Sunday, 17 December 2017

Quotes to Inspire~ Will Smith

What's surprising about this quote is its origin. I would not have expected it to have been conceived by highly successful rapper/actor Will Smith. When it comes to success we imagine successful people to be in total control of their emotions however this saying suggests at least one area of vulnerability; which could be on the personal side. Either that or it's the result of an observation or possibly stems from a script!

Our emotions are so often our downfall. We hear something, feel it, think or speak about it and before we can blink we feel dreadful! Very often the people who 'cause' us to feel bad are more interested in themselves yet we feel compelled to assist them in one or more ways. It could be someone we would like an intimate relationship or someone we really admire and aspire to.

We need to be of key importance to ourselves and the attitude of others should not take up so much of our head space. This doesn't mean we shouldn't care about other people and their opinions but we should vet them carefully and act accordingly. When we like people we tend to want the same level of interest back from them, which is great when it's returned but sadly this is often not the case. If you have unhappy feelings when dealing with this person then something is out of kilter and you need to redress the balance. The simple thing to do is step back. You don't need to stop dealing with that person but you do need to give them less air time and less attention. This frees up time that can be invested in yourself or people who will make a difference to your life. Sometimes people are just in a different place in their lives and timing hasn't come into its own.

It is easy to give too much attention to certain people we admire or crave to be with, and once you step back that gives them an opportunity to step forwards or continue in their semi-interested manner. People who go from crisis to crisis can command our attention- every time you speak to them another problem has raised its head. Whatever the category, make no mistake, most of these people usually require your input to feed their ego. Very often people can generate enough interest in you to keep your attention, but not enough genuine interest and support to benefit you in any real way.

The most important lesson here is to cultivate true awareness. Awareness of our needs and wants and most importantly, how we meet them. We all run off energy and whereas some people and situations boost our energy, others drain it. We need to identify the reality and give our best to those who have our interests at heart. Some people can do a great sales job on us and we find ourselves working hard for their cause- but what is your cause? your passion? You need to put that first because happiness stems from doing the things we love. Working with others towards the same cause is fine when it matches your desire, but if you bend over backwards to please others you deprive yourself of happiness. To be happy you need to create the life you want, so keep your inner eyes open and channel your thoughts, feelings and emotions into the things that make you feel happy and leave all feelings of misdirected guilt at your doorstep!

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

'MOONLIGHT' Lake Bled by Giuseppe Vaccarella

Beautiful vibrant Lake Bled by moonlight re-created in oil and acrylic colours by talented artist Giuseppe Vaccarella. This is in total contrast to his work previously on display at the Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea not so long ago. I love it and, being instantly inspired, wrote the follow little poem.


Yellow moon
Blue sky
Night falls
Dreams fly
Water ripples
Peace abounds
Canvas captures
Still life sounds
Collectively reworked
Through the strokes of a brush
In Giuseppe's caring Hand

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician

Reaction by Giuseppe:  Hello Jaz, this is a really good poetry that perfectly match with the shared painting over here. It s so nice when poetic art and painting art can match together. Thank you, always fantastic descriptions.