Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Love Kinky Boots? Time to work those Stilettos with CHYNA WHYNE!

Kinky Boots; a truly phenomenal West End show leaving you with joyful, exhilarating feelings proving this show worthy of the myriad awards it’s received in recognition of performance and brilliance. When a story is founded in true life it will clearly inspire people beyond any similar fantasy tale. The joy of Kinky Boots lies not solely in the performance, universally acknowledged as brilliant, but equally in the lessons it bestows that are beneficial to all sectors of society.

We are living in a world where people are striving towards ‘one love,’ yet at the same time there are countless divisions amongst us. Charlie Price crossed barriers that were unthinkable at the time this story unfolded, the time he met Lola (authentic showgirl who possibly inspired Barry Manilow!) and turned a dead shoe factory into a lively pulsating business. I don’t know to this minute how the musical, which was more thought-provoking than sad, caused so many people to snivel into their tissues! Emotion was conveyed in a very subtle manner through performance and song leaving you feeling as if you’re almost living the situation. It was certainly a great lesson in equality, inclusion, integrity and living the dream.

As a society currently obsessed with the law of attraction, we can see it at work for Charlie, Lola and even the factory workers; Charlie’s ex-fiancĂ© created the life she desired too. Charlie did not have a clear vision for his life and found it through default, his passion ignited by employee Lauren and a ‘co-incidental’ life changing meeting with Lola. When Charlie realised creating women’s boots for men was a real niche market, he maintained focus and ‘made it happen’ despite upsets along the way. Interestingly Charlie followed his gut instinct when he could have opted for easy pickings and sold the factory. Charlie took responsibility for the future of others putting their needs above his own. That legacy has expanded unbelievably beyond the factory, initially to the fashion show in Milan and now globally, providing  a beautiful addition to the careers of many talented people and bringing joy to thousands of audiences- through film and stage alike.

Watching the Drag Queens work those heels was something else as were Yanis Marshall, Arnaud  and Madhi when they danced in heels on Britain’s Got talent 2015- but how many of us women can walk really well in heels or wear them for prolonged periods? If heels are important to you, the way you walk in them will either add or detract from your image. Wobbling precariously on a pair of stilettos is not a good look, especially when clutching someone for support! Having worked with models, designers and catwalk trainers in the past I know how important it is to get this right; however, aside from aspiring models we can all benefit from improving or developing technique. The answer is to hand and if image is key, it’s actually more affordable than some beauty treatments such as face lifts. Once you have learnt how to walk in heels, provided you practice, you receive the additional benefit of improved health; possibly for many years to come. 

Chyna- credit: Siver Star Motors, Jamaica Pictures
High Heel Guru and singer Chyna Whyne, who has performed around the world touring with the likes of Bob Dylan, The Who and Peter Gabriel demonstrated her ‘stepping’ skills on popular programme ‘Daybreak,’ GMTV. Chyna makes mention of the Alexander technique which she combines with instructions as to the correct way to 'glide' on heels thus enabling perfect balance whilst taking good physical care of our backs through corrected posture. This is essential for people who constantly wear high heels and a definite must for top end business women, public speakers and anyone who seriously wants to look good and make an impact. I consider this business a real gem of an idea serving a niche in the market that compliments Kinky Boots!- I imagine Chyna would be open to training anyone who wishes to walk well in heels. Finding solutions to problems creates excellent business opportunities for astute minded people. Once Chyna discovered the Alexander Technique and resolved her back problems she quickly realised how to combine it with her experience of walking on heels to offer a service that really makes a difference to women.

This resulted in a wonderful new business with the catchy name, ‘Walking in Stilettos.’  I must say I’m very keen to try this out once I’m off crutches! Watching the video of Chyna’s TV appearance on her website and reading her story inspires bucketfuls of confidence. I believe in Chyna’s teaching ability and am positive those attending her classes will experience an educational and fun-filled session.

Now a quick flash of inspiration:


I'm walking in stilettos baby 
You won't see me crash!
Gliding in stilettos
Coz I paid my cash.
Walking in stilettos
Feeling ten feet tall,
So you'll never see me
With my back against the wall!
... Up front, 
But not in your face
Moving mighty fine
I'm gliding in stilettos baby
Thanks to Chyna Whyne! 

Jaz McKenzie~ Word Magician

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Special event at the V&A Museum by Live Cannon- Sunday 24th April + Poem's by Shakespeare & Jaz McKenzie

I'm thrilled to be part of the Live Cannon's 154 project. 'What's that got to do with Shakespeare?' I hear you saying. The answer is everything!

I have been writing poetry for a few years now and absolutely love a challenge. If you pop German Zwanik in the search box you will discover more about this beautiful artist and also a couple of poems I have written that were inspired by his portraits. German creates paintings inspired by life and  has produced a huge variety of contemporary works that are brilliantly unique. Likewise, some 400 years ago, Shakespeare used his creativity in a similar manner mixing emotions, life and fantasy together through word power; with such brilliance he has created a legacy that remains with us for ever. The inter-twining of artistic genres goes deep, my experience of Shakespeare, (having not studied English literature) being limited to the Ballet Romeo and Juliet. Dance and music add even more depth to Shakespeare's original play and in my view enhance his work making it more accessible to today's audience. Language worldwide has developed significantly and as always merges cultural differences. Some might say it has lost its beauty and the 'quaintness' of expression however I believe it has taken on a different musicality.

Live Cannon have been working hard on a project to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, born 23rd April 1564 and died 23rd April 1616, on the same day- isn't that amazing! Shakespeare is considered the world's greatest dramatist, mind you nowadays our cinema's churn out a huge amount of highly dramatic films. Clearly Shakespeare was fearless and appears to have had an obssession with death! In addition to his plays Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets. This special project by Live Cannon has collated poetic responses to all of Shakespeare's sonnets by enlisting the work of 154 poets, in their chosen style. I was assigned sonnet 136- it took me about six reads to get some sort of grasp on the meaning! Of course, the 'Will' is most likely reference to self, assumed by modern day genius, Will-I-Am. I chose to spin the poem in a different direction, using the sublime connection we all have between body, 'Will' and soul; however am not sharing that version until it has been published. Who knows, maybe exploration of these connections was Shakespeare's original intention! All of Shakespeare's sonnets and contemporary replies will be read during the event and you can order copies of the book by following the Live Cannon link above. I have written an alternative reply below, as Will's modern day wife- I wonder how well William Shakespeare would be able to associate with it???? The world is such a big place yet, thanks to the internet and modern day travel, it's boundaries have shrunk. One thing's for sure- drama is here to stay.
V&A Event Info: Sunday 24th April, 10.30am-5.30pm. NAL Centre Room- free event.

  If thy soul check thee that I come so near,
  Swear to thy blind soul that I was thy 'Will',
  And will, thy soul knows, is admitted there;
  Thus far for love, my love-suit, sweet, fulfil.
  'Will', will fulfil the treasure of thy love,
  Ay, fill it full with wills, and my will one.
  In things of great receipt with ease we prove
  Among a number one is reckon'd none:
  Then in the number let me pass untold,
  Though in thy store's account I one must be;
  For nothing hold me, so it please thee hold
  That nothing me, a something sweet to thee:
    Make but my name thy love, and love that still,
    And then thou lov'st me for my name is 'Will.'

William Shakespeare


You’re my ‘Will.’
My love,
My light,
My life.
Forever by my side
During our brightest, sunniest days
And deepest, darkest nights.

My ‘Will;’ Numero Uno,
Buttering the bread of my desire,
Fulfilling every need.
A woman satiated to the max
Through infinity and beyond-
Love is sooooo sweeeeeet,
Keep loving on!

Celebrity Will;
Living our dream of a life.
Interviews galore.
Jetting around the globe
To explore hidden delights:
Monaco, The Rain Forest,
Japan and San Tropez.
But never a trophy wife,
Love of your life
From that very first day;
Fresh faced and adoring-
Until we take our final breaths
And drift away.

Jaz McKenzie ©2016

Sunday, 17 April 2016

SERIES: Flying With Mozez: More astral travel- In The Beginning!

Hello. We’re continuing our series ‘ Flying With Mozez,’ very appropriately with another astral travel story. This is an extremely interesting area covering many different experiences and phenomena the average person cannot interpret. For instance, I was meditating earlier today and just as I was emerging from it, saw a small brown bird fly through the glass of my window into the room. I fully expected to see a bird flying around my room however, the window was almost closed and the bird literally flew through the glass, so there was nothing! I cannot interpret this and hope the significance of this episode will dawn on me later.

Continuing with more tales from Mozez;
‘I was lying down and found myself in a room on the bed. A man came into the room and took my hand and started to spin me. I realised I was on the top of the ceiling because I could see the bed when I looked down. He spun me for quite a while then I found myself in this place up in the air. It was remarkable because the light was so intense, so intense, and I was over a beach- I could see it quite clearly. I could see three people on the beach walking but I was way up in the sky. One guy was dressed, to me in my mind, like a picture you see of Jesus, so I was thinking, ‘I need to go and talk to this person. But for some reason I couldn’t go down. I couldn’t go down to the beach to talk to this guy. I found myself drifting over the beach and travelling for what seemed to be miles- hours, over hills and vales and stuff like that. After a while I found myself coming down through the bushes. When I landed I was in a crate, like a box with the slots in it. I landed in what I can call an African or Jamaican village- a really remote village. I was saying to myself, ‘what am I doing here? What am I doing in this village?’ I have no knowledge of it; there’s no connection basically between this village and myself. So I said to myself, ‘I need to come out of this crate and talk to these two women.’ There were a lot of people and kids further away and these two women were about ten metres or less from where I landed. I decided to go over to them to try to find out where I am, so I went up to one of the women and tried to touch her. I expected her to look at me but she couldn’t see me; neither of them could see me. They couldn’t see me at all and I was standing so close, so close! I tried to talk to the ladies and ask them, ‘where’s this?’ But I couldn’t articulate anything. All that came out were muffled sounds while I was trying to talk to them. I realised something was wrong and thought to myself that I might have ‘rubbish’ in my mouth so I might need to wash it out; so I went looking for a pipe to get rid of the roughness out of my mouth. I turned and when I looked there was a pipe about 30 metres down from where I stood, so I started walking towards the pipe. When I looked towards the pipe I felt myself coming out of the vision or the dream, and I couldn’t stop myself from coming out. I found myself bamm- straight back in my room. That was one experience I remember clearly but some of these visions, the next morning you wake up and you can’t remember them.'

'Another one I remember; I was in my room and I could feel myself drifting and lifting out of my body. I have these things a few times where I can actually see myself lying there. This night I was taken way up and then when I looked further up in the sky, there was this huge, massive sun dial- right up in the sky and I was there for a while contemplating why I was seeing it. I heard a voice in my head, not a literal voice of somebody talking, but in my head saying to me, ‘there’s no time.’ I was there for a while until the sundial disappeared. Where the sundial had been was a little spinning thing and I kept looking and looking at it. In a split second I found myself really close to it; really up there. From my height I looked down and I could see the entire planet; the entire world basically, the earth. All of it was covered in flowers, like little daffodils, all the same colour, all the same thing. In my head they were like daffodils but they were little pods of yellow flowers. When I looked across the ’field’ I could see these little vortex forming, hundreds of them and they were coming down and picking up these pods, spinning and taking them up into the sky. I was wondering, ‘why am I seeing this?’ It went on and on and the little vortex formed into a massive one in the sky. All the pods went up into this massive one. When I looked at the massive one, I found myself in the stomach of a huge woman and the vortex was becoming like a child. Instead of being in the sky it was becoming a small mass in the woman’s stomach. I could clearly hear the voice saying to me, 'This is the beginning. This is the start. The beginning of creation,'- and then I woke up from that one.’

Next time we will be considering more of Mozez lyrics, always great food for thought!
Numen Records Search this site for more articles on Mozez and my review of his album, 'WINGS'

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Friday, 15 April 2016

Occupy your own SPACE

Gypsy is one of my long lost Myspace friends and a very talented guitarist. Back in the day he was living in New York and busy playing in a band whilst working in a music shop. Gypsy lived and breathed guitar, so it is very interesting seeing him doing a little motivational speech to encourage other musicians to keep on keeping on. Listen carefully to discover where he is now; location and associates. I love it when people start living their dream and it is so good to encourage one another. Wishing Gypsy huge success for the future and you can find a great solo on his channel.

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 10 April 2016

SERIES: Flying With Mozez~ Reggae in the UK & Europe

Continuing our series with Mozez of Zero7 fame. Mozez was a singer from a very young age born and brought up in Jamaica. He is well travelled and has resided in London for many years now. We are covering a range of interesting, associated topics so recently I asked Mozez to give his views as to why Reggae is more popular and successful across the rest of Europe than it is here in the UK.

My personal view is that Reggae has a bad name in the UK. This is not the fault of someone trying to make Reggae look bad, but has arisen because of the way Reggae has been projected in the late 80’s to early 90’s.

When Bob Marley was popularising Reggae that was the zenith of what Reggae was about. Look at Peter Tosh, a totally different person from Bob Marley and a man who would speak his mind. But what happened to Reggae after that? To me, a group of people destroyed what Bob, Peter and those other guys had set up basically by being totally imbecilic in what they’re projecting, that's as far as I’m concerned.

OK, you’re fighting against prejudice but you go about it and speak about it in an intelligent format- whatever it is you want to get across, but when we come to a point where people are degrading other people, then people will always kick against that. You have your philosophy, 'music is freedom,' so to me you preach your philosophy but it must be within a remit where you don’t abuse people. You don’t speak about killing people- whatever the music is projecting you need to project imagery of wholeness, as far as I’m concerned, because that’s what music is about. In the late 80’s to early 90’s there was a periphery of people who changed the whole approach to what Reggae was about. They changed the whole thing- you look at Bob Marley and you look at Yellow Man and they’re worlds apart in terms of message, in terms of what’s being projected and in terms of lifting the people. Reggae is a great form of music that has come from a small nation of people, and the whole idea of Reggae was to deliver people consciously from the mentality of slavery that Bob Marley talked about; giving not only women but whoever is suffering a higher sense of being. That’s what the music was about but it has changed so much and become something primarily about self justification. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t have the freedom to express themselves and how they feel, but I think that when it has come to a place where the music has been taken totally over by that sort of ideology it diminishes the whole thing. You cannot reason that Britain should allow that to happen. Britain isn’t justified in allowing this- there should be a little more freedom in terms of what is allowed but you can’t, at the same time, encourage the type of music that was coming out of Jamaica at that time. Now I think it is changing to a better state.

Regarding Europe, going back to your primary question, I think Europe still looks at the older Reggae. That’s my personal opinion, and they still have this idea of what Bob Marley was about, the imagery, so they still look at the music from that perspective. I might be totally wrong! Also, the guys I see who are successful with Reggae in Europe are the older guys, the older bands basically. I don’t think the newer form of music is as successful as the older form but I stand to be corrected- but the bands I see in Europe are the older bands. The guys who play culture are the bands who carry the power around and I think that Europe still looks at that type of music with a sense of  beauty about it; but that’s just my personal feeling.

Coming next time: More of Mozez and his visions.

Note: If you type 'Flying with Mozez,' into the search you will easily find past articles including my review of his album 'WINGS.'  

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