Friday, 11 May 2018

WHO ARE YOU? The power of conditioning!

Okay- like the joke and it got me thinking. Conditioning is something we are born into which wraps itself around us like invisible thread. My first reaction to the word conditioning is negative. It makes me think of the way society conditions us, beginning with family and cultural traits, religions, advertising, news- in fact, basically we're like products who are in receipt of other people's conditions 24/7.

Some of this is excellent. We acquire emotional, social and intellectual blueprints, many of which serve us well, and whilst we are still children we benefit from having guidance and boundaries. Once we mature however the things we have always believed may no longer be of benefit and sometimes having been bound so tightly by expectations, we create paths in life that do not suit us.

Let's consider this fun picture. Yes it made me laugh and is a brilliant commercial product no doubt. However in this age of independent women there are many ways you can look at this! On a serious note, women are generally nurtured to one set of expectations and men to another. This nurturing ensures we see the world and our future in a very particular way from a young age, These perceptions will change with each generation as society is constantly evolving, therefore family structure has come a long way from married opposite sex parents with 2.4 children to a whole range of different combinations. Part of becoming an adult for all us is to challenge our thinking and those with true insight realise that the past cannot dictate the future. We have the power to break free from the conditions that have dominated our lives and become the person we wish to be. This power relies on practice and means that we need to recondition ourselves, change our thinking, change our self-perception, change out habits, change our expectations and stop being hard on ourselves during each new learning process. When we are kind to ourselves and focus on being happy we will be able to work at the process more easily and create good results.

If there's something within yourself or in your life that you really don't like, change it. If you want a new home, travel, different type of lifestyle- change it. You really do have that ability and there are endless resources from motivational material to education, even functions that help you expand your mind. When you have some aims you will find you meet people who are thinking in a similar way and that is one of the keys to success. Yes there will be sacrifices, things that fall away but remember, you can be bound to mediocrity or bound for success!

Jaz McKenzie ~ The Word Magician

Sunday, 6 May 2018

New Cross Art Exhibition Reviewed as a poem- 'Echoes Of Justice'

Annick Chevassu- spot the lady by the bin!

Last week I attended an art exhibition at New Cross Police Station, displaying the talents of sculpture students attending the Camberwell College of Arts and I had no prior knowledge that this was the venue. It was quite a creepy environment, especially the darkly illuminated cell when Oliver, who invited me, decided to close the door! Standing on your own in one of these cells when you're mildly claustrophobic might be termed therapy but is not recommended. Shudder! Apparently the police station ceased functioning around 20 years ago and would be a brilliant set for a short movie.

I can't say I understood the art however I found it intriguing. I was told that the exhibition was very much a group project where ideas were shared and the works were created collaboratively.

Participants: Fungai Benhura, Annick Chevassu, Rose Creasey, Chaz Kimble, Sondos Mahdy, Anastasia Meredith-Goujon, Afonso Guimaraes, Theo Tzannetakis.

Oliver Yu Chan 

It is right that the past bridges the future.
Echoes of criminal intent, of actions
Imprinted vibrationally within cell walls
New Cross Police Station, shut forever
Slayed by societies financial dictate
No doubt over-riding local necessity
By the powers that be and always will be

New life in old walls- vibrant personalities
Minds meeting collectively and creatively
Expressing themselves, channeling through art
Sculpting their ideas into pre-sized boxes!
Whoever would have thought they were fit for purpose?
Collaboratively fused and beautifully blended
Expressions created, responses evoked

The power of enforcement stretched and twisted
Into modern day concepts viewed here and now
Florescent notes peeping, sounds blaring, screen rolling
Whilst an ancient Asian lady, as perceived by my eyes,
Waves her spell beneath heavily weighted clouds
Casting her magical powers to infuse new life
Into a can of skulls, restoring faith in our future

Jaz McKenzie 2018 © ~ The Word Magician