Wednesday, 4 July 2018


How can you describe a piece of music like this? I was going to post the song that was written to go with the film however the music says an infinite amount more and definitely doesn't need a story. Having said that, do check it out because 'He was so beautiful' tells its own story and uses the music in an exceptionally skillfull fashion.

Cavatina means 'simple' according to the John Williams guitar video, and this is a piece of music that  is simply beautiful. You can really relax and possible meditate to it; although very short it is ideal to help with a brief de-stress! Must remember that next time I'm fired up about something. Having played guitar in my late teens- early twenties, and been incredibly passionate about it, I find guitar music reaches deeply inside me and initiates a 'coming home' feel. The guitar is such a beautiful instrument and I am very thankful to still own my beautiful Oscar Teller! I have re-tuned it and just playing a little something most days now. Guitar energy tends to make me feel joyful - SOOOOOO

May the joy of this day remain with you!

Jaz McKenzie~The Word Magician