Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

With Kate Bush clearly stamping her mark on the British pop music industry it seems appropriate to play the one song that is no longer within reach of her vocal expertise, Over thirty years since she last toured and all shows have sold out- that's a pretty phenomenal achievement and such a shame that some of her performance has been leaked on Youtube- well, Kate thinks so but I reckon fans who were unable to access tickets won't agree!

This song is truly iconic, the subject matter being original pretty wild. Wuthering Heights is a skillful piece of work and you can truly feel the atmosphere, conjuring up images of the bleak moors, backdrop to a literary romance. Kate looks totally ethereal  and is entrancing, the simplicity of the video working beautifully.

I think that it is really refreshing when a pop star remains true to their own style and especially when they succeed in keeping their private life private; maybe a sign of previous times and definitely something to cherish. Clearly Kate is still a huge hit and what a lovely experience for her fans who may well have expected Kate to continue as a recording artist.

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 22 August 2014

THE WIND OF CHANGE- short poem by Jaz McKenzie



Once created we evolved
Finding our power, which took a hold- 
The power of the individual, the power of a group, the power of nations within nations!
Turning the warmth of a beautiful world cold

Power generating the desire to rule, so don't be a fool our way is right; 
Stand up for your beliefs and fight!
Evolution bows to revolution.
But how can revolution have eternal reign?
Ultimately what can mankind possibly gain?
Let's return to our roots for a new refrain
Resolution, no win -no lose
Let's resolve to agree
and allow evolution the power to be
Mental and spiritual freedom
Flowing on a much higher plain
Greatest example of familiarity-
our misguided belief that there has to be
Pain to Gain


Sadly we seem to be stuck in a rut, the power of the few over-riding the good intentions of the masses
Awaiting the wind of change

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers? #22- How can you sell a dream?

Having dreams is all well and good, in fact, it's positively healthy as our dreams inspire us to make more of our lives, but how can we sell these dreams to others?

Of course, this will depend upon your dream however most dreams need help from other people if we are to achieve. Whereas the idea of living alone on a tropical island might sound tempting at times, there are very few uninhabited tropical islands and even then you need a few millions to buy once, so you're going to have to raise the money somehow!

Getting people to buy into your dreams is an art taking persistence and skill. First of all you need to believe in your dream. Where there is no belief how can opportunity come knocking on your door? Lack of belief generates negative energy and with negative meaning NO, there is no way forwards! You have a dream- what stops you believing in it? Identify and keep breaking it back down until you discover something that is achievable. This is your base line. Do the achievable thing and look for the next. Straight away you are on an upwards path and have something to get excited about.

You see, excitement is key. Excitement creates a strong vibration which sweeps other people along and into your world. Just look at Macky McPherson who founded Urban Delight Entertainment. Macky has  a whole set of beliefs and started working on them, drawing others in and now reaching a point where he has a team of artists who will be touring Ghana in October- How phenomenal is that? But it didn't just happen; Macky decided what he wanted and set to work creating and expanding every opportunity. Keeping an open mind is often key as quite often we don't know where things will come from. I have been blessed to achieve many things, often without realising it and look backwards thinking WOW, never thought I'd do that!

Knowing and focusing are key. You cannot reach your destination if you don't have a clue where you're going! Sometimes all we need is the destination and the belief/desire, finding that once we start taking baby steps the dots will join themselves. Your confidence will also build with progress. Once you start on your way you will have a real dream to sell that others can buy into. How many times have you bought something you don't need just because the sales assistant was very persuasive? These persuasive sales assistants have one great skill- to speak passionately  about their products and your dream is your product. You need passion and to know all about that product so you can speak with confidence. If your vision needs clarity, pray about it. Ask yourself what's lacking and ask friends if they have ideas that can feed into your vision. That's what a good friend's are for but sometimes they simply don't understand your dreams or think they won't work. Here we consider how many times the greatest inventors have been ridiculed yet they believed in themselves and persisted against the odds.

Never let a lack of finance stop you. If the dream is right the finance will follow and other alternatives may appear along the way.

If you believe it~GO FOR IT! Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you when times get tough as they will help to keep your spirit strong. Life is not easy and often we are strongest at our weakest when there is nothing to lose, so sort your dreams out now and the work begins today!

Jaz McKenzie

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers? #21- How often do you evaluate your friendship?

How often do we evaluate our friendships? This is not as obscure as it sounds. Evaluating friendships- why should we even consider doing something like this, after all, we know our friends don't we. Statement.

The fact is, we may think that we know our friends and believe that only good intentions surround us. If that were the case, how come so many people get hurt, suffering immeasurable pain when a friend becomes distant or aggressive in attitude? We are human and all of us prone to moods, having times when we are over-loaded with worries or stress; but true friends remain supportive through difficult times.

So how do we evaluate friendships? We go to gut instinct as it has a way of informing us quite unlike anything else. The gut speaks if we are prepared to listen. It does so through feelings more often than not. If you find you have niggling worries about something then all is probably not well.

A great tell tale sign is the way you feel when you have finished speaking to a person. If you walk away feeling emotionally drained, heavy, upset or find you constantly question your own decisions it is likely your friend is not supportive. There are cases where people like us to rely on them so that they feel important.

If someone constantly undermines your confidence they are not serving a useful purpose and you may need to distance yourself. Sometimes our relatives can do this to us so you might need to find inner reserves and start standing up for yourself.

Who are these friends that tell the tone deaf they can sing? People who cannot be truthful with you are not great friends. Telling people what they want to hear is not always a kindness however if people take pleasure in criticising you and you sense malicious intent, they definitely fit the toxic friend category.

People change. It is important to be aware of these changes and try to identify the reasons behind them, Sometimes we are the people who change and develop a different outlook on life. People may suddenly seem too narrow minded or we realise how self-centered they have become and find ourselves seeking new friendships. These natural progressions are good. Other times we may have to go through major life-changing situations in order to re-build our circles and establish our new persona's.

It is good to re-evaluate and we do not need to drop people like hot bricks unless a particularly nasty situation occurs. An awareness of how we feel about others should be all we need, enabling us to think through situations and make good, positive decisions.

Maybe it's a good time to see where you are in life and who you would like to take forwards with you because if you hold on to the wrong people you will only succeed in holding yourself back.

Jaz McKenzie

Thursday, 7 August 2014

My World~ New inspiring video from artist SAVANA

Loving this video from Savana who really tells it how it should be! No matter what is going on in this world we are responsible for ourselves and it is up to us to live the dream. You can create a world within a world which doesn't mean cutting yourself off from the rest of the human race, it means knowing who you are and what you stand for, living accordingly.

So many of us under estimate the power we have over our thoughts and minds, creating limits which cap our life style and ambitions. I have to say, on a serious/lighter note, this video really makes me want to go to Jamaica and experience the natural beauty of the island first hand!! Some wonderful shots here and thoroughly enjoyed the easy style beat, on point lyrics and celebration of life- nice one Savana!!

This is just one of Savana's new songs that will be released on his up-coming album. I have been told that it's an exceptional piece of work and is set to generate waves of excitement, so stay tuned!


Jaz McKenzie