Friday, 30 January 2015

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

Just loving this whole funky biz!!! I actually saw the 'Uptown Funk' video for the first time today whilst sitting in the hairdressers. Funny when you think we've been playing it on Buffaloo Radio in the Chill Out Zone since its release last December! It's such a good video- dance, humour, tells a story- Michael Jackson would probably enjoy it! For a long video, it holds its own although over 37K people disagree- check the likes by comparison.

It's a shame there isn't more funky music around- James Brown cornered the market back in the day and Wild Cherry had a smash hit with 'Play that Funky Music'... till you die! There is definitely a great liking for funk as this track reached #1 for 7 weeks. Why do we love Funk? Obvious really, it gets you off your seat and dancing, which is the wonderful thing  about great music- so here's to the funk!!

Jaz McKenzie

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes from Real People!!

Andy-‘ Strong people don’t put others down, they lift them up.’

This is one of the quotes we discussed recently on Buffaloo Radio. In the current culture of so called ‘haters’ we see people being put down and even verbally abused time and again. This is what weak people do when they become jealous as they need to feed off others to make themselves feel good. It’s very short sighted and helps ensure that you stay in the same place because really good people do not like this attitude.

It takes a strong person to want to encourage others; someone who is confident and in full control of themself. People who constantly give out encouragement understand that the more you give the more you get. It’s a simple formula, whether we’re speaking money, information, business connections, time or anything else. Be strong and be kind~ Make a difference!

You can hear me live on Buffaloo Radio with DJ Freestyle every Sunday from 6-9pm GMT 

Jaz McKenzie 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful Wk 4- For being Alive!


We all have a Birthday. That’s a fact and as we grow up we take our Birthday’s for-granted; a sense of immortality seems to be the privilege of youth! We are alive and real joy comes from a deep appreciation of life itself otherwise we simply subside into existence or worse still, depression.
Giving thanks for being alive is an acknowledgement that we are here for a multitude of reasons. We can tune in to the world around, using our senses to take on board everyday and exotic experiences. Life is purpose- without purpose there is no point to life.

·         Think about your day and gives thanks for at least one thing... this usually leads to a string of    thankfulness
·         What new ideas have you had today?
·         Have you progressed in any areas?
·         What excited you/ brought you joy?
·         Take action~ jot your ideas down and send them prayers & energy!

It can be easy to slip into routines and lose our personal vision. I remember doing this when the children were young- living a day at a time and crashing into bed at early O’clock pretty much exhausted. When you have small children you really need to focus on your own identity and not allow it to slip away. Me time is alive time!

The fun in life is working out its twists and turns. Plan for the future and then enjoy the route. Life may follow the course you imagined, however sometimes it’s far more exciting when it goes off at a tangent. This is why gut instinct plays such an important role and can bring experiences to us that we were previously unable to conceive. Most winners of the X Factor did not expect to win, yet through following their gut instinct changed their lives in an exciting way. Likewise, you need to take every opportunity life brings to enhance your sense of ‘being alive.’

To be really alive we need to appreciate our talents. Through using our talents we create opportunities to enrich every single day if we so choose. You will already know that life may seem at times to be compartmentalised but that should not be the case. When everything works well together we will feel alive. Happy, healthy relationships are stimulating and inner peace- invaluable, so we must create a flow that ripples throughout everything we do.

Sometimes disharmony or even tragedy arrive in our lives to WAKE US UP! When life runs smoothly for a long time we can lose focus and let down our spiritual guard. If you find yourself coasting through life for too long beware! Your mind can become lazy and mentally you dose off. When you think about it, even if you are subjected to ten years of suffering it is still a relatively small period were you to reach eighty. After all, consider Nelson Mandela who showed us how to maintain hope in bleak circumstances and emerge triumphant. 

My personal opinion is that we are designed to run on low wattage now and again which dampens creative output physically, mentally and/or spiritually. The point is that we pick ourselves up when the time is right and strive to live on all cylinders once again. Nature recognises the need for hibernation and the Butterfly epitomises all life cycles. From time to time we need that period in our own chrysalis to reinvent ourselves. We need to digest information, find solutions, adapt and improve upon our very beings periodically to maintain tip top performance and enjoyment of life itself.

We fly high on natural energy and the more in control we are of our lives the more we will enjoy them. Look after yourself and live your life. That way you will improve your quality of life and everyone else’s. See  It's All About The 'I'  to understand why we need to put ourselves first.  

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful Wk 3- Inner Peace

I give thanks for Inner Peace

Life is a bowl of minestrone without any doubt. It can be amazing and we sail along; alternatively at times we feel as if we’re drowning in a pool of thick mud. Life is frequently so busy that it can be very hard to make time for our inner needs however, I am thankful to have learnt the value of allocating periods of time to nurture my own mental well being.

Inner peace is essential if we are to function well and the very word peace brings us a comforting feeling. When all is well it is easy to be joyful- but by the same token we can forget God if we are shallow and no longer perceive a need for His services. Alternatively, we can feel so badly about something that we convince ourselves we no longer qualify for His help. Ultimately we need the realisation that consistency is the answer and then our lives will flow better or at the very least, feel better.

When we are thankful for even the smallest things, this generates a spirit of appreciation and gratitude so universal law ensures that more good will enter our lives. If we always give thanks for inner peace we will have peace. Small things can include having just enough money- yesterday I popped an extra 50p in my pocket and used 49p which meant I didn’t need to return to the shop in the cold! Sometimes the greatest blessing in the world can be a few kind words at the right moment. Love, encouragement and concern elevate our spirit by making us feel valued.

This isn’t to say all worries will disappear. What will happen is that we grow in the knowledge that everything is taken care of and ultimately will be alright. There are horrors happening constantly around the world- terrorist shootings in France, Massacres in Nigeria and starvation in many areas of the world but there is one rule that always applies, love will ultimately conquer. We cannot possibly understand why evil is allowed to reign except that the law of opposites also exists and we cannot pick and choose which laws suit us. Atrocities are a fact of life and we are always touched by them. We can pray, donate help or money but not cure. We can educate and take preventative steps. What we do need to remember is: If you wish to help others you need to help yourself. Love yourself and this will emanate outwards.

So how can we acquire peace of mind?  We can try thought displacement. Taking time each day to be still and talk about your worries leaving them in the care of God releases these worries and allows other more positive thoughts to enter your mind. What we frequently do, which is very unhelpful, is return to our worries, going over them again and again; constantly scrutinising the situation in the hope of finding a solution. This keeps the worries alive by feeding them energy. Consider how this differs from discussing a situation and making valid attempts to find a solution. Practical moves are necessary to progress in life as nothing can happen without action. Just think- if you pray for improved finances and a cheque pops through your door you still have to pick it up and bank it!

Peace of mind can be nurtured by creating focus in the correct way. The more you practice considering your life calmly and try to be proactive where possible the easy it becomes to cope. There will always be bad situations and good situations so we yo-yo around, but if you prioritise peace of mind and maintain the belief that you are calm and always cope well with every situation you will maintain a much greater level of stability.

Besides love, peace of mind is possible the best gift you can ever give yourself and one that will be beneficial to all the people around you.

Jaz McKenzie

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes for Real People! Michael Arkk

Develop to Achieve... you can’t get there without development because you weren’t born with it! ~ Michael Arkk

This saying of Michael’s is very straightforward and a twist on the more usual, ‘believe to achieve.’ Basically, if we don’t make an effort to develop ourselves we go nowhere- just think for a second about the learning babies and children go through. With a little encouragement they make great strides to learn new skills and generally enjoy doing it. They are also persistent; how many times do babies keep falling over before they finally learn to walk? And before that they often experience the frustration of crawling backwards in order to move forwards!

We really need to go back to our human roots and appreciate that lesson. Life has a habit of repeating itself so we need to strive to develop and achieve- if we seem to go nowhere fast, or regress, we must appreciate that it’s just part of the process and we should give thanks for those little plateaus and regressions which enable us to mentally re-group before making fresh attempts to push forwards! So, just keep setting your targets, make the most of new learning opportunities to stretch yourself and you will achieve whilst benefitting from a far more satisfying life.

The Be Braap~Be Inspired feature has been running for a very long time on Its Braap and since I work as a presenter and more for Buffaloo Radio, I decided that this would be a great feature to include in The Chill Out Zone- Sunday nights from 6-8pm GMT.

Michael Arkk, Reggae/Gospel singer, was a featured artist on Buffaloo Radio last year and is a strong supporter, updating us with his musical moves which includes planning the Heritage of Ska Festival- more information to follow at a later date. The above phrase is Michael’s real quote and if you would like to supply your favourite saying please call the Buffaloo Radio hotline 07453 826 450 during the show or send to

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK2- Give thanks for Gut Instinct

Give thanks for Gut Instinct.

I am so happy that I am now focusing in a pro-active way on my gut instinct. Gut instinct is something that helps you to accept life exactly as it and to make the most of opportunities. Through the past year I have been practising tuning in to myself and the results have been extremely good. For example, I have met some great people, especially within the Urban Delight Entertainment team thanks to Macky McPherson and through this experience have learnt a great deal about myself and ways of coping with various challenges that would probably have had a smothering affect previously. In addition, the UDE team enjoyed some great evenings filled with energy and brilliant vibes- not to mention the singing!

Having mentioned the ups, here’s a down where instinct kicked in towards the end of the year. Having been ill and exhausted for most of November & December I had to slow down- there was absolutely no other choice as my body had zero energy after even the slightest little excersion. Initially I felt despairing however when studying spiritual teachings was constantly given the message to tune in to my body and rest. During those quieter periods I spent more time listening to talks and reading; aspects of leisure that had previously been squashed into my busy day. The most important aspect of life I have come to realise, besides the need for relaxation, is the importance of becoming in-tune with oneself.

Gut instinct is actually quite wide embracing our thoughts, feelings, opinions, actions. One of the most fundamental elements is creating greater awareness of your gut instinct ie: the little intuitive voice that speaks from within. Your gut instinct is your best friend, or would be if allowed! Very often it appears as a quick thought bursting like a bubble in your mind, eg: ‘this guy/girl is not going to be good for me.’ That instinctive reaction will probably prove right but how many times do we start to reason with ourselves because there is something about that person which attracts us? The same applies to situations. You may be invited to an event and inside your head think, ‘that’s not for me,’ however you allow people to talk you into going along, later wishing you hadn’t. This is not to be confused with your personal gremlins- areas needing encouragement to be overcome; if you’re too isolated then going out occasionally may well be a good thing. The general rule to follow is, ‘if your instinct is strongly against something there is a good reason so listen to it.’ How many times do we repeat mistakes instead of learning from them? If you have a little warning bell ringing, open your eyes and look for the signs your subconscious has already tuned in to.

Gut instinct can also be very positive and give you the let’s do it signal; excitement at the thought of a new project, a feeling telling you to take a risk that appears ridiculous when you calculate all the factors. Sometimes we do well to jump in without stopping to think! At the end of August I suddenly found myself involved in internet Radio. It was the result of one thing leading to another, so when Buffaloo was discussing his radio station I became enthusiastic and found myself taking on the role of presenter- and more besides. We created a show name, ‘The Chill Out Zone’ and have developed it as we go along! My instinct is telling me to work a daaaaam sight harder on this project and take it up a few levels by the end of this year.

Gut instinct is your beacon that will guide you through choppy waters or sail you across calm seas to your own paradise island! Do not underestimate your instincts as they will serve you well and ultimately prove that you are your own best friend! When life goes well we are able to be joyful and sometimes are in awe of the wonderful of opportunities that come our way and also we can be happy and proud of personal achievements 

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 9 January 2015

Year In-Year Out~Jaz McKenzie Poem & a few thoughts!

I wrote this poem last week while the New Year was totally fresh. Barely caught a glimpse of fireworks yet they create the greatest sense of expectation within us. We feel elated when watching huge firework displays and we feel a great sense of awe at such beauty that is beyond our remit.
The point about our lives is that we are born with great potential and ideally should be creating the life we want to reach fulfilment. This involves constantly using and extending our skills; having a flow of ideas to help us achieve objectives including those that may appear far-fetched.

Important:  make time to prepare well defined planned with fixed goals and objectives and take baby steps or huge leaps as we move through the year a month at a time. There are always people around who have the skills you need and if your focus and expectations are clear they will appear like magic!

Year In- Year Out
The New Year beginning with chimes and fireworks
Staggered global celebration welcoming change
Time to renew hope in the face of adversity
For human kind is and was and ever will be
And whilst we ring the changes spare a thought
For the person you are and who you could be.
The key to success is an internal key
Grasp it and turn using integrity

Take time to reflect on your annual journey
Embracing equally highs and the lows
Joy and laughter a true celebration
Challenges, catalysts for motivation
And tears a release to soothe the soul

Anticipation now racing through our veins
Land of opportunity where all hope reigns
Leave behind your loses and strive for gains

Year in Year Out is here again!

Jaz McKenzie © 2015

This poem is written in a specific format- the lines decreasing systematically from 7 to 1. For some reason I haven’t really identified this is important because it came to me as I was writing- I’ll leave that one with you but here’s a thought; 7 is my birth number so when speaking of beginnings it could be relevant & maybe 1 is the universe we return to, our lives becoming more focused as less cluttered as we age- who knows!

Note for those who are struggling with loss

We wish to feel energised and happy at the beginning of the year, ideally every day, but sadly it’s impossible for everyone to feel that way. If you are exhausted, mentally or emotionally off-key the best you can do is focus on whatever makes you feel better. The New Year can be particularly challenging and upsetting for people who have experienced bereavement and for the first time are starting a year without someone who may have played an enormous role in their lives. Confidence may dwindle and fear, raise its head. Your attitude helps determines how well you cope. Time helps you to adjust as do good friends, possibly counselling or even listening to people like Louise Hay, whose words comfort and inspire. Having others to relate to who are empathetic will probably help you to find coping strategies. Faith in God or the universe is especially good, remember, we all have a Guardian angel watching over us who we can communicate with. If you are of a mind you can ask for help every day, especially with regard to acceptance of your loss and any specific challenges. It is a strange feeling when our circumstances change but we are never truly alone and that is a comfort in itself.~ Sending you love, blessings and encouragement- everything will be good with time~ Jaz


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Love Dancehall~Love MACINI- You Know He's BRAAP!

Dancehall artist Macini blazed his way through 2014 and is set to create an even bigger stir this year. No exclamations, just plain facts. Having worked hard on his music and brought us great tunes including, 'Wen Mi Step Out,' featured on this blog, the year soon gathered pace.

Macini came along to Buffaloo Radio last September and joined our show The Chill Out Zone- Sunday Nights 6-8pm. DJ Freestyle and I had a great time interviewing Macini and finding out about his journey so far- equally importantly his ambitious nature shone through and we were thrilled when he was invited to Gambia. Once there, Macini showed his talents to the full and was invited to make a special guest appearance at the National Stadium to entertain an audience of 40K and was a guest on many radio shows.

Macini returned to the UK after Christmas and spoke 'live on air' with Buffaloo Radio last week. His tour was a roaring success and the Gambians are in love with his latest release, 'Man A General.' I believe this title sums Macini up beautifully as he has created a stylized image and knows exactly how to work his trade. The above logo speaks clearly of his intent and determination. Macini will be performing overseas again this year, already booked for shows in Germany and Jamaica. - at this rate it will soon be time for me to update his bio!

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful Week 1: Intro to our 2015 Blogathon

For the first time, last year I didn’t complete the Blogathon. I could have considered this a poor effort however have learned not to criticise myself, and instead practice taking a reasoned approach. I have arrived at the conclusion that 2014 was a challenging year for the majority of us and we have all learned many valuable lessons. Perhaps the most important lesson I learnt is to, ‘go with the flow.’ I will speak more about this in the first article of the new Blogathon.

Initially I was going to continue with ‘Have Questions?~Have Answers!!!’ however, I was given a new topic this morning and will run with that as it is a New Year filled with inspiration.  Importantly, 'HQHA' can be added to gradually until all 52 instalments are complete- or simply be cut short!

Our 2015 Blogathon, ‘Give Thanks~Feel Joyful’ is focused around a very important subject, gratitude. When we give thanks we raise our mood, our vibration, and the more things we can be thankful for the better we feel. Our ideal goal is to attain a continually joyful state therefore we should do our best to avoid negativity, worry and seriously stressful situations. Obviously life is designed to challenge every emotion and puts us in places of discomfort and pain, encouraging our ability to find solutions and grow. Let’s just consider the major blessing of all severely challenging situations including the evil in this world- Through experiencing such things we come to know and appreciate the good things in life including our values, hopes and dreams. We need highs to appreciate lows otherwise life would be like a long stretch of motorway- YAWN! So to start you off, just think- if you are reading this you have access to a computer and that’s a blessing!

A point for consideration: We are born with a right to love and happiness with the majority of us in a position to create our own futures. Yes, some people are born into severe hardship and we don’t have all the answers, but if the ‘haves’ used their mental powers for good the lives of the ‘have-nots’ could be significantly improved. So why focus on being thankful? Before you can change anything in this world you need the right mindset, and gratitude is the foundation for change.

Jaz McKenzie

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Time isn't the master~ YOU ARE!


I decided we'd have a change from writing about New Year's resolutions; partly because we have covered the subject before and partly because I started mine in December simply because it seemed the right thing to do; although I may add a few as time goes by.

So here we are once again facing a blank or even partly filled canvas referred to as the New Year, and for most of us it is a refreshingly exciting time. Time is a word that we use relentlessly throughout our lives and often we are under the illusion that time is limited and we have no control over it. Agreed we cannot control time but we are in a position to make the most of it. This does not mean that we need to be working 24/7, what we need is to make time work for us and when you get your focus right time seems to increase rather than decrease.

There are many ways to improve your life which require focus not time. One of the hardest yet most beneficial changes you can make is to focus on your personal character weaknesses, very often regarding our attitude towards others, and start to work on that. Thinking before we speak can save a great deal of time because good communication is effective communication whether in business or on a personal level. We can be kinder people by considering how we speak, and very often what we do not say can help us avoid sorry situations. No one can avoid making the occasional unwelcome remark about others but if you know people who constantly knock people or are general negative you would be well advised to stay away and definitely avoid being drawn into unpleasant conversations. On a similar note, maintain an attitude of understanding and forgiveness towards others as it uses too much energy harbouring grudges, anger, guilt and blame; in fact, you may need to forgive yourself first so that you can get on with living your life.

Another way to master your time is by prioritising and planning- yes we do need goals and deadlines if we wish to achieve our aims, and try putting effort into the things you dislike doing- it's very rewarding. Review as you go and make sure you have a support network even if it's only one or two people who are willing to encourage you and help you when you're feeling discouraged.

How much of your time is your own? I'm not referring to every day tasks but do you make sure you reserve a little time for yourself just to read, relax or chill out? Some people spend huge amounts of time doing things for others at their own expense. Yes we need to 'give back' but not indiscriminately. It is good to donate your time to helping the less fortunate and applying your skills where they are genuinely needed but if you're always' just doing things' for others how can you apply yourself properly to your own commitments? And if you are doing things out of the goodness of your heart ask yourself, why? What are you gaining by helping, could these people pay you or are they simply taking advantage and would they be prepared to go the extra mile for you or is it a one-way street? Whatever you do in life you should ask yourself why you're doing it. That is a great method of ensuring you use your time well and don't drizzle it away. You do need to rest and relax, laugh, have fun and take time to appreciate life.

This is a New Year and we always start out with great plans and good intentions yet we do not know what challenges or changes will come. We do not know who will travel the year with us and who may be taken from us through natural means, presumably to a better existence, who will simply drift away or who might make a dramatic exit. Whatever is in-store, live one day at a time, stick to the plan as far as possible and make time to give thanks, pray, meditate and do what you enjoy. Life is meant to be fun and how boring life would be without challenges, so make the most of every experience and step out in faith.

Jaz McKenzie