Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Best Motivational video ever

Time to be motivated and follow by example. Very quick and powerful video from Nick Vujicic who, seen here cuddling his baby, has no limbs.

Unfortunately blogger is playing up so you will need to follow the link~ Worth the extra click! Have a blessed day. ~Jaz

Monday, 28 October 2013

Snapshots From The Bible WK 43~Proverbs 2:4- the importance of wisdom and common sense

Proverbs 2:4 

‘Keep in tune with wisdom and think what it means to have common sense’
It is surprising how many intelligent people we come into contact with who have no common sense! This verse really is the ultimate in wisdom because common sense makes life considerably easier and is something anyone can possess. Some people have a real knack applying common sense or ‘down to earth thinking’ to all situations. Maybe the purpose of this verse is to discourage us from trying to be too smart!
Think about it. When we become deeply involved with ‘creative thinking,’ the upshot tends to be that we confuse ourselves. How many everyday situations appear complex simply because we have spent too much time elaborating upon them? Very often the first thought is right. Someone fails to phone you. First thought- they’re busy- which is probably correct. Leading on from here are a multitude of suggestions that enter the brain: phone is dead, they forget, I’m so unimportant they can’t be bothered… this is where paranoia sets in. Alternatively, in business you may have a sound idea however instead of using common sense to get it up and running, you keep adding more ideas and create an elaborate project that is extremely difficult to get off the ground. The wise person will encourage you to, ‘take one step at a time.’
We need to tune into wisdom. Stop and evaluate our thoughts and intended actions to test how ‘sound’ they are. Wisdom prevents costly mistakes. It preserves respect and friendships; keeps money in your pocket; helps you to maintain dignity and respect especially when combined with common sense. Wisdom tells you not to show yourself up at the next works do whilst common sense tells you to drink little or no alcohol.
To be blessed with common sense is a blessing indeed. It is a trusty steed in the race of life helping us to jump over hurdles! Wisdom creates admiration in others and wise people are very much sought after. If you seek advice from a wise person, common sense tells you to follow it. The problem comes when we zone out from wisdom and allow our emotions to take over. We can only be as wise as we allow ourselves to be, so open your mind to wisdom and common sense. The quality of your life will improve and you will know the reason behind every decision. 

Jaz McKenzie
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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Powerful Sermon by Matt Chandler ( Must See)

It's Sunday and just for a change we are posting a sermon!! We have shared wise words from people of different faiths previously and today we come from the Christian angle. This sermon speaks straight to you, is amusing and looks at every day subjects such as the difference between joy and happiness.

Matt explains God's ultimate mission and preaches from the 23rd Psalm; very enlightening and easy to listen to. Whether you agree or not, there is plenty to consider, Matt having a highly refreshing approach and ideas that may be new to some of us.

Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Be Braap~ Be Focused #4- One moment in time

Young children are truly free because they always live in the moment. This is why they often have a problem taking turns- no matter, life isn't perfect!

How amazing life could be if we actually developed the ability to enjoy every moment. As adults, we know that 'now' is the only time we are guaranteed, therefore we should try to capitalise upon it. Sometimes this can be incredibly difficult yet it's simply a case of mind over matter; although this will take a while to cultivate. One solution is to re-live great moments when experiencing doubts and worries. This helps boost the mind into a positive, receptive state putting control back into your domain. Happy thoughts create joy which is something most of us prefer to feel, and joy attracts more joy.

Sometimes it is worth asking, 'what can I do in this moment? Hopefully you are too busy enjoying yourself to worry with this question! If however, you are counting time clock watching then you are wasting it! Little pockets of time can be quite valuable and soon add up. Journey time is a great for relaxing so I often listen to positive talks whilst travelling on buses or trains. Five minutes can be used to de-stress by taking a few deep breaths in the middle of a busy day or alternatively, a great opportunity to grab a quick cup of tea before the next client enters your office- or a healthy glass of water!

Finally, give thanks for time. It is very precious and cannot be retrieved if wasted. The better use you make of time, the more enjoyable and satisfying life becomes.

Jaz McKenzie

Monday, 21 October 2013

Hannah Barrett sings Beautiful - Live Week 2 - The X Factor 2013

There is some serious talent on UK X Factor this year and Hannah Barrett, brought up on the old school artists, really delivers some old school soul.

Hannah started out as an extremely troubled 17 year old with the weight of the world on her shoulders, and has proven ability to put all of her feelings into her music. An amazing singer who has yet to develop her potential and one of my personal top 3 contenders.

Jaz McKenzie

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Snapshots From The Bible WK 42~Acts 17 V 28- Own your own power!

Acts 17:28

'and he gives us the power to live, to move, and to be who we are. “We are his children,” just as some of your poets have said.'   Contemporary English Version

This version of the above verse goes into more detail than traditional versions which I believe enables a greater understanding that is applicable to modern society. It speaks of the gift of freedom, a concept that is of great value within an environment where we are taught that we are here for a purpose and should strive to reach our full potential. The beauty of this verse is captured in its very essence; we can be who we are thanks to the power given to each and every one of us!
We have been given this power to represent ourselves fully, to make decisions. We are free to live, move and be; therefore we need to apply our minds to our talents and circumstances, making good decisions about the way forward.
Do you know who you are? Are you comfortable in your current situation? If you are, then great, just continue to focus clearly. If not, what would you like to change? Everything you are and think makes you, YOU. There will always be things in our nature that please us and other aspects requiring change. Sometimes it is simply that we need to identify our strengths and weaknesses in order to assess the opportunities awaiting us.
Life is as much about tomorrow as it is about now. That doesn’t mean we should be worrying about tomorrow however we need to prepare ourselves and make strides towards the changes we would like to see. Usually we need to look inwards before we can look around in order to progress. Self- correction takes time, but by making decisions to take control and change our habits, we can make steady progress- discipline is the root of change!
We need to be in control of our lives working with God and the universe to better ourselves and reach personal fulfilment; the road to happiness. If we fail to do this, others will control us; sometimes so subtly that we don’t even notice. Take an honest look and strip your life back. Identify the areas you feel comfortable about and hold on to them. Anything that leaves you feeling ill at ease requires further exploration and correction- never be afraid to take back your power  and do make an attempt to understand why you lost it in the first place. This journey of discovery will lead back to you- your past, maybe your fears but until they are faced and you have gained understanding you will not be able to make any real change. Once you do change, the negative patterns in your life will stop repeating themselves.
The lesson here is to be yourself, lay claim to your true self so that you will be happy and at peace, sharing your sense of fulfilment which will encourage others to do the same. 

Jaz McKenzie
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

'EMPTY' ~ a touching, thought provoking poem by Kyillie-Ann Jones

~IB~ loves bringing new poets to your attention and today we are excited to be featuring a poem by Kyillie-Ann Jones, from Trinidad and Tobago. Kyillie-Ann much prefers to 'speak' her poems, making good use of open mic nights, however this work stands well as a written piece and tells a very sad story of loss emphasising the inability to grieve and let go. It is easy to relate to the emotional tug-of-war even if you have not been through this experience.
Kyillie-Ann Jones

Verse 1
I saw her in the park.
People avoided her.
What seemed rational to her was insanity to the untrained mind.
People couldn't embrace her vision of normal, but I could see clearly
that she once some time, had a baby that she loved dearly,
 I walked over to her slowly.
I looked at the smile on her face as she pushed the empty swing.
I stood next to the swing beside hers.
She looked and me and smiled.
She raised the hand of what she imagined was her child.
I waved back at him, then I became a slave to her mind,
She pointed a little higher than my thigh and said,
‘Why don't you lift up your son and put him in?’
She watch me, I watched her, and it was like she was begging me to play her game.
I wasn't as brave as her;  I felt the deepest shame.
Then I said to myself, 'if I denied her offer then would I be saying that my baby I lost was unreal?'
But that’s not true. Just like her son is real to her, mine is real to me.
Maybe this game will make me heal- it was like a thrill Aaron was alive again!
I picked him up and I could feel him breathe.
I questioned my own sanity, but I just let go and I joined her show.
I talked about Aaron as if he really was in the swing in front of me and she…
Spoke of Teri, her sick baby that nearly died when he was a year old.
She looked at the swing and said, ‘but he is better now, he is here with me still, Teri is no longer ill....

Verse 2
She put her Hand on Terri's arms and raised him from the swing;
And I did the same- funny thing was that I could see Aaron's face as clear as day.
We set our boys down, watched, in what seemed to be an empty sand pit, our children play.
I wiped my tears away, she looked at me and touch my hair,
She put her hand on my stomach as if to say, in her own way that ’Aaron is still with you,'
She knew- I didn't really see every day what she sees
She knew- that this was the first time I saw Aaron's face,
She turned from me, picked up Terri and I watched her walk away...
Until she was gone.
I tried to walk away from the sandpit, alone-
I really wanted to go home, but Aaron cried from behind me.
I ran to him, I picked him up.
He felt so soft and warm in my arms I didn't want to say bye.
So I took him home, opened up the door-  it was him and I alone!
I told him that his daddy had gone.
What felt so right to me, the world would have thought is wrong,
I held him close to my chest.
I gave him some milk that went down my vest.
We bathed together, just like a mother would bathe her baby.
The day was done.
I took him to the empty baby room;
I switched on the light.
Everything felt so right-
I put him in the empty crib and gave him a little kiss.
I turned off the light and for the first time
I wished my son good night... 
Good night stars, good night moon, good night son- I will see you soon.
Kyillie-Ann Jones

(Re-formatted by Jaz McKenzie)

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Fonzo - Rain (Official Music Video)

Time to share a little bit of Fonzo- great song here in a very laid back style from this UK artist who has a somewhat American flavour. Definitely chill out zone so sit back and enjoy!

Photo shoot and as you can see, Fonzo is in the middle with the ladies!

Jaz McKenzie

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Snapshots From The Bible WK 41~ Revelation 21:5 God makes all things new


Revelation 21:5 

‘And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.’
During recent meditation the words,’ Behold, I make all things new,’ literally sprang into my mind. It was the first time I have encountered words in this situation that are not derived directly from my thoughts, but as an answer or response TO my thoughts. The question that had been in my mind earlier, related to some underlying fears that have been re-presenting themselves, despite my own efforts to drown them. The logical mind comes up with solutions enabling a temporary way of re-focusing however this statement quenches the flames of anxiety.
Whatever situation we are in, God can make it new. We may have to go through a period where it is necessary for us to be cleansed and set free from our present situation, and this can occasionally be a proper demolition job- you might lose your employment, home, friends, have to move states, or undergo another form of drastic change to arrive at the next destination in life. Sometimes our job is simply to sit tight and roll with life until the, ‘caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis’ is complete!
Sometimes God helps makes us new. We develop new beliefs, habits or an entirely different way of life- maybe we have friends or family who need to undergo this change. We can be distressed about a person and focus on what we want for them and sometimes the change will come about in a very surprising manner. How many terrible teens turn into highly responsible adults having caused their parents a horrendous amount of worry?
We are assured that everything can be made new and every minute of the day is a new minute, a new opportunity. All we have to do is claim God’s promises and maintain our faith in times of trouble- and please remember, there will be times when our faith weakens, but provided we recognise this and get back on track, all will work out for the best in the end.

Jaz McKenzie

Thursday, 10 October 2013


~IB~ happily supports good worthwhile causes, so sharing this special fashion/music event the Zebra Expo (Zebra Models) taking place Saturday in support of leukaemia and lymphoma research. If you would like further information about the charity of wish to make a donation, follow the link: Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research
Jaz McKenzie

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes from Real People #31

'Never explain- your friends do not need it and our enemies will not believe you anyway'
~ Elbert Hubbard
Just loving this quote! Many of us have a tendency to over explain at times and this quote from philosopher Elbert Hubbard just abut sums it up! Maybe next time we are about to launch into a protracted explanation we should shrug our shoulders and think~ 'is it worth it?!!'

Monday, 7 October 2013

Snapshots From The Bible WK 40~ 1 Timothy 6:11- How to conduct yourself.

‘Be faithful, loving, dependable and gentle’
We are so often informed of God’s characteristics and told to emulate them in order to become like God Himself. These particular characteristics can make you feel a little soft and vulnerable, possibly ready to be taken advantage of however this is clearly not the case.  They definitely describe the way we should be towards ourselves- we should love ourselves, stick to our beliefs and code of conduct, be able to depend upon ourselves in all things and be gentle rather than too judgemental when reviewing our actions. If we really manage to do this we will treat others far better overall.
Which of the above characteristics apply most to you? Spend some time to think about this and remember, you may find that different characteristics match different situations! Some people are very dependable at work but not so much in their friends circle. We can be very loving towards our families yet caustic towards strangers- especially door to door salesmen for instance!
Gentle is an interesting characteristic and possibly describes the way in which we need to approach situations, keeping an open mind and being kind if constructive criticism is needed. Gentleness does not mean weakness, we can be firm but gentle. Envisage holding a baby- you definitely need to be firm whilst gentle or the baby is in danger of slipping; doesn’t bear thinking about! Adults benefit from being handled gently where our emotions are concerned whilst firmness helps us keep perspective and make any necessary changes. Without this we cannot grow.
The term faithful encompasses several different aspects. With faith comes loyalty and reliability, someone you can depend upon who will not let you down in any regard. Faith involves trust and belief. If someone is truly faithful you can trust them with your business, finance or your emotions knowing that they are on your side and will always do their best. Faithfulness and dependability go hand in hand with faith being primarily an emotional trait whereas dependability is often more physical. Of course, this is open to interpretation. People who are faithful and dependable will remain within the circle however if these qualities are lacking, they may find themselves on the outside of a group or relationship.
Fortunately for us, there is no outside with God provided we ask for forgiveness. He made us human and knows we will make serious errors of judgement in times of weakness. Let’s practice these four qualities and strengthen them so that we can judge others less harshly; after all- cleanliness is next to Godliness and there’s nothing to say we’re simply referring to a good wash!

Jaz McKenzie
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Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Blue Screen Of Death - Shove It

The Blue Screen of Death
~IB~ are pleased to feature a brand new rock band, courtesy of Rob 'Stampede Press,' who have lively vibes, a sense of humour and tremendous potential- deadly serious here folks, so put your headphones on and get lost in their music!
The Blue Screen of Death come from Southampton, UK and their line-up is as follows:
Steve George - Guitar & Vocals
Harry "Shogun" Gardner - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Paul Shott - Bas
Guillaume "Gizmo" Redonnet-Brown – Drums 

For those of you not in the know, The Blue Screen of Death is actually a computer term! Blue Screen have what may be termed as ‘retro’ interests, evident from the video ‘Shove It’, yet the same cannot be said of their music which is described in their bio as follows:
‘Blue Screen are purveyors of heavy rock with pop sensibilities. Often combining mighty riffs with catchy vocal melodies’
‘Shove It’ really gives us a taste for the band and is extremely comical , the highlight for me being eating cereal from a trophy!! They say perspective is everything!
Having listened to Blue Screen’s Soundcloud, it is evident that their music is exciting, consistent and based on themes that people can easily associate with. I hope you will be interested in following Blue Screen’s journey and I certainly hope ~IB~ will be able to keep you up-dated. More information on Blue Screen and other rock bands can be obtained from Rob, Email:    check out the website:  Stampede Press Website
Jaz McKenzie
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Friday, 4 October 2013


The poster says it all!!

Make sure you catch this brand new reggae event hosted by Ma'ad entertainment. Launching Saturday 26th October, reggae will be hitting South London as part of an exciting entertainment package.

MA'AD CLUB will be held on the last Saturday of every month at the Excelsior, Balham, presenting an exciting mix of D.J's, hosts and both known and up-coming artists. Mixed with a little comedy, we have a great recipe for a brilliant night out.

The launch will be hosted by well known host/comedian Devon Morgan with Selector Festus Coxone and DJ King C in the house!! Guest artists will be present on the night, so stay tuned.

Book your tickets NOW to avoid disappointment!

Jaz McKenzie

Thursday, 3 October 2013

LIFE MOVES~The Jolt!~ Short poem by Jaz McKenzie

Life is so unpredictable. Everything in our lives can be stable and cosy when suddenly, completely out of the blue, something happens that alters us dramatically. We have to re-evaluate, find inner strength, step out in new directions. At the time we are usually unable to see a reason however, when we come out the other side, even if the reason is elusive it doesn't matter. What counts are the lessons we learn about ourselves, our inner resources, strength, adaptability, imagination and so. Here's a very quick poem I jotted down that looks at the jolt!

LIFE MOVES~ The Jolt! 

Keep a hold of yourself

As the tides of life knock you off your comfortable plateau

Thrown once again into a whorl of uncertainty

Untamed emotions awash, fear creeps around the edge

Your mind ignites, familiarity of existence threatened.


We’ve all been there

A stranger scared, as if of our own shadow

Life taking on new proportions, contortions

Twisted truths applied to everyday situations

So take a fresh perspective- and a new Stand.
Be strong and firm
Imaginative and unafraid
Find the knowledge
Create a vision
And go for gold!
Whatever you do remember~ Love is the answer.

Jaz McKenzie
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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

15 Minute Chakra - Tuning, Meditation and Balancing

This is especially for those of you who find meditation difficult.
The chakras are energy wheels in our bodies, identified within Eastern religions, that relate to different fields within us. There is a great deal of information available about this but today we are simply familiarising ourselves with the colours and locations.

Each chakra has a colour and we work from the bottom to the top- root (red) sacral (orange) solar plexus (yellow) heart (green) throat (blue) brow (indigo) crown ( purple or white)

This meditation helps balance and tune the chakras which will help you to feel and perform better. 

First of all choose a calm place and make sure you are warm and sitting comfortably- most people cross their legs and if you like candles use them as they create atmosphere. Always take 3 deep breaths to relax before focusing on the meditation. In the first instance you can simple imagine the colours flowing in and out of your body as you breathe and don't worry about keeping your mind empty, simply acknowledge your thoughts and re-focus on the colours. Feel the vibrations and when the meditation draws to a close, give yourself a short while to enjoy the peaceful feelings.

I really found this to be the easiest way into meditative practice and hope it will be of benefit. Later you can start using more focused methods to derive greater benefit from chakra meditation. Have a calm and blessed day!

Jaz McKenzie