Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Roundabout

Christmas Roundabout

The Christmas Roundabout’s in full swing
Food shopping, presents, everything
Over-laden trees topped with angels or stars
Present wrapping for hours and hours!
Christmas stockings & mistletoe
For 24 hours the world’s aglow
But what about peace and harmony?
Forgiveness worldwide to set love free
It starts from the heart, in you and me
For that it was Christmas was meant to be.

Jaz McKenzie © 2014

Friday, 12 December 2014

Facebook- IN YOUR FACE Book? Witness to the damnation of the humanrace book?

I have recently been reflecting on the current state of Facebook, originally a social tool for friends that has developed into a universal mouthpiece for anything and everything. You can follow your friends in depth, how they’re feeling, where they’re going and even what they’re eating...hmmmm I don’t understand this obsession for posting plates of colourless food! Must say, having read a thriller by Peter James where the serial killer logged intended victims movements by the ‘helpful information’ they posted on Facebook, you need to be very discriminating about personal information. Of course, we all know how many different types of predators can use social networks to their advantage in real life which is frightening. Must say however family videos can be fun and enjoyable- but please don’t give any real names or location details unless your page is open to friends only!! And of course some people write genuinely interesting things about their daily lives and often share informative posts.

Facebook has different purposes but on a personal level has also become a forum people use to put their gripes out in public and be damned. How many times do people mention Facebook on the Jeremy Kyle show? The whole world can know about your personal disagreements and unfortunately many lies are spread publicly too. Such a shame as this form of communication is frequently used to avoid a basic simple right- the opportunity to discuss. How often does a situation become exaggerated once out in public? You quickly discover that everybody has an opinion without being in possession of the facts and when a person is desperate to share their anger many people can be hurt in the process. You could say that the number of encouraging posts outweighs the cons, but I doubt it as personal attacks are often devastating. Also, positive people do not need positive posts to keep them on the right track whereas negative people need a constant outpouring of negativity to satisfy their inner woe.

In my opinion Facebook has become a very selfish site overall in most fields, especially professionally. I saw a prominent figure re-posting a general item with the aim, ‘I want a million hits on this.’ Why? What are we all supporting liking a post? I think we’re just puffing up celebrity feathers to empower someone who needs constant reassurance regarding their public profile.

Another habit I have noticed is that there are many people who only reply to comments on their own posts and do not take time to visit anyone else’s pages. Then we have the ‘I’ll scratch your back & you scratch mine’approach- never did get the point of mutual adoration societies!! Business emphasises peoples' selfish attitudes- we all have the same amount of time but some people will not use theirs to support others. Good job we aren't all like that. People do need to support one another and I have noticed that whoever makes the most noise will always attract the most attention.

Facebook is a good place to find new music, exciting events and interesting updates. The problem is that friends can easily be swallowed in the Facebook machine and you can lose people you once communicated with. Facebook has also been deleting large numbers of friends recently- I lost 25 in one day so it is definitely the system.

One alarming aspect that concerns me is the emphasis often put on race/religious relations in ways that seem determined to divide rather than unite. If you keep picking at a scab the wound can’t heal. It is good to look at the past provided it is done in a positive way whereby we learn and can move on, but again people like to be provocative. The amount of judgements resulting from such posts can make you quite angry. Yes we have different histories and individual experiences and are entitled to our opinions however the intent to incite others is not the same as instigating discussion. This leads on to the recent trend of sharing ‘shockers’ which is appalling; a bit like gawping at a traffic accident. Why do we need to witness atrocities? It gives these acts more coverage and more power allowing evil the upper hand yet so many people want to share without taking further action- a sad reflection on society. Educating people is one thing but sharing mindless violence- another; so we should have controls to censor the type of videos that appear in our news feeds and seeing that Facebook reputedly has key words for spy purposes they should be able to eliminate truly horrific videos. I have discovered that you can go to settings and stop 'automatic play.'

The main purpose of Facebook nowadays is its use as a huge commercial tool with umpteen sponsored adverts popping up in the newsfeed. It must be working for the big companies who refer you back to their pages from their own TV adverts- after all we have to be a part of everything these days! Can’t say a single one of them has inspired me to do anything or buy anything- but they must work for some so maybe I should sponsor my blog posts!!! Being cynical as to the power of Facebook, I imagine in reality you pay a drop in the ocean to reach a drop in the ocean but maybe it works. Thought- you may achieve a lot of likes on your post but how many people check out the website, Youtube video etc? I know one of my friends tried it with no positive results.
I am definitely going to think more about the way I use Facebook and how I go about surfing other people’s posts as that time could be invested more wisely. Sad, but I think if the rest of the world is self-centred it proves that you need to be in order to benefit from social sites. I have observed that if you want loads of hits on your page be as outspoken and controversial as possible- people love a good gossip and the opportunity to rant.

Well, that’s just a few opinions as I have had time to sit back and observe Facebook recently- I must say it’s good to analyse what we do and why from time to time, but overall I far prefer the old Myspace!

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 5 December 2014


There are many good artists in this world who really deserve support and Shisco BoB is one of them. The Mau Mau Bar- 265 Portebello Road will be hosting Shishco BoB's debut single release party for the track Father Mi Love You. It's a very strong song which I have seen performed live several times by Shishco BoB and 13K- strongly recommend you get a copy!

Tonight's event has been organised by Urban Delight Entertainments and will be bringing you an exciting evening of music and in addition includes comedian Jnr Booker and legendary DJ Festus Coxanne. Musically the night will be ablaze with fresh young talent hotting up the room with beats from Dancehall, Drum and Bass, R&B. There will be different styles of Rap music and even an Indie Band - Kribber, whose music is very fresh and chart worthy. Performers include: Joy Olamide, Zeena Banks and Scarlett Hill- pretty fierce singers who know how to strut their stuff! Echa Elle brings a touch of sweetness with her pure voice as does Dennis LLoyd with his gorgeous Reggae songs. Spicing it up a bit are J2G and Saint Paul and of course DJ Macky will be turning up the heat till closing time.

Show starts at 9pm and if you're late- tough- main acts do not rewind! Definitely the place to be tonight and all this is for just a fiver!!

Jaz McKenzie

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dear Brappers!! ~ wherever did the blogs go?

Dear Brappers~ A quick explanation for the break in service!

Having worked flat out on the internet for several years, service has been affected for the past 3 weeks as I have been smitten by a virus that has affected my ability to literally focus on a screen- eyes have suffered badly; however through applying determination I was blessed to soldier through a couple of radio shows to bring The Chill Out Zone (buffalooradio) on Sunday evenings as usual- because it is important to support colleagues and not disappoint our listeners.

Sometimes the inability to do things can make us feel so weak mentally leaving you annoyed with yourself for being unproductive, That is exactly how I felt but at the same time, I have been listening to more talks on Youtube and one of the main points is to relax when your body tells you, so I'll let go of guilt and presume that I'll be fighting fit shortly- still a few more days of medication to go hallelujah!

Even when we are under the weather it it's important to maintain a positive spirit so that healing can take place even if progress is slower than we would like. The body becomes ill for a reason and in my case I haven't had a proper break since 2004- quite some time ago! Illness can also act as a reminder that we need to focus more on our own needs rather than other people's and provides an opportunity to reflect on life in general, giving thanks that we are still in a position to encourage others. like everything else we need to accept illness as a part of the plan and give thanks for all the good things around us- i certainly know who is concerned enough to phone and find out how I am- quite an aya opener!!

Jaz Mckenzie

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Peter Lloyd Wake Dem Up Official Video HD

New video from Peter Lloyd which brings the right message for Sunday and everyday. Peter is showing us in this well made video how people have become so entrenched in their ways that they need to open their eyes and look around. Wake up and study your own values and attitudes, moving forwards with others who wish to have a positive impact within society.

A huge amount of Reggae music speaks about these basic truths and if you are unfamiliar with Reggae music beyond commercialised Reggae, take time to listen to serious artists such as Peter LLoyd who are talented when it comes to sharing strong views with light musicality making it easy for all too understand. Peter is one of a number of extremely talented artists and he is constantly working to share his music with others and in his own words: ‪#‎AlwaysPromotingPeterLloyd‬ ‪#‎AlwaysPromotingLove‬; "ignore those who tell you things are bad, embrace those who say, things will only get better"

Just love this artist! 

Jaz McKenzie

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

How Disabling is Down Syndrome?- REALITY CHECK~ With Monique McPherson

Have you any knowledge of Down Syndrome? Can you imagine how it feels to give birth to a child and later discover something about your child which challenges your perceptions and alters your way of life to some extent?

Its Braap is very happy to share Monique McPherson's story and especially her down to earth, practical and extremely positive attitude which helps break through the barriers of pre-conception. Thanks to Monique's input we hope you will realise that everybody has something valuable to offer provided they are given a great deal of help, patience and a huge dose of love!

Kody enjoying life

Let's begin with the basics- Apart from the obvious facial symptoms, what other physical affects can Down Syndrome (Down's) have? In general, heart and bowel defects are often present from birth however a high percentage can be corrected by an operation. It’s a very individual thing and some children have Hyper mobility (kind of like being double jointed,) poor posture, unusual gait and back problems. Sandal toe is also quite common.

What is Sandal Toe? This is where there is a larger gap between the big toe and other toes.

When is Down's usually diagnosed? It can be before birth and some pregnant ladies are advised that they can be at high risk, so tests are available. In some babies it is evident in their features from birth and sometimes babies develop medical problems, usually bowel problems. In Kody’s case it was missed.

At what point did you realise that Kody had Down's?  I knew something was wrong when he was 10 months old. While I was feeding Kody one eye looked at the other- my Mum thought it was a squint so we had him checked by the optician and everything was fine. By 3 months babies are able to focus so Mum checked online for possible causes and we decided to Google the signs and symptoms of Down's. We took Kody to the doctor’s as his eyes were wandering and hoped it could be because of the flatness at the bridge of Kody’s nose: which can be seen in some mixed race or black children- however it is common in Down's.

What did the Doctor say? I asked for Kody to be tested for Down's and the doctor made an appointment with the paediatrician who said she shared my view that Kody could have Down's. I explained to the paediatrician that he wasn’t meeting his milestones and his eyes were crossing. The paediatrician added,’ and because of his appearance.’ I realised then that she could actually see something so I thought he must have Down's, but you hold on to that little bit of hope that he hasn’t. Anyway, it took another three months to get the appointment, the blood tests, and then waiting for the results when she finally phoned me to confirm that it was Down's.

How did you feel when it was confirmed? That day, to be honest, I wasn’t shocked because Kody was 10 months when I first saw something and he was 15 months when I got the phone call to confirm that he had Down's. So I had 5 months to get used to the idea and to get my children used to the idea as well because I always thought it best to be open with them. Telling them was for the best and they love him unreservedly anyway.

Monique at work

What difference has it made to your lifestyle? You focus around your kids anyway but you have to focus a bit more around children with disabilities because you take for-granted some things that you might not be able to do, or that might be a bit more difficult. For instance, Kody doesn’t walk too well because of his hyper mobility. He has visited a physiotherapist recently and had special insoles made to correct his gait and also to try to prevent back problems in the future. He doesn’t walk very far without getting a bit tired and he isn’t always aware of where he’s going or why he’s going, so he might just stop, go in the wrong direction or need to be carried because he’s tired. Kody’s 4 and being, ‘a bit of a lump,’ it can be hard to carry him but I can’t put him in a buggy all the time. He’s going to get too old and I don’t want him in a buggy when he’s a big child- besides his younger brother is 2 years old so it’s a bit difficult, especially with the school run and it’s awkward when carrying them in and out of the car.

What school does Kody attend? Kody attends a special needs school, but I will say in general children with Down's usually do better in mainstream. In Kody’s case he also has autism. He was diagnosed to have ASD when he was 3, and up until he was 3 I was thinking mainstream because things have advanced so much now- people have found a better way to educate children with Down's. They learn just as much as anybody else but it just takes longer. Nowadays Down’s children are taught using a different method.

What type of method? Down’s affects your IQ but it doesn’t make you unintelligent. It doesn’t affect your ability to think and feel, socialise, have jobs and everything we take for granted. Everything we can do people with Down’s can do, they just need a bit more help to get there.

Do they require more repetition? People with Down’s tend to learn better visually. Whereas I could tell you a lot of things and you would probably remember 90% of it, it’s not so when people have Down’s. They usually do better if you show them something. Their short term memory can be affected so they might need telling again a couple more times than you and I, but eventually it will stay there and that’s their way of learning. It’s also best to speak in short sentences and rather than adding opinions just state the facts so it’s easy to understand. This is easy to do in schools so it’s mainstream all the way. In Kody’s case, because of the Autism his ability to speak was really affected. A lot of children his age with Down’s were speaking in small sentences, using signs and being able to communicate a bit more. Kody wasn’t speaking; he was just making occasional sounds and gesturing to convey his needs and wants.

So the power to communicate prevented mainstream schooling in Kody’s case? To me, communication really is a big barrier and I know that in mainstream schools it’s going to be difficult for him to learn at the speed required and for him to have all the resources he needs. The way to teach Kody is completely different. He needs movement breaks and a lot more visual stimulation. I felt that in a mainstream school he would not get the unlimited amount he needs and there will be occasions when they hit a brick wall and do not know what to do next.

Where there any other reasons for your decision? I have heard of a lot of people with children who have special needs that try a mainstream school first, teachers get to that point where they have run out of resources or ideas and their children’s skills aren’t up to speed, basically because they lack special needs teachers. Special needs teachers have been doing it for years and have unlimited ideas; also there is so much more available in a special needs school in the way of resources, which is why Kody’s there and he’s getting everything he needs.

Does Kody cope well socially- For example, can he handle Birthday parties or does he find this challenging?
Well, because I moved home I don’t have a great circle of friends now as they’re all far away so it’s hard to know.

Has he made friends in his new school? He has a small class now and in the pre-school he attended before there was a little boy who was very attentive towards him, but he went on to a different school so we don’t see him anymore and we weren’t in a position to maintain that friendship. Kody’s only been in his new school for a month so it’s early days but the kids are lovely and the teachers are wonderful. They all speak to Kody when he comes in and he seems really comfortable there. When he’s older and can speak a bit I think he’ll make friends but it’s difficult while he can’t communicate. Kody does tend to draw people towards him and they frequently want to mother him. Friends are one of the things I do want for Kody and we’ll cross every bridge as we come to it.

What type of support network is available for adults whose children have down's? In my case I was quite lucky because a Health Visitor visited me soon after Kody was diagnosed and gave me a leaflet that directed me to the PSDS Charity. This particular charity runs a small group for mothers whose babies and toddlers have been diagnosed with Down's. I was given numbers of the four trustees so I rang the one closest to me. As soon as I made that phone call I felt I wasn’t alone. I spoke to Rick Waites the first time and he made me feel completely at home. He was very welcoming and said, ‘just come down and meet everybody else and it will be fine. You’re not on your own.’ - And that’s the first thing you think- ‘What will I do now? Who will I talk to? How are people going to be towards me? How do I behave towards my child?’ You have so many questions but Rick said, ‘just come down and have a coffee.’ Then I said ‘yes, I belong somewhere!’ and it was such a relief I think I cried. 

How was your first meeting? When I went down there it was wonderful and there was a girl, Caroline, who asked me to sit down and wanted to know my story. Everybody wants to know everybody else’s story- how did they find out their child had Down's? How was it on that day? I was just drinking coffee and talking. I felt I had somewhere to be and it was a lifeline, and I made friends with other parents. It was relaxed and nice and I was asked about Kody’s particular situation. When I said I had only known for a month you could feel the shock- you could have heard a pin drop; it was unusual but I wasn’t to know, so I was quite interested to find that out.

How do you feel about it going undiagnosed for so long? I don’t know why it went undiagnosed but I think in Kody’s case there were quite a lot of factors as to why it went unnoticed. I’m certainly not bitter because we had a day of joy on the day he was born and a lot of parents I have met had a day of stress; a day of anxiety because they didn’t know anything about Down's. For a lot of parents it was the first they’d ever heard about it.

So it’s not publicized enough? No and it might have been painted in a negative light to be honest because I heard something awful; in the nineties a really high percentage of mothers that were told before the child was born that it had Down's went on to abort that child. I think that if they had spent time with children with Down's or had a child in the family it might be different because it’s not that difficult to have a disabled child in your life and it’s really fear- and dare I add that it might be encouraged for some of them to have an abortion.

How do you feel about your child having a disability? When you have a child with disabilities you feel that he’s different and you wonder what are other kids going to be like towards your child. Kids without special needs- will they be okay and treat him as he should be treated and things like that? At PSDS you don’t have to worry about that because you find that everyone’s in the same boat when you get there.

What are your long term concerns? At the moment I’m pretty confident that Kody will be well looked after because he’s got siblings that absolutely adore him. My eldest daughter has already told me, ‘Mum, when you die I will drop everything and take over from you. It was very practical and reassuring and I didn’t have to ask. You don’t want to force any of your children by saying, ‘that’s your job.’ They’re willing because they love him so much. I don’t need to worry that Kody will have someone to fight his corner whether I’m on this planet or not. My only concern is what might happen if he needs any kind of emotional, physical or mental care from care giving services. That’s always the worry because of the things we hear on the radio about care homes etc. I know we can’t consider them all the same but my concern is that my son might be the unlucky one and end up with somebody that doesn’t care enough, who is in the wrong job. That’s the only thing I worry about. I don’t think that will happen as we’re a strong family and we’ll help him as much as we can.

What do you think about Kody’s long term prospects, jobs for example? There are so many magazines with case stories in them that highlight the success of people with Down's. You don’t have to be involved with Down’s to join the association and there’s one particular story I read about concerning a gentleman who has been a mechanic for ages because he was given the opportunity to learn. It was what he wanted to do so thank God for him being given the help he needed to get the right qualification. He turned out to be the most reliable member of staff they’ve got because he wants his job. He loves to do his job, he’s good at routine and he’s always on time. It’s nice to see when that happens and there’s one man in America who owns his own successful restaurant.

Let’s finish with a thought- Do you think that the level of dedication and attention to detail shown by adults with Down's is like a characteristic in the same way as the physical signs? I can’t say because everyone’s individual and children go through the stages of stroppy teenager and so on but it might be worth researching.

A huge Thank You to Monique for taking the time to speak about her experience with Kody in such an honest way and I hope, like me, you found it enlightening.

 Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Chill Out Zone introducing.... John Blazz, Hercules Morse & Music Media Management

BUFFALOO RADIO LINK  - Tune in every Sunday 6-8pm GMT 1-3EDT ~The Chill Out Zone with Jaz McKenzie and DJ Freestyle.

Tonight we will be introducing some new artists onto the show. John Blazz is a Reggae singer from kingston, Jamaica, with a highly distinctive voice. John enjoys Roots Reggae and includes songs for Lovers within his itinerary. He has been described as a truly authentic artist and we believe that you will agree once you have tuned in and listened to the music!

By contrast, Hercules Morse, from Southampton, UK play Heavy Rock and were featured on Its Braap under their previous name, 'The Blue Screen of Death.' I consider them excellent and intriguing artists. They currently have a new line-up hence the change of name. It has to be said, the band's sense of humour always shines as evident in their brand new video 'Good Old Days,' now out on Youtube and definitely makes for great viewing.

If Reggae's your preferred genre you will doubtless have heard of MUSIC MEDIA MANAGEMENT
who are currently promoting some of the best up and coming acts in the business along with established artists. In today's show we will play a couple of cover songs as a brief introduction- Steele, 'She Believes in Me,' cover of a Kenny Rogers original and Mr Easy with 'Red Red Wine' a smash hit for UB40.  Mr Easy will be live in the studio Sunday 23rd November so be ready to We trust you will enjoy the show and spread the word!

Jaz McKenzie

Thursday, 6 November 2014

HOW TO FEEL GOOD!-Flowers & emotions

Just thought we'd start a new series of little things we can do to uplift ourselves & gain the feel good factor. Wherever we are emotionally in the spectrum of life there is always a little something we can do to cheer ourselves up or, if we are in a good place, to maintain our position and aim to encourage other people.
Halloween Bouquet

The first thought I'm going to share is very simple- Flowers! I try to buy flowers regularly and they are very cheap in some stores- my Halloween bouquet was only £3. If you have a garden you will be able to cultivate your blooms and have a wider selection to choose from and may enjoy planning for the whole year- gardening comes highly recommended being an outdoor activity that is healthy, creative and rewarding!

Choose your flowers carefully; the more buds they have as oppossed to open flowers, the better as they will last longer. If the bunches looks sad- leave them and try again tomorrow! Scent is important too so if a scent attracts you, buy the bunch. Great scents enhance good emotions hence a healthy market for perfume and all scent related products- smell good~feel great! 

When you bring your flowers home cut the ends off and if plant food is provided, use it. I have been told that adding a little sugar to the water is a good alternative and ready mixed plant food is good for floral foam (green for fresh flowers & to saturate properly soak it in a bowl before use for half a minute- there's lots of advice about this type of flower arranging!) It is good to have a choice of vases and you can experiment over time by arranging flowers in different ways including cutting the stems to achieve height differentiation. Bear in mind that flowers are delicate and should not be over handled! Remember to strip off the lower leaves as they become slimy and colour the water- keep an eye on the water level and top up or change as needed-sometimes I take a little more off the stems at this point and do throw away any 'sad' flowers!

November is a yellow month in angelic terms so including a few yellow flowers is a good move and if you like crystals you could stand your vase on a mat and make them more of a focal point by artistically arranging a few crystals close by. It is said that flowers significantly increase the power of Chrysanthemum stones, a very grounding crystal that strengthens your base chakras- I'm not an authority on crystals or flower arranging however research is good and practice, even better!

So enjoy your flowers in your home, garden and beyond!

Jaz McKenzie

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers!! #26- Should we celebrate Halloween?

Yesterday was Halloween, a festival I paid very little attention to as a child, unlike my sons who loved going out Tricking & Treating with friends. To them, Halloween was all about the sweets! I remember piles of sweets on the kitchen table being shared out between friends- people can be very generous.

I always grew up with the thought in the back of my mind that Halloween was a Pagan festival surrounded in some sort of mystery and that it had possibly been given a bit if a demonic slant somewhere along the line. Glowing pumpkins and skeletons do project a mildly sinister atmosphere yet there is definitely a fun side - dressing up and parties for a start, watching scary films, and apparently visiting haunted houses is also on the agenda.

Halloween originated as All Hallows' Eve (or All Saints' Eve) and is one of the oldest festivals still celebrated having existed for around 2000. 31st October is the last date on the Celtic calender- interesting in itself, time being a subject I blogged recently Is There Enough Time? This was considered to be the end of a season and celebrated with huge bonfires to round off the harvest.

I was told recently that Halloween is a time to say prayers for the dead- in fact, the Celts left out treats as they believed that the souls of the dead walked on Halloween and this practice would ensure a good harvest the following year- the origin of trick or treat. Taking a day out to celebrate the lives of family members who are no longer with us would be a wonderful idea and a good way of using Halloween. Baking 'Soul cakes' is a popular activity in many countries (originally used for treats) and something that can be done by families as a way to remember our loved ones. The English soul cakes were very rich and spicy, possibly to tempt the spirits as they were left out in candlelight to guide the stray spirits home. I think baking soul cakes could be a really nice alternative to trick and treating, creating a focal point in october for a family get together- imagine sitting around with the old photo albums and telling stories that conjour up special memories.

Halloween has been and gone for another year whilst the sun shined throughout the first day of November, continuing with the hottest weather in many years during this Autumn season. By the time you blink, Christmas will be upon us!

Jaz McKenzie

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Love Bob Marley? Lindsay Donald speaks about his time with Bob & More!!

The Chill Out Zone has been rolling for a few weeks now and we have heard from several different artists- all singers. Tomorrow we will be switching up the heat as Lindsay Donald, one of Jamaica's top photographers, will be sharing some tales about the times he spent with Bob Marley and other well known people. Interestingly, Lindsay was touring with Bob Marley in the states at the time Bob died. 

Lindsay has lived in several countries including Africa and in addition to world history has lived through the age of photographic history from the old box cameras through to the current digital age. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear from Lindsay first hand and also to follow the journey of his amazing book, 'Portrait of a Legend and other Folk.' A first class masterpiece which I have been blessed to see at his book launch. 

So please share this invitation and make sure you tune into Buffaloo Radio tomorrow evening (Sunday 26th Oct) between 6-8pm GMT (1-3pm EDT) - Remember the clocks go back otherwise you'll miss the first hour! I know it will prove to be an interesting couple of hours and we will include Lindsay's personal Top Ten Tunes throughout the show- No, they're not all reggae!! Really looking forward to this as all of our interviews have been well received & enjoyed by the interviewees!

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 24 October 2014

Have Questions?~Have Answers!! #25- Why watch the news?

The news is generally so depressing I sometimes actively avoid watching it, especially when certain subjects seem to run forever. Ebola- one of the strangest phenomena around at the moment. Despite Nigeria being Ebola free, it  is certainly claiming far too many lives. I heard that this is the eight Ebola outbreak and the numbers surviving can be very variable. In view of the severity you have to wonder why general flights are allowed in and out of affected countries putting the world at risk and why aren't bodies cremated instead of being buried? Obviously this must be down to local beliefs but surely the living should be the key consideration.

We all know news is carefully selected and used to control the vibration across the world; keep it negative & keep the masses in control- No I'm not one for conspiracy theories in general but harping on about war, poverty, disease, lack of jobs etc is definitely not going to boost public morale and make people happy is it! Of course, we are encouraged to be happy on occasion- mainly Royal and sporting occasions- that'll do just to lighten the mood for a few days!

The news sets standards in society to some extend especially with the emergence of celebrity news. The world's most eligible bachelor got married recently- who decided George Clooney was the most eligible bachelor in the first place? Celebrity plays a huge part in society and the famous go in and out of fashion- Look at Sarah Ferguson- you can be badly behaved and get away with it in the long term. Overall, much of the news is temporary never to be remembered and once told becomes history.

It can be really scary when you listen to the news and also documentaries which demonstrate the destruction of the world- people at war, volcanoes, moving underground plates that will flood the entire world, the possibility of worldwide germ warfare ( is that another term for Ebola?) Some of these things we cannot prepare for and on these occasions I feel ignorance is bliss.

If we filled our world with positive vibrations of joy and happiness we would be well on our way to healing it - and have you noticed the tendency to slip a little happy news item in at the end of the programme? Yes the world's a mess but hey- where there's life there's hope!

Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


I recently discovered that October is Down's Syndrome month, so Its Braap is going to help spread the word even though this month is drawing to a close- after all, Down's Syndrome is for life. This is just a little introductory snippet which will shortly be followed by an interview with Monique, mother of a Kody who has Down's Syndrome.

Stasyia's Story
Down syndrome occurs when an individual has three, rather than two, copies of the 21st chromosome. This additional genetic material alters the course of development and causes the characteristics associated with Down syndrome.
We can't figure out what the big deal is... it's just an extra chromosome! 

Living with Down syndrome- Further reading!

Sue Buckley

People with Down syndrome, whatever their age, are people first. They are people with abilities, strengths and weaknesses like everyone else. They may have additional needs but first they have the same needs as everyone else of their age group. The quality of health care, education and community support provided to children and adults with Down syndrome makes a real difference to their progress throughout life. This module provides an introduction to all the issues that need to be addressed to enable individuals with Down syndrome, and their families, to enjoy full and happy lives within their communities. It offers an overview of the development of individuals with Down syndrome from infancy to adult life. It also provides a summary of the causes of Down syndrome, the incidence and prevalence of the condition, life expectancy and associated education and health care needs. Further modules in this series address each of these issues in detail.
Buckley SJ. Living with Down syndrome. Down Syndrome Issues and Information. 2000.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

XFactor- Still HOT or NOT??

The Xfactor is now in full flow with live performances from this years' finalists- here is an exceptional performance of Michael Jackson's Earth Song from Andrea Faustini. I was going to post Jay James singing '500 Miles' from last night's show as Jay gave an outstanding performance which has gone into the iTunes charts, however the video quality was extremely poor. Apparently Jay's 'original performance' is not so original, being similar to a previous version by, 'Sleeping At Last.' It's a difficult call as I know from personal experience as Chloe's version of Toxic was remarkably similar to unknown singer Tsega's live performance.

Usually I watch the programme avidly however this year the formula has become very stale. Yes, there are many good singers although Simon's 'clown' is a real shock... can't recall his name but every week's a pantomime! Jay's song was outstanding and clearly he has the potential to become a great commercial singer, but the Xfactor is clearly all about rehashing songs and.making them your own, giving us the added excitement of guessing what the contestant is singing whenever the songs start! Straight singing is out of fashion leaving riffs & trills the order of the day, to the point where tunes are heavily over-embellished with contestants often sliding out of key as they try to maintain their focus.

It's a shame that the slightly quirky singers will suffer as a result of not being commercial enough- the public en mass are like sheep and still require same old. I think that the Xfactor is still a great route of opportunity for many aspiring artists but unfortunately it has gone off the boil.On a different note, poor Cheryl had nothing good to say once Simon Cowell referred to her as Kermit- thanks to Cheryl's bright green dress. Uncalled for as was her response to all subsequent contestants and this comment has created a huge stir on twitter.

After thought- I wonder how 'Strictly' is doing? Has that become tedious too?

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! -Real Quotes from Real People!!

'One person's weakness is another person's strength'~ Jaz McKenzie

I honestly thought this would be a listed saying however it's not coming up as one! Basically I was speaking online to Lisa Jacobs today who explained that she can't cope with large plants and trees but can easily handle a spider!! Each to their own and wow how incredible life is creating us individually with different strengths and weaknesse;, otherwise how would we cope? What are you good at or unafraid of? We're not just looking at phobias- skills are another part of the same picture.

THOUGHT: Give thanks for your weaknesses- they create an opportunity for others to feel good about themselves!!

If you have a favourite quote or find an inspiring status you can record it on your phone and send with your name to: to be included on 'The Chill Out Zone' BUFFALOO RADIO~ SUNDAY'S 6-8PM GMT/1-3PM EDT THANK YOU

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 10 October 2014

Steele-She Believes In Me- a MUST PLAY!

Such a beautiful version of Kenny Roger's song you think you're listening to an original until the chorus hits! Steele is clearly an artist of high calibre and this is a song that could easily hit the international main stream charts with Steele's clear strong voice and quality production. Steele is currently touring and interviewing in several countries from the UK to USA & the Caribbean.

To find out more of MUSIC MEDIA MANAGEMENT artists contact: Diania Elliott Tomlin Perkins

Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Five Minute Miracle - Daily Guided Meditation

This is a very different type of meditation to the ones I have become used to it. It is more a way of processing thoughts towards a clear direction with the intention of  creating the life you really desire, so acts as a good reminder or introduction to mind modelling. The key to meditation for me is being quiet and comfortable- you really don't have to assume strange positions or be able to totally empty your mind, but you do need to try and quieten the inner chatter!

The purpose of having your feet on the floor is to remain grounded, and if you wish to be even more grounded you can meditate whilst holding a crystal that works with your root chakras (energy centres) - I have a nice large desert rose crystal, similar to the one pictured below, however you can go to a crystal shop or look online to find out more if this interests you.

Meditation is something I thought I could never do but, as with most things, it is a matter of practice. I find short periods of no more than 20 minutes are helpful as long periods tend to over-activate my mind and can open it to negative thoughts creating stress! These are the deep meditations that incorporate all sorts of waves affecting your brain. How we feel depends very much upon the type of meditation, our mood and situation. As with all things we need to experiment to see what suits us most and what suited us a month ago may not suit us today as we need different things at different times in our lives.

This particular meditation is very light and personal so why not give it a go!

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Michael Arkk in The Chill Out Zone


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Have Questions~Have Answers #24- Is there ever enough time?

I was going to call this article, 'Why is there never enough time?' but some people seem to do so much they leave the rest of us wondering- how?

I am not super woman and having been smitten with a bug and out of operation for 3 evenings & 2 whole days, leaving me feeling 'lazy.' That's a significant amount of time which cannot be recovered, so a week later instead of midweek, I'm posting a new blog.  This is frustrating and the bigger picture has also shifted slightly since starting to work on 'The Chill Out Zone,' my weekly radio show co-hosted with DJ Freestyle. There are other calls on my time too so fitting it all in has become very challenging. Once we have more demands on our time we start to realise how precious time truly is.

What do you need to fit into your week and how do you go about it? There is usually a mixture of work, self- time (relaxation, hobbies,) family/partner time including meals out etc and other important commitments. Those of us who have good heads for business know how important it is to create a schedule in order to cover everything- personally I haven't cracked this one but need to make more effort! If you just set a couple of targets for the week or start your day at a set time, possibly earlier, things may fall into place better. Knowing what you wish to achieve creates motivation and a desire to fulfill your aims.

Stamina is important. Some people almost work around the clock however these are exceptions not the rule- can be a great guilt inducer however! The thing is we are individuals and need to respect our own bodies, including our individual time clock, by introducing a manageable work load, manageable stress load and so forth. We work with what we have and maybe would benefit from juggling it a little better. I have found recently that I'm more productive when working with the radio playing than the TV. Musicality creates good vibes if you tune into good music which is positive overall. For some reason TV shows seem to drain energy- except Keith Lemon as I mentioned last week but you can't laugh & work!

In reality, if you are short of time you may well have taken on too much or not learnt the art of delegation and trust. Very often people are willing to help us if we allow them to do so. Finding people who can do the parts of a project that you find difficult is also helpful and often people will help you in exchange for your skills if cash is tight.

Once we stop to look at how we use our time we will probably be able to see where we misuse it. Yes there are times when we are exhausted and need to take time out, but if you work well most days this will not have a huge effect overall and will help re-tune your inner engine. If you have a high energy day, be extra productive- that's the purpose of such times. If you feel like flying then fly!!

Rememeber- we don't know the truth about time. It is a natural resource that flows endlessly, being a monumental universal resource. In order to understand/facilitate it, time has been divided into man made chunks. This is our baseline in the real world and without global understanding all the markets in the world would crash- hence we do not war over who has the correct time! Time can seem to last forever or be over in a flash dependent on our state of mind- at the time! What we need is to make it work for us and enjoy a balanced life. If you can achieve that, you can achieve almost anything. Use your time to live life & love life to the max.

Jaz McKenzie

Amaziah live interview on Buffaloo Radio- Sept 14

Sharing last week's show with you. Quality artists Amaziah speaks about her career & sings live for you. Check it out to get a feel for Amaziah's music & our show!! It's a work in progress & your support is very much appreciated. The Chill Out Zone- Sundays on Buffaloo Radio 6-8pm UK Tome, 1-3pm EDT Thank you.

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers #23- How would you fare through the keyhole?

Recently I inadvertently sat through an episode of 'Through the Keyhole,' hosted by Keith Lemon. I found it really funny and have been watching the programme ever since. Keith Lemon cuts the right balance of outrageousness mixed with smut- just love his use of the word 'clueseys' as oppossed to clues. It is these little things that create personality!

Sometimes as I watch I think to myself- Really? Is this a celebrity home? I am surprised by the number of celebrity houses that are incredibly ordinary and by comparison, those that represent expensive show homes,barely looking lived in.

Last night Keith showed us around a home that had quite a stately air with very grand antique furniture- and surprisingly a very ordinary and somewhat boring bedroom!! It belonged to David Dickinson of 'Dickinson's Real Deal'- apparently his mahogany tan is real, being of Armenian descent- so now you know, he is the real deal!

 After the programme I started wondering what Keith Lemon might make of my little pad? Would he be able to work out what type of a person lived here? What are the 'clueseys' to my personality?

Here's a fun exercise for you:
Open your eyes, look around and ask yourself- how much of your personality have you injected into your home? You might need to consider family as oppossed to individual identity. A leading question for those in relationships, 'whose primary identity is visible or have you achieved an acceptable balance? This exercise might encourage you to consider how your relationship works; who is responsible for what? Is this the type of balance you have chosen or fallen into? What areas in your life might you wish to discuss and address? Environment tells us a great deal especially regarding the scales of give and take. If your partner owns an ugly old vase given to them by a well loved relative, how prepared are you to have it on display? Now that's a challenging thought!

How do you feel about injecting your personality into your surroundings? Do you hold back because you are in temporary accommodation or not feeling secure in your current position for any reason? If you are renting living accommodation and not allowed to decorate there are little ways to make a place your own, even on minimal cash. I love using expressive cards as these provide variety and are fun to look at. Cards can be framed or used exactly as they are, and if they have been given to you may include sentimental value. If you love expensive items, wait for sales, look for bargains or find cheaper alternatives.

Ultimately you need to be happy in your home whether it is a room or a castle; if not, why not? I have been through the 'dreading going home' phase and it is part of a downward emotional spiral, so if you feel like this please take steps to come to terms with and resolve the situation.

Your 'keyhole' leads to the private areas of your life, not just decor, and it is important to be comfortable with yourself in order to develop life to its fullest. Potential is the carrot dangling in front of all of us, but whether we can stretch out far enough to fulfill our intended destiny is very much a matter of constitution, determination and personal choice. I recommend that you take account of your surroundings and lifestyle, do the maths and reach the best conclusions!

Jaz McKenzie

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Norah Jones, Come away with me + intro to Jazz artist Amaziah

Time to feature the sultry, sexy tones of very popular and highly successful Norah Jones; singer, songwriter and pianist. Norah won 8 grammy awards for her debut album, 'Come away with me,' released in 2002 which sold over 26million copies. Of course besides being naturally talented Norah is the daughter of Ravi Shankhar, virtuoso of the Sittar, so she clearly inherited first class musical genes! Fusion has become the 'in thing' musically and is something that Norah Jones does beautifully, primary focus being country/jazz & pop! The result is very relaxing and we will be including her music in The Chill Out Zone, BUFFALOO RADIO  Sundays, 6-8pm GMT.


Speaking of fusion, DJ Freestyle and I are looking forward to having Amaziah join us in the studio tomorrow to speak about her music and album release-'One Hello.' Amaziah has a very jazzy voice which she uses for her modern jazz songs and reggae cross-over. Amaziah writes most of her own songs and is very concerned with values, using considered lyrics. AMAZIAH MUSIC

I am very interested to discover Amaziah's musical background and motivation- Amaziah speaks of 'nourishing' her audience which provides an instant insight into the hidden depths of this classy artist. We would love you to join us and if you have any questions for Amaziah, tweet or call us~

Buffaloo Radio hotline 07453 826 450

Tune into Buffaloo radio- Playing Your Music!!

Jaz McKenzie

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Lion or the Tortoise- A poem of choice by Jaz McKenzie

How do you move through life? Do you listen to your inner voice? Do you take calculated risks – wild risks or avoid risky decisions?  We all need adrenaline to feel alive but there is safe fear... doing a ‘Sound of Music’ and running across the hills enjoying nature; which gives great positive vibrations or maybe feeling adrenaline from watching scary movies or  possibly the adrenaline resulting from taking risks. The bigger a risk the more fulfillment can be gained when you come out on top, and compulsive risk takers know how to cope with ‘failure’ie: recognising it as a series of pointers. Take away the ‘how nots’ and you’re left with a recipe for success. 

You make choices everyday and sometimes they seem crazy but crazy is fun, otherwise why would a bunch of celebrities go on Big Brother or take part in Strictly? It's not all about the money!

Question: If you put the lion with the tortoise what would happen?
Maybe, and possibly against the odds, the lion would ignore the tortoise because he’s too small and insignificant to be of any interest to the lion- just a thought!

The Lion or the Tortoise?

You can live life like a lion
Alive in the jungle
Stalking through the long grass
Prey in sight, anticipation
Moving closer- ready to pounce
Suddenly in full flight
Sinking your teeth deep
Enjoying the moment of capture
Hunger abated
Adrenaline pumping
Heart beating wildly
Every inch alive
Embracing the determination to survive


You can live like a tortoise
Making steady progress step by step
Slowly uncurling from within your shell
Neck stretched, head high
Eyes bright- sniffing the air
Occasional mouthful of juicy grass
Chomp, salivate, swallow
Until you withdraw into your shell
Timidity- fright?

And so my friend, the final question- what noise does a tortoise make?


Jaz McKenzie © 2014

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Macini (Official Video - Wen Mi Step Out)

What happens when Macini steps out?

Brand new Dancehall music video from Macini- make time to check it out and our recent interview below!!! Great artist here people so don't miss out- why did Macini turn away from gangster style music? What gives him the edge?  Knowledge beats ignorance so wise up!!

This Sunday- Cassandra London on

Jaz McKenzie

Macini interviewed by Jaz McKenzie for Buffaloo Radio

Rolling out show #3 'The Chill Out Zone' - Jaz McKenzie & DJ Freestyle with you every Sunday night 6-8pm GMT on BUFFALOO RADIO

We have been featuring Macini, a talented and ambitious artist currently know for his Dancehall tracks, and were delighted that he joined us to speak to you directly about his musical pathway and aspirations. Watch this interview to discover the Braap on Macini - what ticks his musical mind? Macini will shorty be releasing his first EP- Its Braap will continue to feature his new releases. We will share Macini's brand new video, 'Wen Mi Step Out' to give you an even better insight into his talent and style. Guaranteed the ladies will definitely love him.Stay tuned to Its Braap & Buffaloo Radio for more Macini!!

COMING NEXT SUNDAY~ We'll be bringing you the Braap on Cassandra London, talented multi-genre singer ' We;re hoping to tap into a little house music as well as Cassandra's beautiful natural vibes.

Jaz McKenzie

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Lose Yourself Walking on the Flume - Hudson Taylor

This is amazing!! Love the musical piano intro followed by classic rap & little walking on the ???. Skilful, inventive & beautifully executed- definitely warrants a share! Great music for a Saturday night!

Jaz McKenzie


Challenges are great and I am pleased to be involved in a challenging new project: the creation of a brand new show on Buffaloo Radio which is a joint venture between Buff of Buffaloo radio and myself.

The ultimate aim is to create a station in our own style which is going to take time and some newly acquired expertise... yes this will come!

DJ Freestyle and I are pleased to announce this weeks guests. We will have Dancehall/Reggae artist Macini in the studio with us to speak about his music, recent videos and forthcoming EP. We have been featuring Macini's music and it is wonderful to have sharing his own thoughts and background to his work.
Flower from Wize-Dome's beautiful garden- perfection!

We will be starting a new feature- Be Braap-Be Inspired, an extension of the feature I have been running on here, whereby we can take inspiration to a new level. Health permitting, we will be speaking with Phillip Peter's, AKA Wize-Dome the Lyricist, who will tell us what it's like living with a serious disease and most importantly, how he manages to stay positive. This should help the majority of us to be thankful for our good health and inspire the less fortunate to seek ways of encouraging themselves wherever possible. Wize-Dome is a sickle cell warrior who has managed to live with this disease most of his life and definitely doesn't grumble.
Wize-Dome... get to understand this week on

If you have any questions for Macini or Wizedome you may email them in advance to 

Do you have an interesting or inspirational story? If so, please contact us on the above email.

Artist who would like their music considered for our playlist can send MP3's to: stating NAME, GENRE, TRACK TITLES in the email header. MP'3s must be clearly labelled with the artists name & track title. If you are successful we will reply to you. Please note that we only play clean music and are non-political.

Looking forward to an exciting & successful show so be a part of it!!!

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 12 September 2014

Paloma Faith - Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Off the Cuff)

One of the best singers around today- an incredibly beautiful song and how did Paloma manage to express so much emotion in so few lines? Paloma Faith was raised in Hackney and took a while to enter the music industry as she has such a unique style which took a while to be embraced.
Personally I love songs that have a real musical accompaniment although certain genres are based on electronic music- without which there would be no house music!

Well, the Xfactor is in ful flow and I have heard a few good artists- not following quite so closely this year as I have more weekend commitments. Must play a little catch up!

Challenge: ti write a poem that express love as deeply as this song! Hmmmm- not easy.

Jaz McKenzie

Monday, 8 September 2014

Life can be amazing if you only believe!

Keep your eyes on the prize!! I am constantly amazed by the twists and turns experienced in life and cannot quite believe that the opportunity to host a radio show popped out of thin air- but was it thin air? Of course not- what we have in our heads appears in our lives when we truly believe in ourselves and I wanted to do more than just blogging. I love interviewing but whereas it's a slow old business conducting interviews and writing them up laboriously afterwards,Buffaloo Radio brings prompt results and is a great creative platform. Our first live interview today was with Frank Pitter (Symarip Pyramids- World famous Ska Band) during the second week of our show. With DJ Freestyles super sexy voice rolling out the jingles and Frank playing live sax on a Sunday I'd say we have got off to a terrific start. The introduction of less well known artists is going well and we even had a live link up with Michael Arkk to report on the Latin Heritage Carnival. This is only the beginning and we will gradually introduce more exciting ideas into the show. I think with live interviews lined up in the coming weeks the Chill Out Zone is going to be a show well worth tuning into on Sunday nights 6-8pm at and let's pay tribute to Lady Irie bringing us the Sunshine Vibes Show during the previous couple of hours. My advice- Join our station- it's free- spread the word and enjoy!!

Life can be amazing if you only believe
Take an idea, once conceived
Inhale, exhale, gently breathe
The elixir of life and carefully weave
Its magic through every strand
Each step you planned
Welcoming each surprise
As the veil gentle slips from your eyes
Revealing previously unattainable highs
Now clearly within reach
Your reward, success, success
as sweet as the juice of the ripest peach!

Jaz McKenzie ©

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Its Braap~Its Lyrically Challenging!!

' I've been down to the bottom of every bottle!'- 'How you remind me'- Nickleback

Having been through a challenging weekend I thought this little quote from a well known song should help us keep life in perspective. It serves as a reminder that however low we sink their is always a way back up and in terms of bottles the bottom is wide and the neck- narrow, so there's no easy way up!!

Attitude with determination is necessary for us to progress in life and in addition we must stay focused on our blessings, even if it's simply that we are able to get out of bed in the morning after all, what one person takes for granted another person would cherish. I always hold Peter Phillips AKA 'Wize-Dome The Lyricist' in high esteem as he moves with severe pain everyday, suffering from sickle cell anemia, and always remains positive and with a cheerful attitude.

Next time you find yourself in a challenging situation sort out the necessities from the non-urgent and keep your focus. Try to find some good in the situation and regard it as a temporary estate of affairs.

Lesson for life: Let's keep putting out the empties and moving on!!

Jaz McKenzie

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

With Kate Bush clearly stamping her mark on the British pop music industry it seems appropriate to play the one song that is no longer within reach of her vocal expertise, Over thirty years since she last toured and all shows have sold out- that's a pretty phenomenal achievement and such a shame that some of her performance has been leaked on Youtube- well, Kate thinks so but I reckon fans who were unable to access tickets won't agree!

This song is truly iconic, the subject matter being original pretty wild. Wuthering Heights is a skillful piece of work and you can truly feel the atmosphere, conjuring up images of the bleak moors, backdrop to a literary romance. Kate looks totally ethereal  and is entrancing, the simplicity of the video working beautifully.

I think that it is really refreshing when a pop star remains true to their own style and especially when they succeed in keeping their private life private; maybe a sign of previous times and definitely something to cherish. Clearly Kate is still a huge hit and what a lovely experience for her fans who may well have expected Kate to continue as a recording artist.

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 22 August 2014

THE WIND OF CHANGE- short poem by Jaz McKenzie



Once created we evolved
Finding our power, which took a hold- 
The power of the individual, the power of a group, the power of nations within nations!
Turning the warmth of a beautiful world cold

Power generating the desire to rule, so don't be a fool our way is right; 
Stand up for your beliefs and fight!
Evolution bows to revolution.
But how can revolution have eternal reign?
Ultimately what can mankind possibly gain?
Let's return to our roots for a new refrain
Resolution, no win -no lose
Let's resolve to agree
and allow evolution the power to be
Mental and spiritual freedom
Flowing on a much higher plain
Greatest example of familiarity-
our misguided belief that there has to be
Pain to Gain


Sadly we seem to be stuck in a rut, the power of the few over-riding the good intentions of the masses
Awaiting the wind of change

Jaz McKenzie