Saturday, 25 October 2014

Love Bob Marley? Lindsay Donald speaks about his time with Bob & More!!

The Chill Out Zone has been rolling for a few weeks now and we have heard from several different artists- all singers. Tomorrow we will be switching up the heat as Lindsay Donald, one of Jamaica's top photographers, will be sharing some tales about the times he spent with Bob Marley and other well known people. Interestingly, Lindsay was touring with Bob Marley in the states at the time Bob died. 

Lindsay has lived in several countries including Africa and in addition to world history has lived through the age of photographic history from the old box cameras through to the current digital age. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear from Lindsay first hand and also to follow the journey of his amazing book, 'Portrait of a Legend and other Folk.' A first class masterpiece which I have been blessed to see at his book launch. 

So please share this invitation and make sure you tune into Buffaloo Radio tomorrow evening (Sunday 26th Oct) between 6-8pm GMT (1-3pm EDT) - Remember the clocks go back otherwise you'll miss the first hour! I know it will prove to be an interesting couple of hours and we will include Lindsay's personal Top Ten Tunes throughout the show- No, they're not all reggae!! Really looking forward to this as all of our interviews have been well received & enjoyed by the interviewees!

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 24 October 2014

Have Questions?~Have Answers!! #25- Why watch the news?

The news is generally so depressing I sometimes actively avoid watching it, especially when certain subjects seem to run forever. Ebola- one of the strangest phenomena around at the moment. Despite Nigeria being Ebola free, it  is certainly claiming far too many lives. I heard that this is the eight Ebola outbreak and the numbers surviving can be very variable. In view of the severity you have to wonder why general flights are allowed in and out of affected countries putting the world at risk and why aren't bodies cremated instead of being buried? Obviously this must be down to local beliefs but surely the living should be the key consideration.

We all know news is carefully selected and used to control the vibration across the world; keep it negative & keep the masses in control- No I'm not one for conspiracy theories in general but harping on about war, poverty, disease, lack of jobs etc is definitely not going to boost public morale and make people happy is it! Of course, we are encouraged to be happy on occasion- mainly Royal and sporting occasions- that'll do just to lighten the mood for a few days!

The news sets standards in society to some extend especially with the emergence of celebrity news. The world's most eligible bachelor got married recently- who decided George Clooney was the most eligible bachelor in the first place? Celebrity plays a huge part in society and the famous go in and out of fashion- Look at Sarah Ferguson- you can be badly behaved and get away with it in the long term. Overall, much of the news is temporary never to be remembered and once told becomes history.

It can be really scary when you listen to the news and also documentaries which demonstrate the destruction of the world- people at war, volcanoes, moving underground plates that will flood the entire world, the possibility of worldwide germ warfare ( is that another term for Ebola?) Some of these things we cannot prepare for and on these occasions I feel ignorance is bliss.

If we filled our world with positive vibrations of joy and happiness we would be well on our way to healing it - and have you noticed the tendency to slip a little happy news item in at the end of the programme? Yes the world's a mess but hey- where there's life there's hope!

Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


I recently discovered that October is Down's Syndrome month, so Its Braap is going to help spread the word even though this month is drawing to a close- after all, Down's Syndrome is for life. This is just a little introductory snippet which will shortly be followed by an interview with Monique, mother of a Kody who has Down's Syndrome.

Stasyia's Story
Down syndrome occurs when an individual has three, rather than two, copies of the 21st chromosome. This additional genetic material alters the course of development and causes the characteristics associated with Down syndrome.
We can't figure out what the big deal is... it's just an extra chromosome! 

Living with Down syndrome- Further reading!

Sue Buckley

People with Down syndrome, whatever their age, are people first. They are people with abilities, strengths and weaknesses like everyone else. They may have additional needs but first they have the same needs as everyone else of their age group. The quality of health care, education and community support provided to children and adults with Down syndrome makes a real difference to their progress throughout life. This module provides an introduction to all the issues that need to be addressed to enable individuals with Down syndrome, and their families, to enjoy full and happy lives within their communities. It offers an overview of the development of individuals with Down syndrome from infancy to adult life. It also provides a summary of the causes of Down syndrome, the incidence and prevalence of the condition, life expectancy and associated education and health care needs. Further modules in this series address each of these issues in detail.
Buckley SJ. Living with Down syndrome. Down Syndrome Issues and Information. 2000.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

XFactor- Still HOT or NOT??

The Xfactor is now in full flow with live performances from this years' finalists- here is an exceptional performance of Michael Jackson's Earth Song from Andrea Faustini. I was going to post Jay James singing '500 Miles' from last night's show as Jay gave an outstanding performance which has gone into the iTunes charts, however the video quality was extremely poor. Apparently Jay's 'original performance' is not so original, being similar to a previous version by, 'Sleeping At Last.' It's a difficult call as I know from personal experience as Chloe's version of Toxic was remarkably similar to unknown singer Tsega's live performance.

Usually I watch the programme avidly however this year the formula has become very stale. Yes, there are many good singers although Simon's 'clown' is a real shock... can't recall his name but every week's a pantomime! Jay's song was outstanding and clearly he has the potential to become a great commercial singer, but the Xfactor is clearly all about rehashing songs and.making them your own, giving us the added excitement of guessing what the contestant is singing whenever the songs start! Straight singing is out of fashion leaving riffs & trills the order of the day, to the point where tunes are heavily over-embellished with contestants often sliding out of key as they try to maintain their focus.

It's a shame that the slightly quirky singers will suffer as a result of not being commercial enough- the public en mass are like sheep and still require same old. I think that the Xfactor is still a great route of opportunity for many aspiring artists but unfortunately it has gone off the boil.On a different note, poor Cheryl had nothing good to say once Simon Cowell referred to her as Kermit- thanks to Cheryl's bright green dress. Uncalled for as was her response to all subsequent contestants and this comment has created a huge stir on twitter.

After thought- I wonder how 'Strictly' is doing? Has that become tedious too?

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! -Real Quotes from Real People!!

'One person's weakness is another person's strength'~ Jaz McKenzie

I honestly thought this would be a listed saying however it's not coming up as one! Basically I was speaking online to Lisa Jacobs today who explained that she can't cope with large plants and trees but can easily handle a spider!! Each to their own and wow how incredible life is creating us individually with different strengths and weaknesse;, otherwise how would we cope? What are you good at or unafraid of? We're not just looking at phobias- skills are another part of the same picture.

THOUGHT: Give thanks for your weaknesses- they create an opportunity for others to feel good about themselves!!

If you have a favourite quote or find an inspiring status you can record it on your phone and send with your name to: to be included on 'The Chill Out Zone' BUFFALOO RADIO~ SUNDAY'S 6-8PM GMT/1-3PM EDT THANK YOU

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 10 October 2014

Steele-She Believes In Me- a MUST PLAY!

Such a beautiful version of Kenny Roger's song you think you're listening to an original until the chorus hits! Steele is clearly an artist of high calibre and this is a song that could easily hit the international main stream charts with Steele's clear strong voice and quality production. Steele is currently touring and interviewing in several countries from the UK to USA & the Caribbean.

To find out more of MUSIC MEDIA MANAGEMENT artists contact: Diania Elliott Tomlin Perkins

Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Five Minute Miracle - Daily Guided Meditation

This is a very different type of meditation to the ones I have become used to it. It is more a way of processing thoughts towards a clear direction with the intention of  creating the life you really desire, so acts as a good reminder or introduction to mind modelling. The key to meditation for me is being quiet and comfortable- you really don't have to assume strange positions or be able to totally empty your mind, but you do need to try and quieten the inner chatter!

The purpose of having your feet on the floor is to remain grounded, and if you wish to be even more grounded you can meditate whilst holding a crystal that works with your root chakras (energy centres) - I have a nice large desert rose crystal, similar to the one pictured below, however you can go to a crystal shop or look online to find out more if this interests you.

Meditation is something I thought I could never do but, as with most things, it is a matter of practice. I find short periods of no more than 20 minutes are helpful as long periods tend to over-activate my mind and can open it to negative thoughts creating stress! These are the deep meditations that incorporate all sorts of waves affecting your brain. How we feel depends very much upon the type of meditation, our mood and situation. As with all things we need to experiment to see what suits us most and what suited us a month ago may not suit us today as we need different things at different times in our lives.

This particular meditation is very light and personal so why not give it a go!

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Michael Arkk in The Chill Out Zone


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Have Questions~Have Answers #24- Is there ever enough time?

I was going to call this article, 'Why is there never enough time?' but some people seem to do so much they leave the rest of us wondering- how?

I am not super woman and having been smitten with a bug and out of operation for 3 evenings & 2 whole days, leaving me feeling 'lazy.' That's a significant amount of time which cannot be recovered, so a week later instead of midweek, I'm posting a new blog.  This is frustrating and the bigger picture has also shifted slightly since starting to work on 'The Chill Out Zone,' my weekly radio show co-hosted with DJ Freestyle. There are other calls on my time too so fitting it all in has become very challenging. Once we have more demands on our time we start to realise how precious time truly is.

What do you need to fit into your week and how do you go about it? There is usually a mixture of work, self- time (relaxation, hobbies,) family/partner time including meals out etc and other important commitments. Those of us who have good heads for business know how important it is to create a schedule in order to cover everything- personally I haven't cracked this one but need to make more effort! If you just set a couple of targets for the week or start your day at a set time, possibly earlier, things may fall into place better. Knowing what you wish to achieve creates motivation and a desire to fulfill your aims.

Stamina is important. Some people almost work around the clock however these are exceptions not the rule- can be a great guilt inducer however! The thing is we are individuals and need to respect our own bodies, including our individual time clock, by introducing a manageable work load, manageable stress load and so forth. We work with what we have and maybe would benefit from juggling it a little better. I have found recently that I'm more productive when working with the radio playing than the TV. Musicality creates good vibes if you tune into good music which is positive overall. For some reason TV shows seem to drain energy- except Keith Lemon as I mentioned last week but you can't laugh & work!

In reality, if you are short of time you may well have taken on too much or not learnt the art of delegation and trust. Very often people are willing to help us if we allow them to do so. Finding people who can do the parts of a project that you find difficult is also helpful and often people will help you in exchange for your skills if cash is tight.

Once we stop to look at how we use our time we will probably be able to see where we misuse it. Yes there are times when we are exhausted and need to take time out, but if you work well most days this will not have a huge effect overall and will help re-tune your inner engine. If you have a high energy day, be extra productive- that's the purpose of such times. If you feel like flying then fly!!

Rememeber- we don't know the truth about time. It is a natural resource that flows endlessly, being a monumental universal resource. In order to understand/facilitate it, time has been divided into man made chunks. This is our baseline in the real world and without global understanding all the markets in the world would crash- hence we do not war over who has the correct time! Time can seem to last forever or be over in a flash dependent on our state of mind- at the time! What we need is to make it work for us and enjoy a balanced life. If you can achieve that, you can achieve almost anything. Use your time to live life & love life to the max.

Jaz McKenzie

Amaziah live interview on Buffaloo Radio- Sept 14

Sharing last week's show with you. Quality artists Amaziah speaks about her career & sings live for you. Check it out to get a feel for Amaziah's music & our show!! It's a work in progress & your support is very much appreciated. The Chill Out Zone- Sundays on Buffaloo Radio 6-8pm UK Tome, 1-3pm EDT Thank you.

Jaz McKenzie