Sunday, 29 March 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK 13- Our Hearts


Hearts are incredible organs, the heart symbol itself having become very dominant within society- suffice it to say we love our hearts! Hearts can be seen on posters, in greeting cards and graffiti, and have been sketched or etched into trees and school desks for what seems like an eternity. The feeling of love and being in love is one of the highest experiences we humans can rejoice in. 

But how did the use of hearts come about? According to the Wikipedia, a manuscript from the mid 13th Century contains a picture of a lover handing over his heart, and we all know how light our hearts can feel when we are in love! Use of the actual heart shape developed towards the end of the middle ages, so next time you see one of the millions of red hearts around today you can regard it as the progression of a symbol steeped in history!

When we are in love or feel well loved usually everything seems right in our world. When something physically goes wrong with our hearts it can help strengthen good family bonds. These days there are many medical techniques that can be used to help people recover from heart conditions and live a normal life. When people become ill there are very real choices to be made. I had a friend many years ago who suffered with a fatal heart condition. She actively chose to decline the option of having a heart transplant and subsequently died because she preferred to' keep the heart God had blessed her with.' Nobody challenged her decision, despite being recently engaged, because respect for a person’s wishes is paramount. Her name was Joy, her personality was rich and joyful, her decision was right and there were no guarantees that a transplant would have been successful. We have spoken about following our gut instinct before and deciding upon the best option for medical purposes is very emotional and can be extremely frightening, so anyone facing such choices needs to ask for guidance, pray and listen to their inner voice.

Our hearts are one of the things that we so often take for granted. It is only when something goes wrong that we truly pay it any mind. This can refer to our physical heart functions; the constant beating that signifies we are alive and also the emotional states attributed to our heart from love and stress. The life conditions and emotions we experience can have very real effects upon our bodies, the mental approach we take towards each situation encountered from personal relationships to financial challenges being of great importance as mental perception contributes to our physical health.

We speak about heartache, often in a very dramatic way, with emotional heartache taking quite a toll on our bodies. Heartache can cause loss of sleep, weight loss through anxiety and occasionally even lead to depression. Hearts will keep on beating whilst we face stress however they can be physically affected and sometimes cause us to develop high blood pressure or chest pains as a result.

When we enjoy life we speak about putting our heart and soul into projects. This refers to both enjoyment and desire, the intention to do the best we can and achieve. In order to care for our hearts we need to listen to our bodies because if we push too hard the effects upon the heart can be fatal. To avoid heart attacks we need to take a balanced approach to life. Look after your heart. Eat well, exercise, get plenty of rest and above all enjoy life.

Thought: Love and you will be loved. That is the key to having a good heart!

Jaz Mckenzie

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK12 - Give thanks for Opportunites


All of us will have our fair share of opportunities along the way; the question is whether we recognise them. Opportunity really does come knocking on our door from time to time and so often we are faced with a choice, the outcome being determined by our personalities even more than circumstance in many cases.

If you know what you want in life you are in a good position to create opportunities. Once you have a goal you can devise a plan and opportunities can be cleverly orchestrated via a series of strategic moves. Making sure you are in the right place at the right time to meet people you wish to associate with, finding people who have the expertise to help you and applying creative thinking to situations will carry you to new places you may not even have dreamed of.

Some people have really excelled at moving out of situations that keep many people imprisoned. There are different triggers that help people aspire to greater heights. The first is an inbuilt need to elevate themselves to a greater level because they want more from their lives, especially when they have children. We see this constantly in TV talent shows- the instant answer to all your problems if you have a voice or skill! One thing is for sure, you need a dream and without a dream you will find it hard to develop the impetus to improve.

Opportunities can apply to life in quite different ways. Sometimes life has been going well and something comes along to spoil it ruining friendships, partnerships and more. In these situations the opportunity we require is the chance to forgive and make amends. Being given a second chance at anything in life should be viewed as a privilege and something we can give thanks for. A second chance can often be used as an opportunity to improve upon our original performance. We can give ourselves extra opportunities to shine when we truly apply ourselves to our work in order to produce our best. Whether you are creating a new design for a Birthday cake, making a record or writing a book you hone your own craft and the way you market helps determine success.

To maximize your opportunities you need to embrace them and pay attention to detail. Whether it means a severe dose of hard work or paying greater attention to the people in your life, the more you appreciate opportunities and use them to benefit your life, the better.

Opportunity knocks!- Remember to open the door each time.

Jaz McKenzie

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Visionary Fantastic interview at Buffaloo Radio

We had a really amazing time with Visionary on Sunday. If you missed the show now's the time to find out what makes this charismatic Reggae Singer tick! Where did the name Visionary come from? How come he's created such a great album based on Studio One riddims? Why did Visionary leave Jamaica and go to Canada, a country he was not particularly taken with? How on earth did he manage to write 21 tracks in less than a week? We have the questions and you can discover the answers right here.

This interview was so interesting it took over an hour and includes 6 of his tracks off The Grassroots album. I love meeting genuine people who have a real passion in life and who pursue that passion, This is Visionary- he had a tough start in life yet pushed on through. Visionary is undeniably talented- enhanced because of his openness to the higher power and willingness to listen to the inner voice. I hope you will be inspired to go and buy his album! Deffo a great way to reach your own roots and inner vibration.

We took time to speak with Visionary about his book, 'The Hidden Agenda of Reggae Music,' a real insight into the industry so look out for that too!

Jaz McKenzie

Saturday, 21 March 2015

LUV DAT POEMS~ Inspirational Poetry by Andrea Pinkey Ferguson

Luv Dat Poems is a book of poetry for everyone, with words of encouragement that will help with the rebuilding of spiritual wellness. Whether through laughter or reflection it will bring spiritual upliftment, enlightenment and fulfillment. A world full of insight and light that will bring you to ask yourselves this question, in this world are you a producer or an actor? Our character is usually fueled by our ambitions, and through rejection, separation, and, or deception we learn that we never truly know another human. Working as a nurse I have seen it all. I realize that our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being is just as important as our psychological one. With a little help and emotional as well as spiritual support we can reclaim our vision, which will help us to see where to fly. The question we should ask ourselves is, how high? We all have issues that we are sometimes ashamed of, and through pride, anxiety, or embarrassment we prefer to hide. But in order to ride the treacherous tide of life, we need to choose a compatible boat that gives us hope. One of my favorite quotes is “Peace is found within oneself, in the same place as agitation, suffering, and sorrow. It is not found in a forest or on a hilltop, nor is it given by a teacher. Where you experience suffering, you can also find freedom from suffering.” I choose to write visualizing life experiences through other people’s sight. With my words I hope to rekindle hope…and soften loss. I often lie awake at night when the world is fast asleep and take a walk down memory lane with tears upon my cheeks…so much heartache and suffering is useless, answers to these issues to seek. So instead we should learn to get down on our knees and thank God for the strength and courage that he gave us so that we are able to get through them. If only we could learn to show tenderness to the weak and the wrong this would foster strength and everyone would be encouraged in how to be strong. Despite our suffering, life goes on… luv dat.

Article by Andrea Pinkey Ferguson

To purchase book: Barns & Noble or Amazon Direct Link

We will be posting a couple of Andrea's poems for you soon! ~Jaz

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Getting to the Grass Roots with Visionary this Sunday evening!!

Flaming red shirt and ready to set Buffaloo studio on fire! Visionary will be joining us this Sunday evening between 6-9pm and we'll pop him in the hot spot ready to share his music and Vision for life.

There's an interesting story behind Visionary's visit to the studio. Visionary came over from Toronto last year and performed at the Hootananny. I was fortunate enough to meet him after the show and he gave me a small poster with his details included. As I didn't wish to stick it in a drawer, I popped it on my vision board and didn't think too much more about it- beyond wishing to have a decent conversation with the man as he has an aura of  mad energy about him! So we kept in touch via Facebook and, not so surprisingly, the vision board did its thing!

Soooo- what is Visionary promoting? Besides himself, his new album Grass Roots and an intriguing little book about Reggae music; we're definitely looking forward to hearing more about that. Having played Grass Roots quite a few times I thoroughly enjoyed selecting tracks for this Sunday and recommend tuning into the show to feel the vibe. We'll be playing roots energy based on underlying core subjects such as values and world changes- even the lighter more personal side of Visionary portrayed in his track Pretty Brown eyes.

Make a date with us this Sunday evening~ Jaz Mckenzie,  DJ Freestyle and best of all- Visionary!

Jaz McKenzie

Deepak Chopra - maximizing positive outcomes

If you like deep thinking and enhancing your understanding of the universe, Deepak Chopra will trigger your 'little grey cells,' as Poirot would say. When you listen to established speakers of high intellect the best aim is to take away a couple of points to meditate upon and allow the rest to ride. Generally we maintain the mind of a child- we take what we need naturally which enables us to grow.

I think it's very interesting to hear ideas presented in different ways and as we learn new knowledge our minds expand to encompass further ideas. As people have a different way of expressing themselves we will always be able to come across a good explanation for our questions along the line. 

Personally I have learnt so much in the past couple of years and find living far easier despite the challenges faced on a daily basis. It is best to keep a positive focus and I liked the title of this video- I will say that it actually quite complex and certainly made me think outside the box in places- goodie I might win that lottery without a ticket if the fates allow!

Jaz Mckenzie

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK11 - Thanks for our Mothers


Mothering Sunday, a day dedicated to thanksgiving for our mothers, a special celebration of all that our Mothers mean to us. As a child most of us love our Mother’s unconditionally and expectantly, maintaining the belief that Mummy is the be all and end all, having the power to make everything right in our world. Before going further, let’s just touch on the fact that the same applies to Fathers and in modern society Father’s play a similar role to Mother’s sharing and caring whilst Mother’s contribute more financially than several decades ago.

There are many different types of families around today with children waking up this morning in happy situations or, sadly in families that are torn apart by circumstance, hardship and many other stresses. Some people are experiencing their first Mothering Sunday without their Mother, making it a particularly painful day.

As we all know Motherhood comes to many of us without any form of preparation for the immense task ahead and the best that most of us can do is to love our children and apply a good dose of common sense to the way we bring them up. Even if you are accustomed to looking after children the emotional experience of being a first time Mum is immense and often overwhelming. Having responsibility for a helpless child can seem awesome however we do the best we can, getting most of it right with a smattering of not so good decisions along the way. A Mother’s instinct puts the welfare of her children first and due to the nature of childhood most of us cannot appreciate their Mother’s efforts until reaching adulthood.

A Mother’s life is a constant balancing act between the needs of the children and every aspect of their own duties and desires. At the same time, children these days have a more prominent role in society and a good understanding of their rights- which are often voiced inappropriately! Many Mother’s blindly back their children however astute Mothers will assess each situation individually in the knowledge that children need to learn from life experiences so that they are prepared for adulthood. Some children are born with special needs of one type or another and it is not unusual for parents to be ‘blind’ to such needs, preferring to ignore the obvious. They may well have nagging suspicions that all is not well but hope that the child will outgrow whatever difficulties they are experiencing. This may turn out to be the case however it is best to seek advice early and benefit from all available help.

Children are instrumental in bringing joy to their families. Young children have a highly developed sense of awe and wonder which sometimes fades as they grow older and the world is less fresh for them. Most children have a rich sense of humour and are uninhibited, usually saying exactly what they are thinking. Mother’s are here to guide and help steer children through life; not to dominate and impose values on them. A good mother will assist her children in making wise decisions and help them choose a strong morale path and belief system that works with their conscience. It is natural for parents to expect their children to follow in their Religious and cultural footsteps however a truly loving parent will also respect their children’s choices even if they do not meet with parental ideals. Sometimes our children will take the wrong path in life (as do some parents) ending up in undesirable situations- drug/alcohol dependency, criminality or things that are generally abhorrent to society. Usually a Mother will love her child regardless and do her best to support, still loving the child even if s/he rejects her.

Sadly where will always be children who are rejected by their mothers or who may have a mother who is unable to care for them properly. Thankfully, time and again we hear that the Mother still loved their child even though they ‘let them down’ and may have failed to support their children physically or emotionally. Usually we find that the children of inadequate Mothers still love their Mother unconditionally, despite craving the attention they have been deprived of as a child. Often children who have been adopted feel incomplete until they have found the answers to the many questions that haunted them for years. Whatever the situation we should just be thankful for the situations we find ourselves in and accept that this is not a perfect world.

Let’s just take a few moments to be appreciative of our own Mother and the love we have received every day of our lives, knowing that this bond is unbreakable and extends to us at all times.

Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!!- Real Quotes from Real People!!

‘Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude’ Zig Ziglar

Attitude is everything! How many times have we heard this expression, clearly laid before us here by Zig Ziglar. You can have an aptitude towards something but if your attitude is all wrong you will hinder your potential and are less likely to achieve. With the right attitude of thankfulness, determination, patience and paying attention to detail- you will fly. Have a quick think and add a few more qualities of your own here- the things that you know you do well and are a natural part of your journey to success.

Next, consider your attitude towards tasks you find difficult or actively dislike. This is where Zig Ziglar’s words really count. It is your attitude towards mastery difficulties and over-coming challenges that ultimately result in success or failure. Sometimes it’s not about what we can do, it’s about getting the job done. This may require a little creativity or possibly teaming up with people who have the skills and enjoy the very things that make you break out in a cold sweat.
The phrase that comes to mind which compliments the above phrase perfectly is, ‘where there’s a will there’s a way.’

All that's left to say is fly high!

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK10- Give thanks for Books


As it was world book day this week we will give thanks for books! There are two things we need to give thanks for here- the ability to read and write and for books themselves. Reading and writing were originally available strictly to the rich and used as a tool to ensure such riches remained the domain of the wealthy; whereas these days most of us have the opportunity to learn to read and write however energy/commerce still rule the world!

To me, books are a joy. They have a distinctive feel- especially old, well-worn editions and they can be very valuable. Books serve many purposes but the two main categories are knowledge and relaxation. Books have developed a reputation as comforters; when people are ill sometimes we still hold the quaint vision of them being tucked up in bed with a good book! Of course these days they are just as likely to be reading from a Kindle, Tablet or similar.

Whatever your mood you can probably find the right book for the occasion and a good story can definitely lift your mood. My preferences are crime novels and a few authors of fictional works. I’m not a Mills and Boon lover but a little loving in a book is a good thing! People can lose themselves in stories and enter many worlds. I recently started reading an award winning book by an Asian author. It was very well written however I struggled so gave up quickly- same goes for the historical novels which others happily consume. My belief is that there are so many fantastic books you may as well read what you love rather than forcing yourself to finish a book for the sake of it. Of course, we are privileged to have free libraries here in the UK so you can borrow what you fancy for free provided the books are returned by their due date.

There are different types of books from picture books to maps and for children there is a very enticing choice including fancy pop-up books. Reading to children can be a real pleasure and they generally develop a sense of anticipation once they become familiar with a story. Reference books are still a valuable resource although these days we can discover most answers to our questions on-line. One highly successful trend is the increase in self-help books; a feature of every good book shop. We have turned into a nation of people who try to find our own answers to every problem from low self esteem to spirituality, improved health and many more. As people inspire other people this is a good thing! It is also easy to publish your own work- must get on with that poetry book!

Sadly, some people struggle with words, many suffering with dyslexia to some degree. The good thing is that audio books have really taken off and are easily accessible. As some people prefer to listen as opposed to read this is a great advance and it helps spread good literature.
The world of books has influenced the world of films which in turn influences today’s music. Fifty Shades of Gray being the latest example and Harry Potter for children- although Harry Potter books and films are often coveted by adults! Not every story transcribes accurately to a different genre but many do make fantastic films.

I am very pleased to have re-discovered the reading habit- it makes a great end to the day and certainly takes the mind to far- away places and occasionally some pretty dark alleys! I really hope that proper printed books never become obsolete- the wealth of new stories and new information is pretty mind blowing.


 Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 6 March 2015


Artwork: German Zwanik

I have recently become a huge fan of German Zwanik's work, to the point where I will one day have an original Zwanik hanging on my wall. Having a love of ballet. angels and artwork this is without doubt my favourite painting however it has already been purchased and has been given a home in London. I find German's work extremely inspiring and simply had to write a poem to accompany this beautiful, sad ballerina. She looks as if she was whisked off this earth quickly and the haunting background seems to contain a shadow, possibly it's the shadow of death. I perceive her as a brilliant dancer who was so busy putting her energy and emotion into dance that she inadvertently allowed life and love to pass her by. The following poem takes the form of her monologue at that point of self-realisation. If you would like to find out more about German Zwanik's work tune into Buffaloo Radio this Sunday (8th March) 6-9pm GMT when he will be discussing his life journey with us.


Now I understand what I was meant to see
Dancing Juliet a thousand times
From Sydney Opera House
To London’s Coliseum
And all the while I felt I knew
Seriously believed I understood
The world’s best loved tragedy
Romeo and Juliet, love’s ultimate dream
And yet- I realise I was an arrogant fool
Playing a part, a myth nestling snugly
Within the wings of endless time
Juliet still loves her Romeo
But the arms and legs portraying her
Are no longer mine

Ballet, sweet childhood fantasy
Through sweat and blood became a reality
Prima Ballerina holding centre stage
Pure, noble, sylph-like creature
Every move a contour of grace
A true sense of grandeur and elation
Whilst the greatest sustenance I craved
Was admiration with thunderous applause
Bouquets of brightly coloured flowers
Flung enthusiastically towards the stage
In the throes of a standing ovation
Appreciation for the hours of joy
My performances brought
I was a worldwide sensation

The curtain call called suddenly
Prematurely, at the peak of my career
As if silenced in the middle of a pirouette
Ripped apart during the pas de deux
Death, striking like the tongue of a viper
Licking its prey. Permanently paralysed
Administering a cruel blow
Knocking me off the pinnacle of success
And as I feel the weight of my feathered wings
I struggle with a new reality
To romanticize life is a fatal flaw
Perfection will always be beyond our grasp
Love for love's sake, nothing else forevermore

Jaz McKenzie ©2015

Thursday, 5 March 2015

GERMAN ZWANIK- ARTWORKS- Interview this Sunday on Buffaloo Radio

BANGING INTERVIEW THIS WEEK!!! ARTIST GERMAN ZWANIK very very CURRENT & on the UP- so tune into THE CHILL OUT ZONE this Sunday between 6-9pm GMT. BUFFALOO RADIO with Jaz McKenzie & DJ Freestyle!

      'I belong to three cities
Buenos Aires, where I was born
Barcelona, my first place in europe
london, my home
I always will belong to these cities' ~ German Zwanik

      This is going to be really interesting! Very excited to find out what inspires German, particularly as there is so much depth and variety in his work. One thing I know for sure- I have only ever seen one totally innocent picture- The blue angel as I call her!

      JOIN US SUNDAY AND CALL IN WITH YOUR QUESTIONS-  Buffaloo Radio hotline 07453 826 450


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK9- Independence


My first thought was, ‘we are born to develop into independent adults,’ however this is only a partial truth! So let’s re-word the statement more accurately. ‘I give thanks for the level of independence I have achieved in my life.’

Now we have a statement that nearly everyone can relate to. Everything is relative and independence relates to physical, emotional and social factors. Sometimes people have physical or mental conditions which effectively impose limitations upon their ability to exert independence and these can be temporary or permanent. In reality, most of us suffer at times with factors influencing our ability to be independent and the greatest of these tends to be fear.

We need to be positive about our lives and willing to break through barriers to achieve the level of independence that suits us. Of course, no-one is totally independent unless they are living in total isolation- maybe on a desert island! The fact is our world operates on mutual dependency through relationships, commerce, education, scientific advances, the health service and many smaller yet complex factors. Our level of independence also relates to the number of dependents we have, income levels and opportunity. As always we need to be thankful for what we have and identify how best to extend ourselves so that we have even more to be thankful for.

We are so fortunate to live in a ‘free society.’ Yes there are poverty traps yet how many millionaires have their roots in poverty? It is their independent spirits that have enabled them to progress to higher levels and those opportunities are available to everyone. What often contributes towards making a person successful is their ability to overcome fear and strive towards their goals. The more resourceful you are the more independent you can become.

Recognising progress is important as it spurs us on. Many things can deter us and this might include becoming dependent upon our partners. We can be emotionally dependent, financially dependent and in some cases lose our ability to make firm decisions. This is why it is so important to know who we are and what we want in life. If you are strong in yourself you will handle relationships very much better than people who are unclear about themselves and their desires. This applies to friendships and working relationships as well as family ties.

It is very good to develop independent thinking. This might sound obvious but how many people just parrot other people’s views to you? Sometimes people only have one side of the story or fail to understand the significance of a situation, especially hot political topics. It’s very easy to be brainwashed into a way of thinking if we do not do our own independent research. As a rule, I prefer to plead ignorance as opposed to spouting a half understood argument!

Being independent helps us to obtain peace of mind. If we know what we do and why we are doing it we become accountable to ourselves first and foremost. We may not always make good decisions but at least we know why we made them! We are then in a position to analyse our efforts and effect change. Having a great sense of independence and responsibility is the key to becoming an adult as opposed to a child in an adults’ body. In summary, when you can take full responsibility for your life you are living with mental freedom and are in a position to orchestrate change-and that is the joy of being independent.

Jaz McKenzie