Tuesday, 30 July 2013



Hope you read our article on Fear and here are the top 10 phobias? How did you do?

Personally I find number 7 most interesting!! Number 8 is clearly reflective of modern society… how sad!
site reference: top-10-phobias

1.            Acrophobia- fear of heights

2.            Arachnophobia- fear of spiders

3.            Pyrophobia- fear of fire

4.            Claustrophobia- fear of confined spaces

5.            Nyctohylophobia-  fear of the dark

6.            Obeseophobia- fear of obesity

7.            Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- fear of long words (!!!!)

8.            Aquaphobia- fear of water

9.            Coulrophobia- fear of clowns

If you do have a genuine phobia, please seek proper help. There is absolutely no point living with a major anxiety, so set yourself free!

 Jaz McKenzie
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WHY FOCUS ON FEAR? Understanding fear & how to cope.


BECAUSE: Fear holds us back, encourages us to procrastinate and effectively keeps  us prisoners within our current situation.

This might sound a little dramatic but you only have to look at fear in its worst state- a phobia, to see the extent that fear can really corrupt lives. For example, people with agoraphobia cannot leave their homes, being afraid of crowds or open spaces and so they quite literally live in a box.  What do you think are the top 10 phobias? I’ll add them separately so have a go at guessing! Of course, many of us can experience phobic tendencies without the full blown phobia!.

There are different types of fear:

·        Extreme fear in very real, dangerous situations which we have no forewarning of causing us to act on instinct.

·        Learned fear. Domestic violence is a clear example. We know what to expect and brace ourselves accordingly.

·        Fear of the unknown usually experienced in new and challenging situations.

·        Fear due to lack of knowledge or skills. Maybe we have no idea how to sort out our debt so rip up all the outstanding demands!

·        Fear due to lack of self- confidence. We know what we need to do but lack the ability to do it.

The first fear  in this list is the only fear we can do nothing about. Everything else is within our power because we have the power to change. We can change our thinking, gain new knowledge, learn to strategize and find support. Here is a popular, useful acronym for fear:

False Evidence Appearing Real~ this helps us to look our fears in the face and decide how we are going to deal with them. Once we gain understanding of our fear we are able to do something about it. Fear is usually false as it results from our perception. If the situation we fear is genuine, everyone would be afraid of it. This is not the case as there are people who are afraid of nothing; difficult situations are simply seen as a new challenge regardless of how dire they appear.

As with many things in life, the best way to fight fear is with fear so here is the FEAR FORMULA:

Facts- spend time study the real facts, not your initial assumptions

Energize- Fill yourself with energy. Make sure you have enough sleep instead of sleepless nights!

Aspire- set out what you need to do in order to overcome the situation

Resolve- take action and do everything to deal with the situation ensuring you reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Dealing with fear is not easy, but living in fear is even harder. Once you learn to face your fears your confidence will grow and you will be better equipped to deal with life, being more determined in the future. 

Jaz McKenzie~ the 10 top phobias will be posted shortly!!
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Monday, 29 July 2013

Snapshots From The Bible WK 30~ Acts 20:35 Giving and receiving


Acts 2 V 35

‘In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ 

Children generally are very attuned to receiving. This is very obvious when their Birthdays or other celebrations occur and they are very quick to tell us exactly what they would like to receive! As adults, we enjoy seeing the look on our children’s faces as they open their presents and shriek with happiness seeing their expectations fulfilled! In situations like this the joy of giving is very obvious which is why, as people mature, they are often more interested in giving than receiving. We can learn a great deal about giving from children too because they are very loving, full of laughter and fun, all of which create the feel-good factor in us. 

As implied, giving is actually a very wide field and should never be confined to occasions. Sometimes giving requires dedication and it may involve hard work. Alternatively you can make a small commitment to giving in the first instance. A simple example is to give a smile to people when you are introduced, conveying a sense of pleasure and feeding into someone’s sense of self-worth. Giving support by making time to listen to people’s ideas or problems is very valid, especially as time is a precious commodity. Often people are able to make far better decisions having received the opinions or advice of others and seeing them achieve on a personal or business level is very rewarding.

Financial aid enables us to make a huge difference to other people’s lives in our own countries and abroad. What people sometimes fail to realise is that when you give whenever you are in a position to, you tend to receive at a time when you are in need. This does not mean you will necessarily receive like for like, you might receive something else- an unexpected job opportunity for instance after contributing hours coaching the community football team! 

Giving is immensely satisfying and no matter how strong we are and how good life is, there are times when we all benefit from the help and kindnesses other people show to us. Try opening your eyes and identifying genuine opportunities to give on a daily basis. You will add great value to your own life and the lives of others. 

Jaz McKenzie
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Friday, 26 July 2013

Poetry by RUMI -- Only Breath

Remarkable poem from the 13th Century which is set to the rhythm of breathing with the hint of a heart beat. Very meditative and gets you into the flow before the poem is recited. In a way, it puts our lives into context within the universe and spans far more than breathing itself.

Breath is elusive and cannot truly be captured, the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide mingling within the atmosphere, transparent, life giving. To breath properly and have full control of our breath is almost an art at times! Good breathing helps us to be in command of our bodies and emotions, being used to advantage in times of stress or other demands.

It is also something that we might not cherish, just taking it for-granted until we literally draw our last breath! Maybe we should give thanks in the morning and the evening for all of our basic bodily functions, and always live with the expectation of great health.

Jaz McKenzie

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime (High Quality - Remastered)

What a beautiful song to chill out with on a hot summer's evening. Full of melody and contrast with three different styles setting out in a thoughtful mood and leading to a little comedy! Just the thing to put us all in a fantastic mood and make the most of this stint of hot sunny weather.

Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Be A Realist~Expect A Miracle Everyday!!

These are two great slogans that encourage us to be brave and expand our thinking.
Firstly, what constitutes a miracle?
This will depend very much upon the way you look at life. Not every miracle is going to be huge. Sometimes we can experience little miracles that might not mean much to others but are miracles to us! Maybe something in your job went wrong and turned out to be a disaster. You go into the team meeting all fired up, expecting to be made the scapegoat, excuses at the ready but nothing happens. No-one points the finger of blame and the team accept the mistakes, deciding to forge a new way ahead. That might not sound like much but it's definitely a miracle to you. It is these little unexpected things that we really should appreciate because once we open up our channels of appreciation more good will flow through them.
Big miracles happen too. Maybe the sale of your house fell through and you thought you wouldn't be able to move into your ideal home; instead, going back to the drawing board  and starting all over again. Suddenly, you have a last minute buyer completely out of the blue and your move commences smoothly. That is a miracle. A personal example of this was many years ago when my child got into his secondary school by accident. The school office staff had mistakenly recorded him as a sibling- thank goodness as it was the only local school worth considering at the time and I had been praying for a miracle.
There are many people who recover from serious illnesses and accidents against the doctors predictions. This is where the two slogans meet. If you or your friends/family are seriously ill- demand the impossible. Nothing is impossible for God and if you truly believe you will get well there is a strong chance that this will happen. Sometimes you have a dream for your future which other people regard as ridiculous. If you believe in it and keep on striving, you will achieve the one thing that others regarded as impossible. Just about everything is possible when we believe otherwise there is no progress.
Most of us won't achieve everything we want in life  but when we look for miracles and strive for the impossible we will get far more out of it they we may have imagined. Instead of being content, we push ourselves to new levels, achieve more and will have a much more fulfilling life. Step outside your comfort zone and start expecting miracles and demanding the impossible NOW!
Jaz McKenzie
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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Snapshots From The Bible~ Week 29.

Genesis 13:14

'The LORD said to Abram, after Lot   had separated from him, “Lift up your eyes and look from the place where you are, northward and southward and eastward and westward,' 

It is very easy to look at a verse and take it at face value.  God was talking to Abram about physical land, land within this vision, however we can take the spot where Abram was standing and applying to this very moment in our life. Look around you: North, South, East and West to determine the options available to you!

Let’s consider the compass in the following manner:

North~ your future

You need a plan.
Picture the future in the way you desire. Who does it involve? If the right people are not currently on your radar, think them in! Put them in your dreams and believe this IS your reality. The same applies to experiences, employment or self- employment. Whatever you want, live, dream and believe in it. Don’t worry about the ‘how’s,’ just focus on the vision and everything will come into being.

‘We become what we think about most of the time’- Earl Nightingale

South~ your past.

Which elements from your past are foremost in your mind and why?

Separate them into negatives and positives. Put the positives in front of you and next to them add the lessons you learnt from the negatives. This provides a platform of experience and you would do well to draw from this as you move into the future. Think about what you want to achieve and mark off all the elements on the list that will help, actively committing them into your conscience. The more you look at them the more power they will have because they are already in your subconscious, therefore, just need refining and highlighting.

East~ physical resources
What resources do you need?

Take a look at all the types of help which are available to you. Where can you go to get finance for instance? What kind of training do you need? Are there any items of equipment or out-sourcing that will help you to achieve more quickly? Where can you find answers to your questions? We live in a world packed to capacity with masses of resources, all of which are very accessible with today’s technology. Don’t just sit there, go out and use them!

West~ human resources
Who can help you?

Look at the people in your life. Who is going to help you on this journey? Who is a hindrance? This is easy to answer; just see how you feel when you are around different individuals. If you feel great - keep them; if you don’t- ditch them! People often move away easily if you pay them less attention, so don’t make obvious moves, just become busy! You will need to form great new friendships and networks that help you to move towards your goals.

Finally~ lift up your eyes!
The way ahead!

Look at God and all He’s done for you. Give thanks and ask for everything you would like Him to do for you. Think it in and don’t worry about the ‘how’s.’ This is so important that I should really write it a third time! Each of us can live the life we want, it’s simply a matter of sticking to the rules, self-discipline, faith and guidance. God made many promises and all we have to do is claim them for ourselves. Put your focus all around and your faith in the centre, everything else will follow.
Jaz McKenzie

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Angel Words~ Is this a Coincidence or Divine Blessing?

A few months ago my son commented, 'Mum you're always mentioning angels in your poems, why's that?' The answer is simple, I believe in angels and their power to help and guide us.

Recently my friend Gemma told me about Angel cards and she brought some into work. Angel cards basically give you a message everyday. You ask a question, clear the cards, shuffle them and stop when you're ready. Sometimes a card will jump out and at other times you turn over the top card. This will give you guidance for the day and I have to say they are very accurate!

Yesterday I was using them with someone and put my 2 cards (quite often I feel compelled to pull out 2!!) back into the pack. Unusually, I had forgotten to write them down in the morning. I felt a little sad abut this as I am tracking them, so I cleared the deck and asked the angels to pull out my two cards. I shuffled expecting them to appear and one dropped out... you guessed it, that was the first card I had drawn earlier. I carried on shuffling and felt an urge to turn over the second card which was called, 'Energy Work. Looking at it, I suddenly recalled writing 'Reiki' on my board in the morning. Energy work refers to helping heal others and yourself initially.

This is super interesting because I had forgotten which card I pulled having left it in the pack all day. More interesting still, the reason I was doing a reading was because I was working with someone who needed emotional healing! Not only was this a coincidence, but the strategy I had designed to help her was spot on and has given her some serious ways of dealing with her current situation.

The question: Is this just a coincidence or is it a divine blessing?

I know it is a divine blessing because I was given exactly what I asked for, the same two cards! I would love to hear your opinions and more importantly, miraculous happenings. Please email itsbraap@live.co.uk so that we can share!! Thanks

Jaz McKenzie

How to get the best from your day~ You Know Its Braap!



It's very simple really, just focus on what you are doing NOW and deal with distractions promptly!

When we focus we achieve and achievement creates a positive feeling which attracts even more positive feelings. As you go through the day achieving, you will build up momentum and your output significantly increases. Incidentally, your confidence in your own abilities will increase as a result which feeds back into the achievement loop.

Sometimes we have little tasks to do and may be tempted to rush into them... Big Mistake~ I know! Been there, done that and shredded the evidence- countless papers- upon discovering I have missed things out- NOT GOOD! Far better to take a minute to assess a task so that we can go about it in an organized manner. Information gathering up-front prevents errors. We will also learn how to time our work when following a system because it is the errors that eat up our valuable time.

It doesn't matter what you are focusing on either. It could be something as simple as relaxation or meditation. Everything you consciously put into your life should be a worthy contribution and will acquire added value when undertaken with love and care. Let's take meditation for example. I am a beginner and am finding it hard to prevent my thoughts from wandering. When making an effort to focus I realise more quickly when I'm drifting from the core task: This realisation enables me to re-connect with it quickly. Ultimately the act of focusing frees up time for something else and erases frustration.

The ultimate reward for focus is an abundance of things to be thankful for, so when you pop off to bed you will be on a positive note without the need for worry and can benefit from a good night's sleep.

Jaz McKenzie

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes From Real People!! #29

'When two or three sciences are pursued at the same time if one of them be dry, as logic, let another be more entertaining, to secure the mind from weariness.'

I was thinking earlier today that the people I know who are truly successful in their way, basically meaning happy and content, all share one common denominator- they all laugh a lot. Not just at obviously funny things, but little things can also cause them to laugh even part-way through a sentence. This is interesting as it indicates that when you find joy in life your whole persona lights up and releases your true sense of humour.
This observation of Isaac Watts is basically saying the same thing, also with a dry sense of humour! If we study too studiously... yes I like that take LOL... people are less inclined to listen to us. The upshot is that people become so transfixed with their subjects they end up being a bore. Humour is a tonic which wake us up and prevents us from becoming weary. When you laugh how time flies! Laughter is a great learning aid, especially when we are learning new things: we remember them better if the teacher injects funny stories or examples. Laughter really does play a key part in enabling the retention of information.
Final thought, another brilliant side effect of laughter is that it keeps us young, in features and mind. How much better it is to grow old with laughter lines rather than frown lines! 
Jaz McKenzie
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Monday, 15 July 2013

toy story - you've got a friend in me music + +!!

We're having a complete change of style today with this very jolly song on an underlying blues beat!
This is such a great concept, putting joy into the blues and through doing so really hammers home the message that when you are down, change the script. Simple and effective technique that requires practice.

When you think about it, we should all sing this song to ourselves! You need to be your own best friend. Consult yourself, advise yourself, cheer yourself up, talk yourself out of your own fear, help yourself relax when facing anxiety or stress, treat yourself on a regular basis, take yourself out once in a while. Everything is about the way we view ourselves and our approach to life... enjoy the happy moments and on other occasions choose to employ mind over matter- and never forget, we should be the first person to come to our aid!

Not only is it a fantastic thing being your own friend, it is equally good to be a great friend to others. When people know you are reliable, can be depended on to give sound advice without pushing your point of view and know how to keep a confidence, they will value your friendship extremely highly.

To be a great friend and to have great friends makes life worth living-why? Because friendship means sharing the good experiences too. If we choose our friends wisely spending time with positive people whom we trust and enjoy being around, we create a great foundation to daily living. True friends will always be there for us and together we create the best experiences and memories in this beautiful game of life. Hold onto your friends and enjoy the ride!

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Snapshots From The Bible WK 28~ Proverbs 2:21 The upright shall dwell

Proverbs 2: 21

‘the upright shall dwell in the land and the perfect shall remain in it’

 Do you know who you are and where you stand?

Life fluctuates and changes all the time. Despite the beauty of life all of us go through dark periods, sometimes losing our way completely. During such times the strong minded people among us often rely upon their faith, trusting their spiritual capacity for help to get them through. They learn their lessons and move forwards. Other people are inclined to become ‘lost.’ This is especially true if the burdens around us feel overwhelming and our ability to cope is worn down; resulting in depression and an inability to function effectively.

This is very hard to cope with as it impacts upon our self-esteem and may affect our performance. We may well feel inspired and motivated but tend to procrastinate and avoid taking action. Of course we can ultimately learn from every experience and become stronger through doing so.  Many people have found themselves and their true passions as a result of the darkest moments of their lives when they were dwelling in an 'unsavoury land.'

Even if we are living in the ‘beautiful land’ as God intended we may well not meet the requirement of perfection as mentioned above. This is not a major problem. No one is ever perfect therefore God’s land would be a barren land if perfection referred to our own personal efforts. Fortunately it does not.

After many years I have realised that God’s forgiveness allows us to return to a point of perfection repeatedly. As humans, we should  have the intention in our heart to be perfect however we cannot maintain this state as sins will occur when we unwittingly stray off course. Intentional sin is an entirely different matter however God’s promise to us is that He will forgive all sin provided we are truly repentant.

Of course, there are times when this may seem unfair!! Especially when we hear of people repenting on their death beds after a lifetime filled with abundant wrong doing.  How does this make you feel or impact on you? The answer is that if you truly love yourself and God you should be quite comfortable with it. The important thing is that we are all given the opportunity to enter God’s kingdom and have been told countless times that the only person who can judge anyone is God Himself.

It takes maturity to grasp the apparent ‘unfairness’ in the world and in all things we need to consider our own thoughts and actions, these need to be our priorities. When we are focused and full of gratitude for all the good things in our lives more good follows both to us individually and those around. This will always help us to a great outlook and perspective on each new situation.

Initially God created a paradise however man messed it up. Fortunately much of the beautiful land still remains to be cared for and appreciated. We are living in God’s land every day and some of us are fortunate to own a piece of it! What we need to realise is that we have been promised a beautiful future in the next life where God truly reigns and everything will be exactly as he ordained. Now that really is something to look forward to.  In the meantime, just continue being as upright as you can until one day you enter the true realms of perfection!

Jaz McKenzie
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Saturday, 13 July 2013

How to grab an opportunity!

Life is full of opportunities, some of which are highly obvious. Look at this beautiful sunrise. If I were invited to take a trip and watch the sun rise across the sea I would do everything in my power to go after all, how can we refuse nature at its best?
The problem with opportunities is all too often internal. An opportunity will come along and we can be tempted towards taking an over-cautious approach. Yes, we will need basic details- what, when , where, cost and additional benefits. Having said that, there are times when our gut instinct will guide us against our reasoning mind.
If we spend too long weighing an opportunity up it might disappear before our very eyes and there is nothing worse than wondering what might have been- please note that this is never worthwhile!
To grab an opportunity we need to live in a state of expectation. Change and challenges are everything, they keep us young and lively minded. Some opportunities seem way out of our comfort zone yet it is these same experiences that bring the greatest sense of achievement. When presented with an opportunity we should consider what we have to gain rather than what we may lose. After all, most things in life can be replaced- except missed opportunities!
Even little opportunities can make a huge difference to us when we are living in a truly appreciative state. For example: If the sun is out we might be able to create an opportunity to enjoy it through re-arranging the timing of our schedule slightly.
Meeting new people often opens the door to new opportunities, as does studying a new subject or area of learning. Sometimes we feel an urge to say or do something yet insist on supressing that urge. This is unfortunate because it deprives others of listening to another point of view, extending a debate or making improvements to their services. Opportunities can be of great help to others and our comments may create new opportunities to extend business, service or product ranges.
Grabbing an opportunity may be directly linked to our confidence, so when an opportunity is offered we should tell ourselves that we can do it! After all, if someone presents an opportunity it is usually because they believe in our capabilities. 
Life is about awareness and creating our own opportunities. What do you want in life? How are you going to go about getting it? These are the keys you need to open doors. Once you set your mind to something you will be amazed at the opportunities that arise along the way enabling your plan to be fully actioned.
Life is meant to be fun, it is meant to be a little uncertain at times too- how great does a shot of natural adrenaline feel? The more natural highs we create the better and the more joy we experience on a day to day basis. It doesn't matter how sizeable an opportunity is, just grab it, enjoy it and before long the next one will put in an appearance. Never miss an opportunity, after all, it might prove to be the best thing you ever did!
Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 12 July 2013

I Give Thanks~ A poem to help us express gratitude for life

You can use this poem to help you tune into yourself and the world around. It should help you to create a wonderous, appreciative and thankful frame of mind. Add your own verses or thoughts!

I give thanks for the gentle breeze stroking my cheeks
Passing through an open window and snatches of early morning light 

I give thanks for the sweet chirps of the dawn chorus
Setting a joyful, natural tone, enlivening my awakening
I give thanks for opening my eyes slowly this new day
Privileged to be in a clean, dry, warm, safe place

I give thanks for all trees by the roadside, in open parks
To view freely their beautiful intricate trunks and outspread branches 

I give thanks for a world full of rivers, streams, oceans and seas
Still calm waters verses the crash of waves upon the shore, soothing me

I give thanks for the creation of colour, aesthetically pleasing
Whose power can change our minds and attitudes, creating positive flow 

I give thanks for all natural phenomena put here specifically for man
The flowers, animals, rocks and resources each serving us throughout the day

I give thanks for mankind, the power and wisdom to create
Art, technology, systems, the written word and all great things 

I give thanks for me. My body, mind and soul a thing of beauty
Striving to reach the destiny of my inner being 

I give thanks for the immortal trio LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT
Touching, healing, imbibing, re-juvenating our inner energy

I give thanks for this beautiful new day full of opportunity
Greeted with a sense of excitement and renewed energy

I give thanks for all that is within me, evolving slowly
Until I glow with the pure essences of peace, love, joy
I give thanks for the privileged realisation that we are here for one another
We are born equal and will dwell together in one kingdom throughout blessed eternity

I give thanks for death, a natural transition
Leading to the place where joy reigns eternal
And love abounds

Jaz McKenzie
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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Please watch this video ! It is beautiful . Might just make you cryy..

Here we have a wonderful example of the joy of children, pets and communication! Those little moments when understanding shows no bounds. We looked at the wisdom in using our words with care yesterday and this video is a brilliant example of how attuned we can be to those around.

This week we could observe the silent communication occurring around us and see what lessons can be learnt. How do we look walking up the street? What do our posture, our steps and our facial expressions convey to others?

When we listen to others properly our body language will reflect understanding and show empathy letting them know how much we care, how tuned in we are to their view point, whether we agree or disagree with their ideas.

Everyday we meet new people and also move amongst friends, family and colleagues. Sometimes people will feed back to us, 'what's the matter?' before we even speak! When in doubt we can ask how we come across and ask for advice. Our level of confidence is easily portrayed to others so it is always good to be prepared for each and every situation, researching new situations where possible.

Time to press replay and experience a few joyful moments between boy and Labrador!!

Jaz McKenzie

Monday, 8 July 2013

Snapshots From The Bible WK 27~ Proverbs 17:27- Speaking Wisely

Proverbs 17: 27

‘He that hath knowledge spareth his words: and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit’

It is so easy for us to speak just for the sake of it! Next time you are in a public place, tune into the conversations around and you will probably find that the majority of them are pretty inconsequential. Of course, we all have different priorities according to our social companions and what is important to one group of people may well be of no interest to another.

We need to be aware of our thoughts and subsequently our words. The knowledge spoken of here is not identified however it is apt to say that what comes out of our mouths defines who we are. What are your attitudes towards others? If you are the first to gossip you are spending little time thinking and are in a hurry to pass on what is usually malicious information of some form to others. A wise person does not indulge in gossip and hearsay- which generally grows out of proportion very quickly: we have all played Chinese whispers at some point!

It is good to spend time considering what you are going to say before you speak. This enables you to think a little about how your words might be received. Always speaking from a positive standpoint is helpful here, for example: you can just as easily tell someone where to put their wet umbrella rather than telling them to stop dripping it over the floor! This is a simple tactic that is easy to acquire with practice and can be applied to nearly every situation.

The more positive we are towards others, the more positive they become towards us. People like being around positive people rather than those who are always complaining. Knowing when to speak is important too. You cannot be included in every conversation and usually if you need to know something, someone is bound to tell you.

We are well advised to spend more time listening and absorbing information so that we have grasped it fully. Leaders may well speak a great deal but at the same time most of them read avidly and are very knowledgeable about many things. When you reach this point you command respect, even from those who do not agree with you.

How often do we speak? If you speak all the time others might switch off and miss the important things you wish to say. When people keep up a general monologue very little is heard as we start to think about other things and just nod or utter occasionally. Think about when  a quiet person speaks, the reaction is often different as people become curious and everyone wants to hear what they have to say.

How often do you have real conversations with your partner or children compared to the amount of time you might moan and complain at them? This is a crucial area and one that is well worth addressing.

Once you understand how you use language you are in a position to make changes. Once on the positive you too will become a person of understanding  with an excellent spirit!

Jaz McKenzie


Saturday, 6 July 2013

DJ Khaled - I'm So Blessed [Download, HQ]

Creating a nice light happy vibe for the weekend. Cheerful little song here from DJ Khaled that will enhance your mood and add a little something to your day. Work hard, get your life right and see everything from a positive aspect!! Simple yes? !!!

Jaz McKenzie


Hello Braappers!!

A quick apology for the fact that the above article did not post previously!! I have no idea how this occurred, suffice to say it is now up and waiting to be read.
Have a beautiful day~ Jaz

From Beckham to Barack!! 10 things these two great men have in common.

Fun with a serious side! Let's look at some of the distinct traits Beckham and Barak have in common-

  1. Balls, in both the literal and metaphorical sense clearly being the first to come to mind! Courage and determination are very necessary qualities if you wish to make the most of this life, helping you to tackle both obstacles and 'fear' of new situations.
  2. A clear sense of direction, not just in basketball or football, but in the game of life
  3. A plan! Sense of direction is one thing however knowing how you will set about achieving it is key to success otherwise you will simply remain running up and down midfield without an opportunity to score.
  4. Confidence in self. If you don't have a great deal of self-confidence it is not a problem. Confidence can be worked on if you have the balls!
  5. Trust in others. All successful people work in teams. Your job is finding the right team to work with so choose those you place your trust in carefully.
  6. Strong family ethics. You can never place too much importance on the power and support of your family. If your family relationships are in turmoil, do not procrastinate. Find help, information, personal support and make decisions.
  7. Focus. Never take your eye off the ball! Focus intently on what you want to achieve and it will happen.
  8. Respect. Whether you love or loathe Beckham and Barak they still command respect. When you know who you are, what you stand for and stick by your principles you will command respect 
  9. A sense of humour. Life has to have a fun side or there would be nothing to smile about! 
  10. Self-Love which is the most empowering character trait a person can have. Once you love yourself you will only seek out the best that life has to offer and do your best to make the most of every opportunity. When you genuinely love yourself for all the right reasons, you will love others and develop a real, deep seated desire to help them on their life's journey.

Please take a second to rate this article and add any comments!
Jaz McKenzie
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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Carnival of the Animals: The Aquarium

Good morning Braappers! This beautiful music featured on the radio this morning and it demands to be shared! The video is really effective and great when you feel stressed. Definitely one for the early morning to set a calm vibe, or last thing at night~ wishing all you insomniacs a great night's sleep.
This is music is captivating, you need to allow it to trickle, feel it tingling through your ears and across every part of your body. Moonlight, music, aroma and candles- sounds like a good evening to me!!

Have a blessed day and don't forget to give thanks for all good things.

Jaz McKenzie

Monday, 1 July 2013

Got the Monday Morning Blues?

Monday Morning Blues?

Believe it or not, there is a way of beating the Monday morning blues.

In fact, you can pretty much beat the everyday blues and it’s called, ‘rising with expectation.’ Getting up early and allowing yourself time to acclimatise to the new day is definitely the answer!
This is an age old concept that has been left on the shelf as today’s lazy-minded attitudes have sprung up. In actual fact, we are so busy with our demanding technological lifestyle that we actually become very tired. Many of us spend hours in front of a computer and not only in the office!
In days of old, people rose early to tend to their animals, do all the household tasks by hand and so forth. Sadly, we have the technology to alleviate intensive labour however the need to be available 24/7 and reach our worldwide audience has cut into the ‘free-time slot,’ therefore some people are more exhausted than ever. Once tired, the thought of getting out of bed can become distinctly challenging and we grapple to spend those extra minutes in bed after the alarm has sounded.
Most things in life are basically common sense and early rising is no exception. Preparation and routine are always key, so we need to merge the two effectively ensuring that we are in control of our time. Once we are in control we are able to perform well and meet our targets and desires: an organised schedule creates time for leisure activities.
Once your alarm goes off,  get up! Sometimes it is easy and at others, challenging. A good routine includes giving thanks for the new day and all good things, putting your mind into a positive zone. Good habits create more good habits. It also means that you should have time to check essentials before leaving the house- no more dashing back for your phone which was inadvertently left in the charger!
To beat the blues we need feel good factors. More time enables you to enjoy the morning and you may be able to do little extras such as walk through the park on the way to work, read a chapter from your book in peace, meditate or exercise for a few minutes. Just focusing on the day and having time to mentally run through it helps prepare you and once again you take control.

Finally, expect the best from the day. Know you have or can find out answers to challenges and enjoy each moment. We create our lives and allowing time to do so ensures a better outcome!
Jaz McKenzie
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