Sunday, 28 September 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers #23- How would you fare through the keyhole?

Recently I inadvertently sat through an episode of 'Through the Keyhole,' hosted by Keith Lemon. I found it really funny and have been watching the programme ever since. Keith Lemon cuts the right balance of outrageousness mixed with smut- just love his use of the word 'clueseys' as oppossed to clues. It is these little things that create personality!

Sometimes as I watch I think to myself- Really? Is this a celebrity home? I am surprised by the number of celebrity houses that are incredibly ordinary and by comparison, those that represent expensive show homes,barely looking lived in.

Last night Keith showed us around a home that had quite a stately air with very grand antique furniture- and surprisingly a very ordinary and somewhat boring bedroom!! It belonged to David Dickinson of 'Dickinson's Real Deal'- apparently his mahogany tan is real, being of Armenian descent- so now you know, he is the real deal!

 After the programme I started wondering what Keith Lemon might make of my little pad? Would he be able to work out what type of a person lived here? What are the 'clueseys' to my personality?

Here's a fun exercise for you:
Open your eyes, look around and ask yourself- how much of your personality have you injected into your home? You might need to consider family as oppossed to individual identity. A leading question for those in relationships, 'whose primary identity is visible or have you achieved an acceptable balance? This exercise might encourage you to consider how your relationship works; who is responsible for what? Is this the type of balance you have chosen or fallen into? What areas in your life might you wish to discuss and address? Environment tells us a great deal especially regarding the scales of give and take. If your partner owns an ugly old vase given to them by a well loved relative, how prepared are you to have it on display? Now that's a challenging thought!

How do you feel about injecting your personality into your surroundings? Do you hold back because you are in temporary accommodation or not feeling secure in your current position for any reason? If you are renting living accommodation and not allowed to decorate there are little ways to make a place your own, even on minimal cash. I love using expressive cards as these provide variety and are fun to look at. Cards can be framed or used exactly as they are, and if they have been given to you may include sentimental value. If you love expensive items, wait for sales, look for bargains or find cheaper alternatives.

Ultimately you need to be happy in your home whether it is a room or a castle; if not, why not? I have been through the 'dreading going home' phase and it is part of a downward emotional spiral, so if you feel like this please take steps to come to terms with and resolve the situation.

Your 'keyhole' leads to the private areas of your life, not just decor, and it is important to be comfortable with yourself in order to develop life to its fullest. Potential is the carrot dangling in front of all of us, but whether we can stretch out far enough to fulfill our intended destiny is very much a matter of constitution, determination and personal choice. I recommend that you take account of your surroundings and lifestyle, do the maths and reach the best conclusions!

Jaz McKenzie

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Norah Jones, Come away with me + intro to Jazz artist Amaziah

Time to feature the sultry, sexy tones of very popular and highly successful Norah Jones; singer, songwriter and pianist. Norah won 8 grammy awards for her debut album, 'Come away with me,' released in 2002 which sold over 26million copies. Of course besides being naturally talented Norah is the daughter of Ravi Shankhar, virtuoso of the Sittar, so she clearly inherited first class musical genes! Fusion has become the 'in thing' musically and is something that Norah Jones does beautifully, primary focus being country/jazz & pop! The result is very relaxing and we will be including her music in The Chill Out Zone, BUFFALOO RADIO  Sundays, 6-8pm GMT.


Speaking of fusion, DJ Freestyle and I are looking forward to having Amaziah join us in the studio tomorrow to speak about her music and album release-'One Hello.' Amaziah has a very jazzy voice which she uses for her modern jazz songs and reggae cross-over. Amaziah writes most of her own songs and is very concerned with values, using considered lyrics. AMAZIAH MUSIC

I am very interested to discover Amaziah's musical background and motivation- Amaziah speaks of 'nourishing' her audience which provides an instant insight into the hidden depths of this classy artist. We would love you to join us and if you have any questions for Amaziah, tweet or call us~

Buffaloo Radio hotline 07453 826 450

Tune into Buffaloo radio- Playing Your Music!!

Jaz McKenzie

If you would like to be considered for 'featured artist' on The Chill Out Zone send your MP3 to: with your name, genre and track title in the header. Thank you.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Lion or the Tortoise- A poem of choice by Jaz McKenzie

How do you move through life? Do you listen to your inner voice? Do you take calculated risks – wild risks or avoid risky decisions?  We all need adrenaline to feel alive but there is safe fear... doing a ‘Sound of Music’ and running across the hills enjoying nature; which gives great positive vibrations or maybe feeling adrenaline from watching scary movies or  possibly the adrenaline resulting from taking risks. The bigger a risk the more fulfillment can be gained when you come out on top, and compulsive risk takers know how to cope with ‘failure’ie: recognising it as a series of pointers. Take away the ‘how nots’ and you’re left with a recipe for success. 

You make choices everyday and sometimes they seem crazy but crazy is fun, otherwise why would a bunch of celebrities go on Big Brother or take part in Strictly? It's not all about the money!

Question: If you put the lion with the tortoise what would happen?
Maybe, and possibly against the odds, the lion would ignore the tortoise because he’s too small and insignificant to be of any interest to the lion- just a thought!

The Lion or the Tortoise?

You can live life like a lion
Alive in the jungle
Stalking through the long grass
Prey in sight, anticipation
Moving closer- ready to pounce
Suddenly in full flight
Sinking your teeth deep
Enjoying the moment of capture
Hunger abated
Adrenaline pumping
Heart beating wildly
Every inch alive
Embracing the determination to survive


You can live like a tortoise
Making steady progress step by step
Slowly uncurling from within your shell
Neck stretched, head high
Eyes bright- sniffing the air
Occasional mouthful of juicy grass
Chomp, salivate, swallow
Until you withdraw into your shell
Timidity- fright?

And so my friend, the final question- what noise does a tortoise make?


Jaz McKenzie © 2014

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Macini (Official Video - Wen Mi Step Out)

What happens when Macini steps out?

Brand new Dancehall music video from Macini- make time to check it out and our recent interview below!!! Great artist here people so don't miss out- why did Macini turn away from gangster style music? What gives him the edge?  Knowledge beats ignorance so wise up!!

This Sunday- Cassandra London on

Jaz McKenzie

Macini interviewed by Jaz McKenzie for Buffaloo Radio

Rolling out show #3 'The Chill Out Zone' - Jaz McKenzie & DJ Freestyle with you every Sunday night 6-8pm GMT on BUFFALOO RADIO

We have been featuring Macini, a talented and ambitious artist currently know for his Dancehall tracks, and were delighted that he joined us to speak to you directly about his musical pathway and aspirations. Watch this interview to discover the Braap on Macini - what ticks his musical mind? Macini will shorty be releasing his first EP- Its Braap will continue to feature his new releases. We will share Macini's brand new video, 'Wen Mi Step Out' to give you an even better insight into his talent and style. Guaranteed the ladies will definitely love him.Stay tuned to Its Braap & Buffaloo Radio for more Macini!!

COMING NEXT SUNDAY~ We'll be bringing you the Braap on Cassandra London, talented multi-genre singer ' We;re hoping to tap into a little house music as well as Cassandra's beautiful natural vibes.

Jaz McKenzie

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Lose Yourself Walking on the Flume - Hudson Taylor

This is amazing!! Love the musical piano intro followed by classic rap & little walking on the ???. Skilful, inventive & beautifully executed- definitely warrants a share! Great music for a Saturday night!

Jaz McKenzie


Challenges are great and I am pleased to be involved in a challenging new project: the creation of a brand new show on Buffaloo Radio which is a joint venture between Buff of Buffaloo radio and myself.

The ultimate aim is to create a station in our own style which is going to take time and some newly acquired expertise... yes this will come!

DJ Freestyle and I are pleased to announce this weeks guests. We will have Dancehall/Reggae artist Macini in the studio with us to speak about his music, recent videos and forthcoming EP. We have been featuring Macini's music and it is wonderful to have sharing his own thoughts and background to his work.
Flower from Wize-Dome's beautiful garden- perfection!

We will be starting a new feature- Be Braap-Be Inspired, an extension of the feature I have been running on here, whereby we can take inspiration to a new level. Health permitting, we will be speaking with Phillip Peter's, AKA Wize-Dome the Lyricist, who will tell us what it's like living with a serious disease and most importantly, how he manages to stay positive. This should help the majority of us to be thankful for our good health and inspire the less fortunate to seek ways of encouraging themselves wherever possible. Wize-Dome is a sickle cell warrior who has managed to live with this disease most of his life and definitely doesn't grumble.
Wize-Dome... get to understand this week on

If you have any questions for Macini or Wizedome you may email them in advance to 

Do you have an interesting or inspirational story? If so, please contact us on the above email.

Artist who would like their music considered for our playlist can send MP3's to: stating NAME, GENRE, TRACK TITLES in the email header. MP'3s must be clearly labelled with the artists name & track title. If you are successful we will reply to you. Please note that we only play clean music and are non-political.

Looking forward to an exciting & successful show so be a part of it!!!

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 12 September 2014

Paloma Faith - Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Off the Cuff)

One of the best singers around today- an incredibly beautiful song and how did Paloma manage to express so much emotion in so few lines? Paloma Faith was raised in Hackney and took a while to enter the music industry as she has such a unique style which took a while to be embraced.
Personally I love songs that have a real musical accompaniment although certain genres are based on electronic music- without which there would be no house music!

Well, the Xfactor is in ful flow and I have heard a few good artists- not following quite so closely this year as I have more weekend commitments. Must play a little catch up!

Challenge: ti write a poem that express love as deeply as this song! Hmmmm- not easy.

Jaz McKenzie

Monday, 8 September 2014

Life can be amazing if you only believe!

Keep your eyes on the prize!! I am constantly amazed by the twists and turns experienced in life and cannot quite believe that the opportunity to host a radio show popped out of thin air- but was it thin air? Of course not- what we have in our heads appears in our lives when we truly believe in ourselves and I wanted to do more than just blogging. I love interviewing but whereas it's a slow old business conducting interviews and writing them up laboriously afterwards,Buffaloo Radio brings prompt results and is a great creative platform. Our first live interview today was with Frank Pitter (Symarip Pyramids- World famous Ska Band) during the second week of our show. With DJ Freestyles super sexy voice rolling out the jingles and Frank playing live sax on a Sunday I'd say we have got off to a terrific start. The introduction of less well known artists is going well and we even had a live link up with Michael Arkk to report on the Latin Heritage Carnival. This is only the beginning and we will gradually introduce more exciting ideas into the show. I think with live interviews lined up in the coming weeks the Chill Out Zone is going to be a show well worth tuning into on Sunday nights 6-8pm at and let's pay tribute to Lady Irie bringing us the Sunshine Vibes Show during the previous couple of hours. My advice- Join our station- it's free- spread the word and enjoy!!

Life can be amazing if you only believe
Take an idea, once conceived
Inhale, exhale, gently breathe
The elixir of life and carefully weave
Its magic through every strand
Each step you planned
Welcoming each surprise
As the veil gentle slips from your eyes
Revealing previously unattainable highs
Now clearly within reach
Your reward, success, success
as sweet as the juice of the ripest peach!

Jaz McKenzie ©

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Its Braap~Its Lyrically Challenging!!

' I've been down to the bottom of every bottle!'- 'How you remind me'- Nickleback

Having been through a challenging weekend I thought this little quote from a well known song should help us keep life in perspective. It serves as a reminder that however low we sink their is always a way back up and in terms of bottles the bottom is wide and the neck- narrow, so there's no easy way up!!

Attitude with determination is necessary for us to progress in life and in addition we must stay focused on our blessings, even if it's simply that we are able to get out of bed in the morning after all, what one person takes for granted another person would cherish. I always hold Peter Phillips AKA 'Wize-Dome The Lyricist' in high esteem as he moves with severe pain everyday, suffering from sickle cell anemia, and always remains positive and with a cheerful attitude.

Next time you find yourself in a challenging situation sort out the necessities from the non-urgent and keep your focus. Try to find some good in the situation and regard it as a temporary estate of affairs.

Lesson for life: Let's keep putting out the empties and moving on!!

Jaz McKenzie

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