Monday, 29 February 2016

Flying With Mozez~' Run River,' the Power Behind the Song!

I am almost lost for words when it comes to describing the impact Run River has on me. If you really want to tune in fully and find out why, try playing it in a quiet, dark room and see how the words speak to you. Run River is very open musically, being layered in a clever way generating a lively feel which feeds the superficial need for a great dance tune. However, the true beauty of the song is its deep spiritual vibration- the foundation in its purest form stemming from Negro Spirituals. Mozez has told me that not everyone is able to pick up on this, but as I said before it speaks to my soul in exactly the same way as the Negro Spirituals of old, flowing from the opening bars.

Run River is the embodiment of a spiritual journey, universal concepts set within infinity describing man’s constant quest to understand the purpose of self and his inbuilt need to strive, reaching to fulfil potential. As with Negro Spirituals, Run River starts from a point of maturity and need, acceptance of the truth and hope for the future. The desire to be in command of self: using internal power and faith to do so. Questioning and realisation run throughout with the song based around current living.

‘Maybe this is all I have maybe all I have is me...’ presents a very challenging opening line and hits the core of our reality spot on. My belief is that we are all about self and as infinite spirits actually only need to look inwards to find the answers, ‘Been to the waters and the waters been to me.’ Some people say we are God, ‘The Greatest Secret ofMankind,’ Dr Wayne Dyer.’ and part of a larger universal spirit. When we reach a high level of spiritual understanding and work as one with the universe, as Mozez says, life can start flowing like a river.

What is the first impression you get when someone says river? Rivers convey a host of images. The first is power- you cannot stop a river from flowing and it takes a great deal of work to make it flow in a new direction: so we can add the words focus and independence. A river will rise in a storm becoming more powerful- it doesn’t shrink from trouble, trouble empowers it. In times of drought a river could reduce to a trickle- likewise we need to nourish our souls so they continue moving towards their destinations. Like a river, we have hidden depths and both secrets and knowledge are stored in pockets of our mind waiting to be unearthed at the right time. We often view rivers as a source of freedom, after all, you can’t bottle them and if you bottle some of their water it fails to impact upon the river as a whole entity. This is an interesting concept if we consider spirituality as a whole entity too- the power of the universal spirit cannot be contained although there are individuals who fail to attend to their spiritual needs. Run River is about searching and finding; a two way process within our physical existence.  I think that usually most of us who have been passive reach a point where we start searching for the truth- our spirit will not remain quiet throughout our entire lives. As individuals we need to find freedom, whether by being a free spirit or operating within a denomination that has created its own way of being. True freedom lies within our joy, so whatever makes you joyful serves your spirit well.

The question this song poses to the listener is: ‘Have you awoken to your own spirituality, your truths or are you still living within the restraints society has placed upon you? Ask your spirit to enlighten you and the answers will appear. Like a river we were born to be free and that freedom is a truth calling out to be shared across humanity. Run River!

Coming next- Mozez the Visionary!

Jaz McKenzie

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Flying With Mozez~ A Quick Fun Quiz!

How well do you know Mozez? Try our fun quiz and find out!
This week we are stepping into Mozez personality and taking a closer look at Mozez the man!I presented Mozez with some everyday questions, which you can either answer or hazard a guess! What do we know about Mozez so far? He’s from Jamaica, has been in the music business since childhood, has deep religious roots and is spiritually connected, he has tasted fame with Zero 7 and he continues making outstanding music within his own company, Numen Records. We’re making it easy by presenting multiple choice.

  1. Favourite colour: a)   Red b) Black c) Purple d) Yellow
      2. Lucky number: a)      5   b)  2    c)  7   d) 3

      3. Which bird most closely represents your dreams?
a)      Swan  b)  Hummingbird  c) Eagle  d) Kingfisher

      4. Country would you most like to visit:
a)      Cuba  b) Mexico c) Brazil d) Dubai

      5. Which of the following are two of Mozez favourite books:
a)      Shadow of the Wind- Zaffon  b) The Bible- New English Version  c) Lord of the Rings- Tolkien d) 12th Planet- Stitchin

      6. Who’s your hero?
a)      Nelson Mandella  b) Marin Luther King   c) Usain Bolt d) Mohammed Ali

      7.Favourite food:
a)      Jerk Chicken  b) Mango  c) Cheesecake  d) Snapper fish

      8. Favourite cartoon character:
a)      Snagglepuss  b) Charlie Brown  c) Tom (from Tom & Jerry) d) Rasta Mouse

      9. Favourite holiday resort: a) Seychelles  b) Italy  c) Thailand  d) Kenya

     10. Greatest fear:
a)      Spiders  b) Snakes c) To go down into a deep pothole  d) To fall from a great height 

     11. Name two of your biggest dreams:
a)      Equality for all people  b) See an alien World peace  c) End all wars  d) Have my music played on top radio stations around the world

     12. Which one of these artists is not in Mozez top 3 inspirational artists list?
a)      Michael Jackson  b) Marvin Gaye  c) Bob Marley  d) John Lennon

     13. Preferred social networking site:
a)      Facebook  b) Twitter  c) Pinterest  d) Linkedin

     14  Favourite way to relax?
a)      Read a book  b) Listen to music  c) Watch a film?  d) Play Xbox games

     15. Which of the following sayings appears in the album Wings?
a)      Run like the wind  b) Be like water c) Never give up  d) Fly like an eagle

Next Week: We'll be diving deep into Mozez next release, 'Run River.'
Answers: 1)d  2) b  3)b  4)c  5)a&d  6)a  7)c  8)a  9)a  10)d  11) a&b  12)d  13)c  14)b  15)b

Jaz McKenzie~ Word Magician!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Discussing a verse from, 'Hush'- a poem by Jaz McKenzie

'HUSH' Verse two

Dust to dust
Ashes to ashes
No longer hearing the joyful noise of her soulful notes
Or seemingly eternal chatter from dawn to dusk
Running, skipping, jumping at every opportunity
Silence speaks volumes... hush’

Jaz McKenzie © 2010

Today I feel like sharing a verse from my poem ‘Hush,’ which was written spontaneously and not in response to the loss of a friend or family member, but as a universal celebration of death.

Now, that might sound strange were it not for that little word ‘hush.’ This verse is evoking memories in the midst of silence by encouraging the reader to draw a mental picture of a young girl in the prime of life enjoying the art of living. She is very much alive, talkative, playful and it is within the silence that you can feel her presence and visualize a snapshot of her everyday life.

She was young and had everything to live for- what a waste! Wrong. Life is not about the future it’s about now. A child understands this and generally does not have a perception of their future therefore they are already living the ultimate existence. Most children enjoy being alive, experimenting, and rejoicing in their natural spirit- they are themselves and give of themselves to a greater or lesser extent.

When ‘promising’ or ‘beautiful’ young people die we are often horrified, usually having the expectation that our children will outlive us. But why? Everyone of us has a preordained life span and are here for a purpose. It could be that the purpose of a particular child’s death is to start a chain reaction- possibly raising awareness of a particular issue. Alternatively it could be as simple as the way in which their young life touched other people. What we can learn from this poem is the need to appreciate people while they are with us and to be there for them, as truly valuing life is a gift in itself.

Jaz McKenzie- word magician, poet & writer!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Flying With Mozez~ Mozez speaks about the UK Music Industry

Mozez, successful recording artist and founder of Newman Records has his say about the UK Music Industry:

'Let’s start with America. From a black music perspective America has people like Dr. Dre. Those guys are entrepreneurs in their own right and have their own companies so they are able to get the music they want out as opposed to the music that the bigger companies will allow. Here in the UK you don’t have that as everything surrounds the big music companies; so what you hear on the radio- whatever it is, is primarily what the bigger companies allow. In America they have their own companies, mechanism and money whereas here I can’t name one person who has a number of artists behind them and managed to do that for themselves, .

I am talking primarily about scales. Here in the UK we have 60 Million people whereas America has 280 Million or whatever, but there should be some semblance of equilibrium or equality relating to how the music world is set up- but there’s none. It is very introverted here and seems like a family that you cannot get into whereas America allows opportunities, so people leave here and break through over there whilst it’s seldom the case that people come from America to the UK. Why is that! It’s because America provide opportunities for talent and I guess it’s a more open field- That’s how I look at it. I tend to think that the UK is very much more introverted and the music community is very small.

When speaking of the UK music industry most people think of Simon Cowell. Although people knock him, Simon has pushed forward his thesis, his ideology and there is nothing to counter it, but really there’s space for Simon, and alternatives. You have to allow freedom and Simon is free to come up with any ideas he thinks of and he has put them forward. By doing this Simon has controlled the whole of the marketplace but you cannot knock him for that.  He provides opportunities for people- but what about the other ideas? There should be something rivalling that in terms of good companies saying, ‘OK, Simon’s doing his thing but this is what I’m thinking.’ You have to look at it and acknowledge the fact that Simon provides an opportunity for thousands of kids coming through; but the industry shouldn’t be all about that kind of music. It seems as if pop is all that music is about. There’s no alternative- it’s that or the Beatles, especially Paul McCartney and there’s no middle ground although Cold Play’s here as our ‘representative original band,’ that has broken through and become powerful. We can talk about that later but we’re looking at a world of big companies monopolising music while little companies are trying to break into the UK market.

In America there are thousands of little companies who are getting through and selling records but here you don’t have that sort of opportunity so their music sells on a very minor scale. Everything is geared around bigger companies and we need to find a way to change that. We have kids who are really talented, well trained and have a good following but they find it so hard because they can’t go to Simon Cowell- he won’t be a part of their world and bigger companies won’t take these acts on anymore. As a small person you have to have 20K people knowing about your act and you need your album done before they will even think of dealing with you. They just don’t take people on from scratch anymore. The artist has to grow himself to become recognisable. It would be good if someone like Ed Sheeran who is known and has their own label would invest in unknown artists and really get the power to put someone in the number one spot.

The music business is in a state of flux at the moment as no-one really knows where it’s going. Even the bigger companies are trying to figure it out, but someone has to take the reigns and push it further ahead. The small guys in America have come up with Tidal in a bid to rival iTunes but it has a long way to go. Again, you don’t have much flexibility when trying to sell records because it’s all tied up as iTunes, Google and Spotify control the market place. It is very difficult to set up your own record company and come through. For instance, say you make a record and sell it at £10, you pay for the studio, create the record, do everything to make the record ready for sale. Then you have to find a distributor who will take about 20% of the value and then you have to sell it through iTunes or similar who will take roughly a third of it, so you would be lucky to end up with £5. Where singles are concerned, as a small company it costs much more to produce than the selling price of 79p-£1, so you need to sell volumes, but it’s difficult to do this as people are downloading it anyway. If you create a single and say ok, I’m going to sell 50K copies of this single you would almost have to have a number one because people are downloading it. You have to appeal to the righteous- those people who will actually buy!

In this business you have to generate an audience and that’s what we’re trying to do at Numen Records. We produce good quality music and create good quality videos and hope they will appeal to people and that they will buy our music and support our label.'

Next Week: It's fun time! A little quiz to get you guessing how well you know Mozez!

LINKS: Numen Records  Review of Mozez album Wings  Its Braap Facebook Page 

Jaz McKenzie

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Be Braap~ Be Inspired- Inspirational words from Roosevelt Brownlee

'At the bottom of patience one finds heaven'~ Roosevelt Brownlee

Daffin Park, Savannah, GA

Just love these words from Roosevelt and I find them particularly inspiring. Patience is something that may be hard for us to exert, especially when we are in the midst of a situation and are unable to see the results. We do not know the depths to which we will be tested and the rewards to follow.

If we can focus fully on these words they may help us to hold onto hope as the true riches in life are often buried deeply and beyond our imaginings. We may be impatient for promotion, a life partner, increased earnings and opportunities however we are best advised to take our time and not grasp at straws!

I believe Heaven is all around us and patience will help us to reveal that truth. Remeber this next time you are experiencing frustration.

Jaz McKenzie~ Word Magician! 

Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentine's Contest with Fab Prizes - Courtesy of Wayne Marshall

More Prizes Added To The Big Valentine’s Day Contest Announced to Coincide with Wayne Marshall’s New Single

To celebrate the announcement of his long awaited single, R&B/Soul singer Wayne Marshall is launching an amazing Valentine’s Day competition. It’s all being done to coincide with the release of his new album and for the promotion of the single ‘You Are the Princess’. This is part of a series of competitions with some amazing prizes are up for grabs.

So in celebration of the release of his new single, ‘You Are The Princess’, Wayne Marshall wants to give a lucky lady the opportunity to be wined and dined by that special person in her life (just like a princess). In order to achieve this, the singer is running a special competition for this Valentine’s Day where one lucky woman is going to be pampered like a Princess for the day.

Master Chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory will be contributing a bespoke chocolate hamper as one of the competition prizes. The winner will also be picked up by a chauffeur driven limousine courtesy of Limo GB where they’ll be whisked away for an exquisite 3 star dining experience courtesy of Ayanna’s London. If that wasn’t enough, a black and white oil painted Portrait courtesy of Marine fine Art will also be amongst the prizes, as well as a pair of tickets to the exclusive Mary Martin Fashion Show in Mayfair – (A Tribute To David Bowie) courtesy of Mary Martin London. Oh, and it does not stop there, 2 contemporary floral arrangements courtesy of Meade's Florist will also be contributed as a prize, and to mark the official rebranding of Morant Bay Rum, a distinctively bespoke rum package will also be thrown in for good measure courtesy of Morant Bay Distillery Ltd. Thought that was it? There’s even more than expected, the winner and runners up will also receive Champaign & Wine courtesy of Oceano Restaurant.

Runner up prizes will include: 2 pairs of tickets to Janet Kay & Carroll Thomson’s Valentine’s Day Lover’s Rock Special, with a meet and greet, signed CD’s and pictures, Gift Bags, Containing Skin Care Beauty Products courtesy of Vivi Exclusive, also Rum, chocolates and bespoke paintings on real lasagne, from some of the above sponsors.

Music fans are already calling this a “fantastic competition”. Tex from London said “It’s an amazing way to spend Valentine’s Day and definitely beats taking the wife to the local cinema”.

Entering the competition is as easy as a-b-c, a) listen to Wayne’s new song, b) Answer a simple question pertaining to the song and c) Tell a few friends about the competition. The person that refers the most friends who enter the competition wins. For more details visit:

For those not based in London (UK) there is an opportunity to win a copy of the new single just for telling others about Wayne’s new song. So participants from around the world are welcome.

The new Wayne Marshall single ‘You Are The Princess’ is set for release on 26th May 2016. It will be available via digital download on ITunes, Amazon, Google Play and all leading download stores. The track will also be available on Wayne Marshall’s own website which is due to launch a month from now.


Mark Galloway
Wayne Marshall Marketing
Address: 101, Stratford Workshops, Burford Road, London E15 2SP, United Kingdom
Tel: 07774666060


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Flying With Mozez- What is Mirror Mirror telling us?

Mirror Mirror

‘Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the greatest of us all?
Mirror mirror on the wall who‘s the greatest of us all?

In innocence he blooms then in pride he presumes
To be the author of his days the creator of his ways
But by and by he passes on once more to be a child’

I decided to visit a little section of these lyrics which may be regarded as a reflection of our lives. The love of self needs to be our first love and when we are children we get this right, hence in many ways a child is a perfect man! We are innocent and we are free however lack any understanding of the joys of this. As adults we have the job of making sense of a life we have been programmed to live and spend years recreating ourselves- or striding forwards having accepted the programme! 

People often say that we can learn a great deal from children and the one thing children really can teach us is how to live in the moment. They have no fear of the consequences of their actions either and sometimes this could be a valuable lesson because it comes from a space of inner security rather than self-centredness. Fear can prevent us from taking risks rather than worrying about consequences. This is not the same as thinking before we speak and causing needless hurt! I believe Sir Terry Wogan was very keen to tune into children's thinking, mentioned during a programme this week, and he was man of values, intelligence and with a natural understanding of his fellow human beings.

Life has a habit of helping us re-assess our values whilst at the same time teaching much needed lessons. When you think about it, children have a natural curiosity which we start curtailing immediately as we have perceptions of suitable and unsuitable behaviours. What seems acceptable, quaint or amusing in a child starts to irritate once that child begins to mature, but to be a social being we have to experience life. In order to fit in we must learn how to handle our emotions, how to expect the best from ourselves and to do so we must ignite our spiritual fire. This is what Mozez is referring to throughout his album. Mirror Mirror emphasizes that life is a circle and eventually we rediscover the inner child- in fact, some aspects of our characters simply refuse to grow up!

Next week: We will hear some of Mozez views regarding the music industry.

Jaz McKenzie

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