Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Story Of Lovers Rock - Official Trailer

This is an excellent & informative film full of real and comical moments. For a trip down memory lane or a little education, buy now from:

Don't forget to check out our interview with Menelik Shabazz, film maker & producer COMING MONDAY!

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Jaz Mckenzie

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Poetry Mechanics a 'toolshed' in 20 paragraphs PT 3/4 by Louis J Casson

This is the third part in our poetry series aimed to inspire you to have a go at writing your own poems. Louis is an experienced poet & life coach who we are fortunate to have on board. Louis & ~IB~ would love to receive some new works and are not judgemental in anyway. Poetry is all about self expression~ as you can see from Louis' article~ and we all take time to develop a style. Please feel free to comment on the article & send your work to

Fast Forward to the article!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

11. Keep self belief in your abilities, which are developing all the time.
This is vital as like others in the Arts; critics, rejection, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, indifference, even hatred, are all part of the territory you have to deal with.

12. Set your own internal guidelines:
What subjects, language, etc will you decline to release? Is the work good enough, to your own standard?

13. Be yourself.
Poets are like everyone else; they just also happen to write.

14. Life is not neatly ordered
– frequently the lines or ideas for some lyrics or a poem will pop into your head at not really convenient times, e.g. the middle of the night, or in the day during work. In which case rapidly write them down, because otherwise they can’t be recalled later! Always have a pen and some paper to hand.

15. Use your network and Social Media
outlets to raise awareness of your work, including:- your emailing list, Forums, Blog. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Poetry competitions, writers magazines.

The final part of this series will be avaiable next Wednesday, 6th June. We hope that you will join us! &... if you missed any just enter poetry mechanics in the search box opposite!

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This is the second work we have shared from young poet Essence, AKA April Bunbury. (Enter Essence into search on the right to locate her previous work & discover more about her.) Essence has a very straightforward style yet her poems are actually deep & worth contemplating. Essence primarily looks at life and this poem is supportive of our philosophy which is finding your own way in life through maintaining a positive vibe. Remember, true freedom lies with you.

~IB~ are very pleased to be able to share different poetical styles with you and have contributions from different authors on the blog. Please note that later today we will be posting part 3/4 in our series 'Poetry Mechanics a "toolshed" in 20 paragraphs,' written for ~IB~ by Louis J Casson
(check pages above for more info on Louis).

The Book

The book of colours
The book of love
The book of life
Colour me ugly
So I can be free
Open your heart, SO you can fly
Be like a bird and fly through the sky
See no limits to what you can do
Or feel
No rules
No boundaries
Let go of the negative
See the light
Embrace in positive energy
The love that... surrounding you
Turn the life you always dreamed about into reality


Grab life at the throat
Be real
The book of emotions is no ordinary book
Ordinary perception
For real... yes
Like you’ve never seen me before!

April Bunbury AKA Essence ©

For more work by ESSENCE check out;

If you would like your poetry featured send with a photo... either of yourself or relevant to the poem, a bio or intro to the poem & your links.

Introducing our> NEW ~IB~ BABY>> Rock Band E-MUTE

We are jumping on board more-or-less at the beginning of E-MUTE'S musical journey. A new rock band put together by enthusiastic young drummer, Theo M., who felt a compelling need to do more with his music. The band itself is made up of experienced musicians... Tolis Zavaliaris, Darren Ashford and Svetlana Vassileva, who have played for world famous names... more on this in our initial interview with Theo coming shortly!... does the name Chaka Khan mean anything to you?

What to expect of their music?
'Great melodies, dark edgy rock, electronica and philosophical lyrics,' are the words straight from E-Mute's mouth used to describe their musical style. This band already has a small following after only 3 gigs. If you would like to check them out they will be appearing this Friday, 1st June at UNDERBELLY OF HOXTON, 11 HOXTON SQUARE, LONDON NW 6NU (change of venue as originally booked for 100 club, Oxford Street!) Tickets are £8 at the door but Its Braap can forward your name to be included on the guest list (£5 tickets) if you contact us by Thursday. First come first served!

For a quick taster check out their website

Jaz McKenzie

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Monday, 28 May 2012

National Maritime Museum Greenwich

Greenwich is a fascinating place and besides setting Greenwich Mean Time it has a substantial history.
Today we are sharing some pictures from the National Maritime Museum to encourage people to visit whether living in the UK or over for a vacation. There are several floors in the museum with different galleries. These pictures are from the section dedicated to the history of slavery and it was very educational. I was surprised to discover that many things were traded prior to the commencement of slavery including cloth and crafts with the amounts and prices firmly controlled by the Africans.

These pictures are beautifully detailed and as clear as possible in the circumstances! I didn't see any signs prohibiting photography & will share the link so you can read up a little more.

LEFT: This picture was a make believe to give the impression that the slaves were able to have a good time.

ABOVE: I think that this picture was accommodation on the plantation

RIGHT: Planting sugar cane in Barbados

ABOVE: I am not sure who this guy is however he is resplendent!

LEFT: Model Ship & boat

There is also a book of quotes avaiable to do with the emancipation that actually evoked quite a few emotions.

Jaz McKenzie

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

GO GET IT! Live Life~Love Life WK 22

If you don’t go get it, it sure won’t come to you!!!

Our destiny is in our hands. Whether you agree with that or not the fact is, the more drive you have the more you will achieve. The world is a huge place offering a multitude of experiences and opportunities which with drive and determination you can ‘make your own,’ to coin a popular phrase!

Sometimes we lose track of our ‘go get it’ attitude and may be tempted to enter the ‘moany mode’ where we feel sorry for ourselves about a specific situation or life in general. The minute you change your outlook to one of a positive nature something will happen to re-affirm your faith in yourself and your ability to achieve.

It may be that you need to take action in order to re-ignite your internal flame or passion. Planning events into your calendar where you will meet positive people and have learning opportunities is always a good move. I have to say that the Excel Business show was a phenomenal motivator, so of course now we have the dip that follows the peak however it is only a dip if we allow it. Recognizing the natural cycle of ups and downs helps you to take the downs in your stride and not stress... just fix your eyes ahead and appreciate every good thing that comes your way.

What do you most want in life? For years I wanted to meet Lenny Kravitz and one day, I will meet Lenny Kravitz. In the meantime there is much to be done on a very real level and day to day living is the priority. Today we visited to the maritime museum and saw a picture of Havana... It reminded me that for years I have wished to go to Havana for a holiday, being the home of Carlos Acosta and the Cuban National Ballet... so that’s 2 things on the wish list!
Now, meeting Lenny might sound a bit of a fantasy and Havana more of a reality, but what if there was nothing on the wish list? How dry would life be then? Meeting Lenny sounds impossible, but interviewing Tippa Irie would have sounded impossible back in 2005 before I was on the internet and had zero knowledge of reggae. The fact is we can achieve many things contrary to expectation and meet many interesting people. So how does it work? Simply by believing in yourself... developing new skills...making opportunities... believing in yourself... all with the support and encouragement of others. We have to work WITH OURSELVES to create our own futures. Once you take yourself seriously you start to meet people and be offered choices. The more creative you become the more opportunities you can initiate or take advantage of. Life will not be plain sailing but the fun is just as much in the achievement of overcoming obstacles, essential in building self belief. The more things you do, the more you are able to do. SIMPLES!

Next stop... the planning shop! You need to decide what you want & how you will achieve it. There is plenty of advice available from financial planning to a zillion things. My plan is to keep doing what I am doing & move it onto the next level... God willing the Lenny bit will fit in somewhere! Why is this important? Because every great person had a dream and a plan. Whatever is important to you becomes your goal, so don't sit there thinking... GO GET IT!

Jaz McKenzie

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

(HQ) Diddy on Jonathan Ross 2010.06.11 (part 1)

P Diddy as we all know has undergone several name changes throughout the years, a phenomena explored by the very curious and somewhat daring Jonathan Ross. This is actually quite funny in places and makes a nice change of material for ~IB~.We believe that there is always something to be learned from successful people so it's good to tune into their worlds. Hope you enjoy this.

Jaz McKenzie

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes from Real People #11

'Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen'... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in Boston, 1803. What an incredible man, in fact having looked through his sayings I have discovered that we still use many of them today because they are highly relevant. Ralph clearly had an incredible understanding of the human mind, how we are influenced, the power of positivity and so on. The above quote has been very popular lately so it is clearly extremely inspiring and although impossible to prove, we regard it as a fact.

The second quote I am sharing goes very well with my comment on our Facebook business page today about letting your lion spirit burn... we need to trust and believe in ourselves as we are the best people to do so. Here is the second quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that encourages us to stay true to ourselves:

'Whatever you do, you need courage. Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires some of the same courage that a soldier needs. Peace has its victories but it take brave men and women to win them.'

It is well worth checking out the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote some excellent poetry in addition to his other works.
I will leave you with my favourite quote of his, 'Live in the sunshine, swim the sea and drink the wild air'... it simply doesn't get any better than that!

Jaz Mckenzie

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract

Today's post was inspired by a history of music videos that Helen Rogers sent to me from the Permanent Plastic Helmet website... well worth reading. I didn't see a mention of Paula Abdul, however recalled that this was the first video where a person danced with an animated character... MC Skat Kat... in fact Paula has won two Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding choreography and a Grammy for best music video. When you look back it was pretty amazing and definitely deserves a few extra views!!

Jaz McKenzie

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Poetry Mechanics: A 'toolshed' in 20 paragraphs~PT 2/4 by Louis J Casson

Continuing with our inspiring new series written specially for ~IB~ by Louis J Casson. Louis has provided plenty of tips to help you write and publish poetry. If you have naver written a poem before why not have a go... you can send your work to Poetry is personal and we are not judging the standard!!

Previous article (paragraphs 1-5) posted on 16th May, with more to come on Wednesday 30th May & 6th June. ENJOY!

6. Why write poems anyway?

To express something we feel is worthwhile sharing this with others our insight, comment, satire, humour.

7. You will find discouragement and also indifference to your poems.

KEEP ON! A recent phrase I came across and find helpful is “The mission continues”. Alternative phrase, from Van Morrison: “It’s too late to stop now”.

8. Accept the reality.

There are so many poets or writers out there; the good inevitably gets lost in the tide of mediocre, and not so good. Agent and publishers are pressed for time and swamped by the volume of submissions.

9. Keep in mind Sting’s comment:

“If you aren’t in it for the music, then there’s really no point”; it is the same with poetry. Poetry is not an alternative to the X factor – you are unlikely to get rich, or become a celebrity; so you have to do it for its own sake.

10. Go and do; just make a start.

For those starting you can gain a lot from groups, correspondence courses, and books.

Louis J. Casson, my links:

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• Blog,

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OLYMPIC FLAME... Dedicated to everyone involved in the new musical Olympus


This poem was inspired by a hot, sunny London day and the beautiful new musical, 'Olympus... A Race against time.' I loved this musical and everything it stands for. Beautiful music, live and progressive theatre, a sense of community and co-operation, a simple yet intricate storyline and most importantly the embodiment of love. A quality musical promoting a quality lifestyle.

This poem focuses on the reality of choice, so don't be fooled life is not a game.

London’s Burning!!!
So tread cautiously
Lest you feel the paving stones
Searing the bottoms of your feet
Whilst you pace yourself with care
And grit your teeth...
Trial by fire the order from on high
Will you crash like a lead weight to the ground
Feeling the fires of hell licking you from all around
Or will you be swept up by a merciful angel
To the realms of glory and taught how to fly?

Olympic flame, journey followed by the masses
Light burning brightly for a designated span of time
What of your light? Do you tend it daily?
Oh little inner light divine... a flicker or a flame?
Learn from the Olympians and train
Yourself in the ways of the wise
Love alight, shining like the orange streaks
In summer evening skies
For it is within our souls the truth
About our inner beauty lies
Love passed like the Olympic torch
From generation to generation
Time immemorial, Love immortal
Essence of humanity, combined with Godliness
The truth will sanctify.

Jaz McKenzie ©

CHECK ~IB~ Babies for a link to the musical and enter 'Olympus' in the SEARCH BOX to follow our story!

Tune in later today for part 2/4 in our series; 'Poetry Mechanics: A Toolshed in 20 paragraphs' by published poet Louis j Casson. Guidance abounds!! If you wish to have your poems featured on our blog contact:

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Nedjma Mazal Wakfin Baaziz... check this lively tune!

Give thanks to Aniss Bosli, from Algier, for sharing this joyful tune on our Facebook page (See opposite.) The lyrics mean, 'we are always standing' which is a great little motto to carry through life. The tune is obviously proving popular as it has had thousands of hits & I have contributed quite a few myself!!

Enjoy... Jaz McKenzie

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~IB~ recently interviewed Mystere Jones, American hip hop artist and the force behind the film 'Hood Boogas.' We are pleased to announce that this film can now be rented for 7 nights at a cost of ONLY $1.99 from Amazon... Link top right of the page... so it would be great if some of you show support & watch it... on my agenda this week as actions speak louder than words! To find out more follow the link and read the interview... please use the search box.

Hood Boogas went down very well when it was shown on the big screen & now we have universal access, so we hope that you will enjoy it. For those of you who do, here are some points to consider:

1) Is it a film you relate to?
2) Did it have you rolling around laughing?
3) Most importantly, what did YOU make of the film?

I will write a short review next week and in addition we thought it would be fun to invite you to send us your views of the film too... quick comments welcomed as you do not need to be a writer to do this! If we have a good response we will post your thoughts on the blog. Send to Alternatively you can send your comments to our Facebook page opposite.

Thank You

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees dead at 62

This is a simple, effective tribute to Robin Gibb... what more can you say? Such a shocking few days with the loss of 2 top world stars. Let's just give thanks for Robin's contributions within this incredibly legendary group & all the beautiful original tunes we have been blessed with>R.I.P.Robin.

Jaz McKenzie

Twenty Two - Virgin Media Shorts... A Youthanasia production

Twenty Two - Virgin Media Shorts  Click to watch this excellent short film by Bivas Ambasada

'Nicely filmed story of our shared humanity amongst the ill's of our 
communities, it just takes one, then two and so on, we lead by example 
:) Nam-myoho-renge-kyo'

George Neil Chin, Film maker... to reach George on facebook:

PHOTO'S FROM THE SHOOT... and what a freezing day that was!

Make up pre-shoot

Heaven Afrika & Danni

A little direction

Serious times

If you have made a short film and would like it represented here, contact us

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Are You Good For Business ?!?! Live Life~Love Life WK 21

This week the greatest business show in London was held at the Excel Exhibition Hall, Docklands. I found some real encouragement and good advice at hand, some of which can be easily shared. Below are 10 points to be taken seriously if you wish to succeed. After all: If a thing is worth doing it's worth doing well!

Lesson 1: Every Passion can become profitable. Whatever you do just keep on doing it and the universe will find ways to help you grow, bringing new opportunities that you may not have even considered.

Lesson 2: Make sure both you and all your employees are working in a good positive environment. Keep it well repaired, decorate it in good vibe colours such as yellow to increase the feel good factor.

Lesson 3: Don’t give up! Every time you reach an obstacle try and find a way around it, over it, through it... just keep going.

Lesson 4: If you have changed from accepting life to being ambitious do not expect friends & family to automatically support you. The new you is a shock to them and as such intrudes on their comfort zone. They were comfortable with you but now feel they do not know you, so don’t force things on them or expect a great reaction.

Lesson 5: To make your business work you need to be able to anticipate all the questions that might be asked of you to the best of your ability. Research your market, identify your clients and analyze your product or services.

Lesson 6: If it hasn’t been done before or has been done and failed, there might be good a reason. On the other hand it might be that the previous ways were not the best, so if you believe in yourself, continue to research and modify your product.

Lesson 7: Safeguard your intellectual property. Use confidentiality contracts to protect ideas and products and they must be used from day 1. You cannot patent any product if you have even mentioned it to your friends and family without an agreement. Find out about patents, trademarks, registered designs and copyrights in your country and internationally.

Lesson 8: Avoid expensive mistakes. Use infringement researches to check names before you start your business.

Lesson 9: The creator has ownership of intellectual property including logos and websites unless you have a clearly stated assignment of copyright prior to commencement of the design.

Lesson 10: Whatever business you are in you will require a clear business plan: for your own use, to agree funding with the bank or to apply for grants. You must have a clear vision for your business and reasonably accurate financial forecasts. Always know your market and how you will create opportunities to grow.

A helpful website with free advice:

Jaz McKenzie

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Friday, 18 May 2012


Photograph by Avril Jones

I was very excited to hear that some of the cast from 'OLYMPUS... A Race against time' made an appearance on the national news tonight...BBC 6 O'Clock... brilliant! The cast sang 'Carry The Torch' whilst a gale was gusting according to Avril Jones, who was busy filming the BBC! Now that is a well deserved reward for all their hard work.

Jaz McKenzie

Thursday, 17 May 2012

DONNA SUMMER - I feel love (1977) HD and HQ

Today we heard the sad news that Donna Summer's cancer has finally caught up with her.. R.I.P.
Although renowned for her incredible music, which was a revolution in itself, I have been very impressed to discover that Donna never took her talent for granted, recognizing it to be a divine gift and using it to inspire others.

We all can all learn from Donna's humble approach and make the most of our gifts. Donna leaves behind a musical legacy which has already been enjoyed by millions around the world... and for that we are very thankful. Life is a journey and so often it is great music that encourages us along the way... Amen!

Jaz McKenzie

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Poetry mechanics: A “toolshed” in twenty paragraphs~ PT 1/4 by Louis Casson

This series of articles written for ~IB~ By Louis J. Casson provides some excellent guidelines for those wishing to write & publish poetry. Poetry Mechanics will run for 4 consecutive Wednesdays, 23rd & 30th May, concluding 6th June and we hope it will benefit you. If you have never written a poem, have a go... you can't really go wrong!.

This is not so much a “how to”, with me laying down the rules; simply because there are no fixed rules in poetry. Rather these are my tips, insights and suggestions. My approach is what I would have wished I’d known around ten years ago; when I started publishing my own collections of poems on Amazon Kindle.

1. Digital publishing (Amazon Kindle and others).

• Offers the potential of reaching a wider audience and market than regional or local.

• Be selective; choose only the best poems to include in your book.

• Format; font pitch layout, be consistent throughout.

• Do spell check, but be aware that any grammar or spell checker is for prose – not poetry! Therefore: you have to decide if a word is spelt right or the phrase is right etc. (you may have made up a word, or used slang, dialect)

• I include around 40 poems per book.

• Themes I have sifted into books: Love, Blues, music, general (assorted).

2. What makes a good poem?

• It makes you think, and it has a point to it. Like an argument with a conclusion.

• It has a passion, wrote about something you care about and want to communicate/share with the reader.

• It’s not a “laundry list”; it use some form of syntax, grammar language, metaphors, symbols. That is beyond and above everyday language.

• It has “killer lines” i.e. meaning going beyond, perhaps not making logical or strictly literal sense, yet feeling right to the reader.

• It strikes a chord, stirs the emotions.

• Has freshness in expression.

• A personal style / view come across in the piece.

3. Form, rhythms, rhymes:

Tip: read other poems to know and be aware of the different forms to use or adapt... Chinese and Haiku, for the economy of lines and words used. Love poems, ballads, sonnets, free verse.

4. Poems: “lives” or meanings:-

Like all poetry, because the language is slightly ambiguous, readers have their own interpretations. People will get their own meanings, apart from what you intend when writing – you cannot control this!

• Firstly when the poet writes, the meaning or significance in the authors mind.

• Secondly, when the poem is read by others.

• Thirdly when the poems are read out to others. Here meaning and interpretations, arise from the audience’s emotions, experiences and views.

• There is a possible fourth meaning, with time and a reader reading a generation or so on; the meaning is changed. (lost in translation would be a fifth)

5. What is poetry, as opposed to prose?

Poems have...rhythm, rhyme, elevated language, similes and metaphors.

For more about Louis J. Casson check 'pages'~top of blog.
Here are Louis' links:

• Behance Portfolio:

• Blog,

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Ms HOLLYWOOD~ Enticing poem by JAY DIZZLE

~IB~ have previously featured some interesting works by Jaz Dizzle and his latest poem is no exception; telling quite a tale in a very stylish manner! We hope you enjoy.

Versace Frames with polarized lenses
House of Dereon Pearls
Global express international travelling
A woman on a mission
A woman on a rise
Ms Hollywood you are too Bad
Sexy confident walk that hypnotizes
You are a black widow in disguise
You woo me with your jewels
Tom Ford clothing
Style was named after you
Essence of lust follows you
Sight of rainbow prism's stop the masses
Michael Kors watches that stops time
Ivy League advanced classes
You choose your victims wisely
Yet we can not see your web
Invisible to the game
Yet your time now has passed
Ms Hollywood I was yet a fool
To fall for your shiny things
I lost my soul
I return these things with pride
For I no longer will be a slave on your ride


STAY TUNED~ coming later today~ part 1/4 'Poetry Mechanics,' a series of articles by Louis Casson

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ryan O'Shaughnessy - Britain's Got Talent 2012 Final - UK version

Well, Britain's Got Talent came to its inevitable conclusion Saturday, and as predicted Ashleigh & dancing dog Pudsey won... a well deserved win too as they did 3 different routines which were highly imaginative & beautifully executed.

As we have already seen 'Pawsome' on ~IB~, today we will listen to Ryan singing a song of his own dedicated to the girl he loves but hadn't told when entering the competition! I regard this song as outstanding and it puts me in mind of great song writers such as Lenny Kravitz, Bryan Adams and James Morrison... due to the expressive lyrics and simplicity used to express complex emotions.

A contrasting, lively act was the highly talented and original group the Loveable Rogues who reminded the panel of popular band Madness with their fresh distinctive style. There first song, 'Sick of Love' has been running through my head ever since!

Only Boys Aloud were also in the final, an all male Welsh choir who sang in Welsh & whose music made a tremendous impact upon the audience. The choirmaster has done a brilliant job of forming this 100+ strong choir and giving these young lads a real opportunity to make something of themselves and contribute to society.

Besides the singing acts, Saturday's final was highly diverse and even included Aquabatique, a sychronized swimming group who had a tank in the car park!

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable show and definitely proved that Britain's Got Talent!

Jaz McKenzie

Monday, 14 May 2012

~IB~ Baby~ Olympus The Musical... A Race Against Time! ~IB~ Review

All pictures by Avril Jones:

We have been looking forward to this event for quite some time, Olympus Being one of our first ~IB~ Babies and dear to our hearts! For those not in the know, it was originally a piece of musical theatre written by Ian Rae & adapted to a musical by Ian and Chris Chambers who wrote the book. (For full history please check previous blogs.)

I am delighted to say that this musical has exceeded all expectations from the staging- including the medallion style overhead screen used throughout to inform and emphasis events- to the beautiful music, costumes and intricate choreography. The actual set was magnificent and allowed ample room for all 60 actors to grace the stage!

I was particularly impressed by the diverse nature of Ben/the God Zeus’ character, (played by Kevin Hayes,) changing from playful Ben at the rehearsal for the Olympic Games to the stern figure he portrayed as Zeus back in Ancient Greece. Everybody in the cast from Handmaidens to the Greek chorus and Helena’s pupils played their roles extremely well. There were several dual characters cast between modern day personalities and ancient Greeks, Gods or otherwise who were not in the least confusing! I think transition between time zones was extremely well done which helped.

In addition to the powerful Greek Gods we witnessed conflict between the Athenians and Spartans, being taken from one moral dilemma to the next all with the aim of helping the very selfish, ‘ See how I love myself,’ Dimitry Raphael, (Neil O’Gorman,) take stock of his life and gain an inkling of the compassion needed to appreciate his own people... and poor long-suffering wife... just in time for fatherhood it would seem!

The attention to detail was most impressive. The characters were clearly identifiable, Gods wearing illuminated crowns being an excellent touch. Young Homer had a very prominent role and was confidently played, I believe by Simon Perry on this occasion... we are already aware that Christopher Backway is extremely good in the role!

Kudo’s to all the main characters, particularly Jennie Fox and Glyn Williams, (Thetis and Peleus respectively,) who sang some gorgeous yet tricky duets. James Caldwell gave a memorable performance as Nestor and I was pleased to see Vicky Watkins playing the God Hera as it was Vicky who brought Olympus to our attention. There were many children taking part and they all did extremely well, finishing with huge smiles when the show came to an end. For a full list of characters check the Olympus website opposite.

Chris Chambers produced a very deep yet witty script that was both challenging and emotional, making Olympus a thought provoking, contemporary work of art. The cast were very professional and consisted predominantly of passionate amateurs; a reflection resulting from the clear direction of the production team and a great deal of dedication from all concerned.

ABOVE: The Cast of Olympus

On a personal note, I am sorry that this show is having a very limited run and when the flame was placed in public view to open the Olympics I felt like saying, ‘Long Live Olympus... A race against time!’

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 13 May 2012

When the chips are down... Never give up! Live Life~Love Life WK 20

When the chips are down...Never Give Up!

Life is amazing but there are times when, like a marathon runner, we face the metaphorical wall. We know what we need to do but lack the enthusiasm or motivation to forge ahead and do it. Sometimes we work so hard we burn out so to speak, yet we still need to meet our targets. If we are consumed with passion for a project we can be in danger of devoting too much time to it and burdening ourselves with a guilt complex should we knock off a bit early! There is always more to do and there will always be more to be done but physically we do need to rest.

We have been given something called leisure time, in fact it first appears in the Bible when God made the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. Rest and relaxation are essential for our health, both physical and mental and gives us time to rejuvenate and possibly the rest will enable us to take our thoughts in a new direction.

To give up is to admit defeat so before we take that final step we need to ask ourselves why we are choosing to do so. It might be a lack of resources, in which case we can research other mediums or think of new ways to do things. Sometimes we lack support which can become a physical and mental drain. Striving to achieve a complicated project as an individual will only work for so long and you may need to recruit others to help. Athletes for example, need coaches to keep them motivated and help improve technique if they are to stand a chance of winning a medal: likewise businesses often benefit from multiple input which generates new ideas.

It may be that you feel you have been doing the same thing for too long and not getting anywhere; go back and look at the baby steps that have carried you this far. You have probably come a lot further than you imagined, which is reassuring and maybe you just need to assess the best way forwards. Speaking with people can open your eyes to new possibilities, new avenues or different ways of marketing and through networking you will make new contacts. Good business opportunities occur when people try to find mutually beneficial ways of working together. It might be that the other person benefits more however if there are still benefits for you then do not dismiss the idea out of hand. When people allow feelings into the framework and are over sceptical of motive they could miss out on a good opportunity to take their business to the next level.

There are some things in life that can be left for a while to no detrimental effect. If you have a hobby that you find challenging... knitting, photography or language for instance, these can be returned to and brushed up on at a later date. A short break might be beneficial in coping with frustration.

As with most things in life, there are times when this rule may be broken. Occasionally giving up is the best option, putting down a boring book for instance as there are too many good books in this world just waiting to be read. Everything is a matter for personal judgement, especially where relationships are concerned, but giving up in most situations should not be your first choice as striving for solutions and motivation are better and more rewarding options in the long run contributing to personal growth which helps develop your potential. The best course of action is to take sufficient time to evaluate a situation thoroughly before making any final decisions. Our final words of advice...

When life gets on top of you, take a quick break & re-motivate!!

Jaz McKenzie

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Friday, 11 May 2012

KOFI - Get Real (Soul Mix) PRE-VIEWING NOW ON ~IB~

Big thanks to Christopher Hills for sharing Kofi's upcoming release from Koffe an Kreem Records. If you wish to hear some really kooooool vibes CLICK PLAY!!
Like what you hear? Go to and listen to the full length version. Songs will be available for purchase from the 1st June. While you're there you can check out IJ Chris & see the new direction his musical journey is taking. Definitely hot tunes coming from this new record label so stay tuned... Its Braap!

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Life is SOOOO Amazing!

Just for a change I have decided to share a little experience that is definitely going to contribute to an inner glow!! We speak so often about life's timing & God's goodness. Since January this year I have been thinking about going back to the gym... thinking because gyms are incredible expensive and fit into the luxury category! Just lately I have realized more and more that swimming would be really beneficial as walking, which I do plenty of on a daily basis, does not loosen your muscles, it merely works them.

Last week my son handed me a leaflet for a special offer at a gym in Croydon which is about 45 mins walk away. It seemed a good idea so I made an appointment to go along the next day however was unable to keep it. There were 70 discounted places available & as I was out of London last weekend I thought they might disappear! Using my mother's premise that if you're meant to have something you will get it, I went along today & signed up... Oh yes... unlimited, non restricted access to swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna & exercise equipment for the cost of a Macdonalds each week! Now that's a bargain!! First session 9.30 am tomorrow.. oh yes, and free towels included.. Time to get fit!! Its Braap~Its Gym!

Jaz McKenzie

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

'NATURAL' introducing new ~IB~ poet ESSENCE

Today we are sharing a poem from Essence~ a young singer, songwriter and pianist who studied music at Hackney Community College & Middlesex University. She is interested in all aspects of the business from copyright to popular music culture, recently organizing the 'TIMELESS' event we publicized recently which will take place next Tuesday (enter Timeless in the search box opposite.) Essence has drive & determination combined with a very heartfelt and honest approach which comes through in her writing. Currently she is working with R&B singer Chanelle Hall whom we will be hearing more about at a later date on ~IB~ RIGHT: Picture of Essence

It’s a drug we crave.
For some it’s an addiction.
The natural being of life.
That brings us as people together.
The creation of a new being.
Who can ask for better blessing.
God’s greatest creation!

The sex of life.
The sex of being.

Natural forms
Natural beings
Creates life
Can be created in many forms

Has its own definition
Own worth
Own quality
Measured in many ways
Many forms
Many feelings
Many emotions

The passion

Some say it’s a game
A natural part of life
Is it real
Is it fake
Or is it just SEX

It’s the sex of life!

April Bunbury AKA ESSENCE ©

QUICK REMINDER~ COMMENCING NEXT WEDNESDAY 16TH MAY~ New 4 part series aimed to encourage you to develop your poetry writing skills, produced specially for ~IB~ by published poet LOUIS CASSON

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real quotes from Real People!! #10

”Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” - Will Rogers

This is a great reminder not to sit on your laurels but to keep striving to the next level in life. I particularly love this picture of a fuel truck and will commit it to memory because it reminds us to refuel when we run out of steam... preferable with renewed energy and positive vibes!!

All that's left to say is HAPPY TRUCKING!!!

Jaz McKenzie

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Monday, 7 May 2012

Ashleigh and Pudsey HD - Britains got talent 2012 (auditions)

It's a Bank Holiday here in the UK so we are taking the opportunity to let our hair down and share a little of British modern culture!! There is definitely a place for talent shows in today's society and these shows actually serve a purpose, not only providing a public framework for talent, they also manage to install a sense of camaraderie amongst the nation. Talent shows loosen the tongue and get the public chatting (which can last for days) and picking up their phones to show support for favourites acts.

Ashleigh & Pudsey, AKA Pawsome, have captured the public's imagination and most definitely Simon Cowell's heart as he was almost begging... ha ha... for Ashleigh to breed Pudsey & hand him a puppy!! Needless to say Pawsome topped yesterday's audition and are in Saturday's final having produced a second captivating routine... nice change from the usual singers and dance groups! Must just mention that the second most popular act from yesterday's show was Only Boys Aloud, a young Welsh choir... huge!!

I expect Pawsome will win and we will bring you the winning performance once it hits Youtube.

Jaz McKenzie

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Being Beautiful From the Inside Out- Live Life~Love Life WK 19

Beauty is one of the most desirable qualities in our society and skin deep beauty is recognized as something people aspire to, causing feelings of jealousy, envy and many other unhealthy qualities in other people. The beautiful may well become rich and famous simply because of the way they look; very often it’s a case of having the right look at the right time. Sadly, 'the beautiful‘ so often set the trends and standards for the masses, leading perfectly healthy people to change their diets and lifestyle to reflect popular fashions in a bid to be accepted.

People who are less attractive sometimes choose to reassure themselves that true beauty comes from within. This is an undeniable truth that we should all recognize and the good news ~ internal beauty is within the reach of all those who seek it regardless of physical appearance.

So, how can you help yourself become beautiful on the inside? What exactly is inner beauty? The easiest way to answer this is to look at the people around us who make us feel warm and positive about ourselves and ask; ‘what is it about this person that makes me feel this way?’

Do people come to you with their problems, seek your assistance, enjoy being around you? If the answer is yes then you already possess an attractiveness or inner beauty that is appealing to others. ‘Beautiful people’ are often very popular however may have many people who resent them being jealous of their attractive qualities. Often this is a fact that escapes them because they tend to see the good in others and may be blissfully unaware as they do not embrace negativity.

To be beautiful on the inside it helps to feel good about yourself. A good start is to look at the things you do well as these will form the foundation to build your confidence. You could be good at running your home and making a great environment for your family; maybe you give other people good advice and encourage them to achieve. When you know your strengths and have listed them look at those around you. What qualities do you see in others that attract you? Maybe one of your friends is a very good listener and you don’t know how she does it. That is something you can work on. These days, many people are so busy that they do not really listen to others, making this a valuable and sought after skill. Some people have a knack of saying the right thing and may appear very wise. This is often because they have taken time to observe others and different aspects of life so they will have ideas to hand that can easily be shared. Being tuned into the world creates an enhanced understanding of other people and the kinds of situations that they face even if we have not experienced anything similar ourselves. Once you have created your own baseline you can decide which elements can easily be extended and work on those first. There are things we wouldn’t necessarily consider that are forms of inner beauty such as a great sense of humour and the ability to make the best of a difficult situation.

Whatever you decide to work on you will find that the more you put into any form of self improvement the more you will want to improve. Positivity breeds positivity but it also needs to be kept in clear focus as negativity tends to creep in from nowhere and overwhelm us when we take our eyes off the goal!
Inner beauty is about sharing love and positivity, appreciating the good in others and encouraging them to make the best of themselves especially in times of trouble. Inner beauty stems from an appreciation of life itself and all the blessings we receive; a sunny day, winning the lottery or a simple thank you for a job well done. Life is all about balance and we need to take time to cultivate our personalities and family life as much as our careers! Many of us go to the gym to improve our physical beauty yet this can be destroyed so easily and naturally adjusts with age. Inner beauty should be the reverse and as we get older the more attractive our nature should become. Life is about living, giving and loving. The more we focus on developing these qualities the happier we will be because like so often attracts like.

That old saying about doing a good deed for the day is actually a very good place to start and once you open your eyes to those around you will find it no problem to accomplish this little task!

Jaz McKenzie

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Saturday, 5 May 2012

'Fresh Platitudes,' by LOUIS CASSON~ NEW ~IB~ Poet

~IB~ are pleased to present Louis Casson~ a published poet, musician and lyricist from Northampton, UK.

Musically, Louis has a great feel for the blues, playing guitar and bass guitar, whilst his emotions are given free reign throughout Louis' poems and lyrics. In addition, Louis is keen on self development and works as a coach and stress management consultant.

Louis has kindly written a short series of articles for ~IB~ to provide guidance for people who wish to try their hand at poetry and includes suggestions for getting work published. This will be a special Wednesday feature starting week, Wednesday 16th May and will run for 4 weeks. We will dedicate a page to Louis at the top of the blog so that you may read his bio and be able to locate links to his sites quickly.

Fresh Platitudes

Initial courtship of the new,
leads all in the sweetest song.
Before taken for granted,
too close and over familiar jokes occur;
the first deal is the best one.

Ceasing therefore
to beat myself up on the path taken,
it ain’t really a must.
The future turned out not as predicted
makes all past redundant,
unimportant dust.

I had to nip and tuck the plans,
arriving at this day.
What if imperfect results,
from this distance I win anyway.

This poem copyright Louis J. Casson 2012 All rights reserved.

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audio link: http//

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Friday, 4 May 2012

~IB~ BABY~ Olympus Animation & latest update!!

Actor playing Nestor sprained knee, but struggling along
Rehearsal room for 70 people found at short notice and Act One went well
The creative side is going well
CD is finished and looks goods
Olympus The Musical... a race against time well premiere at:

The Ashcroft Theatre~ Croydon~ May 9th-12th,
moving to
The Minack Theatre~Cornwall May 17th~19th


~IB~ are very much looking forward to watching & reviewing the live performance of this beautiful new musical... STAY TUNED for our picture blog coming shortly!

Information supplied by Chris Chambers... for interview & more information enter 'olympus' in the search box opposite.

Jaz McKenzie.

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'TIMELESS' event presented by UPLIFTLONDON12

Big thanks to singer/poet ESSENCE who has sent details of this great event to be held Tuesday~15th May~7.30pm @ Middlesex University.

Timeless variety show incorporates different types of entertainment including poetry and creates a platform to showcase talent. ~IB~ particularly like the fact that Timeless is advertised with the aim of 'spreading peace, love and togetherness in the community,' which upholds everything that Its Braap stands for! At only £2 entry this is definitely going to be value for money!

We will be featuring a poem from Essence next Tuesday and presenting a special poetry series shortly~ so stay tuned in!

Jaz McKenzie

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Much more than a singer/producer~ Interview with Patrick Boothe~ a man on a mission!

Patrick Boothe is definitely amongst the hardest workers in the music industry; frequently working around the clock to produce great music in a mixture of genres. Patrick has been in the business for years and known many famous people including Phil Collins, Marvin Gaye and Ronnie Laws to name a few. During the course of his life, Patrick has also faced a great deal of adversity yet he has consistently refused to give in to the closed doors, preferring to constantly challenge himself and learn new skills in order to become self reliant. Patrick is a very kind, caring person who uses his gifts to encourage and benefit others.

How many years have you been in the music business?
I should say for 4 decades now isn’t it (laugh.) It’s been a long time. I started singing when I was very young, about 7 and I’ve been singing ever since; haven’t stopped... still a young man!

What genres do you cover?
I listen to everything so if I hear a good Indian track it interests me. I never close my ears to genres. I am not genre specific in my creations and tend to mix genres as well. I like everything and do rock, R&B, soul, hip hop- you name it- I do it because I believe that music is just music. I don’t believe in confining myself to one area of music at all and I have never done that. All my life I have liked everything.

Now Patrick, we know you should have been a household name along with other stars. Can you just tell us briefly what happened in your career to prevent this?
Basically, when I got my first deal with Street Wave Records we did, 'Dancehall Night' and this was my first single. Then we had, ’Never knew Love Like This Before,’ which was a hit in America and it was really blowing up over here. I think Morgan had difficulties with the deal with CBS because I know there were things that were done that weren’t right at the time. All I could do was just go with the flow. I was moving from one end of the country to the next promoting it but there were little things going on that weren’t too good for us. It hampered things for a little while but I got out of that scene when their deal went down. I switched to doing backing vocals and honed into some other skills and spent many years singing and making other peoples’ records sound good (laugh,) which was good for me because it’s all a part of the learning process. At the end, when I wanted to do my own thing, I knew that I could put together a professional team or do it myself which is the case now.

Can you name some of the big artists you have been associated with?
I opened for Marvin Gaye in 1980 and in the same year I opened for Ronnie Laws- up and down the country. Marvin and I were at The Venue, Victoria, an amazing place with great acoustics. It was great and Marvin’s band members told me it was the first time they had ever seen Marvin stand up in an auditorium and watch another artist opening for him; which was amazing! In those days I was a real crooner and was with a band called Midnight Express, a jazz funk band. In those days, the late 70’s, you had bands like Central Line and Midnight Express. Luckily for us we had Kenny Lynch the comedian as our agent and Ray Levy as our manager. Kenny was great and we did some high profile gigs, it was good fun. Later, Junior Giscombe was just hovering and David Grant was around, so that’s where I’m coming from.

How did you like being in the background so to speak?
It helped me to understand the business in many ways by not being in the limelight. Coming up I was with Climey Fisher and I sang with Michael Bolton on stage but did a lot of records both here and with American artists. British artists included Lloyd Cole and Johnny Hates Jazz but there’s too many to mention really! It was good for me being behind the scenes, travelling around with them from country to country, seeing the lifestyle but still trying to keep a level head. Half the time I would be telling these guys, ‘why do you need to spend money on a Learjet just to go up to Scotland?’ and things like that; you know what I mean. I just didn’t see any sense in it but it’s the pop star image. In the end I just sat back and enjoyed it and we had lots of fun, we really did, just being with these guys. Watching these professionals and being friends with the Gap Band, the Dazz Band, Jeffrey Daniels, they all used to come here. We all used to go to the same parties, the same clubs and I used to take them to China Town to my friends restaurants and we had a whale of a time. Back in the day- those were the good days I think.

Can you speak a little about your early music?
Phil Collins (sigh.) The Phoenix Horns from Earth, Wind and Fire played on my first album, ‘Never Knew Love Like This Before.’ It was produced by Richard Jones, the brother of Gloria Jones who was the wife of Marc Bolan. Richard was a brilliant producer with good ears and he had a 10 gallon hat like a real yankee... you know what I mean (laugh.) We had James Simpson as well and they both co-wrote the songs. They were getting their songs in and I had some of my own on the album so I was happy with that.

How have you gone from there to where you are now with your new music, which is beginning to create a stir?
For the last couple of years I have been involved with producing other people. In 2006 I met up with Bobby Sparks, who is a good friend of mine now. Bobby’s a great little artist and I found his voice to be very powerful yet very soft so I was able to stretch it. He was originally from Jamaica and when I met him he had only been in this country for 2 years. Before that he had always been singing and was on the ships for many years in the Caribbean on the big cruisers. He had a good time, he travelled around the world but he had this voice and I saw the potential. I think he entered the X factor in 2006 and was a success with Sharon Osbourne! I took him under my wings and said, ‘I will work with you.’ I have been working with him ever since and we have done 2 albums, 'Changing Times' and 'Thunder and Lightening,' 2 brilliant albums. On both albums you can hear how his vocals stretch and to me he’s an international artist. Investing in another artist is tricky because of their egos and I wanted somebody who would be rock solid, have ambition and want to get somewhere.
Now I am finally working on my stuff, to be Patrick Boothe so you can hear what Patrick Boothe has to say.

Why the closed doors?
For the last 30 years I have been under tremendous pressure from the industry because they just don’t want to acknowledge me... they know that you’re good, they admit that you’re good but they are afraid of you. For me, I know what I wanted from day 1 more than any other artist in this country but was met with... we don’t know how to put you. I said, ‘what do you mean? What pigeon hole you want to slot me into?' My life is not about a pigeon hole, I sing anything and everything so I put it out and let the public decide.’

The industry has changed quite a bit in the last few years hasn't it?
Yes, the great thing about the industry is that it has opened up now and given the power back to the artist; you make your own roads now but you only get out what you put in. I find I have a lot of sleepless nights and hardly eat because I just work. I am making use of the internet and the technology we have today so am promoting myself as best I can. Obviously it is beginning to make inroads and people are beginning to prick their ears up... Patrick Boothe is around again.

Tell us about the songs that are making waves!
I have re-done, 'Let’s Get It On,' a cover of the Marvin Gaye song that I did many years ago. Then there is,'Coming Up To Midnight,' which was recorded whilst I was living in Jamaica for a period of my life after my parents died. The latest song is, 'Waiting In Vain,' the Bob Marley cover recorded as an acoustic version which has never been done before. It’s got everyone’s attention at the moment and the guys at the BBC are saying wow this could be a big hit, so I am looking forwards. Through all these years I have spent behind the scenes other artists have told me, ‘Patrick it’s prejudice.’ I said, ‘No. It’s just that I’ve got to work harder than anyone else’ and in fact they have made me even better than I was. I have learnt to do everything, even to the point of mastering and mastering is a special technique. I can even print CD’s and they look so professional. I have taken them around the world and have them print wrapped... they even have bar codes on them! People just say WOW, you did this? It’s been a good learning process for me. People have always said, you can’t master everything but that’s a lie; it’s only because you limit yourself and I have never limited myself.

How do you believe things will work out for you?
I believe it will happen when God says it’s time and I believe that’s about now as people need a lot of healing. I am the healer. An example of what I mean is my song, 'Victim.' I was in Los Angeles in 1996 to do some shows, invited by Gilda Biez and funnily enough that’s where I met Tinga Stewart, who was also over doing shows. I was driving round LA meeting people all the time and I met this woman who owned a studio and she gave me the studio to use for free while I was in LA; that was an amazing thing. While I was at Gilda’s I was writing and going the next day to the studio and recording stuff, so I decided I was going to do this album and Tinga heard that song. He said, ‘Patrick, can I have a go at it?’ I said, ‘Yes, come down tomorrow.’ He came the next day and sang, 'Victim' and I had forgotten how good he sang that song! I actually totally forgot about it and went back to Jamaica. Only now, all this time later, Tinga let a DJ hear it and that was back in December. The DJ said to Tinga that he can’t be sitting on this, so he put it out and it’s just gone vrrrooom! Everyone’s going wow, listen to the lyrics... that’s what’s catching them, the lyrics.

I remember you saying that people told you Victim had a real healing affect on them. Do you feel this is at the core of your music?
I think I’m on a mission here. I believe that my music has been inspired in a spiritual way, a very spiritual way because I never know what I am going to play when I start recording: I don’t know what chords I am going to go to. Funny enough, the minute I get on there I find that’s it, a new song has been born. Every single day, whether it’s 2 or 3 songs for the day. I used to be that mad... I’d be working through to the next morning. Bobby’s album for instance, it took me a month to do the whole album which is amazing. I would go in the bathroom in the morning and be sitting there and suddenly be inspired. The lyrics would come to me, the melodies would come to me and I’m calling my wife, ‘Can you bring me a piece of paper, my notepad, fast,’ and I would sit there and write the whole song out. Bobby, everyday when he came to the studio he had something new to sing because I was inspired and the Changing Times album is an amazing album; lyrically it gets to people. I feel that God let’s me feel what the world is feeling. Some people can’t bring it out. If they are going through a situation they can’t speak about it and it’s as if God’s letting me see inside you to help bring it out. I am the guy who’s supposed to write it and I feel that is my purpose. My purpose is to tell you your story to give you a way, an option out; show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes life blinkers you making you feel like you’re going down this narrow little road. I am bringing the light to you, showing you that there is another option. I think that a lot of us live our lives not knowing what our purpose is but I’ve know my purpose for many years and no one can stop me! There is a lot more to come from Patrick Boothe so watch out we’re on a roll!

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Okamoto Studio Ice Sculpture ... Watch to find out how it's done~Fascinating!

Ever wondered how an ice sculpture is not only made but transported to a location? 

Okamoto Studio is the premiere ice carving studio in New York providing sculptures for all the top events, creating sculptures to fit in with themes or promote branding... The IB of our logo would look very cool in ice!

Whatever you want to know about this art, here you will find all the answers and many interesting snippets of information given during a running commentary; complimented by Jeremy Okamoto who adds significant details. The video shows many different sculptures and a special commission that we can follow from start to finish. Great work which highlights why ice sculpture should be more in the public eye.

There is quite a history attached to ice carving commencing with ice harvesting referred to in 600 B.C. In the 1600's Chinese fisherman and hunters who were on the border of Russia, where they experienced Siberian winters, made lanterns from ice. The little Chinese town of Harbin in Heilongjiang is recognized as the most significant place in the history of ice sculpting and is home to the annual Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Today there are many festivals around the world including Alaska, Japan, China and London. There are even ice sculpting courses available in different cities. Something new, interesting and fun to put on the 'To Do' list!

Jaz McKenzie

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real quotes from Real People!! #9

'They say that man is much more viscious than a lion and yet he never shows the blood stains on his teeth, but the lion only fights for his survival while man destroys things oh so senselessly...'

The world has become a very evil place yet true love will overcome all things.

Patrick Boothe


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