Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Elephant Of My Heart~ Award Winning Play!








& SATURDAY 23rd JULY at 2pm & 5pm

THE ELEPHANT OF MY HEART - Saturday 2nd to Monday 4th July 2016 at 6pm
A story of wonder and delight, .teaching us, young and old, we can all conquer our fears and learn to fly. The Elephant of My Heart is being produced for The Edinburgh Festival by Prospero Theatre in association with Another Way Theatre. The 8th Annual Caterham Festival hosts the WORLD PREMIERE at The British Legion from Saturday 2nd to Monday 4th July 2016 at 6pmAn enchanting and inventive ensemble musical play for children and adults adapted from Jessica Clements novel of the same name, based on true life events. Directed by Beth Wood with original music throughout written by Chris Chambers.  A nine year old girl (Rosie Chambers) recovering from surgery is visited by a 10 foot elephant and a host of other splendid creatures. Together they help her to find the light at the end of the tunnel, even if she does get rather wet along the way!  Rosie (Age 9) is supported by six strong professional adult ensemble actors including Mum & Dad and real life grown up Jessica Clements whose true story is being told.  Written especially for Edinburgh, the play is just under an hour long.

Venues and Dates
Saturday 2nd to Monday 4th July 6pm  8th Annual Award Winning Caterham Festival The British Legion, 15 Town End, Caterham CR3 5UJ
Tickets available from
beth@prosperotheatre.com  07956 674966

Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd July 6pm

Saturday 23rd July 2pm & 5pm

The Network Theatre 246a Lower Rd Waterloo SE1 6SF

Friday 5th to Tuesday 16th August 1.50pm
Venue No 209 Emerald Theatre, Greenside Nicolson Sq, Edinburgh EH8 9BX

PRICES: Adults £10; Concessions £7; Family Ticket £25 (2 adults/2 children)

CAST: Adam Walker-Kavanagh, Chris Chambers, Felicity Huxley-Miners, Jessica Clements, Nicky Chambers, Rebecca Emily Riley, Rosie Chambers
SET DESIGN & PUPPETS: Jill ‘Wiggy’ Wilson
STAGE MANAGER: Louise Harter
ELE PUPPET: Helen Manners

Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Walk By The Water- Poem by April D. Aries

Pic taken by April D. Aries


A walk by the water
A walk with nature
The beauty and scenery
The peace
Moments of freedom
At ease ~  April D. Aries © 15/06/16

A walk to relieve the soul
A walk re-fragmenting the whole
That allows you to be your goal
Deep peace
Moments of clarity
Just be~ Jaz McKenzie © 16/06/16

April D. Aries is a professional Radio show host and more besides! April posted her poem on Facebook recently and I felt an immediate connection and flow so added a verse, expanding the theme.

Poetic words are all about expression and capturing the imagination. In this instance April wrote a verse that spoke to me- as a fellow walker and poet. Walking is not just great exercise, it also gives you mind space enabling freedom of thought. During these mind liberating walks we are able to release tension, just enjoy the moment or allow our subconscious to ruminate over different events, conversations, ambitions or situations. Walks are one of natures de-stressing tools that helps us return to our default setting of calm and control. No wonder people tell us to take a walk if we get mad! Personally I like to walk as much as possible, being my primary exercise, and usually come back pretty joyful.

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician. Contact me for help with your image: itsbraap@live.co.uk

Saturday, 25 June 2016

[MIHO] Make It Happen Organisation Statement & Thank You Message Regarding The People’s Festival

MIHO would like to say that we are thankful and grateful for the opportunity to put on an event in aid of the Queen’s 90th birthday.  It brought back the days of Street Parties and community togetherness that was once the beating heart of every community in every borough.

We are also proud to announce that we managed to reach a diverse range of event participants as well as event attendees in terms of age, race, religion, sex and culture. To hit the demographic from toddler to mature senior member of the community is pretty challenging, but we are happy to state that we achieved that goal.

This years charity partner was the O’’Bay Community Trust and we as an organisation were proud to fund raise on their behalf.

It was a pleasure and an honour for the Mayoress of Enfield - Bernadette Lappage opening The People’s Festival, her first visit in a diary of a busy schedule of events she was due to visit on Saturday 11th June 2016. 

Thanks to Ponders End Community Development Trust for the partnership working and support, without which the festival would not have happened. 
MIHO would also like to thank Carlito’s Tint’s, AVA Supermarket, Enterprise Enfield, London Borough of Enfield, Lovell and the Alma Residents Assoc' for all the sponsorship they have afforded to this years Festival, DJ’s such as; DJ Omar, DJ Lady Bimma, Tony F, DJ Shocker, Groove Merchant and Mr B.

Also Barclays Bank staff – for all the magnificent volunteers who helped at The People’s Festival, they made a huge difference assisting around the children’s areas which became kept them busy all day, they were all so enthusiastic and helpful, we loved working with them.

I would personally like to thank all the members of our MIHO team Gina Needs, Mark Galloway, Ron and Jon Parkinson, whose hard work all day made the event a success despite any challenges that arose.

On behalf of everyone involved, it was an honour and a pleasure to bring you The People’s Festival this year. We’ll definitely be back next year much bigger, much better and hopefully with more of the individuals who sponsored and supported our event, to prove they do care about our community and all of its participants whether business or residential.

Warmest regards

Omar Lawrence

EVENT PR Courtesy of Mark Galloway- contact:  m.a.galloway@hotmail.co.uk

Friday, 10 June 2016

METAMORPHOSIS A.D~ A day on set with film maker Paul Van Beaumont

Metamorphosis A.D - a short film by actor/ film maker Paul Van Beaumont

Wow, what a cool film title- and I was fortunate to be invited along to one of the key scenes, the metamorphosis itself ,some of which was shot using green screen. Note, the actual technique that metamorphosizes the characters is highly specialised and applied during editing. 

I have been on shoots before but this was quite an eye opener. Firstly it was a night scene shot during a hot day, so the room needed to be blacked out for the filming to be effective--- swelter, swelter! Can you imagine it- closed windows and blinds combined with studio lighting and four people in the room? Kudos to everybody and have to say I was extremely impressed by the professional attitude of both actresses, Lobna Futers and Kasey Sfetsios, who share the character Carmen- fantastic job with both keeping their focus and calm for hours!

Kasey Sfetsios
Paul Van Beaumont has a very clear vision for the film and knows exactly what he is aiming to achieve in each shot. Due to the skill of the actresses very few re-takes were required; and I liked the way Paul encouraged both Kasey and Lobna to contribute their own ideas to the scene, making use of natural props. One interesting twist Paul decided to include, knowing the background of his actresses, were the native languages spoken by them and used during meditation, Kasey speaking Afrikaans whilst Lobna spoke in Arabic. This definitely added a little mysticism to the chanting, thus extending the character 'Carmen' whilst utilising the girls’ abilities.

Paul Van Beaumont
I think Paul’s choice of actresses totally reflects the aim of the film. Carmen has two sides, the apparently innocent Kasey- whose face undergoes an astonishing transformation once she begins chanting, and the traditional ‘darker side’ played by Lobna. The striking physical contrast and mild similarity between the two works perfectly for the metamorphosis.

Lobna writing in Arabic whilst I'm chilling!
The most challenging 'technically tricky' scene in my estimation was that of Kasey sitting in a ring of candles meditating. For this to work properly the mini camera had to be positioned on the ceiling- in exactly the right place and due to technical reasons the rest of us left the room while the camera was running in order to acquire a clear shot. One of the tricks of the trade about which I knew nothing! The heat and the cameras were not best friends however sufficient footage was shot and I know that it has been skilfully edited since.

Lobna Futers
Once Kasey had completed her footage, Lobna stripped off the somewhat overheated make-up and replaced it to compliment her next look- the scene in which… well, I'd better not give too much away! At this point Paul was needed in front of the camera leaving me to click the right buttons- was that too trusting as I’m deffo not the best qualified for the task? Apparently it was a justifiable decision as the shots came out ok!

To round off the day’s shooting, we finished with some outdoor scenes of Lobna in central Watford.  Paul had taken test shots of the area previously and included a little extra footage that he felt would contribute well to the film. I am excited about this project and although the filming is not yet complete you can watch the trailer, which was made a little while ago, and start anticipating the final result! I was very impressed with this trailer and it definitely has a big screen feel to match its title- Metamorphosis AD really does sound like a box office smash to me! Once the film is complete we will be speaking with Paul about his ideas and the final product, something else for you all to look forward to.
Jaz McKenzie~ Word Magician                  Contact me: itsbraap@live.co.uk

Monday, 6 June 2016

The People's Festival~ A Free Party In The Park! Saurday 11th June

Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations Inspires Global Multi-Cultural
Free Family Festival

Have FUN- Enjoy the community event of the year- A Right Royal Knee’s Up With A Difference!!!.

To coincide with the royal celebrations, [MIHO] Make It Happen Organisation has planned this fabulous event in association with Ponders End Community Development Trust and are proud to have obtained sponsorship from many local companies such as; Showcase Acoustics, Carlito’s Tint’s, AVA Supermarket, YPS Phoneshop, Enterprise Enfield, L.B.E. and Lovell- in order to present you with a great family day out.

DJ Lady Bimma


Barclays and Tesco, will be supporting the event by providing volunteers who will happily undertake the task of fundraising for  the following charities:
O’’Bay Community Trust, 
Parents Engagement Panel, 
Kidney Patients Association 
Edmonton Eagles ABC. 

'The Challenge' anticipates that it will be able to supply even more volunteers.

DJ Omar

The People’s Festival~A Party In The Park

As The People's Festival is a fun day family attractions will include the; Toddler fun area, inflatable assault course, Zorbs, Raffles, face painting, Tea Party Tent, balloon making, arts & crafts and food from around the world... all you need to keep everyone happy and ensure a fun time!
DJ Shocker

Groove Merchant

The music sound stage will be supplied by Ebony Showcase and will be pulsating to the latest global music genres, provided by some of London’s finest and coolest radio, club and sound system DJ’s on the circuit, such as;

DJ Omar
DJ Lady Bimma
Tony F
DJ Shocker
Groove Merchant
Mr B

A stand alone date for your diary NOT to be missed!

Saturday 11th June 12-6pm

Ponders End Park EN3 4EY
[Off Ponders End High Road] 

Opposite Ponders End Library

Event Enquiries: miho.info1@gmail.com                                 www.facebook.com/MIHOinfo

For further information please contact;

Mark Galloway
PR & Communications                                        
Tel: 07774 666 060

2E Nags Head Road


Saturday, 4 June 2016

SERIES: Flying With Mozez~ Broken Toy

Broken Toy

Walking in the rain like a little boy with a broken toy
Eyes wide shut trying to loose all the pain you feel.
I am playing your favourite song so forget all that's been.
You've got to Learn to move on, you've got to learn to move on.

These words of Mozez from his song Broken Toy are challenging, comforting and direct. Being a fellow word magician I appreciate Mozez descriptive flair and ability to conjour up perfect images. You can’t fail to see this little boy wandering in the rain clutching hold of a toy that once functional, is no more. So many of us try to hold on to relationships that no longer work for us; even injecting more passion into them when they’re past their sell-by date. The time we need to invest this type of energy and emotion is during the period a relationship is working- sadly we tend to become complacent at this point rather than taking on the challenge of creating something that will endure. Too little too late- a familiar phrase!

The phrases that truly appeals to me is, ‘eyes wide shut.’ There are various facets to this phrase; here it means the shutting out of pain. Realistically we can’t achieve this as pain can never be buried forever. If pain isn’t dealt with we cannot be the person we were destined to be. Look at how many people have survived abuse in all its forms and gone on to become internationally recognised figures in their field. None of them achieved this by burying pain- or, if they did, there life probably needs a little more balance. Part of our make-up is to learn how to cope and become stronger but the depth of pain can make this hard to do. I have spent the past few years working on myself to re-address the balance in my life and start believing in my own talent. Having had my inner confidence knocked several times in the past, especially within relationships, I know the importance of taking time out for yourself to do some self healing. When you learn to love yourself you don’t give a toss what others think and you can throw the word needy out with the bath water!

It is so easy to go from one relationship straight into another with ‘eyes wide shut,’ simply because you’re afraid to be on your own. Unless you have exceptional judgement, this usually ends in a relationship where one party depends on the other- protective/possessive, or a relationship that is co-dependent – us against the world. Neither are healthy and the best relationships consist of two individuals who are happy in themselves, happy being together and supportive of each other without being over-baring.

On a daily basis we tend to keep our eyes wide shut to anything we choose not to think about. Politics- urrrgh, but some people love it! The trouble and strife within this world is a key point. We can shut our eyes because we choose not to help or simply because we don’t want to know anymore. Our conscious will answer those questions for us.

The main time we keep our eyes wide shut is in a bid to shy away from our fears. When we open them we gain knowledge and understanding that empowers us but we have to reach the point where we can accept that challenge. Think of a fairground- you can ride the roller coasters with eyes shut or open, but unless you open them you will miss the true thrill of the ride.

There’s a level of comfort projected throughout the song and you know Mozez has got your back! When we feel down we need to crank up our internal engine with positive vibrations- which is where music and walks in the park fit in. You have to make a positive effort to move on otherwise you'll wallow in sadness and gloom. When we split up with somebody it may seem like the end of the world however, time really is a healer and if a relationship has ended it’s ultimately making way for a better one. The question is, how do you bring that better relationship in?  The quickest answer is to have different expectations and do things differently! Everything comes down to acceptance, letting go, learning a few lessons and moving forwards. Too many people go back to failed relationships especially as it is an easier option than starting again. Another common mistake is being determined not to re-experience the experience and that puts the bad things straight back into your aura. Go for what you want and don’t think back through the old troubles. In rare cases people can go back to a failed relationship after a period of separation and that’s the right course of action but as a general rule, let go of that broken toy people- it no longer serves you.

Coming up next time: More about Numen Record artists

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician