun although the temperature has lowered somewhat. Nice to wear your summer clothes and go out in the evening without a jacket. Sunshine really brings the feel good factor regardless of your situation.

Whilst the weather is excellent, I suddenly have a significant load on my shoulders both emotionally and practically, having assignments to complete very shortly and pressing personal matters that fit into the major stress category. The important thing is to always take each day at a time and do the necessaries. That way you avoid adding extra stress to the existing issues so there is less for your mind to process. It is also good not to over-think things but to try and relax mentally. Concentrated thoughts put pressure on your mind and too much energy into a situation. Very often things have a way of working out that you might never have expected. I am finding that when I quickly replace worries with positive thoughts about those concerned, better things happen. It's not an easy process but practice helps.

Thought for the week: If your body is hot and your mind is cool, things are OK!

Jaz McKenzie

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