Friday, 28 February 2014

Isaac Simon, Tizita Fikri - New 2014 Eritrea Music

Eritrean music... aroused my curiosity and having listened I am somewhat surprised that it sounds more Asian than African yet the dancing remains traditional! Maybe music has progressed quite rapidly, singers experimenting with Asian rather than Western sounds. Either way this is an enjoyable tune with the feel good factor. If there are any experts in the subject please let me know-

Jaz McKenzie

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Seminar details~ RE: Employment/Apprenticeships for disabled/learning impaired. South London

The College in partnership with local employers currently provides training and development to a large number of learners in various vocational areas including Business Administration, Customer Service, Engineering, Childcare, Facilities Management, Hairdressing, Health and Social Care. 
With the help and support of employers, local authorities and interested organisations the College intends to expand work and training opportunities by encouraging our learners and potential learners who have a disability or additional needs to consider the importance of developing skills through training and work experience for entry to the employment market.
South Thames College is hosting 2 half day seminars in February 2014 designed to enhance employer understanding of the benefits of a diverse workforce. There will be an opportunity to hear from young people from the local area. ( The first seminar has concluded)
The remaining seminar will be held on -
• Friday 28th February 2014 at Merton Campus, London Road, Morden, SM4 5QX from 9.30am to 1.30pm
South Thames College are delighted to invite you to attend either seminar. To book your place contact:  if you would like any further information about our workplace training please contact us on 0208 918 7272 or email
South Thames College Website Click to access!

To work with disabled people or to help disabled people work? Our choice!


When we think of disabled people I suspect that the image most likely to jump into our minds is this:

Following the 2012 Olympics our estimation of the abilities of people who suffer an obvious disability or impairment was challenged. We gained a new realisation of what can be achieved when disadvantaged people choose to ignore their disability and put all of their energy into achieving above and beyond the average person. Why then do we not consider that your everyday disadvantaged person may wish to do the same and test their personal ability to carry out and hold down a job?

There are people who enjoy care-giving within the home or institutions, however most of us are able to care deeply for others and possibly be in a position to help the disadvantaged to help themselves. Everybody has something to offer and sometimes it's a matter of looking a little deeper at people's less obvious skills, interests and general characteristics to see how we can help them fulfil a useful role within the world of work.

South Thames College takes this challenge seriously and has linked with other organisations, creating a seminar to introduce this concept to employers. I work in childcare and decided to go along and was very impressed hence am writing about this subject and wish to look at it on ~IB~ in more detail. It is definitely an area that could do with greater exposure and if you have any experience or involvement in this area please contact

 I will post the seminar details separately for reference, so if you can attend your presence will be welcomed. If you wish to have more information I am sure the college will be happy to help and put you in touch with useful organisations.. If you would like to consider employing from this sector there is plenty of help available making it a far easier process than you would ever imagine.

Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dread Daze Protection Official Music video

Dread Daze is an extremely diverse California based band whose pride in their message and music shines through. Under the scrutiny of Najashi, lead vocalist, the guys produce a consistently high quality mix of reggae, hip-hop and rock inspired tracks. They are totally unique- which is quite an achievement and has earned them a worldwide dedicated fan-base. Not only do Dread Daze have a track called, 'Running Around The World,' they've certainly done a fair amount of it themselves in recent years taking an energetic approach towards presenting deep, thought provoking songs.

'Protection' proves how they have succeeded, getting straight to the heart of the matter by telling us that regardless of how bad things in the world become we have a responsibility to our own children and youth as a whole. We need to be there for them, protecting and guiding in the right way. The care-free nature of children which should be actively encouraged is cleverly emphasized against a backdrop of abomination.

Najashi has always been alarmed by the way the commercial companies churn out shallow music and messages that are readily soaked up, especially by the young and is determined that Dread Daze stay true to their core belief - we need to speak up to make people listen and instigate change.

Connect With Dread Daze on Facebook Here! or simply Google for all links.

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 21 February 2014

MA'AD CLUB PRESENTS: Junior Murvin Tribute this Saturday- check out the artists!!!

Reggae Lovers DON'T miss this fantastic Junior Murvin tribute brought to you by the MA'AD CLUB & Buffaloo Radio.
The Aces featuring Barry Howard & Carl St Clair (Desmond Dekker) are to perform at the Junior Murvin's Tribute this Saturday, 22nd February 2014 @The Excelsior,  195 Balham High Road, South London = 9pm-2.30am, Tickets £10
 Reggae artistes & DJ's 'play' tribute to the late reggae ...legend Mr Police & Thief himself,
 '' Junior Murvin,'' who sadly passed away in his home town Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica on the 2nd December 2013 aged 64. Check below for more information on this reggae great.

The venue opens @ 9pm & Confirmed acts playing live from 11pm, backed by the 007 Band include; The Aces feat’ Barry Howard & Carl St Clair (Desmond Dekker) AJ Franklin (Chosen Few) Winston Reedy, Bunny Melody, Paul Dawkins, Beverley Notes and several veteran artistes who will be performing as special surprise guests!!!

MC: Devon Morgan - Tony Williams - Mandingo
DJ’s: Festus Coxsone (Legendary Selector) Gussy Roots (Roots FM)
Best known for his all-time classic "Police and Thieves," Junior Murvin was gifted with a unique, feather-light falsetto that inspired some of Lee "Scratch" Perry's most unearthly productions. Murvin wasn't exactly the most prolific reggae star of the late '70s, yet such is the stature of "Police and Thieves" and its accompanying album of the same name that Murvin would still be a legend even if he'd never recorded another note. And, indeed, comparatively few listeners heard much of his sporadic subsequent work. Junior Murvin was born Murvin Junior Smith, likely in 1949 in Port Antonio, Jamaica.

As a child, he sang along with records by Nat King Cole and Billy Eckstine, and (later on) soul singers like Sam Cooke, Ben E. King, and especially Curtis Mayfield, after whom his own falsetto was modelled. He began performing publicly as a youth after his family moved to Montego Bay. With some experience under his belt, he went to live with his aunt in the Kingston ghetto of Trench town, where he quickly made connections on the thriving reggae scene and worked on his singing technique. He landed a chance to audition for Lee "Scratch" Perry and Clement "Coxsone" Dodd at the latter's Studio One, but when Dodd told him to write another verse for the song he'd performed, Murvin simply moved on. Under the name Junior Soul, Murvin cut his first record, "Miss Kushie," for Sonia Pottinger's Gay feet label in 1966, and followed it with "Slipping" and "Jennifer."

Information taken from Buffaloo Radio Facebook

Jaz McKenzie

Have Questions~ Have Answers? Week 7- Why do we hold on to guilt?

Why do we hold on to guilt? A very interesting question. Let's regress by looking at typical childcare practice. Take your average children- Jane and John of old and more likely Jade and Jordan these days- there have been many changes in childcare but the 'sorry' routine is not one of them. Jade hits Jordan and is told to apologize but she refuses-repeatedly, leaving a rather awkward situation that will not benefit anyone and remains unresolved without the appropriate closure- ie: the obligatory hug that denotes everything is well. Similarly, in later life Jordan seriously upsets his best friend to such an extent that his apology is rejected and their friendship will never be the same again.

Our attitude towards both our behaviour and the need to apologise will have a huge affect upon the way we harbour guilt. The ability to apologise could almost be seen as a gift because an apology opens the way to reconciliation. Unfortunately not everyone is able to see the benefits of apologising. Some people have a real problem bringing themselves to apologise, the words, 'I'm sorry' freezing long before they reach their lips. This can result in ongoing consequences which they no longer have control over. On a personal level, the problem is that our minds and bodies harbour guilt unless we can find a way to release it. How hard it must be walking around with layers of guilt under your everyday exterior.

Sometimes we hide behind guilt, probably unknowingly, and it acts as an invisible barrier between the present and our potentially glowing future. Guilt literally weighs us down and feeds off our natural energy leaving little energy to call upon should we wish to use it. If you suddenly have a brilliant idea but are weighed down by guilt, the chances of you having enough motivation to act on that idea is minimal.

The most common reason for holding on to guilt is simply that we believe we deserve it. We did something wrong and as a consequence must suffer continually. How crazy is that? If we do something good do we believe that we should be praised continually? No we don't. We glorify in it for a short while and then get back to normal. So why is our expectation from something bad so much stronger? I think that negativity is the norm, just listen to everyday conversation, watch the soap opera's - NO DON'T DO THAT!! Or should I say, ' it would benefit you more if you find an upbeat programme!!!

Guilt is a distorted truth and should have only one purpose; to indicate that we are wrong and need to make amends. If you can grasp that then you know what you have to do. The person we hurt the most is usually yourself,- so remember to forgive yourself and move on. There is no purpose in carrying a burden of guilt and if you love yourself you will let it go. Things happen, it's part of life. Forgive yourself, forgive others and move forwards to a better future. Forgiveness takes maturity and understanding. As humans we all need to take our turn at saying sorry and looking towards the joy life has to offer.

THOUGHT: What sprang to mind when you read this? Your greatest guilt trip probably surfaced immediately and now is the time to face it, so deal with it and free yourself!

Jaz McKenzie

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Feel The Rainbow~ Short inspirational poem by Jaz McKenzie



Close your eyes and feel the rainbow
Beautiful arch stretching like a morning yawn
Feel its colours flowing into the corners of your mind
Bands of colour, ribboned, perfectly aligned
A natural flow of energy revitalising
Bold, strong and clear
Those parts you just cannot reach- the inner you-
Yet quickly fading
Red, orange, yellow and green
Could this be an illusion?
Blue, indigo with a purple crown
Reality- held ,suspended?
Rays of light shimmering
Tantalisingly beyond reach
And promises
Promises- the pot of gold
Gold, the substance of dreams
The mind, Key to reality
Turns slowly to unlock the dream
Revealing your visions and hopes
Live beyond the rainbow!

Jaz McKenzie 2014 ©
NOTE: This poem is not based on a traditional rainbow, it seeks inspiration from the 7 chakras, energy centres within our bodies which work with the mind to help you obtain all that you envisage in your life. Go ahead and create your own reality. Jaz McKenzie
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Monday, 17 February 2014

What's love got to do with it - Tina Turner

Nobody does it like Tina Turner!! Instantly recognisable and alive with energy, the vibration that is Tina Turner cannot be ignored. Tina is a very 'real' person who led a colourful and determined life, deserving the fame she achieved for her powerful songs and performances- once seen never forgotten.

So often success is based on foundations of pain, neglect or even abuse by people whose spirit is so powerful they will always overcome adversity. Some people are born into prosperity- congrats to Simon Cowell & partner on the birth of baby Eric; wonder what life holds for this little one- and how disgusting that some papers apparently referred to the newborn as ugly- get real you're knocking a defenceless child.

Many times in life we learn the lesson that less is more and to pay attention to what we have rather than yearning for the things we lack. Thankfulness takes us on a journey to prosperity more quickly than moans and complaints.

Personally I love Tina Turner's music- such a terrific husky rock voice singing a catalogue of strong, popular songs including the catchy, 'Proud Mary' and ;Rag Doll.'

Love has everything to do with the music industry; if you don't love it you certainly won't dedicate a lifetime to it! Respect to Tina Turner and everything she has achieved.

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers #6- What's Love Got to Do With It?

The title of a famous Tina Turner song yet there are times in our lives when we can lose sight of the true meaning of love or even love itself.

If you want to know what love has to do with it, try to imagine your life without love. To me, that is asking the impossible. To imagine life without love means we need to strip away a huge part of our everyday life- the good bits and remove the majority of our emotional responses. Think back through your day- what acts of love have you witnessed? What words have been spoken?

Love is not all about those 3 little words, 'I Love You.' In fact, where love exists those words are totally un-necessary because we can feel love, it's simply there. The problem is that we don't necessarily tune into it or recognise it for what it is. As I mentioned in my Valentines article,'Valentine's Love~ How Does Valentine's Day Make You Feel? we often tend to judge love according to our personal expectations, learned attributes, therefore can be left feeling let down and unloved if we are not treated as we wish/expect. Taking this a step further, if we treat people who have different views and expectations in the way we wish to be treated they could be left feeling very uncomfortable!

It is through the little things in life where love is frequently expressed. Helping others when it doesn't suit you to do so- working extra hours when you have additional commitments, doing things you dislike, helping someone decorate when you feel exhausted. All these little things are acts of love, love being the key to making life flow.

Love may also be a case of recognising when to do nothing or say nothing so that others are free to express themselves, after all, there can be a thin line between guidance and interference.

If love had nothing to do with it the world wouldn't last long because hate leads to destruction. All our negative emotions come from a lack of love, If you are about to say rubbish- love is one of the greatest causes of envy and jealousy I will have to disagree. Lack of self love leads to a lack of self confidence and this is the true home of envy and jealousy. This is why it is important to look for the good in every situation and ultimately see the love. the answer- but sometimes we simply fail to ask the right questions.

Jaz McKenzie

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine Love~ How does Valentine's day make you feel?

Origins of Valentine's day

To some people Valentine's Day is just another day; to others it is a time of great joy, maybe sadness, possibly memories. 14th February is yet another day that man has grabbed and used to his advantage with the economy maxing it up to create an enormous economical opportunity... and what a guilt stir it can become!

Next to anniversaries we are expected to celebrate this day of love with a card at the very least, presents, evenings out and show due appreciation for our loved ones. Children are busy making cards for their parents (now where did that sneak in?) and we all live happily ever after.

It is a beautiful day if kept in perspective and provided you are not judging your entire relationship on the amount of attention received from your partner on this single day! If a relationship is a little strained, Valentine's is the perfect opportunity to show love by going the extra mile- but what of those who are single or simply not seeking love?

Valentine's Day is the ideal time to appreciate the person who should be the love of your life~ yourself. Go out and buy yourself a bunch of flowers and make time to do the things you enjoy. Romance needs to bloom within, even when we are in good relationships. The happier you are with yourself the more attractive you become to others.

If you have lost your partner (as in bereavement) you may wish to spend time re-living good memories and think about the love and joy experienced together. Good relationships help us to be more secure and usually enable us to be loving towards others.

Whoever you are and whatever your situation, it is good to consider Valentine's day as a day of love and put your effort into making others happy as you go about your business. Everything else is a bonus, so appreciate it! Finally, why not simply focus on love everyday? That would lead to much more satisfying lives altogether.

Jaz McKenzie

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers #5- To be or not to be? Christian,Islam, Hindu, Pagan?

I went to church this week and the rector asked me where I stand in relation to the Christian religion- interesting. The answer is that I don't really know, having been brought up in the Church of England, had my children Baptised in the Methodist church, spent time attending the Baptist Church (who believe in adult not child baptism) and received important accurate information affecting my life from relatives who went along to a Spiritualist church. Interesting isn't it! The fact is, there are so many religions to explore and each and every one of them claims to hold the answers to life and eternal life. The truth is that they all have common denominators and fundamental differences.

Having addressed this interesting subject I have reached the following conclusion. I believe that God is a God of diversity.He created all things equal- and equally, created all things different. We are so varied from skin colour to height, muscle tone, mental attributes, that it is hard to accept that God created one religion to suit all. In fact, it seems that man created religions at God's command, interpreted and scribed His instructions in an appropriate manner.  It is totally acceptable to me that all religions may well be equally authentic and even correct in their particular beliefs given that God speaks to people both directly and indirectly in as many ways as He chooses. People are often brought up within their 'tribal (family)' religion which can be adopted for life or  they might  abandon all religious belief or convert to the religion that compels them most. Maybe some beliefs have more of an appeal than others, may be easier to understand; alternatively, might seem so far fetched that it is grand enough to be true.

To me, God is a God of love therefore I cannot conceive that only one religion 'got it right' and the chosen few are off to heaven whilst the rest of us are condemned to hell. That makes no sense when are told that God loves us equally. We do not know everything and that is my bottom line. To have a set of beliefs is very important and I believe that we are all entitled to equal consideration and respect. We are thinking people and as such, draw our own conclusions until the days comes when we are in a position to discover the truth.

Final point- not everyone believes in God and universal law is simply universal law stemming from the source.  An interesting debate and I trust that no one will take offence at what is basically food for thought.

Jaz McKenzie

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Monday, 10 February 2014

Will Smith shares his secrets of success

If you wish to learn something in this life, go to those who are already successful in your chosen field. Why? Because the successful have tried and tested ways of achieving the results they want and ultimately save you a great deal of time making mistakes. We will still make some mistakes but it is good to have a plan prescribed by the best!

Will Smith tells us how simple life is- love life and aim for what you truly want. What is interesting is the way Will defines the difference between himself and others in that he has a ridiculous work ethic and is a perfectionist- sound basis to work from and the key is that we can be what we want to be and create what we want to create. Take a chance and shape your own life and remember, don't restrict your vision- realistic vision is a metaphorical pair of handcuffs!

Jaz McKenzie

Feeling the rainbow!!

Its Braap has been running for a long while now without proper internet access- hence the irregularity of posts compared with the past couple of years. Despite reduced service we are pleased that our Braappers continue to check in regularly and we aim to resume normal service within the next month.

~IB~ is set for a thorough review and we are pleased to announce that we have been invited to become involved with new projects which will be introduced shortly. In some instances, previous projects  are taking on greater definition which we anticipate will result in exciting new developments- provided all goes smoothly.

We are definitely viewing our rainbow with great anticipation and thank you for your continued support,welcoming Braappers contributions across the board, especially with regard to supplying content and feedback. Established series such as the Blogathon and Be Braap~Be Inspired will continue whilst additional features including interviews and reviews will be re-established in due course.

We hope you will continue to enjoy ~IB~ and share the site- particularly features that interest you with others. Thank you and stay blessed.

Jaz McKenzie

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Have Questions~ Have Answers? #4~ Why did Eve bite the apple? and do you blame her!!

Poor old Eve, just think, such a weight of responsibility had been placed upon her and if only she hadn't bitten that apple generation after generation would have lived happily and peacefully together!!!

Not quite, because that would make no sense at all. We are responsible for ourselves and had Eve not bitten the apple, guaranteed, somebody would have before long. The tree of knowledge as it was must have been very intriguing- I wonder what it looked like?

Today we know that knowledge has to be accessed through various means; needing to be understood and digested before it can be used. Eve however had zero understanding of knowledge in the first place having been placed upon this earth. How could Eve have had a clue as to what would happen following the fatal bite? She and Adam were living in paradise therefore had no comparison. How could they have developed a true appreciation of good things having had no experience or knowledge of hardship? This is where we really need to get thinking. I bet all of us would have taken that bite- why? Because as perfect beings Adam and Eve lived without fear and where there is no fear we take risks without even knowing it, mainly due to a lack of knowledge and opportunity to experience risk and develop strategies. Possibly this was their first encounter with a snake.

Let's seek out some reassurance!

It does not matter how 'good' we are; nobody is perfect and the fact that Eve bit the apple shows that the introduction of free will opened the gate to imperfection. Obviously God knew this and also knew what was about to happen. Despite God's warning Eve was unable to refrain from being disobedient. Why?
  • Was she weak willed?
  • Did she feel that she was being denied something significant and had a 'right' to it?
  • Was she testing God as infants test their parents?
  • Did Eve wish to experience the feeling of challenging or being disobedient?
Interesting as we are made in God's likeness. Another important consideration is that Eve had not experienced childhood, the period during which we attain an understanding of basic principles. Maybe her naivety was as much to blame as her curiosity. Did she live to regret it? Possibly, or maybe she learnt from it and moved on which s something we all know we need to aim for. Mistakes are simply a part of life and in a way it is reassuring to know that the first (technically second!) human who ever existed made a mistake. There are many occasions when we who have knowledge still go ahead and follow what we know to be the wrong course of action. Sometimes we simply do things to test the results but more often than not it is because we live in the 'now.'

Finally a little question for you- why Eve and not Adam? I'll leave you with that one.

Jaz McKenzie

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