Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Writer's Block... Poem for Halloween... Kind of!!


I got writer’s Block
Hear the ticking of the Clock
Before the chords of vexation CLANG & strike a DISCHORD

Let’s start the day with word play~What do you say?
ABC... Apple Bites Cat~WOW what a headline
Kinda like that!~Apple Bopping at Halloween
So sure the apple bit the cat~ it’s a real dark dream!
Fright night ~can’t take flight
Tuck your kids in bed real tight
But their beds are empty~looking neat
Out trick & treating in the street
Without their Mummies say so
The lure of adventure said, ’let’s go’
Wicked side~very much ALIVE
Beware at the witching hour
Hold on to everything good and right
Lest evil strikes and drains your power
Halloween... you’ve nearly been~
And gone for another year
So raise your glasses, Christmas is coming
Here’s to peace and good cheer!

Jaz McKenzie
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Monday, 29 October 2012

James Arthur - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (The X Factor 2012)

Here we have the very troubled James Arthur putting all his energy into this incredible performance of Eurythmics classic 'Sweet Dreams.' There is so much emotion in Jame's performance it almost brings tears to your eyes! Definitely a huge star in the making!

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Yesterday IS History! Live Life~Love Life WK 44

We often refer to life as a ‘web we weave,’ a very apt description when you consider the complexity of the spider’s web. Try visualizing the number of strands and the way the spider always ultimately rests in the centre, reminding us that we are the key person in our lives.

Everybody has strands in their lives and I imagine our life situations as the straight strands that start in the centre, eg: work, families, hobbies, challenges etc whilst our emotions are the circular strands that hold everything together; after all it is usually our emotions that tend to go round in circles!

Understanding our emotional circles/cycles is important because emotion impacts upon our future. When bad things happen we usually try to learn from them and move on so that we forge a better path in the future. Whilst it is true that the best way to move on is to gain an understanding of our situation and draw a line under it, there are some situations that are not of our making yet we find ourselves in them. EXAMPLE: Growing up with alcoholic parents and being neglected definitely undermines confidence, so once that child reaches adulthood they need to accept the facts and create a realistic path for themselves in order to step out of the cycle. This includes deciding what parental behaviour they consider to be tolerable, how much time they wish to spend with their parents and the type of attention they are prepared to give... deep water, but a person’s responsibility is to ensure that they can swim! Whatever the situation in life, we must always take care of our own needs and this is possible without upsetting others in a balanced environment. Outside a balance environment we need to set limits!

To become strong and function well we do need to identify the invisible chains that tie us to our weaknesses. Maybe we are always drawn to the ‘wrong’ type of people who intentionally or unintentionally undermine as opposed to compliment our personalities. If we are easily swayed or not prepared to negotiate we may have created some pretty bad situations in our lives and it is good to leave these behind instead of dwelling on them. We have to let go of bad situations otherwise we are continually punishing ourselves and in so doing prevent growth. This does not mean that we are always able to forget what has happened however if we push events from our minds our minds will eventually dim our memories which enables the healing process to kick in.

I am now going to present a strange idea... letting go of the good things that we have achieved. In this category we are talking specifically about achievements. Letting go in this context means acknowledging the credit we have gained and using it to strive forward in an attempt to achieve more. It’s basically a case of not dwelling on our laurels. Sometimes we are afraid that we reached our peak with the last achievement and this fear of not being able to go a step higher actually prevents us from trying. The key is always to try harder and the sweetest success is usually the one that cost the most. The more hurdles you jumped over tend to show how important that particular success really was to you. It is always when we learn to let go of the old that we open up to embrace the new challenges available to us. This applies across the board and includes what we consider ‘failed’ relationships.

We need to maintain an open approach to our lives and make sure that we do not close doors prematurely. Sometimes we meet people and do not know what we think of them. Maybe our initial instinct is not to communicate with them. In many cases our first instinct is correct and should be followed however if you are unsure and not able to identify that instinct, try a little more communication and get a real feel for the person and what they have to offer. Remember, with technology these days we can communicate electronically and use sources such as Skype before giving out our personal phone numbers or other information.

We also need to be prepared to try new things and accept new responsibilities. It is easy to turn down an offer of responsibility but how much more rewarding is it to accept a challenge? If the last challenge you undertook was not successful, learn what you can and bury the rest! This time round make sure you do your research and engage the help of people who have appropriate skills for the job. Always be prepared to ask for help if necessary and make sure you prioritize and dedicate sufficient time to the job. Once you have proved yourself you will approach the next challenge with confidence. Likewise with relationships, watch out for familiar signs and adjust your behaviour or responses accordingly.

Take a bold approach to life and decide what you would like to embrace and what you wish to delete from your mind. You are in charge and the decisions of today become the baseline for tomorrow. The spider is pre-programmed and knows how to spin that web whereas we are in charge of our destiny. Once the web is spun the spider will have to wait as a catch is not guaranteed whereas we have the ability to make our own luck to some extend and decide which paths we wish to take.

On a final note: Let your past be your past and let the future be your bright horizon.

Jaz McKenzie

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Stitch in Time!!... Isaac Singer

Isaac Merritt Singer was born this day in 1811 in Pittstown, Rensselaer County, New York to a German immigrant family. Isaac suffered with a complex upbringing due to his Father's 2 divorces and had an equally messy life himself fathering 22 children from his 5 'wives;' his final marriage lasting throughout the last 10 years of his life. Apparently he fathered 24 children in total.

Isaac wished to be an actor however he trained as a machinist first when working at his elder brother's machine shop aged 12, which proved a blessing as he went on to invent the most popular sewing machine of its time a little later on in his life.

Fact: the first patent was awarded in 1790- can you believe how long they have been around? Apparently the reason for Singer's success, besides having a good household product, was that he allowed people to buy his machine on HP and this commercial forethought enabled the advancement of the Singer Sewing Machine; with Singer ultimately becoming a huge company both in America and around the globe.

Interestingly, the first thing Isaac patented was a rock drilling machine in 1839 which earned him $2,000- quite a sum back in the day. Isaac used the money to form his own acting troupe,'The Merritt Players,' successfully feeding his passion however the company eventually disbanded.

Isaac Singer led a very eventful life setting up factories in France and Scotland, finally settling in the UK near the sea at Torquay where he died in 1875 aged 63.

There is a great deal more information available on Isaac Singer which makes interesting reading.

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 26 October 2012


Life doesn't always go as we wish so I thought we would share a common sentiment to help restore our faith in life. Why this song? Michael had a gig planned last night and another for this evening. Sadly both events had to be cancelled a the last minute due to a lack of consideration & communication by others, Michael and his musicians were left up the creek without a paddle so to speak... not good and a great disappointment to the team and fans. I will leave you by passing on Michael's sincere apologies and look forward to an excellent show next time.

Jaz McKenzie

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes from Real People!! #18

One today is worth two tomorrows. - Benjamin Franklin

The point of these words of wisdom are that we need to make the most of the things we know we have... people and experiences. Today we are able to live, breathe, think, act, enjoy, love and plan for tomorrow. Today we can choose to be happy or sad, accepting or un-accepting of our situations; so use the day wisely in a way that benefits us at this point in time. For some reason we always believe that tomorrow we will achieve the things that we put off however it rarely works that way.

Give thanks for today and all the good things we experience so that the wisdom we acquire will help us in the future!

Jaz McKenzie

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lucy Spraggan sings Kanye West's Gold Digger - Live Week 2 - The X Facto...

If you haven't heard this before get ready!! It must have been a great shock for Kanye West however it works and takes his song to a new dimension. Love the comments about the dancers.... Not much more to add!

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rainbows are Simply Magic! Live Life~Love Life WK 43

Rainbows are simply magic... there’s no denying from the way they appear in the sky right in front of your eyes. A bold statement displayed in full glory when sun and rain combine... all those colours expertly divided yet united- a lot for us to learn when it comes to equality!

As you all know, the rainbow is a symbol of hope as promised in the Bible, but even without Biblical references we often develop an indescribable feeling of excitement when we watch a rainbow form; but then again we don’t really see any formation because they just appear! This was the case last week when I visited the beautiful Wisley Gardens, making the rainbow icing on the cake. There were so many colours visible in this particular rainbow, definitely spanning the entire colour spectrum and it really does start you thinking.

What’s in a promise? This is the burning question and ranges from something as solid as a brick wall to thin air depending upon who makes it. We need to be very careful about promises because even with the best will in the world they can end up being broken. The same applies when we make promises to other people so unless we are able to back up our promises it is best not to make them. The person you can make a promise to is yourself because we have a full understanding of what is involved and the reason why we break them if we are not able to fulfil them. These are usually promises that we make for motivational purposes and they really spur us on. If we promise ourselves a treat when we reach our goals we provide a reason to keep on striving.

Other promises we make to ourselves may be for emotional reasons. Promises are often made on the back of disappointment without due consideration at times and we might have to reconsider whether they are really feasible. Sometimes the promises we make are not in our best interest. The magic here is that usually we can start over again, not necessarily as we may have envisaged and often the outcome is better than anticipated.

BELOW: The rainbow at Wisley Gardens

Rainbows are beautiful and life is beautiful. Whatever happens in life we always have the promise of a better day to come- whenever that might be! Life has a certain amount of consistency which is reassuring to us mortals and the rainbow highlights one of the greatest facts known to man... the best things in life are free. The rainbow is there to be viewed by everyone worldwide... how incredible is that! Something we don’t generally think about.

Children adore rainbows and have no preconceptions about life. For the average child life is fun and they can be easily fooled, being so innocent. But we must also remember that there is a joy in such innocence that becomes clouded as we learn the realities of life. The effect children have can be amazing... the ability to put a smile on our faces is magic in itself, the things they come out with as they try to use the vocabulary they have almost acquired! We can learn a lesson from this and try to look at life through fresh eyes as if we are seeing things for the first time. The other magic children bring is stimulating our memories and taking us back to the glorious days of our own childhoods. Life is very much busier for our children than it was when we were young, so helping children enjoy their free time is a valuable exercise and we can restore our sense of fun when kicking a ball around the park.

We know the scientific explanation for a rainbow and can recreate the spectrum with our little glass pyramids. Let's think for a minute. There is so much control in our lives, conformity, expectation and deadlines which make free-time even the more precious. Maybe the beauty of the rainbow lies in the fact that it is a gateway to freedom. It is implied that the rainbow is a bridge between this world and the next; not just a symbol of God’s promise to refrain from wiping out the human race.

Final thought: Rainbows give us hope and hope reigns eternal!

Jaz McKenzie

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Saturday, 20 October 2012



Autumn leaves?
When did you appear?
Scrumpled on the edges of the pavement
Clustered in groups around tree trunks in the park
Nature, so mystical even a conjuror would be hard put
to conjour you up as the sun switches to rain
... and back again... enter rays of light flickering,
Gradually fading in a haze of streaky red
Until our eyes bear witness
to the blinding blackness of the deepest night.
New Seasonal Disorder, no immediate remedy to hand!
Yet life goes on...
Frosted leaves crunched under pounding paws
Early morning ‘walkies’ re-creating the layout of the land
The new day is underway but the seasons?
Whatever happened to the seasons...
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... whichever way!

Jaz McKenzie

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cow & Gate: Supergroup. Creative News~IB~ Checking out the Ads!!

This is an example of a clever advert aimed directly at its market. It's really lovely to witness the curiosity of children: their slight hesitation before trying something and the way they quickly gain confidence. Perfect choice of music used here to build the advert into something recognizable... and the pause where the child cries followed by the 'pick back up and carry on' approach is brilliant. Thumbs up to Cow & Gate for this!

Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Define your Personal Business Style – A guide to dressing your shape. Lisa Gillbe

This is the second article Lisa Gillbe, Fashion Consultant, has submitted to Its Braap~ hope you find it helpful! Please enter Lisa Gillbe in our search box to read our exclusive interview!

Some may dismiss fashion and style as unimportant, frivolous and perhaps a bit shallow. But studies show that our first impressions of other people are made within 7 seconds of meeting them, so your appearance really counts. Also, our initial perceptions of people influence our interpretation of their later behaviour because of our - possibly misguided - expectations. People who meet, read each other visually. This is how it works: You see. You process. You think. You get an impression. You have a feeling. You behave a certain way toward that person, and so it goes on. Appearance matters, not just in how you come across to others but also how you feel. If you look good, you feel good and your performance improves!

The average person only wears around 20% of the clothes in their wardrobes, the rest of it is stuffed full of unused items that just get in the way. We live in a disposable society consuming like crazy and often shopping for clothes in a thoughtless way. Wouldn’t it be great to get dressed with ease every day knowing what cuts and styles suit you, saving time and money by making more thoughtful and focussed purchases while defining your personal style all at the same time?

Focused shopping takes time and we are all short of that. So I’ve put together a guide for the three main body shapes - apple, pear and hourglass – with key business pieces for those shapes. But first, some general rules we could all follow to get our look defined and fabulous!

Rule 1
Make the most of your assets and detract from your liabilities. Do this by creating focal points at your best bits.

Rule 2
It is never about the size of clothes (they all differ wildly from shop to shop) but about FIT and the right cuts for your shape.

Rule 3
Style is not to do with fashion at all; it is about knowing who you are and expressing yourself in the best way.

Your shape – Rounded , with a soft top half (big bust), little or no waist definition, often with great legs. Should wear darker colours on top and lighter on bottom.

Tops~ This should be tight under the boobs with a tummy-skimming top
Jackets~ Always below the bottom, longer ‘boyfriend’ or ‘classic styles’
Dresses~ Empire line with little or no waist definition
Shoes~ Chose curvy rounded styles to compliment your rounder shape and the higher the heel the better. Open toe is good
Skirts~ Always side fastening and flat fronted that ideally flip out at the side. A-line is flattering or any curvy styles
Trousers~ tailored, wide-legged trousers
Cardigan~ Calf length cardigans

Your shape – Enviably small on the top with slight narrower shoulders than hip. Mostly bigger legs and saddlebags – good waist definition and flat tummy.

Tops~ Fitted, tee shirts, and shirts. Something that accentuates your small top half
Jackets~ Never wear a jacket that stops at your widest point (in this case your hips). Choose longer styles that end below the bottom
Dresses~ Empire line, wrap dresses with a tie to define your waist. Fitted and flared dresses (skater, tea dresses etc…) that are smaller on the top half then flare out at the bottom will flatter you
Shoes~ Chunky, heeled and rounded are best to balance out your heavier bottom half proportions.
Skirts~ A-line, flared, in flowing materials to skim over your curves
Trousers~ Opt for flat fronted to minimize bulk on bottom half and wide legged are good to slim the legs. Jeans can be bootleg (when in fashion), flared or straight
Cardigan~ Long styles again for this shape.

Your shape – perfect really. All bust with tiny (in comparison) waist and then those beautiful rounded hips. Wear darker colours on the bottom and lighter on top. Match colour of shoes with trousers or skirts and hosiery to elongate your legs and look taller and slimmer.

Tops~Go for styles that have a v-neck to flatter your ample bosom. Opt for shoulder detail to detract the eye from your bust area. Choose fabrics that are flowing – blouses are perfect, avoid shirts, they are too straight cut for your curvy body.
Jackets~ Three quarter length sleeves are good as they show off slim wrists. Always choose a jacket with a nipped in waist that flares over you bottom. Choose rounded lapels and avoid straightness in the cut
Dresses~ Wrap dresses!!! Any dress with waist definition to show off your curves
Shoes~ Cute rounded shoes that are a bit more on the chunky side to balance out your proportions. Open toe and platform are good.
Skirts~ Pencil skirts and any that flare out over your bottom half
Trousers~ Flat fronted that zip at the side and that flare. Same with jeans, avoid skinny cuts which will accentuate and increase the size of your hips.
Cardigan~ Everyone needs a cardi! Again opt for longer styles but belted versions are especially good for you.

By learning what cuts and styles best suit your body shape, you can turn your
clothes into outfits that enhance your best features. But most of all, knowing
you look fabulous in whatever is in your wardrobe will make dressing every day
easy and fun and we all need some of that!

Lisa Gillbe


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Monday, 15 October 2012

Jade Ellis sings Amy Winehouse's Love Is A Losing Game - Live Week 2 - T...

Where did this girl come from? Great performance that almost brings tears to your eyes. Jade has a unique way of singing which takes a little getting used to however she has a lovely voice & interpretation. and what a stunner!
Let's ignore the gossip and focus on the point of the show... the winning performances.

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Rocking The Cradle. Live Life~Love Life WK 42

We are responsible for our children: as parents, as a society and as children of God/the world. We are born without expectation yet we are born with needs- physical along with feelings and emotions, all of which come into play instantly and ready to be shaped within the spectrums of nature/nurture. Enter the adult!!!

I have so often heard parents say, ’if only she came with a manual.’ Stop right there! A manual gives directions but cannot take account of individuality let alone how you are feeling. What would the perfect baby book have to say? Now there’s a problem as we all think differently and hold our own opinions. Fortunately most of us very quickly fall in love with our babies, hence we believe that screwed up little face is perfect! The problem is that we don’t necessarily understand them and this element continues all life long with regard to some of our children’s decisions.

As parents we provide love and guidance. We do our best for our children however very often we can’t see the wood for the trees and obviously make some pretty bad decisions at times. We are people- not machines, therefore it is extremely hard to maintain a consistent approach especially towards discipline. We all know children need boundaries but exhaustion can kill our good intentions. In order to bring up our children to the best of our ability we need huge measures of patience, understanding and self-control. We do best leading by example in order to inspire and educate yet so often our children appear not to follow in our footsteps, sometimes to the extent where we are left wondering what went wrong!

I have found that most parents have times where they feel as if their best wasn’t good enough; there are parents who feel failures and often inadequate. Yes there are people who are incapable of ‘good parenting,’ usually as a result of their own childhood experiences or mental state but the majority of us are good parents. One of the keys to good parenting is knowing when to put your children’s needs above your own, life being a balance. Providing the right amount of encouragement and attention can be tricky but we need to stay aware of the overall picture. Overcompensating for lack of attention is a modern day disease with parents buying their children whatever their heart desires which often results in badly behaved off-spring! The guilty conscience is there for a purpose however we can mis-interpret and fail to take the best corrective action. It may be advisable to spend more time with our children rather than allowing them to hide behind various screens... TV, PC, iPad etc. Very often we don’t know what they are logging into. Some of us do not necessarilly know our children’s friends- especially once they go to secondary school and the off shot is that we don’t know where they are or who they are with. No wonder there are so many anti-social problems in society.
Without going into politics, yes the government has responsibilities towards families as a whole and should be providing good health, education and recreational facilities; but it is still the families responsibility to bring their children up as best they can so that they can contribute positively to society. There is incredible financial stress on most families which drains us physically and mentally however we still need to be aware of what we are teaching our children. Do we teach them to prioritize, to do their work to a good standard? How about respecting other people and most of all, being responsible for themselves and not blaming others for their mistakes, which often happens when parents stand up for their children in every situation without investigating the facts!

One of the key elements we tend to sacrifice is eating together as a family. This has become more difficult with many jobs requiring unsocial hours... the internet is open for business 24/7... but it is something that helps to hold a family together by providing a social focus. Supporting children’s education by attending school open evenings is also important so that you have a realistic view of their progress... believe me, a report tells you very little about their behaviour in school!

One of the greatest services we can do for our children is to listen to them! How often do we really stop and listen whilst cooking the dinner or trying to write an email? We can miss so much and children eventually start keeping things to themselves if their family relationships are not strong. When problems come their way life can go very wrong if they have no-one to turn to for advice. Of course, if we are constantly telling them what to do this too can have a similar affect and they will keep things from us.

Let’s go full circle: after 9 months of eager anticipation another child is born, held tenderly in his parents arms with the anticipation of a full life ahead of him... how will he turn out? Will he fulfil his dreams? Will he be a happy, active adult? Will he grow up close to his family members? We certainly hope so but that possibility can only be turned into a probability if we all do our best to play our part in the lives of those children around us. So let's do what we can... remember, A little love goes a long way!

Jaz McKenzie

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes From Real People!! #17

'Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced'

An interesting quote... how often do we stop to think about what life is as oppossed to the meaning of life? There is a difference. The meaning of life begs the question,'what are we here for' whereas this quote refers to the journey and the way we experience it. By accepting it as a reality we are in a better position than when we just see the difficulties. The word 'experience' generates a sense of excitement and intrigue, capturing the essence of life in a way that the first part of the sentence fails to grasp. A great reminder that words are powerful tools so be careful how you use them!

Jaz McKenzie

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Friday, 12 October 2012

My Fiancee or the PIGS?... unbelievable~read on!

I stumbled across a programme the other day where estate agents help a young couple buy a home in the UK and a holiday home abroad... in this case, Barcelona. The couple (let’s call them Peter Pan and Wendy as the names fit quite well,)wished to purchase their homes before the wedding which was in around 3 weeks time. Clearly they were very well off, selling their London home and seeking a home in the country for their ideal lifestyle.

The specifications were:
A large detached house with masses of land, a good sized kitchen so that Wendy could run a catering business, period property with original features, no immediate neighbours and the space to keep a couple of pigs!

Peter Pan and Wendy had looked at around 200 properties before receiving expert help but couldn’t agree on anything previously. The first property they rejected for lack of land. The second had something else wrong with it. The third had masses of land, loads of space and character however Peter Pan threw a little hissy fit and refused to go in- simply because it was semi-detached. Wendy really liked it but Peter Pan wouldn’t be persuaded because he wanted detached... end of.

Phil, the estate agent, spent a lot of time explaining to Peter Pan and Wendy that they were unlikely to meet all of their requirements on their existing budget so a compromise would be necessary. Phil then showed them the final house. This was perfect; a huge detached house with an incredible view and plenty of land, enough to pen a couple of pigs! Was this good enough? NO. Peter Pan decided that there wasn’t quite enough room for his pigs. Wendy ran out of patience, ’I’m not letting 2 pigs come between me and this view!’ she stated... boldly hmmm. ‘We’re going to have to talk about this,’ said Peter Pan. Phil commentated in an off the record way that Peter Pan cared more about the pigs than Wendy (!!!) and went off in search of the vendor to ask whether he would sell the adjoning paddock. The vendor said no but agreed to rent half the paddock which meant that Peter Pan could easily have his pigs. Sounds sensible enough to the majority of us but not to Peter Pan... Peter Pan's pigs had to live on Peter Pan's land!! Phil sets off again to negotiate with the vendor... 'everybody can be bought for a price, what's yours?' enquired Phil. 'There is no price because the land is not for sale,' states the vendor.

The following day Phil decided to take Peter Pan and Wendy to revisit this ideal property and encouraged a little switch over exercise to look at it from each other’s point of view. Surprisingly this worked- in Peter Pan’s favour when Wendy decided that the property was a little gloomy! Eventually Peter Pan and Wendy decided to leave it until after the wedding and went into rented accommodation in the meantime.

With part 1 over Barcelona proved to be a revelation! Both Peter Pan and Wendy quite liked the first property however the second was cramped and Wendy hated it; in fact neither of them liked it until they were told it had a mooring for one boat which whacked up the rental price. Peter Pan’s greedy little eyes showed £££ signs whilst tapping away on his laptop. ‘I’m not living here, absolutely not.’ Stated Wendy. 'You can’t always have everything you want.’ Said Peter Pan,‘We need to talk about it.' Fortunately Kirsty (the second estate agent) decided to avoid confronatation and hurriedly whisked them off to look at another property which they both fell in love with & the big bonus- Peter Pan would be able to indulge in his hobby of sky diving. Soooo the offer was made following Peter Pan's meticulous calculations, and accepted. The couple were filmed spending an enjoyable short break away.

Back to the UK with home hunting resuming some while after the wedding. Peter Pan and Wendy eventually found the perfect home following a year of renting and were thrilled to finally unpack their wedding presents. Both loved the place.. the draw back? Plenty of land but it had a small kitchen so Wendy happily put her dreams on hold... and guess what??? All that land and not a pig in sight!!!

Phil established that they were both happy despite the time taken to find the perfect property. ‘What kept you going Wendy?’ asked Phil. ‘Peter Pan kept reassuring me that we just had to hold out long enough and the right property would come along.’ said Wendy looking all starry eyed, ’I’m so glad it’s behind me and I never have to think about moving again. Now we can get on with our lives.’

There you have it... Peter Pan and Wendy... destined to live happily ever after? Somehow I think not. They say love is blind, but how blind can you be when your husband is prepared to sacrifice the perfect house for the sake of a couple of non-existent pigs without due consideration and expects you to holiday in a place you thoroughly dislike? In Wendy’s eyes Peter Pan is perfect, wonderful, a great decision maker and she is so lucky to have such an amazing husband. What do you think?

Jaz McKenzie

Thursday, 11 October 2012

~IB~ BABY E-MUTE: OXJAM CALLING~The Journey Continues!

~IB~ began following rock band E-Mute earlier this year and we are currently re-joining them at an exciting time as E-Mute have just released their first music video, ‘Clock Moves Forward.’-check the previous blog! Since last speaking with Theo, E-Mute are now under the wings of James Black, Black Radar Management Company who specialize in rock bands, having 13 bands featured on their website & a welcome to E-Mute in the scrolled information. Black Radar currently have quite a few gigs lined up for their artists and we hope the same for E-Mute!

E-Mute are a great alternative rock band having an energy that exuded during their last gig which was highly successful. Following the summer break Theo recently decided to do a couple of solo spots at open mic nights- attracting attention once people realised that he’s a session drummer and lead singer of a rock band! This happy discovery led to the band being invited to take part this coming weekend in Islington’s OXJAM Festival.

As the name Oxjam suggests, this is an initiative to promote exciting new talent whilst fundraising for Oxfam. The concept tailors the festival to selected venues that are close to one another making Oxjam a highly accessible event. All you have to do is take a tube to Islington or the Angel and walk along Upper Street to the various venues where over 60 talented bands or individuals will be performing over 2 days. Ticket prices are very reasonable and here are the details for E-Mute~ we hope many of you will be able to make it:

E-MUTE on stage Sat 13th Oct at 21:00 at the Library
235 Upper Street London, Greater London N1 1RU

To book tickets and read more about Oxjam follow the link:

The next major event scheduled for E-Mute is the release of, ‘Too Proud To Say Loud,’ their debut EP coming November- we are awaiting the actual release date! This will be available on-line from all the usual digital outlets.

More information about E-Mute is available via their website link and our search box both on the right of the blog.

Jaz McKenzie

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

~IB~ BABY E-MUTE Clock Moves Forward

Intriguing lyrics here in this mysteriously dark song from E-Mute... The clock moves forwards while life goes backwards. I asked lead singer Theo to explain the thinking behind the song-'It's basically about wanting to do something but another part of you stops you doing what you want. It's the internal fight within yourself. The older you get the more experienced you become at identinfying the internal battle. It applies to everything in life, aspirations, relationships, we are constantly battling within ourselves.'

This is the bands first video release  and is extremely strong both musically and visually, telling a story. I think that it really exposes the huge potential of the E-Mute. Keep tuned to ~IB~ as we will be giving you more of an update later on.

Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Penn & Teller : 'Shadows'

Fascinating little trick here with a rose and its shadow. The commentary is very interesting and explains how emotionally effective this trick is. Most people enjoy magic, it has an enthralling effect upon us which creates such a sense of wonderment- we know we are being fooled but just can't work out how! That's skill for you and the partnership between Penn and Teller is another little miracle.

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Who Do You Trust? Live Life~Love Life WK 41

Trust is fundamental to all relationships. As adults we understand what trust is and how important it is to be able to trust people. Trust is something we learn about through our life experiences. Small children do not know about trust but they do have instincts and it is these instincts which can help them in tricky situations. We have to teach children about trust hence, don’t take sweets from strangers. I remember being horrified to discover many years ago that my youngest had climbed into a stranger’s house through a window to open up the front door egged on by his eldest brother. I explained that it was good to help the neighbours however they should have popped home first and told me what was happening as we were literally round the corner!

The fact is that the number of children abducted hasn’t changed vastly over the years but the publicity has. Your child is more likely to be run over on today’s busy roads than abducted- which reminds me, my youngest shot out across a major road disregarding an approaching lorry because he predicted I was about to cross! He wasn't trustworthy at all when out and about having no road sense= difficult seeings he was at least 11 years old and beyond hand holding age!

The first lesson we usually learn is that we need to be trusted with the smaller things before we can be trusted with more important issues. During our working lives the trust we have gained is taken from one job to the next as we work our way up the ladder; unless we do something to lose that trust. The same applies to our personal lives therefore most of us know who to ask if we want something done because of past experience. It may be because that person has the right skills or possibly they are known for doing a good job. There are people who mean well but lack understanding or the ability to carry out a task making them unreliable. There is a little saying that often proves accurate: ‘if you want something done ask a busy person.’ I think what happens here is that busy people are frequently well organized and good at fitting things in! Reliability is a good off shoot from trust.

Trust can be relative to situations. People may be totally trustworthy at work but have an area in their lives where they have betrayed trust. Trust should not be confused with lying which is a deliberate act however the two often go together. Trust can be broken through misunderstanding especially since sites such as Facebook are treated as an extension of our lives. For example, working in chlldcare requires us to be vigilant regarding the rights of the child and whereas we are very careful to only use the work camera and not publize any pictures without written agreement, other people may happily put up family pictures on websites without another thought and can innocently upset people.

There are different things we trust to people. Money and possessions are obvious and yet how easy is it to treat other people’s things with disrespect? If someone lends you something do you return it quickly or hold on to it indefinitely? Failure to care for someone’s loaned possessions may result in a rift in friendship as does returning property in poor condition because you failed to look after it properly. This shows how trust ties in with respect. Respecting people as equals sounds obvious but it is an area that is open to abuse. If you are told something confidentially do you maintain confidentiality? Most of us will but how about gossip? Do you pass it on or keep what you hear to yourself? Gossip often causes damage to people and it is good to be known as a trustworthy person with good integrity.

The most important lesson about trust is that once it’s been broken it is incredibly difficult to re-instate. The second chance is a useful tool and an olive branch however a seed of doubt usually remains. One thing is definite, you will have to work really hard to recover a person’s trust and equally hard to forgive dependent on the damage incurred!

Jaz McKenzie

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Retail Giant Dixons Does the Deal as Everybody Dreams Hits 50 Stores!!

In a previously unprecedented move retail giant Dixons is giving Everybody Dreams 100% backing- great news for all Everybody Dreams fans across the UK & beyond!

Gladesmore School pupils are thrilled to discover that their campaign to revive the image of Tottenham has taken an exciting new turn following recent negotiations with Dixons Retail PLC, who are supporting Everybody Dreams wholeheartedly from the top of the organization, Chief Executive Katie Bickerstaffe (pictured right), through to the shop floor.

Following its release in August, a year after the riots, the song hit #33 in the charts and it is hoped that the Dixons Group, which includes PC World, will help familiarize the public with this song- a positive anthem for any age. 50 stores will be involved with the aim of inspiring more people to become involved within the community and to download a copy of the song or purchase the actual CD, which may be available in store. For the next two months stores will be showing the Everybody Dreams video on their monitors and you may spot staff wearing the now familiar Everybody Dreams logo on their official caps and handing out leaflets to customers.

This is an indication of how seriously the Dixon Group are taking Gladesmore’s effort to make a difference to Tottenham and inspire today’s youth by instilling their sense of local pride in the minds of the public. (Family shopping- pictured right)

The Dixon group is proud to be involved with Everybody Dreams and this is re-iterated in the words of Alan Ritchie, UK Retail Director (Pictured below) who said, “We share the campaign's goal to inspire communities, in Tottenham and beyond, to drive forward their local areas and make them even better places to live and work in. A number of our stores, including our Tottenham branch, were affected by last year's riots, and we have worked hard to rebuild, upgrade and move on."

Everybody Dreams is a unique school project that is benefiting from huge community support as its importance is impacting on society. Gladesmore school, who have received support from Boris Johnson and the Police Commissioner amongst others, is thrilled that Dixon’s are happy to put their name to Everybody Dreams. Dixons clearly have a full and first hand understanding of the roots of the project and its implications for the future.

This is backed up by Tony Hartley C.B.E who is Headteacher at Gladesmore Community School, when he said of Dixon’s, "They have embraced the positive view we have of young people and are keen to show what wonderful talent we have at Gladesmore. The children and their parents are so proud to see the DVD showing on all the screens as they step into the stores."

Pictured left: Head Teacher Tony Hartley supporting the Everybody Dreams Fashmob event on the streets of Tottenham.

To read more about the Everybody Dreams campaign enter ‘Everybody Dreams’ in the search box on the top right.

Here is the link to the Dixon Groups Facebook page:

Jaz McKenzie

Meet Jason Brock - THE X FACTOR USA

It's Saturday... X-Factor day in the UK at the moment, so before we post any serious blogs let's have a little fun and play one of the most surprising and fun auditions from the USA. Jason Brock is a Tax Office employee with huge dreams, a great dose of self confidence and an incredible voice. It is very clear that Simon & LA are expecting the worst from their facial expressions yet when we come to judging, once again we can enjoy watching Simon eat his unspoken words!

This is one show that you can really envisage enjoying, not just from Jason's dreams but from his personality and individual singing style... a show I would absolutely love to go to. Yes, diva is the word and we can describe Jason as a kind of cross over between Elton John & Dame Edna with a little of Mick Hucknall's sweet tones thrown in, making him a larger than life, contemporary star!

Jaz McKenzie

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes from Real People!! #16

Don't let the world change your smile~ let your smile change the world!! Anonymous

What more motivation do you need to keep that smile on your face? Fact is that we do feel better when we smile and we all know that smiles are infectious. Smiles are good for business hence we are encouraged to smile both in face to face business transactions and even over the phone! People who are constantly smiling often tend to have a positive outlook and are reasonably energetic so they are able to influence and inspire others! So... get into the groove.. smile today & change the world!

Jaz McKenzie

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How Bad Do You Want It? (Success) HD

Today we are looking at a very different type of motivational video to usual which shows some serious skills and makes some interesting points. Challenge is the word! What do you have to do to be successful? Well, sometimes I believe there's more to life than this!!!

Jaz McKenzie